Heartworm threat for millions of dogs and cats not treated in the United States, experts say

According to a press release dated November 17, the American Heartworm Society (AHS) has recently issued new guidelines for the diagnosis, prevention and management of heart worm infections in dogs and cats. Although the immune system of a cat is more resistant to infection and disease of the heart-worm of a dog, it takes much less to a cat because of serious health problems. It is little comfort to cat owners, however, when you look at the actual statistics. AHS said that 61-90 percent of cats not exposed to drug-worm larvae from the heart will be infected, but almost 100 percent non-medicated dogs exposed will become infected. According to an article in the online magazine “guide dog owner,” wired are parasites that infect primarily the right side of the heart of an animal, through a vein. Once found mainly in southern climates, heartworm disease is now a concern of pet owners nationwide. heartworm disease in dogs has been discovered more than a hundred years, it was first documented in cats in the 1920s. It has since been found in wolves, coyotes, foxes and other animals. Heartworms go through several life stages before the development of adults. The mosquito serves as a support of an infected animal to an uninfected. The mosquito ingests the larva of the worm’s heart when it bites an infected dog or other animal and deposit the larvae into a host uninfected. When the larva in the new host appears as an adult, he moves into a vein on the right side of the heart of his host and reproduces thereafter. In one dog, the adult worms can reach 14 inches long, they live and breed in a dog or cat heart and pulmonary arteries. In heavily infected animals, numerous worms grow and fill the heart chamber. Tom Nelson, DVM and President of AHS, said the worm prevention of heart and new treatment guidelines recommended that pet owners have their dogs and cats annually tested for heart worm and use a worm heart all year round preventive medication. Individual veterinarians can have differing opinions on the need for annual tests if an animal is on a prevention plan throughout the year, however.In cats, less than six lines of the heart can cause serious problems because the heart of a cat and blood vessels are so small. An infected cat develops any difficulty breathing, chronic coughing or vomiting. In one dog, says the AHS, it generally takes 25 to 50 earthworms in such a cause of serious problems. However, the death of the heart worm disease can be sudden in dogs and AHS cats.The and most veterinarians say that heartworm disease can be virtually eliminated in pets, so pet owners implement a plan preventive treatment throughout the year. Heartworm preventive medications, which can be obtained by a veterinarian, working in erasing the last larval stage, by mosquitoes.Sources: Press “1-800-PetMeds Warns That More than 118 million U.S. Pets vulnerable to worm disease of the heart ";

Ideas Valentine's gift for friends

Never forget the Valentine’s Day is my first year of college. I was not dating anyone and I felt a little blue because it was Valentine’s Day. It felt as if everyone on campus had someone, as if literally the only one not to someone. Well, I was probably exaggerating it - but I feel sad and all that. Then one of my friends came running around the yard with a large bouquet of red roses. She gave me one. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” She said. “I always think of my friends on Valentine’s Day, not only a special relationship.” I thought it was great, and since then I tried to do the same. Its really not such a bad idea. There are many ways you can do something sweet for your best friends in this time of year and not have to cost a fortune. Here are some ideas to inspire thinking about the perfect way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day to all of their friends. Send an e-card. At this point everyone and their grandmother has e-mail. Some people have more than one email address. So an e-card is a great way to say Happy Valentine’s Day. There are tons of websites offering free e-cards just do a search on for "free e-cards” and they all come up. Send (or deliver) a card in the mail. Yes this is the old way, but still very popular. Hallmark even has a full line of cards that only cost 99 cents. Most cards cost between $ 2 and $ 3, and then include shipping. This is a great idea. You can get some humor, something that will make you laugh out loud in this February 14. Sweets for the sweet. The shops are full of chocolate and many other tempting sweets. Why not get some of this to your friends? A great idea is now the hot chocolate as it can be enjoyed over time, especially if you live in a cold climate, this is a great gift you can really enjoy the winter. Another type of treatment. This is great if your friends are not so much on the type of sugar candy. Other ideas include boxes of herbal tea or gourmet coffee or perhaps an exotic fruit. This is a very good gift, especially if you know someone does not like, or do not really eat sweets. Flores. Now the flowers can be really expensive during Valentine’s Day. The cost of red roses, literally, can triple during this time. However, other flowers, tulips, carnations, sunflowers, for example - would normally be the same. Be unique and different. You can get great deals on flowers at the grocery store. Little plants. A great gift for a friend in the middle of winter is a small plant. There are some beautiful flowering plants as a Christmas cactus. Or just have a lot of very broad-leaved plants can be found. A shop of the plant will have a great variety.
Fantasy: figment of my imagination Utopia

I can see it coming. It’s spring in the cold, dry winter. The sun shines through cracks in the ceiling. Orphans in the street is not hungry anymore … in fact, he offers me a piece of pie shepherd. The rain is nice and warm. The tears of wailing baby is dry and a smile lit her face. The couple arguing next kiss and makeup. The ambulance siren fades and I can hear the bagpipes playing in harmony. The eyes look up and smile serenely to the old gardener. The baker makes a delicious hot dog and feasts on it while sipping his favorite wine. It’s a perfect world …. a perfect world, I live and things are the way I want them to be. I dare not open his eyes for fear of losing the perfection that I created. I dream of infinity? Can I continue to be the Alice in Wonderland son? Imaginary self created and oddly, my little utopia is where i live.