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  • you broke up with him, but he doesn’t know why pt.1 pt.2 (completed)


Make Her A Stark~Part 3 - Robb Stark x Reader

As part of a request from a friend I am making this a longer series - I do hope you guys are still enjoying this :) 

Part 1     Part 2

“Never, my darling. Never.”

He remained by your side that whole night and then every night after that, holding you against him to keep you warm and safe and there was nowhere else in the world he would rather be. You had been in and out of consciousness for the next few days and yet Robb would still talk to you and stay with you no matter how often he was told to leave you by his parents and Jon. Robb still wasn’t quite sure whether you had heard what he said all them nights ago when he made his biggest confession and he couldn’t decide whether he had wanted you to or not.

If you had you may not feel the same, you would run back to your home leaving him alone again heading slowly towards an arranged marriage with no love and a heart longing for you.

You had been sat alone longing to go outside and stop proving to be an inconvenience or the Stark family for a long while when your door opened at lat with Robb on the other side, “Lady (y/n), I’m sorry I didn’t realise you were up.” He blushed a little but still smiled at you, closing your door while carrying a large fur,

“Why, would you prefer to see me asleep, Lord Stark?” you joked making him blush more,

“I, I just did not want to disturb you.” His little stutter was cute and made you smile, “I had these made for you, the furs are thicker and warmer than any other. I thought you should need them as the nurses say you may leave soon.” You bushed as he played the furs on your bed’s edge allowing you to run your hand through it,

“You had these made?” you looked up at him in awe yet he was already looking at you almost adoringly,

“Of course, I cannot have you getting so sick again, I could not risk that.” The two of you had never discussed the way Robb had woken up next to you so many times recently, or how often he would sit with you when he thought you were sleeping, “I shall leave you to get some rest, my lady.” Robb seemed to panic for a moment on the first address of the way he had looked after you so intently. Robb turned to leave, almost stepping through the door when you interrupted his movements,

“I heard you, Robb.” He looked at you quickly, stoping completely but didn’t say anything, “I heard your confession. You asked me not to let go, to stay for you and I did but only for you.” Robb closed he door again and finally turned to look at you fully, “I felt your hand running through my hair and that one tear.” As you spoke Robb came back to your bed sitting on the far side and looking away, “Why did you cry, my lord?”

He finally looked you in the eyes, “because I was scared”

“You? Lord Stark, the young wolf was scared?” you mocked but in a joking tone and your voice was sweet and quiet,

“I was terrified.”

“Of what, Robb” your first use of his first name so tenderly made him scoot closer to you taking your hand in his larger one,

“Of losing the only woman I adore with all my heart.” With them words and him looking into your (e/c) eyes with so much love you leant forward to him and closed the too big of a gap. His lips were soft and gentle yet contrasted the tickle caused by his beard and moustache - not that you cared. Ever since that night, all you could think about was his words and his promise to make you a Stark.

“Did you mean it?” you asked timidly, “about me joining your family?”

“Of course I did, my love. You have never been treated well by your family and it is wrong.” His hand left yours and rested on your cheek, his thumb brushing over your slightly red lips, “As much as I dislike your father I would be willing to walk across Westeros to him just to ask him for your hand and take you as my own. To take you away from his and your brother’s overbearing arrogance.” You smiled again at his words, this time a tear falling from your eye with the sheer joy of feeling truly loved for the first time since your mother died.

“Thank you. Thank you so, so much.” You buried your head into his shoulder as he pulled you close, wrapping his arms around your waist properly for the first time since your illness and burying his face in your hair before moving you to wipe the few tears away from your cheeks.

“There is no need to thank me, (y/n). I love you and that is simple, any man as madly intoxicated by love as I am would do that for a woman as beautiful as yourself.” Once again you connected your lips to his this time running your hand through his curls and leaving your fingers entwined in them as you  pulled away only slightly,

“The moment I met you my life became extraordinary. You’re the last person I want to see when I close my eyes at night and to be the first thing I see when I wake up every day. The past days where that became a reality were the happiest days I have ever had and I do believe that I love you” Your bold statement left Robb grinning from ear to ear,

“I must tell my father at once, how would you feel about one day ruling the North?”

“I think I may just get used to it,” you smirked pressing your forehead to Robb’s and resting your hand on his cheek sharing his breaths before he finally pulled away giving you one final look before leaving to find his father.

“Father, I would,”

“You would like to ask for Lady (y/n)’s hand in marriage.” Ned smirked up from his paperwork at his son’s confusion, “servants talk, son” he laughed moving around to Robb and patting his shoulder firmly, “So our eldest is in love.”

“Indeed father, I couldn’t imagine anyone else but her. I do not believe mother approves, however.”

“Aye, but that’s just her worry for you. She will come around to the idea.” The pair walked across the courtyard and Robb could not resist looking up to your window, that had now been opened a little, just to see you glancing out over the views of the North, “You must be careful for now, Robb.”

