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I don’t understand what it is about a boy I barely know that intrigues me so much. The only two things I can say for certain about you is that you wear glasses and love playing piano, and the only time we ever really interacted is when we were split into groups to practice music for the school play. We didn’t speak to each other then, so I’m certain we’ll never talk now. No matter how many passing glances I throw at you, I fail to muster the courage to say something, anything. Not a single hello. We’re a few years and a million eternities apart, and maybe it’s just supposed to stay that way.

-The girl you made eye contact with in the high school wing

Imagine listening to Woozi talk about the things he’s passionate about and seeing how his face lights up with joy when he talks about the things he loves.

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I applaud anyone who watches the shirtless Alec boxing scene and manages watching Alec’s face because I’m seriously Magnus while watching this scene and can’t keep my eyes off his body. Hot damn lol.

Imagine teasing Woozi about his ears getting red during his scene with the female actress in Seventeen’s Q&A music video.

I’m not 100% sure how valid the post is, but by now most of you have probably heard the news. Apparently, Kya is part of the LGBTQA+ community. This is just… really important info, especially for the kyalin, kyzumi, etc shippers and the queer fans in general. Aiwei is too. And with the way things left off in the show, our ships are more plausible now than ever. A lot of characters like Kya and the characters she’s usually shipped with didn’t end up in on-screen relationships. Hell, all we need now is a list of other queer characters. I’m so excited. Thanks, Bryke!

Imagine Axl Telling You He Loves You for the First Time

“Do you like it?” Axl asks as we walk past a jewelry store. The necklace had caught my eye but I hadn’t wanted to say anything about it. A single diamond on a pretty silver chain, simple but just the kind of thing I like.

“It’s very pretty.” We stand in front of the glass window, Axl’s arm hanging loosely around my waist. There are a few people watching him but he doesn’t seem to notice. Of course there have been some cameras trying to snap pictures of us, which made me extremely uncomfortable.

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y’all were all excited about tlsp and dying for new stuff and once they release it i’ve only seen people complaining. not everything will reach your expectations and if u can’t handle it then don’t get them high. ok the sexual scenes were not nice and stuff but wanting the “am alex” back???? i don’t think i’ve ever seen alex this happy tbh he’s having the time of his life with his best friend. also tlsp is not am, so don’t expect them to do the same stuff am does, their style is different in basically every aspect bye