say anything confessions

give me modern vexleth AU where they are both nature bloggers and they randomly meet up while hiking the Bruce trail ((vex swears there’s been a bear following her but she keeps her food secure and an eye at her back and nothing has happened yet))
and then they realize they’ve been mutuals for literal years
and they fall in LOVE on a BEAUTIFUL HIKE and it’s full of tent sharing and skinny dipping and marveling at how the sun hits faces at just the right angle and taking sneaky portraits of each other

I… just told my mum about how I’m not feeling well after keeping it all bottled up for years…

literally like three hours after lexa told clarke “love is weakness”, clarke’s reasoning behind why she didn’t want bellamy to go into mt. weather before was “i was being weak”

clarke canonically has (some sort of) love for bellamy and no one can take that away from us

elsword’s word censoring is ridiculous and ironic. because it not only censoring swearing/porn words from server’s country but also cover non-english word which i completely blind about it. thanks kog, now i know what do fool/blockhead and men’s vital organ in hindi language.

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i hate how kog only encourages straight ships and censors like every single frickin word. like one time it censored “spicy” “spoon” and “nipples” seriously wtf

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