say 'rawr!'

Let kids use outdated memes.
Let kids use “XD” and “X3”
Let kids use those “anime smilie” things
Let kids say “rawr” or “swag”.
Let kids make self insert OC
Let kids ship OCxCanon
Let kids like the thing you find “bad/cringey” (FNAF, Undertale, warriors, etc)

Let kids be kids.

A Poem For Emos

Our fandom’s really crazy,

But crazy=genius so it’s fine.

You can help us ship Ryden,

But the milk fic is where we cross the line.

There’s also Frerard and Peterick

And don’t forget Joshler too,

But those are just our gay couples

There’s a lot more we need to teach you.

We have the skeleton clique

Who says “rawr xd” or “coconut sharks in the water.”

They often sing Taco Bell saga

And debate which of the boys is hotter.

They run around in ski masks

Creating theories and shouting very loud,

But they’ve got insane fan base skills

And always make the smol beans proud.

We also have the killjoys

Who seem always ready to fight or die

But if you start to play “The Black Parade”

There’s a 100% chance they’ll cry.

MCR X was a huge letdown

And most of their fandom is gone,

But no matter what happens,

Their memory will carry on.

The sinners from the Panic! fans

Really live up to their name

They probably write the smuttiest fanfiction

When they’re not playing the “cover important stuff” game.

All their band members left them,

And girls/girls/boys left us dead,

But we will always love our Beebo

With his Vines, Persicopes, and huge forehead

There’s also the youngbloods,

Their singer lost his hand.

They have super long song titles

And their lyrics are hard to understand.

The bass player used to be emo,

But now he’s just the selfie king.

They began in the summer of 2001,

But currently haven’t released anything.

Gerard Way’s super sassy,

Frank Iero’s really small,

Brendon Urie’s usually drunk,

And Dallon Weekes is very tall.

Patrick Stump’s got a soul voice,

Pete Wentz has “not a bad dick,”

Tyler Joseph has dark thoughts,

And Josh Dun is “sick as frick.”

So between the forest fanfic

And the crazy APMA’s,

You can find us at Hot Topic

Or still stuck in the Myspace days.

If we aren’t at Warped Tour,

We could also be at Reading and Leeds,

Or trying to uncover the truth of Cape Town

And reunite MCR is our plan succeeds.

However, we are but a simple fandom,

Dressed head to toe in black.

So we’ll end by saying “Thanks Pete!”

And going off to watch Emo Bands on Crack…

You Could Be Twins - (Peter Parker & Tom Holland AU)

Prompt: Peter Parker meets Tom Holland

Warnings: Fluff, mistaken identity 

Word Count: 1,098

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: This is a crossover. Enjoy!


“Ned I don’t know if this is such a good idea to go to this party. We aren’t even popular” Peter told his best friend.

“Peter come on this is going to be great. Maybe this will be your in with Y/N” Ned reminded him.

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A scene girl lies on the streets. Her eyeliner is smudged far more than normal, studs are falling off her multiple belts, and her fingerless gloves are threadbare. She feebly presses a stick of eyeliner into her boyfriends hand. A tear slips down her cheek.

‘Rawr,’ she says. She is on her deathbed. Her boyfriend wipes his eyes.

‘What does that mean?’ He asks softly. She looks up at him. She is fading fast, she can’t hold on much longer.

'Rawr means I love you in dinosaur,’ she says, as she goes still.

Her boyfriend holds her close, and whispers “Ohio Is For Lovers” to her. They used to listen it together, sitting beside each other and telling each other about how nobody understood them. Tears drip down his face. 

He slowly lays her body on the ground, before pulling out a can of hairspray and a pack of matches, and proceeds set fire to her body. As he runs away from the fire, he wipes his eyes, further smudging his eyeliner.

She has finally joined the black parade.

anonymous asked:

Headcannons for how everyone flirts?


Black Hat:
-He’s either suave as all hell or a complete dork. No in between.
-Seriously, Black Hat is probably this super skilled manipulator who can woo anyone he wants.
-But at the same time if he actually liked someone he would be confused as to what he should do. Kindness and compliments aren’t really his forte.
-It would take him a minute to find the approach he wants. Typically leaning back into the suave “I get what I want and you happen to be what I want.” attitude.

Dr. Flug:
-Oh, this adorable science-goofball…
-The passing compliment that leaves both parties blushing.
-Lame. Science. Pickup lines.
-“Are you made of copper and tellurium?”
-“Because you’re CuTe…”
-Lame. Airplane. Pickup lines.
-((I didn’t find any I especially wanted to use…be creative!))