“What do you mean?”

“People talk. I am sure your intentions were good and honest but seeking into an unconscious girls room and staying by her side makes people talk, and the rumours are that lady (y/n)’s father has heard news of this.” Robb looked at his father questioningly, “He plans to ride here, soon.”

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give me modern vexleth AU where they are both nature bloggers and they randomly meet up while hiking the Bruce trail ((vex swears there’s been a bear following her but she keeps her food secure and an eye at her back and nothing has happened yet))
and then they realize they’ve been mutuals for literal years
and they fall in LOVE on a BEAUTIFUL HIKE and it’s full of tent sharing and skinny dipping and marveling at how the sun hits faces at just the right angle and taking sneaky portraits of each other

Surprise, Surprise - Roman Bürki

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I remembered it all.

„I’m sorry“ I said as if it would help anything, as if it would wake her less hurt. As if it would change anything. Truth is it wouldn’t but I still hurt her, I didn’t wanted to hurt her, she was too important to me for that. And I was afraid afraid how we would continue. Afraid she wouldn’t be talking to me again, afraid this would be the last time I would see her. And had I known it really was I might have said things differently now. But I didn’t.
She gave me a look.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ve spent my whole life falling in love with people who didn’t love me back. “It’s nothing new.”

I remembered it all. Like it has been yesterday, truth is, it had been a few years. I had moved away from Freiburg by now, I lived in Dortmund a good four hours away from Freiburg and I haven’t seen her the second she left my apartment. I tried calling her, I went by her apartment, I wrote her letters, I texted her, I did everything I could to make her speak to me, but she wouldn’t open her window, nor would she text me back, answer the phone, it was like she disappeared out of the earth. Even that one time I went to her favorite coffee shop she wasn’t there and she always was there, at least at that time. She disappeared out of my life just as fast as she had went into it years before. It was crazy that I haven’t seen her in so long and I still thought of her, whether that was while drinking my coffee black like she always did, I saw cute dogs walking on the street and I just wanted to tell her about them or I saw peonies her favorite flowers while jogging past them.

I realized how much I missed her and how much she actually meant to me, but now it was too late. I tried calling her the other day when I was drunk and I immediately regretted it when I was sober and hangover the next morning but her phone number had changed there was no picking the phone number wasn’t allocated her or rather to anyone anymore. So my only chance reaching out for her anymore was gone. I didn’t know what to do anymore, I thought of going back to Freiburg, going to her old apartment and rising the door hoping she would pick up, but I knew she wouldn’t live their anymore, she never liked that pace anyway. She much rather spend her time at my place, we always spend time together whether that was going out or at my place or those rare associations at her place.

I even typed her name in instagram, I even found someone but her profile was private and I didn’t wanted to follow some random girl if it wasn’t her. I just missed her so much, even after all those years and I wanted nothing else than to see her right now. But sadly things don’t always go as you want them to, so here I am. At my friends place where this stupid welcome party is for him and his girlfriend who finally moved in their own house, don’t get me wrong I like both of them a lot and I’m glad they finally start a family together its juts that theres so many things I would rather be doing right now then attending this party. At least i can get drunk today and no one cares. It was off season anyway, there wasn’t a reason keeping me sober today. I sighed as I sipped on my beer bottle.

„I’m not taking care of your drunk ass again today“ Julian said as he stepped beside me from behind, chuckling.

„You don’t have to“ I told him.

„I’m grown up you know“ I added.

„Yeah sure“ he said shaking his head slightly.

„The last party you almost fell in the pool“ he said and I laughed out at the memory.

„That was only that one time“ i tried but he shook his head as we both laughed.

„Whatever“ he said laughing.

„I’m gonna get another drink“ I told him after I emptied my beer bottle.

I didn’t let him say anything and already walked towards the door, we had been standing outside for a good hour now, just talking and listening to music. I stepped inside and made my way towards the kitchen where all the drinks and food was sat at. As I stepped in I saw a girl standing at the counter with her back towards me, I didn’t thought about it any longer and went to the fridge to get another beer out and as she heard me she turned around, both of our mouth opening and our eyes widening. Surprise, surprise.

„Uh hey“ she mumbled awkwardly, tugging a strand of hair behind her ear.

„Hey“ I said trying to let it sound as normal as possible.

„What are you doing here?“ I asked, I wanted to ask so much more but this was the thing I would have to start with.

„I uhm I’m getting a drink“ she said through it sounded more like a question as she pointed at the bottle of beer in her hand.

„No I uhm“ I said chuckling as I looked down at the floor for a moment.

„I mean what are you doing here at this party?“ I asked her again.

„I didn’t knew you knew them“ I told her.

„I’m babysitting their child“ she told me.

„And they invited me over, I saw you outside. I really wanted to say hi I just-„ she said shaking her head slightly.

„Didn’t know how“ she said finishing.

