Converse Rubber Tracks Alumni: Live in Austin March 21

Austin­ based Converse Rubber Tracks alumni The Ghost Wolves (pictured) are performing live tonight at Saxon Pub. Dont miss the chance to see our other alumni live, full schedule below.

Fences: Buffalo Billiards @ 1am
Pow Wows: Valhalla @ 12:05am
The Ghost Wolves: Saxon Pub @ 10:30pm 
The Well: Holy Mountain Backyard @ 9pm 
Your Old Droog: Bungalow @ 8:30pm


A few photos of @patricepikeband that I shot at the @saxonpub on 3/3/11 with @impalerspeaks 

After flying my butt from Atlanta to ATX that morning, I was so ready for this show. The Impaler has been talking up Patrice Pike for quite a while, but this was the first opportunity I had to witness a Patrice Pike event. All I can say is, wow! What the hell took me so long?

I’m not even going to attempt to explain how amazing this show was. My friend the Impaler does a much better job on his review ’Patrice Pike leaves ‘em reeling at the Saxon Pub’ than I ever could. I was pretty much transfixed the entire time. My ears and brain were having a hard time processing all of the sonic loveliness that I was experiencing. The songs were fun, beautiful, somewhat haunting, but left me feeling somehow refreshed, energized and eager to experience more of the big wide world that Patrice is able to sing so beautifully about.

This was my first experience with both Patrice and the Saxon Pub and if the Saxon would let me, I’d just throw a cot up in the ceiling and live there. With Kerbey Lane right down the street, I’d be more than happy to just while away my days with great tunes with an occasional excursion for some pancakes…

Patrice Pike leaves 'em reeling at Saxon Pub

@patricepikeband @SaxonPub Patrice Pike once again left me – and everybody else present at the sold-out Saxon Pub on Saturday, March 4, 2012 – reeling with a breathtaking performance equally stuffed with treasured favorites and songs from her upcoming new album (all of which are destined to become treasured favorites before too long).

Patrice and her band – Stewart Cochran on keyboards, Glenn McGregor on bass, and Seth Orell on drums – were on fire from the first note to the last.

I feel remiss for shirking my responsibilities with this review, but I am short on time today and unable to go into the level of detail I’d like to provide. Check out my review of Patrice’s show on January 28, 2012, at the Saxon Pub for a better story. Check out Patrice Pike live as soon – and as often – as you can to fully understand.

Patrice Pike live at Saxon Pub, Austin, Texas, on March 4, 2012. Photo by Timothy ‘The Impaler’ Schwader © theimpalerspeaks @impalerspeaks



By: Sloane Lenz

We had the honor of spending a couple of days catching several amazing performances from the legendary BP Fallon. His music is such a powerful mix of real rock and roll, as well as enchanting spoken word, which is smoothly blended into each song. His set is like being taken on a journey, and the audience is always instantly on board. His band at SXSW was made up of an all-star cast, including Danny B. Harvey (The 69 Cats, HeadCat, The Rackats) on guitar, Annie Marie Lewis (niece of Jerry Lee) on backing vocals, the amazing Aaron Lee Tasjan on guitar, “King Of Tex-Mex” Joe King Carrasco on guitar, Clem Burke (Blondie) on drums, and the last night at famous Contintal Club, Mike Mills (REM) on bass. The chemistry within the band is stellar, and they perform with such a synergy. Their energy is infectious, and by the end of the set, the crowd is always feeling the vibe and singing along. I’m so excited to have been able to cover three of the shows, so I’ll be posting photos from each within the next few days. First, check out a few shots from the performance at Austin’s legendary Saxon Pub :)