-The girl literally made a statue of her muscular boss holding her (implying a whole lot), then proceeded to turn to him and say “Rawr”….That is all.
-Okay but seriously, she’s super over the top and typically doesn’t have a whole lot of boundaries. If she finds someone attractive they will know.

-Do you want to be his friend?
-Can he cook for you?
-5.0.5 made you a cake, because you are his favorite person.
-He doesn’t really flirt. He just makes new friends.

The Better Kisser - Tom Holland Drabble

Request: Anonymous - Hello! I love your writing and was wondering if you could do a fluff imagine where the reader is dating tom and she helps paddy with homework and stuff and tom tries to distract her + paddy being grossed out by toms affection for her which causes tom to want to kiss the reader more just to make fun of paddy

Warnings: Fluff and teasing Tom

Word Count: 778

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Hope you liked it : ) Guys sorry they’re so short I just haven’t really had any inspiration.


“Ok so what’s 16 times ½?”

“I don’t like fractions, Y/N,” Paddy whined.

“Come on Paddy you know this. If it’s difficult to work out, then you just have to put it in the calculator,” You handed him the calculator and watched as he pressed some buttons.

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cassian and azriel: live in the same townhouse, kiss in public, hold hands whenever they’re together, feed each other, are that™ couple, “stay safe, baby” “of course, baby”, confess their love on a daily basis, literally go to starfall together but nah they just “bros”, cassian gets down on his knees and proposes, get married in the house of wind,,,

y'all: just bros giving brojobs

movedtosaint-tomo  asked:

do you have anything for a vampire and human? thank you! love seeing your blog on my dash! have a great day/night :)

-Vampire A Is all stoic and cool and Person B (when they find out) practically fANGIRLS over Person A. 

-”LOOK AT YOUR TEETH THEY”RE SO COOL” “That’s nice Person B” “SAY RAWR PLEEASE” “Why don’t I stab myself in the heart with a stake instead”

-Person A is emo/goth and Person B is all about flowers and pastel things. Nobody would ever suspect that is was Person B who was the vampire.

-Vampire A accidentally eats a piece of garlic. Person B flat out panics and carries Vampire A to the emergency room (all while Vampire A tries to explain through a swollen face that they’re not going to die they just need their epipen) 

-Since Vampire A can’t see themselves in the mirror, they go to see a painter in the hopes that they’ll finally get to see what they look like. After a while of modeling for the stunning Person B, they suddenly decide that they need at least 200 more paintings.

-Vampire A finally plucks up the courage to tell Person B that they’re a vampire. Instead of the expected response of betrayal, Person B begins researching everything there is to know about vampires in order to help Vampire A be more comfortable. They start carrying around SPF 100, cooking food other than italian (which is their specialty), making sure to verbally invite Vampire A into their home, finding ways to travel without crossing bridges, destroying every bit of silver they own, ETC.

-Vampire A wooing Person B with their VAST knowledge of history (and bat puns)

-Person B telling everyone that they bought a pet bat so that Vampire A can ride on their shoulder all day and sit in their jacket pocket

-Diva/pastel newly turned Vampire A is appalled at the idea of being a vampire. Do they really have to wear black?? This whole bat thing doesn’t fit with their flower crown aesthetic. Why can’t they check their sparkle lip gloss in the mirror??

-Person A taking Vampire B to a house of mirrors, just to laugh as Vampire B runs into everything

-Vampire A traveling with Person B to a new place because they know almost every language in the world and Person B has been too scared their whole life to try and cross the language barrier

-Tol Person A holding an umbrella for Smol vampire B to protect them from the sun

-Vampire A seeing Person B dance and being like “NONONO that’s not dancing! Let me show you how we did it in the 15th century! 

-Person A doesn’t understand why their partner Person B has been avoiding them lately.


-Person A insisting that Vampire B dress up as a vampire/dracula for halloween 

-”That’s really insulting you know” “Babe I’m just teasing you” *Vampire B grumps* “How we make blood lollipops?” “yES”

 (sorry that i took so long to finish this, I had to take a couple of mental health days) 

(got some help from @starry-eyedyouth on 1,2,3, and 9!) 

Can I Be Her || Tom Holland Oneshot (Alternate Ending)

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I please get an imagine where the reader is best friends with Tom and Harrison but loves Tom. The reader is witnessing Tom fall in love with Zendaya and tries to forget about Tom but can’t. In the end, Tom ends up having a serious relationship with Zendaya and Tom and the reader fall apart. You can decide the end but I want it to be a sad ending. I’m sorry if it’s complicated or just plain stupid. Thank you.