„I tried calling you“ I started not saying anything to what she told me.

„I went to your place, to your favorite coffee shop, I asked your friends, I texted you“ I said.

„I know“ she said softly.

„You know?“ I asked furrowing my eyebrows together.

„Then why did you never answer?“ I asked.

„What did you expect from me?“ she asked in return.

„I just wanted to talk to you“ I told her.

„I just needed time“ she told me.

„I needed time and space from you“

„I know you didn’t mean to, but you were the thing most hurting me“ she told me and I closed my eyes for a brief moment.

„and the hurt was too much especially after I told you, how I felt. I needed to distant myself“ she said.

„I’m sorry“ I told her after I opened my eyes again, but she shook her head.

„it’s not your fault“ she said softly.

„i just happen to fall in love with the wrong guys“ she said chuckling.

„i missed you“ I said, I actually didn’t wanted to tell her now, maybe this was too soon and maybe this made her feel awkward but I just wanted her to know, as I looked up she smiled at me and I was kind of relieved she didn’t feel weird about this.

„It’s been long since the last time we seen each other“ she said not saying anything towards my confession.

„Yeah“ I breathed out.

„Do you live here now?“ I asked and she nodded.

„yeah I moved here shortly after we’ve seen each other last“ she told me.

„I’m living in an apartment and I’m working at this place which is pretty small but my colleagues are pretty nice“ she told me which made me smile.

„I’m so glad to hear you’re doing good“ I told her.

„thank you I saw you moved here as well“ she said and I nodded.

„You need to come to one of our games“ i told her.

„I mean if you want to of course“ I added hoping she would agree.

„I uhm I don’t know“ she told me.

„i know this will sound weird and stuff after all this year but I’m still not quiet over you“ she said chuckling awkwardly.

„I hid in here hoping you wouldn’t actually come in here“ she said.

„I just I know it’s crazy I want to forget about you, forget that I ever head feelings for you“ she told me.

„What If I tell you I don’t want you to?“


since i haven’t uploaded all week I thought I would upload three today x I do hope you like this this was kinda based on a quote i found somewhere x 

Lovely Hate - Chapter 5

admin: clover

character count: 12329

plot: you live a fairly normal boring college life until a new student appears!

paring: jinyoung X reader

genre: sexual…

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“night y/n.”

The next morning you woke up and you felt great. It was like Jinyoung’s kiss cured your unhappiness today you didn’t have to go to class your teacher told you that you had enough extra credit to stay home for a aday. So you got dressed and washed up, putting on a pair of grey sweats and a black crop top and throwing your hair in a ponytail.

You were gonna go on to the cat cafe and just walk around campus. The cafe was relaxing and it gave you a place to think. Did you actually like jinyoung? Yes. For sure? Yes! There was no denying how you felt when you were alone with him and when he touched you. But the only thing is he probably didn’t feel the same way. It made you upset at the thought of it so you walked home. You didn’t wanna be upset while with cute kittens, you were just soft.

The walk home was full of thoughts of Jinyoung, but you were still desperate to try to brush him off and try to forget about your new found feelings. You weren’t paying attention to time so you had no idea that Jinyoung would be walking back to his dorm as well. You were too busy looking down and thinking about Jinyoung to notice you were about to run into him.  When you did you fell on top of him. You were straddling his waist looking into his eyes. He was looking straight at you with beady eyes. You blushed still not getting off of him.

“Hey.” He said nonchalantly.

“Oh hi didn’t see you there.” You said when you scrambled to get up

“Its was good I still have a lot to do in my dorm so I’m gonna go…”  With that you hurried to your dorm door.

“Wait y/n!” Jinyoung said but you were already unlocking the door and throwing yourself inside.

You wanted to cry but crying over a boy wasn’t exactly your style. So you called JB and asked if he could pick you up. You waited on your couch for him to call you and tell you he was outside. Watching Bob’s Burgers reruns cloaked in a blanket. Soon you got a text and you rushed out to Jaebum’s car and you guys drove off to his house.

He knew that baking made you more relaxed so he bought you ingredients for a cake and cupcakes.

“Jaebum I don’t know what to do!!” You said while cracking eggs into a big bowl.

“Maybe he’s mean to me for a reason!” Whining while creaming sugar and butter together.

“Hush Y/N you haven’t given the guy a chance to actually say anything to you or confess to you..” He said from the couch.

“But wouldn’t he have called me or something?” You said while mixing the eggs and butter sugar together.

“Listen dumping, you are one of the cutest little rays of sunshine. He will talk to you I promise.” Jaebum stated.

You ran over to him and kissed the back of his head and hugged him.

“Thank you Bummie!”

You ran back to the kitchen and made a cake with buttercream frosting. Content with the look of the cake, you were getting better at making cakes it was starting to get natural. You would wait to make cupcakes for later.

