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Flying Down to Rio (1933) closes with two of the lesser known members of the supporting cast, drinking champagne. 

This ending is a somewhat prophetic moment in musical cinema history. As the credits roll, we are left with Fred & Ginger, looking merrily and with much cheer into their bright and glorious future together as the most famous onscreen pairing of their time - arguably of all time. 

I’ve been slowly rewatching Supergirl s1, and the most recent episode was ‘Manhunter’  now I really want a fic where Kara and Lucy weren’t able to save Alex.

For, whatever reason, Alex and J’onn were being transported separately.  Maybe it’s protocol to keep alien and human prisoners apart, maybe they wanted a stronger transport for J’onn.  Whatever.

Either way, when Kara and Lucy stop the transport, only J’onn is inside, and they have no idea where Alex is.

Well, they know she’s at Cadmus, but they now have no way to rescue her.

When J’onn goes on the run as a fugitive, it’s to find Alex, not Jeremiah.

Only, if he had succeed he would have found both, because as soon as Jeremiah learnt that Alex was being brought to Cadmus, he made sure she was working with him.

Maybe Jeremiah lies to Alex at first, letting her believe that he is still truly a prisoner, being forced to work.  Maybe he’s upfront and tells her that the work is for good and everything.

It doesn’t really matter which, because Alex refuses to work for Cadmus either way.

Until Jeremiah is convinced that Alex may need to be ‘persuaded’.

And Alex is brainwashed.

Alex is programmed to be a sleeper agent and sent back to the DEO.

Jeremiah pushes her - passed out, beat up, and emaciated - into Kara’s arms when he lets her and Mon-El go.

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castieltaking-hobbits2gallifrey  asked:

I need more batman media but I don't know what to watch or where to watch it and Netflix took off Young Justice and Justice League :(:( do you have any fic recs or fun facts

A.  Blogs to follow if you haven’t already followed them, the first three write FREAKING AMAZING fanfic and the fourth creates THE BEST fanart I have literally sat and scrolled through these blogs for hours

@camsthisky (good GOSH I love her she writes so much about Dick Grayson)




B.  Random Fics to Read (and honestly there are so many more, I just can’t think of them at the moment):

1. The Acrobat Series 

by fishfingersandjellybabies

Look anytime anyone talks about how much Dick loves his family they’ve won my heart and soul. I especially like the Kori section.

2.  Mori Shej 

by dickiegayson

OH MY GOSH.  I love this story so freaking much.  Ok, imagine if Jason Todd, after coming back from the dead and going through all that stuff with the Lazarus Pit and training, goes after Dick Grayson to get his revenge on Bruce.  Except when he shows up at Dick’s apartment, ready to kill the Golden Son, he finds something completely unexpected.  Jason has a lot of issues, Dick has a lot of issues (courtesy of the Blockbuster incident).  I have read and reread this story countless times, and I can never not cry because I love my broken sons so much.  There is a lot of anger, some cursing, much regret, and brothers being brothers.  And Dick is the sweetest most protective [redacted because spoiler] and Jason has a mushy heart after all.  It can stand as complete but I think the author is writing more?  Also, either before or after, or both, go to and listen to the song.  It is my new favorite song and CAN YOU IMAGINE DICK SINGING IT OH MY GOSH

3.  the road will only be wide (the rain will never stop falling) 

by weird_bird (2weird4)

A collection of Dick and Damian moments.  So very beautiful.

4.  The Robins United Series, first story is Bird by Bird 

by laceymcbain

…some hurt/comfort, Jason doesn’t know what the hell to do with his family, and they all insist on calling him brother.  *shrugs* family feels are my drug of choice

5.  Penny Lane 

by @jerseydevious

Damian wants a horse, and drat I’m crying?  (tbh I cry very easily over my sons…but still)

6.  Sun Spot 

by Dawn’sEternalLight (@preciousthingsareprecious)

This fic is a quiet moment of beauty and rest for Dick and Damian.  Damian draws, and Dick watches his talented little bro.  There is sunlight.  You skin will clear and your crops will grow and any heartache you have ever had will be healed like magic!

C.  A bunch of fics by Kieron_O’Duibhir

1.  The Till-Then From the Ever-Since  

There is a problem in the Batcave, as in, younger versions of the Batfam keep turning up. It’s absolutely fantastic, and one of my favorite things is younger Jason being SO done with his older self and calling him out on stuff and being all protective of his brothers.  It gets better and better with every chapter.

