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Gosh you should hear my voice in the snapchat videos,

So right after I drew ADL’s reference my tablet’s lights went out and I couldn’t turn it back on. It permanently died and it had its last drawing. So I sat there, sobbing internally and my dad went up to me and tapped me on the shoulder, saying he and my mum and a surprise for me.

I was really confused, I didn’t understand what I could have possibly done to have earned any good surprise.

My dad revealed from behind him a box, and it was labeled Wacom Intuos Pro

I sobbed in real life this time, and hugged my parents and told them all the thanks.

I literally didn’t open the box for like 20 minutes because I didn’t understand what I was feeling. It’s that feeling where you feel like you don’t deserve what you have? And it’s mixed with happiness and it’s a confusing mess and I didn’t like it ^-^”

So what does this mean?

You can stop donating!

I mean if you want to donate for other reasons I’ll keep it open! and most importantly the old rules still apply, if you donate $15+ you get a doodle! I’m going to make it one doodle now though since Quinty was only helping me for the tablet.


  • Got a new tablet! (Wacom Intuos Pro)
    • Thanks to my wonderful parents and I love them so much they’re amazing I can’t aaa I’m just sob
  • Donations are still open except you only get one doodle this time if you donate $15+!

Now for the most important part

Thank you guys, all of you. I opened donations for literally a week only and so many of you were just so supportive. One of you donated twice! and a lot of you, gosh, donated so much I wish I could have given you more. You all are super amazing, I can’t express my thanks, so thank you all so much.

Also thank you @quinty-imara for helping me the entire time! I love you!


I’m in love with awesome idea of Coralina AU by @turquoisemagpie >u< And this is little doodle of Anti which has great character desing C:
Really guys, you must check it and her out! C: She has so many great arts and ideas like this >u<
Just wanna say that im so inspired by that AU and her and i can’t wait to see more of her masterpieces >u<
Hope she don’t kill me for this shittly version of her miracles ;-;

We turn 1 year old today! ♡ (22/05/2017)

Fellow monbebes, this blog means the world to me and I didn’t expect it to be this successful. 1 year ago today I wanted a distraction and I wanted to do something for our fandom. I can’t believe its been a year that I’ve been writing for you guys. I cannot thank you enough for your continuous love and support. I thank you as well for your patience with me. I hope to be in service for all of you for a long time. Thank you once again! ^^

사랑해 ~

-Admin JL

To himluv, thank you for Santa Sarita

A gift to the very talented @himluv   Thank you for sharing Santa Sarita with us.  I am so lucky to be part of this great fandom.  We have the best fanfic writers creating stories for our beloved Charlatan, even if Bioware doesn’t love him enough, that’s okay.  Lucky shady bastard and lucky me. 


Hope you like this little gift!

If you have not read Santa Sarita: Patron Saint of a Third Rate Smuggler, you should go read it now!  I guarantee you will love it!

Hum...I’m pissed ?

I received a few (anonymous) messages of people just going : “Write part 2 of this” or “write part 4 of that now” and stuffs like that, without a “hello”, a “please”, you know, just the polite thing to do ? …

Now here’s a thing about me : one of my biggest pet peeve, is people who can’t say “please” or are just demanding things as if they deserve it or something. As if my job, is to write something for them, like, I have to do it or I’m a bitch. Hell once I answered someone’s message saying : “I don’t really plan on making another part of this :-)”, and the person was basically saying I was ungrateful to my readers because I wouldn’t write another part even though she asked me…Like…What ? Am I your own personal writing slave ? 

I’m writing a lot of requests for people. Even though I love to write, it does take quite a lot of time to write those things, stories just don’t magically appear you know ? And it’s free ! (I mean, of course it is, why would you pay to read fan fictions ? But I mean, it takes a lot of time, and you can access it completely freely, that’s something !).  The least you can do is ask nicely if you want me to write something, no ? Like, don’t order me to do it ! That’s a sure way of me never even considering writing the thing you want. 

Anyway, sorry for my little rant, there’s just things that annoy me. Hope I didn’t sound too bitchy, it’s just like, basic politeness isn’t difficult. I don’t mind people asking me things at all, I mean, half of my stories are requests ! But…Dont fucking order me as if I was your damn dog. 

A “please” is all I ask. Am I crazy because of this ? 