“Yo Y/N I’m having a party tomorrow wanna come?” Jaebum asked.

“Sure who is gonna be there??” You asked curiously.

“Jinyoung will probably be there cause me and Yugyeom became friends with Youngjae who is going and just other friends of mine. Ooo also those 5 girls you can actually kinda get along with.”

“Oh yeah I remember them okay fine I’ll go.”

With that you took ⅓ of the cake and walked home. You fell asleep at home thinking about Jaebum’s words. Did Jinyoung have feelings for you? Guess you would find out.

The next day you went to class, you were well rested but you felt sorta tired. You got to class and Jinyoung wasn’t there yet so you put in headphones in and listened to your favorite album. A couple minutes had passed and Jinyoung came and sat next to you and messed up your hair by pushing it around with his hand.

“Hey dummy. You were in a hurry yesterday did you finish what you had to do???” He asked.

“ Yes I got it done.” You said while fixing your hair again.

“I was gonna try to hang out with you!” With that he grabbed you and wrapped his arms around you. Your face felt on fire from blushing.

“Boy what are you doing why are you so touchy right now?”

“I’m in a good mood! I got invited to a party. Your going right?”

“Yeah it’s one of my best friends party so I have to go.” You said while leaning close to him, enjoying the closeness.

Class was over and the next few hours you would spend getting ready for the party. If Jinyoung didn’t like you now, you would make him look at you and notice you at least.

“Guess I’ll see you at the party bye bye y/n”

You waved at him and then entered your dorm. Your threw your stuff in your room and ran to the closet. What to wear? You had to make yourself look tempting. Then you had it. It was ripped jean shorts and a cream crop top. You put makeup on and did your hair half up half down. Your hair looked healthy and shiny it felt nice to touch and that how you wanted it. You looked in the mirror you actually looked really good. You grabbed a jacket and walked to Jaebum’s.

When you arrived you found the group of girls. They complimented your looks and flashed smiles at you. You stayed with them chatting and saying hi to Youngjae as well.

More people started to come and Jinyoung arrived he looks great, better than usual. So you pranced around letting your hair bounce and running your fingers thru it. You went to get two drinks for yourself and downed them. The music was loud and you were starting to feel it. But that’s when Jaebum called out to everyone.

“Hey we are gonna start a game of truth or dare in the living room!!!” Jaebum explained to everyone.

This was just what you needed. You walked over to the living room with everyone else. Two of the girls sat out so that made 4 girls playing and about 6 guys.

The game was just getting started. Jaebum put on sexy music playlist for moody background noise. Yugyeom was dared to drink a strange drink that contained gross ingredients. Momo (one of the girls) was dared to to kiss another of the girls. Jaebum was dared to speak English for 5 turns and his bitch ass chose you after.

 “I dare you to dance to the next song In front of everyone, and make it sexy.” 

He winked while walking over to his phone to see what song would play next.  “Okay got it.” You hopped up and smirked.

 “It’s Maniac by Jhene Aiko. You got this!!” He smiled. 

You started to get in your element the other song was about to end and you had to think and calm yourself down fast. You could use this to tease Jinyoung. You used to dance a lot in highschool, you had this. 

You took position in front of everyone. The song started and you got into it, your hips moving and the alcohol giving you more courage.

Oh why? Oh why you acting scared?
Pull that pull up like a chair
Know you see me over here

You ran your fingers through your hair and dropped your butt down and swayed while low slowly coming back up with the beat. Your eyes looking up at Jinyoung and looking him in the eye then smirking. 

You just made love to a maniac, maniac
Do you wanna fuck with a maniac?
With a maniac (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Make you fall in love with a maniac (with a maniac)

You weren’t a maniac but you were sure feeling this song. Running your hands over your body swaying your hips and bending over. It felt good to dance again especially in front of Jinyoung.

The song ended and you were breathing heaving in silence. You heard someone say “well damn” which made you giggle and go back to your spot. Eyes were on you and it made you blush. You looked up to see that Jinyoung’s eyes were on you. 

“Youngjae truth or dare?” You looked across the room at him, you didn’t want attention on you at the moment. 

“Dare!!” He giggled out. 

“I dare you to eat a piece of cucumber…” You said while smiling wide.

“Wha wha.. I could die ya know!” Everyone laughed and watched as Youngjae shakily got up and walked over to Jaebum’s  fridge and pulled out a cucumber.

“My last words will be I hate you ALL!”

With that he took a bite of the cucumber and squeezed his eyes shut. Groaning and chewing fast to hurry and swallow it.

“Good job Youngjae!!” You said while clapping your hands.

“Truth or dare Y/N?” Youngjae asked.

“What again!?” You cried out.

“I hold a grudge. Anyway truth or dare!”

“Dare!” You laughed.

“I dare you to give JINYOUNG A LAP DANCE and you win the dare if he’s hard by the end of the song!!” He laughed evilly.