2.  But a Walking Shadow

 So this story is not finished yet and the author takes waaay long to post updates on it but she has promised not to abandon it soo…It is Nightwing-centric, with a whole mess of comic Teen Titans making appearances.  The author has written a lot of stories about a world where Dick became a Talon, and in this tale Talon-on-the-run winds up on Earth-1 and Nightwing is trying to figure out who this apparent clone of his is.  Talon Dick has always intrigued me, and it is interesting seeing him and Nightwing face off.

3.  All the Roofs of Uncertainty

HOLY HECK this is one of my favorite Jason Todd fanfics EVER.  I love the description by the author “The one where Dick bleeds a lot and Jason argues with everybody.”  Jason is in the wrong spot at the wrong time, ie. He finds Dick bleeding to death and is forced to save him.  Tim and Damian make appearances.  Jason has anger issues.  That doesn’t stop him from caring.  Bruce and Jason hash things out in the most beautiful (painful) way.

4.  Wheel and Blade

 In which Dick confronts Damian about his practice of taking weapons to school, and also gets slightly distracted by the idea of living in a vardo.  I love this story because it shows the best way to parent Damian—not by telling him no “because I said so” but by explaining and debating things like he is smart and capable.  

5.  I Pass the Night Watchman on His Beat

This is a cool one-shot of Dick and Amy, his partner on the Bludhaven police force.  I freaking love Dick being a cop.

D.  Okay now if you want something to watch:

 1.     Nightwing—The Series 

by ismahawk

This is THE BEST Nightwing fan film I have ever seen.  I love the Dick Grayson in it—he’s got acrobatics, sounds like Jesse McCartney (Robin/Nightwing’s VA in YJ), and is quite handsome.  He fights, gets the stuffing beat out of him and keeps getting back up, has a bit of a temper, loves Barbara—perfection.  Watch it, you won’t regret it.  (Also Jason is there yay!  I will take him in any capacity I can get. And I kinda really like the actor for Bruce?)

2.     Red Hood: The Series—Episode One “Homecoming” 

by tenshunn

My favorite Jason Todd fanfilm!!!  Heavily featuring Tim Drake!  Look this adaption is fab, I love the actors and the dialogue and the fight between Jason and Tim (spoiler?)  As far as I know they are trying to put together a second episode.  Watch the video where Jason Todd tries to get people to donate money for it, its HILARIOUS

3.      Batman The Animated Series is on Netflix till September 1st.  I’m in the second season and love it a lot…Alfred is so freaking sassy!  

4.     Damian Wayne: Robins Fly at Night

 It’s just five minutes and doesn’t have any dialogue, and it doesn’t come close to deserving an Oscar, but dang it it’s hard to find Damian stuff…and also seeing a little kid running around in the Robin costume made me realize that there is nothing I want more than to see Damian Wayne on the big screen, being all angry assassin kid, and Dick Grayson capturing him in a hug…

5. Gotham on Netflix

I am pretty sure you already watch this? But if not, DO!  It is AMAZING.  I love it so much, especially Bruce and Alfred and Selina Kyle

E.  Some things from Batman: Dark Victory

Okay I know he is a talented young acrobat and all but how the FUDGE did Dick get up on that chandelier?!  the kid can truly fly (yeah yeah, the stairs probably lead up to a hallway floor/balcony that Dick leapt off of but still) I wonder how many grey hairs the kid gave Alfred in those first weeks alone

On dark days I like to remember the time bby birb Dick Grayson caved in the Joker’s cheek with a well-placed kick.  My nine or ten year old son then proceeded to smash in the Joker’s teeth with a stick a few minutes later and it was amazing

You think I lied??  Nah my son Dick Grayson was cracking teeth and bones and witty puns from Day 1.  Go Robin!!!

