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I am an amazing friend, right Saxxy? xD

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam x Reader
Inspiration: @saxxxology sent me the GIF and asked for sex and shitty puns with Sam. Challenge motherfucking accepted
Words: 1,311
The reader gets easily distracted at the worst times
Warnings: Swearing, sass, and smut - oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!)

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Fuck Me - Sam

@saxxxology is such a fucking enabler. Happy birthday, bitch. Enjoy your series. Also, reader is an aurologist and Sam is a Legilimens at the specific request of the birthday girl and is a reference to her fantastical HP!AU story, which I’ll link to once it’s posted again.

Fun fact: both boys are their season 3 ages.

(And points to Saxxy for helping me pick a title)

Fandom: Supernatural & Harry Potter
Pairing: Professor!Sam x Student!Reader
Words: 2,189
Summary: A seventh year Hufflepuff finally decides to confess to her crush. He just happens to be her Divination teacher.
Warnings: Unprotected sex, oral (female receiving), a cum flood, a teacher and student fucking (please don’t actually fuck your teachers/students, guys. Let me have my problematic kink, but don’t actually do it)
Other Parts: Dean - Dickchat

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I don’t think Engi can handle Pyro’s cutenessss~

(yup its the hat that looks like engi’s glove nyehehe) (click images for better reading ! :3 )

sorry for rough sketches ;u; i was in the middle of making a poster then boom! procrastination :’D also, this blog is where i reblog gaming related stuff uwu

anonymous asked:

What fandom is this??? I like the characters but don't know them???

Team Fortress 2 is a 10-year-old video game/hat simulator/middle-aged mercenary murder parade. It’s made by Valve and 100% free-to-play! TF2 is distinguished by its balanced gameplay, strong design aesthetic, and absurdist sense of humor. For more detailed info on the game itself, I suggest checking it out on Steam or browsing the Wiki.

But it’s also much more than that! Each of the nine playable classes is a distinct character in their own right, and they each have an introductory animated short that gives you a feel for what they’re all about. Valve’s also made other animated TF2 shorts, including the longest one “Expiration Date.” (And that doesn’t even include all the community-made videos, like “End of the Line” and the Saxxy Awards, which are also worth a look.)

The aspect of TF2 I’ve been most excited about, though, is the comics! There are lots of update-related comics, but also a really super fun, mostly finished standalone mini-series that expands established canon and fleshes out the characters in a beautiful, hilarious way. Reading the comics is what got me back into TF2 and drawing the characters!

So there’s plenty for you to explore. Have fun!

Fuck Me - Dean

@saxxxology is such a fucking enabler. Happy birthday, bitch. Enjoy your series. This chapter’s for me and my fellow Dean whores.

Fun fact: both boys are their season 3 ages.

Another fun fact: I fucking hate titles so much.  All the credit to Saxxy for helping me pick a title.

Fandom: Supernatural & Harry Potter
Pairing: DADA Teacher!Dean x Student!Reader
Words: 3,671
Summary: A seventh year Hufflepuff finally decides to confess to her crush. He just happens to be her Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.
Warnings: Unprotected sex, oral (male and female receiving), a teacher and student fucking (please don’t actually fuck your teachers/students, guys. Let me have my problematic kink, but don’t actually do it)
Other Parts: Sam - Dickchat

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Remember the “taunt fortress 2” video? Well the ‘The Winglet ’ just posted they’re entry into the Saxxys like 2 hours ago
Well worth a watch.

Best of SeaCon - Day 2

1) Mark Pellegrino continues to fucking be amazing at his panels. Plus, he seemed happier here than at BurCon (which was, like, four days after the election, so… Understandable). His entire panel was amazing.

2) Jim Beaver is fucking awesome. “John was not a bad dad but…” Fan: “But Bobby’s better!” Jim: “Well, there you go.”

3)Jim’s favorite line: “Get off my property before I shoot you so full of rock salt you crap margaritas.” Claims it’s worthy of F. Scott Fitzgerald

4) Met @evansrogerskitten and she’s motherfucking adorable

5) The trend of meeting people from Tumblr who geek out over @saxxxology then turn to me like “And who are you?” continues. I’m not bitter, because I didn’t expect anyone to know me and I just feel bad that everyone looks so sorry they don’t know me. I’m no one and Saxxy is the shit. It’s cool. xD

6) Jim Beaver ships Bobby/Mary way more than Crobby

7) On what it was like going from serving in the military to becoming an actor: “Better.”

8) Bobby’s signature weapon in the zombie apocalypse would be himself.

9) I hugged the shit out of @kayteonline and it was glorious.

10) Crobby kiss

11) Literally every word out of Mark Sheppard’s mouth IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL

12) @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid began her campaign to get our asses to PHX Con


14) I made Saxxy regret our friendship at least, like, twice

15) Rob: “She gave me gold TP, and it made my bottom gold.” Rich: “PROVE IT!”