The room was filled with small chatter. Why Jinyoung? You both froze up when you heard that. Damn Youngjae was evil when drunk.

“When the next song comes on get to it!!” Youngjae laughed.

You looked over at JB but he was busy with a girl. So you looked at Jinyoung and he just smiled at you, okay maybe it wouldn’t too bad i guess? The song was coming to an end so you made your way over to Jinyoung your heels clicking on the ground.

“Don’t worry y/n no one is really paying attention.” Youngjae explained.

You sat on Jinyoung’s lap facing him. Welp no backing out now.

“You sure you’re okay with this?” You asked Jinyoung.

“Ya don’t worry about it, you probably won’t win anyway.”

The song that came on next was Desperado by Rihanna, pretty good song.

You put your hands on Jinyoung’s shoulders and he put his hands on your hips. Here goes nothing.

You move your hips to the beat of the song. Your hands coming up and grabbing your hair and bringing it to one side. You bring you hands down touching your boobs and torso gently. Your hands coming down to land on your thighs giving you even more control. You want a real reaction so you start to roll your hips in circles on his crotch, and you can hear Jinyoung’s breath hitch up with your movements.

You saw that his hands we grabbing your waist tighter and his eyes looking all over your body that was starting to glisten with sweat. Looking down at him while biting your lip trying to tease him bring your hands back up to your torso and boobs while still swaying and circling your hips on his crotch. He not only loved your body he loved the expressions your face was making.

You moved your hands into his hair pushing your fingers through it and leaning more forward so your boobs were close to his face. Then you let go of his hair looking him in the eye and licking your lips. You had him in the palm of your hand.

You spread your legs wider and scooted up further to get more fiction. You swayed circles on him, his grip getting tighter on your waist. You smirked down at his state and his heavy breathing, you had him. You started to ride him as well testing the waters to see if he would make more noises if you tried something else. When he let out a barely hearable groan you bit your lip at your action.

All you wanted was to win this and prove him wrong. You were starting to feel your panties getting wet. This was hurting you as well, how much longer was this song. You kept going up and down on his lap to the beat. Hearing small groans from him. His skin was dewy with sweat, but yet it was still golden. You snapped your hips up earning a barely noticeable moan from you. You were far too gone to care about blushing anymore.

You leaned down again tugging at his hair and then moaning his name by his ear. You were gonna win this, you had to. Harshly grinding onto his crotch,and smirking. The song was so close to over and you could feel something hard lined up with your crotch. In your head you were celebrating your win. You circled your hips one last time, looking him with your eyes clouded with lust.

“The songs over Jinyoung, I win!” You giggled getting up from his lap and straightening yourself out.

You fixed your hair, still giggling and smiling. He was obviously hard. You patted yourself on the back. Good job Y/N! He looked mad because you actually won and made him hard. Youngjae gasped. He gave you a high five. Leaving  Jinyoung there frustrated and in shock. You went and got a piece of cake you deserve it. Jinyoung was reciting “grandmas, snakes, sharks…” over and over again trying to get rid of his problem.

You didn’t keep your eye on him much. You got a text.

Jinugly: care to take care of this problem you caused?

Y/n: you didn’t say please so no

You put your phone away and found his face in the crowd and sent him a wink and stuck out your tongue out at him, man you felt good right now.

authors note: it was so hard picking songs that were good enough for this chapter, but it was really cool to write so please enjoy!!! Damn Jinyoung got shook.

The Thought of You

request: idk if you’re taking requests atm (sorry if you’re not) but I love your writing so could you maybe do jimin smut where he loses his virginity there are rarely any virginity from the boys perspective :))

word count: 1,968

warnings: slight breath play, smut

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wait fuck im very confused bc @thecatinatux said that you guys are together??? well, i wanna ask you personally if you are???? hhhh??

never knew confessing would immediately result to a relationship.

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Jungkook 1, 11, 21

Thank you for playing ^^ i hope you enjoy it!

 ~~ ADMIN Abbie

JUNGKOOK + Cuddling, Making out, and Romantic sex

So comfy….You loved it loved this feeling more then anything else in the world. In his arms sharing warmth, holding each other so close to one another. This was all you want…all you need, Jungkook your boyfriend was the person you loved most in this world.

You and him started out as best friends and for so long you both liked each other but were afraid to say anything. But once he confessed to you and you told him that you liked him back, its like everything feel in place.

“Y/N? you falling asleep?” asked jungkook

“Haha….a little bit actually”

“No fair!!! stay awake and spend time with me” He whined

“Then……do something to keep me awake.” 

You just wanted to play with him a little bit, get on his nerves, get under his skin and tease him. But you never expected this outcome, Jungkook pinning you down underneath him as he attacked your lips. His lips were like fire, burning your insides. 

You and him have definitely had times where you got a little spicy with each other. But this time was different, it was like his lips, his body, his eyes, everything about him was…Burning with lust.