Okay so just look at this picture.  Bby Dick is SO FREAKING TINY!!!  also very intense. OMG Batman’s fists are as big as his first son’s head!  *cue a very many feels in my heart*

F.  Random things I am including because I feel like it, and they all revolve around Dick Grayson mostly because he is my fave so…

1. Apparently some official websites say that Nightwing’s martial arts specialty is Aikido.  I do not think that word means what they think it means

2. “I close my eyes now for a few moments and I can see my parents riding the air current with me. Forever young. Forever strong. Their faces wide with excitement, big smiles on their faces, enjoying the adrenaline surge even more than I do. And there is one thing I am sure of … my parents would be proud of my life.” (Nightwing, Nightwing #141, 2008)  

3.   [Talking about Blüdhaven] “It’s a hopeless case. A lost cause. A town so mired in corruption and sin that it’s drowning … When Batman sent me here, I thought I’d solve one case and book. But then I realized … if I could make a difference here – well, that’d be something. This filthy old town needs me…. Surrounded by a dozen of my worst enemies. No way out. Nowhere to hide. The little brat was right. I do love it. (Nightwing, Nightwing Secret Files #1, 1999)

4.  There once was a dumb writer who thought killing Nightwing for real would be a good idea, and he tried writing toward that end, but everybody else was like hahahaha NO

5.  I used to hate when fic writers would shorten Damian’s name to Dami (kind of like how I majorly dislike when people shorten Sirius Black’s name to Siri, he is not an iPhone gosh).  But then I read a post on tumblr that said something about Dami actually meaning something in Arabic, something like blood or life-blood or heart blood…I can’t exactly remember what and maybe it isn’t even true but I choose to believe it is and that Dick knows exactly what it means and he calls Damian Dami as a way to show how special he is, how much Dick loves him.  Because Damian is his little brother/son and means the absolute world to Dick.  And Damian, though he pretends to despise all nicknames, absolutely LOVES that Dick calls him this

Maybe this makes me a bad film and/or comic book fan but I honestly can’t get imagine ever being so emotional or angry about a film you don’t like that you mock and insult the person behind Them when They suffer a real-life tragedy.

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Okay but rather than their friendship necklace, what if Yoongi forgot to wear his wedding ring one day?? Like the morning starts out really fucking great. Taehyung covers the elder’s face in kisses right as the sun is rising and the first thing Yoongi gets to see when he opens his eyes is his most beautiful boy ever. Taehyung is staring at him all sleepy eyed and cute while he giggles quietly and rests himself on the elder, Yoongi is instantly confused when he brings his hands up to hold Taehyung’s cheeks and the younger’s face shifts into confusion and then a frown.

“What is it?” Yoongi asks with his groggy sleepy voice.


Okay, the elder thinks, that means it’s actually something. Taehyung is wearing that little annoyed fake smile he puts on when something is bothering him as he gets up from the bed. Too bad, before Yoongi can pry more and see what is bugging his husband, the other members are banging on their door telling them filming will begin in a few hours.

Throughout the day Yoongi is legit so confused and slightly getting more and more annoyed because Taehyung seems to be avoiding him.

He first really notices when it’s their lunch break and the cameras are turned off. It’s supposed to be a normal meal where all the members sit together and laugh too loudly and make a mess and so far it is. Jimin and Jungkook are being their usual selves and are basically eye-fucking across the table as poly line, Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok all take turns feeding each other and then dropping food. The only real shift that happens is when Taehyung suddenly slides his hand out of the way as Yoongi tries to link their fingers together.

The other members seem to notice it happened as they suddenly get too quiet and Yoongi, with confused furrowed eyebrows, decides to try again. Slowly, as if he’s slightly scared, the elder moves his hand until it’s right beside Taehyung’s. For a moment it seems like the younger will let him but again, Yoongi is shocked when Taehyung lets out an annoyed sigh and moves to the other side of the table.

No one really says anything about it as filming begins again. The rest of the time is filled with Yoongi trying to get Taehyung’s attention as the younger kind of but not really ignores him. He tries finding seashells along the beach that he knows for sure Taehyung will like, only to have the younger not even pay him a second look when he shows them. Hell, at one point Yoongi even offers to play int he beaches warm water, despite hating getting wet, because he knows Taehyung will always beg to. Yoongi is shocked to find that for once Taehyung says he’s too tired to swim.

At the end of the night, when they are in their shared room and getting ready for bed, Yoongi is sick of it. He’s never been one to drag out fights and has always preferred just having a shouting match and then making up.

Right as Taehyung passes by his side of the bed to head into their bathroom, the elder grips his wrist and stops him.

“What the fuck did I do?”

Yoongi knows his voice sounds annoyed and angry and he probably has no right to be but he can’t help it. Anger has always been his way to defend himself and it’s always been his go to emotion to hide when he’s scared. Taehyung knows that well but still, it pisses him off more that YOONGI is the one getting mad now.

“Nice wedding ring you aren’t wearing.”