Warnings: Sad, happy ending!

Word Count: 1,655

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Enjoy! Only difference is the ending lol. This is not part two by the way!


You didn’t think this would happen. You were falling for Tom, hard. At first you thought nothing of it, but once you got to know him, the real him, you were in a trance. You developed a love for Tom, it was completely indescribable. You never told anyone, not even Harrison, knowing he’d never keep his mouth shut. He’d spill everything to Tom, and you couldn’t bare let your affection for him to get in the way of your friendship.

Tom was special. He was charming, kind, confident. He had lots of good qualities and a great personality. Who wouldn’t fall for him. Tom also seemed to be paired with Zendaya a lot lately. In magazines and articles, reporter kept saying how they were a thing. Those two hit it off from the very start. They created a very close friendship. You felt a little jealous because you felt that she had more to offer to Tom. And you happened to consider yourself a decent person, but it would never be enough for Tom. But you reminded yourself that you had nothing to worry about or so you thought.

“Hey Y/N Zendaya invited us to her house would you like to join us?” You looked up to meet his brown eyes. He was showing the most heartwarming smile.

“Um…Sure who’s all going to be there?” You slowly stood up from his couch.

“Everyone! Jacob, Harrison, Laura, the whole gang” He smiled brightly at you.

“Great. Let’s go then” You gestured to the door.

“Ladies first” You teased.

He playfully rolled his eyes but walked ahead of you.

The ride to her house was a comfortable silence, but felt as though someone should have spoken up first.

“We’re here” Tom unbuckled his seat belt and didn’t bother to wait for you, already practically in the enormous house. Another thing you couldn’t show off.

You knocked on her front door. Unlike Tom who just burst in, you knocked like the well mannered girl your parents raised you to be. Not a second later the door swung open to reveal a happy Zendaya.

“Y/N the door was open silly. Come on in!” She chuckled softly.

You walked in and were greeted by everyone. A few “Hey’s” and “Where were yous” were thrown your way.

“Oh I was…outside” You pointed your thumb behind you.

“Doing what?” Jacob spoke up.

“Getting left behind” You mumbled. Thankfully no one heard you.

“What was that?” Harrison looked confused.

“Uh nothing. So what’re we doing?” You clasped your hands together.

“We could swim in the pool out back” Zendaya suggested.


I’m down”

“Let’s go”

“I’m in”

“I’d love to but I’m not in the proper swim-wear” You gestured to your jeans and t-shirt.

“I think I may have something for you to wear Y/N, come on” Zendaya grabbed your hand and dragged you to her bedroom.

You saw her rummaged threw her stuff.

“Ah ha. Here you go. The bathrooms down the hall to your left” She smiled at you sweetly.

Why did she have to be so nice. It was seriously impossible to hate her. There wasn’t anything bad you could say about her.

You quickly changed into the bikini top and bottoms. You gazed at your reflection picking out all your flaws. The bikini didn’t do you as justice like it did on Zendaya. Whereas she was skinny and tall, you were curvy, not that it was a bad thing, but always had a problem with your image. You couldn’t compete with her.

By the time you arrived outside everyone was doing their own thing. Tom and the boys were playing a game with a football, while Zendaya and Laura were tanning on chairs. You found yourself deep in thought thinking how did you fit in with these people. They were well-known and popular in life whereas the guy at Starbucks couldn’t even get your name correct. How did you managed to get yourself involved with them.

As months went by you slowly started seeing a change in Tom. He was always hanging out with Zendaya more often than usual, practically blowing off your hangouts to spend time with her. You were losing him, and fast. Your chance of ever being with him was starting to become a long-shot, and if you didn’t make a move he would be a goner. He’d be with Zendaya.

“Harrison I don’t think this is such a good idea” You protested. You finally gave in and told Harrison about your feelings for Tom. Since he was his best friend, Harrison suggested that you’d just tell Tom how you felt, that way you could see if he felt the same way.

“No don’t do that. You’re not backing out of this now” He shook his head.

“But what if he doesn’t like me” You stared at your feet.

“Your his best friend, you two have a wonder friendship, there’s no way he could reject you” He placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

“Okay” You sighed.

“You got this” He gave a slight push to his trailer.

“I got this” You recited back to yourself until you reached his door.