“J-Jungkook” you mumbled

“This should keep you awake….right?”

He leaned down and captured your lips with his, sending an electric sock through your body. He reached his hand up your shirt and grabbed your breast softly. You moaned through his lips and the reaction you got from him turned you on more then you ever thought possible.

He slightly growled into the kiss and moved his hips just a little bit to show he liked what he was hearing. But he eventually got impatient and within a couple of seconds you were both naked.

He placed himself at your entrance and looked at you for permission, you nodded. He looked back down and pushed himself into you slowly, you could feel him reaching your core.


He waited for you to adjust to his size and he calmly kissed at your neck while he waited. Once you gave him the ok he continued to pull out and go back in at full force. You felt him hitting your G-spot over and over again making you closer to you climax.

The room was full of your moans and screams of his name as you could feel yourself hitting your climax. Your walls tightened around his length and jungkook kissed your lips roughly as you both came with one another.

Jungkook collapsed on top of you not even bothering to take himself out of you, he was to tired. But he looked up and kissed your forehead kindly and asked.

“Are you awake now?” with that cute little smile of his that made your heart beat faster then it should

“Yep…completely awake”

I HOPE YOU LIKED IT ^^ Please keep sending in more requests :) love you guys!

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Hey, I love your art, but have you recently thought about Cas hearing Dean's confession? Because I'm pretty sure that counts as a longing and as we all know now Cas can pick up on a longing, so what do you think Cas thought about Dean's confession?

but what if the longing was TOWARDS CAS A LITTLE BIT so even though he wasn’t listening for dean’s confession it just kinda came to him

like he suddenly heard dean and he pulled over and as dean started talking longer he started getting a little louder because it became more unintentionally aimed at cas so he was just sitting in his car near the end like

and he just sat in his car staring outside for a while

and then he probably sent dean another poop emoji

just to let him know he was thinking of him


Imagine your OTP sleeping together for the first time.  No sex, just sleeping.  When Person A wakes up, they see Person B still asleep.  Person A smiles and wakes them up with a sweet kiss.  Person B, once aware of what’s happening, kisses back.

They’d shared tents, campfires, and rooms when the inns were packed, but this was the first time they had shared a bed. It wasn’t for a lack of vacancies, either.

When Agnès woke to the rosy light of dawn creeping in through the windows, it took a moment for it to sink in that she was truly in Tiz’s bed, lying against him. His body was warm at her back, his arm had wrapped around her sometime in their sleep, and though she knew they were both somewhat decent, she flushed when she shifted her leg under the cotton blanket and her heel bumped into his thigh. He was wearing his drawers, she knew that. He wasn’t naked. He was simply…in possession of more bared skin than she was accustomed to touching. The contact was pleasant, but flustering. She whimpered before she caught herself and swallowed, looking over her shoulder in expectation of seeing Tiz stirring awake. He had been such a light sleeper sometimes, though Ringabel had said he began to sleep better after they found Egil and since then only had problems if he was stressed about something.

His face was still slack with sleep. He was resting well enough that she hadn’t woken him. Good.

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literally like three hours after lexa told clarke “love is weakness”, clarke’s reasoning behind why she didn’t want bellamy to go into mt. weather before was “i was being weak”

clarke canonically has (some sort of) love for bellamy and no one can take that away from us

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Could you please do a bobby, jaewon and zico reaction when their crush confesses to them?

Bobby would probably be smiling like an idiot when she confessed to him. He’d bounce in his seat and wouldn’t be able to hide his emotions, grinning and talking quickly. He’d quickly confess afterwards and tell her everything that had been on his mind.

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Jaewon would be in shock when she started confessing. His mouth would be wide open and would be freaking out in the inside. He’d nod slowly afterwards and would take a few minutes before he could speak telling her that he felt the same.

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Zico wouldn’t be able to say anything after her confession. He’d freeze on the spot and try to figure out if she was joking or not. His heart rate would speed up when her words sunk in, feeling like he was in a dream. He’d shyly tell her that he felt the same and would ask her out.

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you ever wanna be like “yo can u be quiet for a sec” bc someone just keeps talking and it’s getting overwhelming but before you speak you realize they were talking to you the whole time so if you say anything now you confess to being a rude ass bitch who doesn’t listen when people tell you stories

4.18 Hot For Teacher - Recap with Clues/Theories

1. Yes, that is exactly what you say …

In the beginning of this episode Alison is seen in a telephone booth on the phone with Shana. Apparently, she wants Shana to go to her house and get something from her room without spilling too much information to Mrs. D. Ali doesn’t want her mom to know she’s alive.

2. Besides, I don’t think it was her …

The girls are at the Brew as Emily tell them about her father’s condition. She goes on to say that “Besides, I don’t think it was her. I mean, Shana led me to Ali, why would she turn around and try to punish me for trying to find A.” They say you can tell a lot by a persons facial expression and in this scene we noticed some weird expressions coming from Spencer as Emily tells the girls she don’t think Shana was the one trying to get her in 4.17, but she thinks it was a dude.