The words are quiet but Yoongi hears them as if they were yelled. For some reason, it annoys him. All this time, all day, for every hour since they had woken up Taehyung had been acting like a brat and ignoring him because he forgot to wear his wedding ring?! Yoongi nearly growls as he pushes Taehyung’s wrist out of his hand roughly, the stress of the day finally getting to him.

“You’re throwing a fucking tantrum because I forgot to wear a stupid fucking ring?”

The moment the words leave his mouth, Yoongi knows he’s fucked up. The elder can tell in the way Taehyung’s shoulders deflate and the way Taehyung’s wide eyes fill with wetness he won’t let fall. Like always though, neither refuses to back down.

“A stupid ring huh,” Taehyung’s voice is shaking as if he wants to cry and Yoongi wishes he could just hold Taehyung’s hand like they always do when they fight until Taehyung is smiling and happy again. “I didn’t know our marriage was fucking stupid to you.”

“Tae that’s not what I mean-” Yoongi tries before he’s cut off again.

“I didn’t know that the sign of our love,  the object we wear to show others that we have each other and the object that shows we belong to each other, was fucking stupid to you.”

Taehyung doesn’t even give him time to speak before the younger marches into their bathroom and slams the door.

The next time Taehyung sees Yoongi’s it’s four in the morning. When the younger had finally calmed down enough to hide his red swollen eyes and sniffling, he’d re-entered his and Yoongi’s shared bedroom to find the elder was nowhere in sight.  In fact, when Taehyung had looked all around the house the members were renting, he’d found Yoongi was gone.

It hurt.

It hurt more than their actual fight because Yoongi never left, not even when they’d last foughten so hard they were throwing furniture around as if it was some battle ring between the two of them. Yoongi never left, just as Taehyung never left. The two of them would sit in the middle of the mess and chaos their fight had caused and hold hands until they were both bursting into laughter and apologizing before making love in the middle of their trash, But they never left.

The younger finds himself in their bed, trying hard not to burst into tears again, when Yoongi finally returns home.

The elder tries to be quiet as he stumbles through the darkness of the room and  Taehyung decides to have mercy on him when he hears his husband curse as his foot hits the corner of their dresser. The younger switch on the bedside lamp and the moment their eyes meet it’s like they’re the same blushing hard headed boys who first fell in love with each other all over again.

“You left.”  Taehyung whispers in the most broken voice Yoongi has ever heard.

Yoongi sighs and lifts his left hand up so Taehyung can see the way his ring finger is bandaged.

“I was doing something totally crazy because I’m a fucking idiot in love with the worlds most pettiest boy.”

Yoongi strips the bandage from his ring finger and Taehyung can barely make it out in the semi darkness of their bedroom. His eyes strain a bit and when Yoongi finally moves closer, a gasp is ripped from Taehyung’s mouth.

“Ring or no ring, you own me every piece of me, and everyone will know that now.”

Right there, in Taehyung’s own messy hangul, sits his own name, tattooed on the side of Yoongi’s ring finger in a deep black. Taehyung doesn’t even think before throwing himself at his dramatic husband as tears leave his eyes.

“You’re so extra, I fucking love you.”

Taehyung’s words are muffled as he cries into Yoongi’s shoulder and the elder laughs as he brings his right hand to FINALLY  lock with his husbands.

“I love you, too, Crybaby.”

When I thought I couldn’t be madder… 
(this is the Italian sense8 FANPAGE, however they are in contact with someone on the inside apparently)

After days of silence, the first acknowledgment from Netflix on Social Media. While ‘behind the scenes’ everything Is silent. An encounter was asked in this day to try to open things up, but Netflix didn’t say anything (not yet, maybe at this point not ever). Lana Wachowski was advised (of the cancellation) by phone after a week of silence (from netflix), when in the previous months, al least in words, the third season was a reality. We can tall u that Lana and the rest of the production told immediately that they were available to find a solution and use a smaller budged but to give the series an ending, but Netflix once again didn’t say anything. Lana, as a film maker, artist and activist, is proud of everything we have done on a worldwide level, but at the moment can’t say anything publicly, the ball (is this even in english lol, in italy we mean  that the right to decide is on the hands of with this expression) is on Netflix. They have the copyright of the series and they intend to keep it this way, so they can maintain the first two season on their streaming service. A passage to another platform is not possibile, and there aren’t any negotiations, seeing that Netflix decided to do the silence game with everyone, even on the inside.