Snarry fic recs given to me by my lovely followers
  1. keela1221:
    1.  6 Lessons From A Dead Man
    2. Beech Hall
    3. A Snowball’s Chance in Hell
    4. Hal of the Mountain Kings
    5. Harry Potter and the Erudite Wanker
    6. Of Pixie Dust and Clapping Your Hands
    7. Seven Steps to Heaven,
    8. Unexpected Effects
    9. The Boy Who Dies A Lot
    10. A Nick in Time
    11. Rook Castling Kingside
    12. Gray Skye Mourning
    13. Unforgivable Promises
    14. Beyond Price
    15. Sanguis-Vinculum
    16. The Half Life Curse
    17. The Courtship of Harry Potter
    18. The Fifth Act
    19. Birth of a Dancing Star
    20. Pledges
    21. Double-Sided Coin
    22. The Return of the Prodigal
    23. The Sensible Garden
    24. When The Cats Away
    25. Another Kind of Magic
    26. Taint
    27. The Deaging Curse
    28. It All Started With a Visit to Gringotts
  2. dracolynchpotions 
    1. The Home Fries Nazi 
    2. If You Are Prepared 
    3. The Tea Series 
    4. Cambiere Podentes Series 
    5. Quid Pro Quo by Aucta Sinistra 
  3. nefherms
    1. The Unexpected Side Effects of Drought Number 9 by lovetoseverus 
    2. Anything by Dementordelta 
    3. Anacronism by Kibatsu
  4. alittlesnarry
    1. Anger Management by Emily Waters
    2. Hints from Severus by Cruisedirector
    3. Sanguis Reatus by Lizzy0305
  5. expectopatronuts
    1. The fourth year - Calligraphy
    2. Crazy Man Michael - Amanuensis 
    3. Death and the Open Mind - loupgarrou1750
    4. She Who Knows the Orphan - darco 
    5. Upon the Matter of Britain - Femme 
    6. Through a Glass, Darkly - Lexin

Sorry there are no links, just names. I’lll add links at a later time if I can. Those in bold are ones I have read and recommend personally out of this list. Feel free to keep giving me rec’s and I’ll add them to this!


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anonymous asked:

hi meg i hope this isn't rude but i was just confused by a thing you said earlier and i was hoping you could clarify for me. you said calling juno a man doesn't erase his nb-ness and i don't mean to offend but i was just wondering how that works? isn't he not a man by the very definition of nonbinary?

he’s not a cis man, you’re right about that. the thing is juno has been shown using traditionally masculine nouns to describe himself many times on the show. sometimes he calls himself a guy, sometimes a lady, and both are words he uses comfortably to describe his gender. his friends do the same thing. 

it’s a pretty subjective thing, and by no means are all nb people the same wrt this, but there’s a whole range of descriptors each individual can feel comfortable with. you could argue that i’m not a woman because i’m nb, but if i call myself a girl or a lady it feels as right to me as the times i call myself a boy or a guy or a man. they’re not always mutually exclusive terms, you know? it’s a little confusing because in both mine and juno’s experience the better term might be ‘fuck your binary i’m all the genders now’. some nb people prefer entirely gender-neutral language that doesn’t use any of these words, and that’s cool too.

what i’m not trying to do is erase the fact that he’s transfeminine, because it’s good and awesome and important that he identifies as a lady….but you don’t have to use traditionally feminine descriptors every time you refer to him, because he’s nonbinary. i hope that makes sense?

(also, i see your point about the word ‘man’ specifically, bc it has pretty strongly gendered connotations. he might prefer to be called a guy. he certainly doesn’t like being called a gentleman.) 

sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens  asked:

I'm gonna make my own color: Mint green-you're the fucking best and a ray of sunshine that makes the world a better place 💛

You’re the best, angel. Thank you so so much 💜

anonymous asked:

From all the fandoms you are in, from which of them is your Ultimate OTP™ and who is it?

Oh shit… I don’t know… I don’t think I have one from any particular fandoms I’m really, really into. I mean… the closest I ever EVER got was NaruSaku, because that had the most realistic, slow burn, developed canon material of anything I’ve seen. That’s probably my more passionate otp that I’ve had.

Outside of that… I guess Edwin from FMA? That shit just never needed to be questioned, you know?

anonymous asked:

You know what's really funny? When Dave is waking up in the book, Hal says to Dave, "you're becoming operational," like he's a machine himself. I wondered why that choice of words.

(for the record that isn’t Hal I don’t think, it’s just an unnamed computer in the hibernation pod thing chamber) I guess it just kinda goes to serve the sort of…air of officialness and neutrality. It’s supposed to be calming, I think, because Dave seems pretty disoriented coming out of hibernation. But like…..My question is how you can come to me with that choice of words when paragraphs later we get what is the best choice of words in the entire book: 

“He sucked on it eagerly” -Arthur C. Clarke.