Hey y'all remember this photo?

The saxophonist is Big Jay McNeely, who died on Sept. 16th 2018 at the age of 91. He was a crucial part of LA’s postwar R&B explosion and helped lay the foundation for rock and roll.

In May 1953, Ebony magazine reported, “A young white lad got so hepped up over Big Jay’s music that he jumped out of a balcony onto the main floor, where he miraculously landed without hurting himself and went into a riotous dance.”

Charlie Parker and his band

From a comment:

If that is Max Roach on drums, then that is around the time Bird was a constant performer at the Royal Roost. I don’t see Miles Davis in the group, so I would assume this is after the Christmas of 1948. If that is Kenny Dorham on Trumpet, which it looks like, then this is probably after 1948.

Miles Davis left the group, because he said he didn’t ‘like the way Duke Jordan,’ looked at him. Miles told Charlie Parker, “I don’t like the way he looks at me. We should kick him out the band.”..Bird told Miles, “Miles, the day you get your own band you can kick out whoever, until then, he stays.” Kenny Dorham became the immediate replacement of Miles Davis, after Miles pulled a no show Christmas Eve 1948 and started his own thing.

My school’s tuba section in a nutshell

1st chair senior: ill fight all of you

2nd chair sophmore: smiling anxiety and depression

3rd chair sophomore: I will drink monster till I die