3. Board Shorts …

Spencer pops a pill and began her search on Ezra Fitz. Unable to find much she change the name in the search field several times. Upon one change the below photo stuck out to us because we have been repeating the definition since we first found out about Board shorts. Although Board Shorts Ale is a drink, the definition of board shorts is fascinating because it’s “occasionally known in British English” and Wren is British.

Investigating all night, Spencer opens her curtains and is shocked to see sunlight. She was up all night and didn’t realize. She needs more pills and unfortunately, Andrew is out. Pretending that she’s her mom, she calls in a prescription to Dr. Griggs.

4. Can you get away …

Ezra tells Aria that there was a break in at the cabin and that he has to go there for the weekend to check it out. Aria is looking quite guilty because she knows there wasn’t a break in, she took her friends there when Emily’s car died. Ezra really wants to spend time with Aria and is somewhat pushing to get her to come with him for the weekend. Aria eventually caves by telling Ezra “she’ll figure something out with Mike.”

5. Is he into fashion …

Hanna and Aria are walking down the hall discussing Spencer’s behavior last night at the Brew. Hanna thinks that she’s investigating something given the little clues Officer Holbrook spoke of earlier when she went to pick up her shoes from the precinct. Aria questions Hanna’s connection to Holbrook “I’m just trying to figure out what you two could be connecting on.”

Hanna explains that she and Holbrook are just book club buddies and quickly changes the subject back to Spencer. She wants Aria to spend time with Spencer this weekend maybe she could talk to her. Hanna is very concerned after that A treatment in episode 4.17. Aria lies saying that she’s visiting her father for the weekend.

6. You’re still taking them right …

Spencer spots an Asian girl in the courtyard and kindly asks if she’s “still taking them” (Adderall). The two girls walk inside the building. Spencer is hoping Brenda can give them to her without payment but Brenda wants cash or no pills. Spencer agrees to pay and isn’t too worried because she will soon have her own study aid from Dr. Griggs.

7. Do they talk …

Ezra is going through the student files when he spots Spencer’s file. Looking through the file he discovers that Spencer has taken medication for ADHD. Before he could view more Jesse, the new Guidance Counselor walks in. Startled Ezra quickly places the file down before engaging in a conversation with Jesse about how students talk when they feel like they have no one else to talk to.

8. I need your help …

Shana shows up at Emily’s house saying she need her help all while someone is taking pictures from across the street. We have this crazy theory that this person could be Mike:

Now we aren’t picking on Mike but his surprising role this season has to have some significance and what would be more shocking than to learn that Aria’s younger brother was secretly working with the A-Team. I mean, he already earned some bad boy stripes by stealing random items from people’s houses, possibly smashing Connor’s car, and let’s not forget the famous laptop snatch-attack with his mom. Also, Mona has a thing for bad boys …

9. I’m an open book …

Emily invites Shana up to her room and offers her help but under one condition, she wants answers.

  • Emily - What were you doing at Wren’s apartment?

    Shana - He placed an ad, wanted me to ship and pack some boxes in a hurry.

What we discovered was that Shana has been shipping and packaging a lot of boxes in a hurry. She was in Ravenswood in episode 4.06 picking up a package before getting into the car with Jenna. Alison was also in Ravenswood during this time, we wonder if the package was from Ali or was it from Ezra?

10. That would break my heart …

Spencer has made a tremendous discovery and that discovery could shatter her best friend’s heart. Ezra Fitz did own the Ravenswood lair and is now selling the apartment:

11. You have to start thinking of me as the person you are closest to …

Aria and Ezra are at his friend’s cabin. Aria is ready to leave. She’s tired of lying to her friends and family about their relationship. She want to be able to share her feelings for Ezra with her friends but Ezra convinces her that she should think of him as the one she is closest to.

We noticed he really wanted her there for the weekend and we don’t think it was to spend time as he claimed. We believe he wanted Aria there so that he could keep a close eye on her. Also, the statement about “being the one she is closest to” was probably brought on by what Jesse told him at school the day before about how “students talk when they feel they have no one else.” It’s possible Ezra thought that Aria would share too much to the new guy and if she feels strongly about their relationship than she would come to him with whatever problems she is having. He was basically manipulating her..

12. Stop lying …

Hanna spots Spencer walking quite swiftly up the street. “Why are you avoiding me?” She’s onto Spencer and knows that she is still investigating. Spencer spots Holbrook watching and tries avoid saying too much in his presence, but Hanna keeps pushing for answers which causes Spencer to get upset.

