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Calming Confessions

Written for @falling-for-fandoms for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word Count: 4,359 (I got carried away, this won’t happen again)
Warnings:  angst, Dean’s an asshole, hurt!Reader, heartbreak, calm down sex, friends-to-lovers (kinda), swearing, fingering, rough sex, fluffy sex
Summary: Set in/around season 7 - Dean breaks the reader’s heart by going off with another woman. In retaliation, she finds comfort with Sam, who’s willing to do anything to make the reader happy.

The bartender set a short, round tumbler down on the bar and poured a stream of golden-brown liquid over two ice cubes. The frozen water tinkled against the side of the glass as Dean raised it to his lips, sending a flirty wink at the bartender as she walked away.

Immediately a pang of jealousy shot through your stomach. You liked Dean, romantically. The day before, the two of you had gotten drunk over a six-pack, and you’d (somewhat mistakenly) told him. To your surprise, he had assured you that he liked you back, and had even offered to seal the deal with a round of hot, steamy shower sex after Sam had left to get dinner.

This outing was supposed to be your first official date… and Dean was flirting with the tall, brunette bartender.

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Remember the “taunt fortress 2” video? Well the ‘The Winglet ’ just posted they’re entry into the Saxxys like 2 hours ago
Well worth a watch.

Saxxy Award 2016 Winner Destroys Saxxy

On November 26, shortly after the recipients of the Saxxy Awards 2016 were crowned winners and given out their golden trophies for Team Fortress 2, the winner of this year’s Saxxy Awards 2016 for Best Action has destroyed their Saxxy for their entry, feeling it should not have been theirs to win. 

TTMR, who created The Pybro one year ago, has accumulated over 2 million views on the original video, but was not satisfied with the attention it received. “While I dislike resubmissions, I felt this was necessary,” TTMR states in the remaster’s description. “I never felt as if the original video deserved the views it got.” He then explains several things he was not happy with in the old version, as well as what the new, resubmitted version improved on. 

The reactions to the Saxxy being destroyed were noticed immediately. “…I didn’t want to win,” TTMR explained in a Reddit thread highlighting the announcement. “Dastardly deserved it more…if the bastard [Saxxy in-game item] was tradeable I would have given it to a more deserving owner.” He adds in his Youtube description, “this was a tremendous mistake and it is nobody’s fault but mine.”

Dastardly was one of four finalists for this year’s Saxxy Awards Action category next to TTMR’s remaster of The Pybro. Dastardly submitted Double-Edged Defense, a short about two Engineers working together. “After 2 months of animating, not counting a 2 year hiatus, I am here to bring my contribution to this year’s saxxy awards,” Dastardly states in the Youtube description. 

TTMR, like many others, noted resubmissions did not normally perform well in past Saxxy seasons. However, when he won Best Action against his wishes, a wave of realization had spread throughout those who kept up with the Saxxy Awards that the old rules may no longer apply.

The additional goal for resubmission was also the Saxxy Awards’ consolation prize. “I wanted to get to the nominees and win a Memory Maker. I did not want to win the section with a goddamn remaster,” TTMR says in response to a Reddit comment. “I still have my Timeless Thief one though, that one I think I actually deserve.” 

This is not the first time a Saxxy has been destroyed. A Saxxy was once destroyed for “Most Inventive Kill” due to the owner receiving unwanted attention, while another Saxxy was also destroyed for what people predict was the same reason.


Been laughing at this one for a while now





Saxxy I provided voice work on this year; check it out!


And another one!


I am an amazing friend, right Saxxy? xD

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam x Reader
Inspiration: @saxxxology sent me the GIF and asked for sex and shitty puns with Sam. Challenge motherfucking accepted
Words: 1,311
The reader gets easily distracted at the worst times
Warnings: Swearing, sass, and smut - oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!)

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Tug and Pull

For Saxxy’s July Writing Challenge! @saxxxology Also included is the prompt: Hair Pulling for this girls B-day challenge @spectaculacular-sammy (Happy belated birthday gorgeous - I hope you like it XO!!)

  • Prompt: Hand job
  • Pairing: Sam x Female Reader, Dean
  • Warnings: NSFW, hand job, hair tugging/pulling,  fingering (female receiving), little bit of swearing, PWP-ish, just a tad bit of plot there
  • Word Count: 3.7k

Summary: During research a head massage can be so relieving. 

A/N: Thank you to my beautiful friend @oriona75 for beta-ing for me! And also this other beauty for title assistance! @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid
Tags are at the bottom. If you don’t want to be included I will not be offended, I promise :D
I love all of your comments and reactions I receive when I post. I seriously love you all so much! Thank you! I hope you enjoy this. My Sam smut cherry has been popped ;) Woo!

Originally posted by heytheredeann

“So I’m thinking we have two possibilities here for this case,” Sam started, as his thumb scrolled up through an article he found.

You swung your legs to the floor sitting up from the spot against the back door you were leaning against as you also searched possibilities on your phone. You leaned forward resting your chin on his shoulder to look at what he had found. “I think I found something too.”

He smiled tilting his head to the side, resting it against yours. “Well it looks like Mr. Jenkins either has a heavy kink for things that go bump in the night, or he’s another victim of mind control.”

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