16) Rich and Matt whispering “evil” and “human” and “Robbie” in Rob’s ears like they’re horror movie whispers

17) Rob wants Tim Omundson to play Jesus and Rich has a spot on Tim O. impression

18) Fan: “How do you sing all weekend without losing your voice?” Rob: “Lotta drugs.”

19) Matt was born with a rhythmless crotch

20) #DickChat

21) Matt Cohen: “A bag of Dick’s is better than a bag of White Castle.”

22) Rob is trying to kiss every one of his friend’s wives

23) What even are the R2M panel questions…? “I’m a cat and cats are better”?! What…??

24) Misha appeared during R2M’s retelling of the flight from hell story, confused af but going along with it

25) Vicki, West, and Maison were three feet from me and SO FUCKING ADORABLE OHSBSKVDNS

25) Maison: “No, nope I’m gonna grow up and then I’m gonna die!!”

26) Maison left the moment Misha started talking about Trump, then West ran up on stage and said hi. I’m dying

27) Misha announced that next year’s winning team for GISHWHES is going to a sweet Motel 6 in Delaware

28) Misha’s OTP is Wincest (I vomited)

29) Misha trying to mime a BJ without his kids seeing

30) The other angels undermined Misha trying to make angels look cool and stern and badass and just made Cas “a weirdo”

31) Cas raised Sam from perdition by lubing up his fingers and sticking them up Sam’s ass

32) Misha’s yam a minute story

anonymous asked:

I really, really want a TF2 TV/webseries. I know they can't have it because valve is shit with time schedule, but Expiration Date and the other supplementary medias are extremely entertaining, you know? I wish someone would just buy the rights and make it into a series of any kind.

I want to talk about this too because

Y’know what could happen, here’s some ways we can get this cause we all fucking want this:

  • Non-profit fanwork made in sfm by fans, a collective group, with close sounding VA’s, probably released once a month due to how hard it is to make things like this. Maybe Saxxy experienced SFM workers. If it’s high enough quality Valve will at least promote it as community content.
  • Valve makes more short videos with major updates, such as the video for End of the Line, so it’s not a super strict time frame as they’d have months to work on it and also can work with community creators as EOTL was.
  • Or yes, someone buys the rights from Valve in terms of making entertainment related to TF2, and makes either SFM, or original 3D animated, or hell even 2D cartoon, whatever they choose. (Though tbh I can see a TF2 cartoon finding a place on Adult Swim or something.)

I think the best options to get us a TF2 animated series of any kind would be to either do it ourselves (looking at things like Red VS Blue which was a fanwork by Rooster Teeth that got so popular it’s kinda legit now, for example), or yes, Telltale makes another deal with Valve like when they used Heavy in poker night to make some sort of series. They make really good story based games so like, I can see them just animating a series instead of making it into a game (though choose your path TF2 games based on the comics in Telltale style sounds fucking awesome)

Vavle, please. Do something. We like. NEED. A TF2 series or something. Please.





Is Only Fair...

Characters/Pairings: Female!Reader x Mechanic!Sam Winchester, Castiel x Dean Winchester (Destiel mentioned)

Word count: 4519 (Is kinda long -insert TWSS joke here)

Warnings: Smut - rough sex, manhandling, unprotected intercourse (always use condoms!), oral (male receiving- gagging), slight dirty talk, slight anal talk, and I don’t know what else…

A/N: this is my entry for the lovely Saxxy September Writing Challenge @saxxxology​ Prompts: 1- Mechanic, 2- ‘You caught me.’ 3- Really rough sex, (I still don’t know about the ‘really’).

Thanks to my gorgeous BETAS: @lovemesomepie85@asgardianvamp21 and Saxxy herself, as well as all the people who offered their help!

Tags at the end of the fic! Gifs are not mine.

[Feedback is highly appreciated!]

Originally posted by little-winchester-boo

Your name: submit What is this?

Y/N presses the dark button with the number 16 and it lightens up immidiately, she sighs as the metallic doors close catching her reflection staring back at her.

“Way to start the weekend.” She speaks as it was another person and not herself. The floor trembles under her feet and the elevator starts moving.

Y/N knows she should be used to it by now but still she brace herself on the small raining at the far wall and stares at her own face in the mirror, shaking her head at her own idiocy.

He elevator stops before her destination and she curses under her breath, she hates when other people get in with her, it makes it worse somehow.

She looks back in front, not wanting to look like the scary-cay she is and watches as Castiel from accounts gets in.

“Hi, Y/N.” And her stomach knots again as the metal box quakes, and she thinks of something else  in order to take her mind out of it.

“Hey, Cas?” - Yes, Cas is a guy… He’d known this kind of stuff.

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