You mentally prepared yourself for better or for worse. You knocked slightly on his door but got no response. Strange he just finished shooting today. You thought. You tried again but got no answer. You opted for option two. You tried opening his door. It opened immediately granting you access inside his trailer. You cautiously stepped in looking around and not finding him anywhere. You checked the last place you knew for sure that you’d find him. You walked up to his bedroom and heard music coming from the room. You grew curiously and turned the knob, which you now regret doing so.

You gaped at the sight of Tom and Zendaya in a full out make out session. You gasped which finally got both of their attention. Tom noticed you first and his eyes bulged out widely from their sockets. He pulled away from Zendaya.


“I-It’s not what it looks like!” He flailed his arms in a “no” motion.

“He’s right Y/N” Zendaya pitched in.

“Really?!” You looked at him incredulously shocked. “I can’t do do this right now…” You whispered. You exited his trailer with fast paced steps.

“Y/N!” You heard Tom shout after you. You ignored him and continued walking to your car.

“Y/N stop!” Tom got a hold of your forearm preventing you from going any farther.

“Let. Go. Of. Me!” You said sternly.

“No not until you tell me what’s wrong!”.

“Oh now you care?!” You scoffed.

“Of course I care. I’m your best friend” He looked stunned.

“You haven’t exactly been acting like one” You mumbled averting your gaze any else.

“What?” He asked.

“You heard me” You pulled your arm out of his grip

“Why are you being like this?!” He raised his voice.

“Because she took you from me!” You cried out.

“Who? Zendaya? She hasn’t taken me from anybody Y/N, I’m not her property!” He shook his head. “I’m no ones property”

“She took what we had” You whispered.

“What we had? What’re you going on about?”

“You two became closer and started hanging out more. You kept ditching me for her. I lost you to her” You sniffled.

“You didn’t lose me Y/N” He hugged you.

“I think I already have…” Your voice was muffled by his shirt.

“What makes you think that?” He looked down at you.

You averted your eyes.


You finally looked him in the eye and let it all out. “I fell for you Tom. I fell in too deep. I wanted to deny it, but I always kept coming back to you. Then you got closer to Zendaya, and I blew my chance. And when I saw you kissing her I j-just couldn’t watch”. You didn’t realize you shed a few tears through your confession.

“Y/N-” He started.

“No it’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. I get it. You love her. She’s the perfect girl for you. You deserve someone as great as her Tom” You faked the best smile you could muster.

“Y/N it’s not what-.”

You cut him off. “No I get it you clearly-.”

Tom grabbed your cheeks pulling you in for a harsh kiss cutting off your sentence before you could finish.

“Shut up” He said against your lips. 

You were taken back still trying to process what just happened. You could only nod.

“If you’d just let me talk, then you would know that we were practicing for a scene” He looked at you.

“A w-what?” You whispered.

“My character Peter and her character Michelle have a kissing scene. Zendaya asked if we could rehearse so it wouldn’t be awkward on set”. 

“Oh” Was all you could muster. You felt incredibly embarrassed. You made a big deal over something so small.

“I’m such an idiot!” You turned away from him.

“Hey you didn’t know” Tom caressed your arm.

“I don’t whether to feel relieved or slap you” You quirked a brow at him.

“I’d go for the first option” He put his hands in surrender.

“I’m sorry” You looked up at him.

“It’s okay…So you really fell for me?” He turned serious.

“Umm. Look Tom I didn’t mean to blurt all that out. I never wanted our friendship to get ruined”.

“And it never will love. I love you as well” He leaned forward kissing your forehead.

“You mean that?” You smiled a bit.

“I only have my eyes set out for one girl, and that girl will always be you.”

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Candy Hearts

Summary: Stiles decides that, since they’re the only two single members of the pack, he and Derek should spend Valentine’s Day together.

Notes: Just some silly, light-hearted fluff. (On AO3)

Derek can hear Stiles coming from all the way down the hall, and he turns toward the door, expecting Stiles to burst in with his usual energy.

Instead, there’s just some shuffling and a sort of muffled knocking. It’s odd, because Stiles doesn’t lose keys (in fact, he just keeps them forever), but Derek goes and rolls open the door anyway.

When he does, he realizes why Stiles didn’t let himself in.

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this is the last thing you hear before you die

lets be honest if Eric and Dylan were teenagers right now they would be the biggest memelord sadboys with vaporwave edited photos of themselves wearing Adidas 3 stripe or thrasher hoodies while squatting next to a car or squatting next to a sign that says “don’t smoke” wile holding a cigarette or smoking weed. 

Teenager in 2005 Dylan would have been a real kinda “mom this isn’t a phase” emo talking about how people just dont understand him and putting “xD” after every message he sent and saying “rawr” when he was angry on myspace.