13. Chick Peas …

Ezra needs some time alone so as soon as Aria walk in from taking pictures around the cabin he basically trick her into going to a store. Soon as she leaves he goes underneath the floor and voila’, his spy center. Basically Ezra has been lying this entire time about the no internet service at the cabin

A lot of people have been saying that Ezra could be a member of the NAT club and we had doubts because Jason would recognize him. After thinking this over, it makes perfect sense that Ezra/Wren took over the club. Ezra has money and could have funded a lot of the equipment. Also, Jason told Spencer in Season 3 that Ian was filming for someone else. If that is true (after viewing all of Ezra’s high tech security) it makes perfect sense that he is over the NAT club. Remember Ian, Jason, and Garrett were the founding members but Jason was wasted most of the time (that’s what he claimed), Garrett and Ian seemed to be doing the most work. It’s possible Ian began working for Ezra or Wren without even meeting them.

Oh and NAT - Look at just the A and it’s possible that’s the start of -A. I mean the NAT already know everyone’s deepest darkest secrets through surveillance footage the only thing left to do is blackmail/torture through Anonymous or -A.

14. The cabin …

Ezra is sitting in his car receiving photos of Spencer and Hanna at his apartment building. He switch to a camera in the cabin, first camera is of the fireplace. We recognize this fireplace as being very similar to the one in 1.11 but because it was in season 1, which was back in 2010 we believe the art department tried to get it to look as similar as possible.

If we are right and this is the same cabin that the tree that had Ali loves Ian carved into was burned in then something is up. Either Ezra is lying about his friend owning the cabin and it actually belong to him or his friend (Wren) is A. Personally, I’m beginning to think he is lying.

15. New Message …

So quite a few people got confused with the timing in this scene, but if you think about it Ezra could have gotten out of bed as soon as Aria fell asleep. Meaning while Spencer and Hanna were at his apartment he was in the car watching them. Once they left the apartment he went back into the cabin with Aria, but because of the editing it made it seem as though she was waking up as he was in the car which actually didn’t happen that way.

While he was in the car Spencer and Hanna were at his apartment. The car Hanna and Spencer hear speeding off while they were standing in the door was the person that took their photo and sent it to Ezra who was sitting in his car watching the cameras in the cabin.

Once he viewed the photos he switch his camera to the one in the hall of his apartment building, which was filming Spencer and Hanna at that very moment.

Once the girls left he walked back into the cabin and changed out of his bAd boy clothes. Aria wakes around the same time Spencer, Emily, and Hanna were in Spencer’s room, meaning he had plenty of time to change. Therefore, there is no evil twin, it was strictly EzrA.

16. Who else do we know who likes to hide cameras …

After Hanna’s excellent detective work, Spencer have to tell the girls about Ezra. Emily thinks they should call Aria but Spencer tells her they need to be 100% sure before they say anything to her. Emily confesses that she was helping Shana because Ali needs money but she haven’t heard from Shana since earlier that day. They think Ezra could have gotten to her.

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Hello can i request headcanon? I want to see keith, ivan, eisuke, and ota reaction when MC's first love confess to her please? Thanks for read this :) i love you page so much i already done read everything u write 😻😻😻😻

a/n: Yeah… I saw you popping on my notif. And then also the next day after… I was surprised that you came back for the 2nd day lol… so thank you for reading all of them :D It made my day

Keith: “It’s expected that you like me,” Keith said but his face was tinted pink.
“Yeah?” she shuffled closer to him before pulling his ear. “So why is your ears red?”
“S-stupid… it’s because it’s warm today,” he fanned himself.
She blew air on his neck and he let out a weird noise, “What are you doing? You perv!”
“I won’t stop until you’re being honest,” she got closer to him, peering at his face with a glint of mischief in her eyes.
Keith took her wrists and pinned her down on the sofa. His mesmerizing emerald eyes shut her instantly as he inched closer to her.

Ivan: Ivan didn’t say anything when she confessed to him.
“Ivan?” she cocked her head to the side.
He covered his face and pushed her away, “Don’t get too close.”
She could see his face was burning red. She giggled.
“Don’t laugh!” he tried to sound a little angry.

Eisuke: “Heh… finally you said it,” he had a smug face.
She waited but he didn’t say anything and instead, walked to his bedroom.
“W-Wait, Eisuke! You’re not going to give me an answer?” she followed him to his bedroom.
He turned and closed the door behind her, sandwiching her between the locked door and his slender frame. She could feel his heat.
He looked down at her. She averted her gaze shyly.
Eisuke tilted her chin with his finger and gave her the most passionate kiss, “Do you still need an answer?”

Ota: Ota grinned as he pinned her to the wall, “Are you sure?”
“That doesn’t sound convincing,” he ran a finger down her cheek and neck.
“Yes, I do!” she tried to sound more confident this time.
“Good job, Koro,” he kissed her. “You’re such a good pet. I’ll give you a belly rub tonight if you kissed me first.“
She blushed almost instantly.

a/n: Ooh oops I got it wrong. I read it as MC confessed to the guys. I’ll make another post about this later :/

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