saxe blue


Prince Albert in every episode of Victoria: The Queen’s Husband (1x06)
“But ever since I arrived in this country, I have been judged by people who know nothing of my true character. They laugh at my clothes, they sneer at my accent. I have seen cartoons when I am drawn as a sausage. So I have decided if I am to be held up to scrutiny, it should be for something I believe in.” 


My best dress 
It works pretty well for holiday parties. ::cringe::
The rose and greenery pattern combined with the blue and gold calico is my favorite thing ever.

i’ll be seeing you | in all the old familiar places 

[L I S T E N]

dedicated to @roboticonography for the steggy secret santa exchage! 

i. peg o’ my heart - wee three trio | ii. i’ll be seeing you - billie holiday | iii. let’s do it (let’s fall in love) - paul whiteman & his orchestra | iv. dream a little dream of me - ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong | v. (i love you) for sentimental reasions - nat king cole | vi. all this is heaven too - frank sinatra | vii. at last  - glenn miller | viii. song of india, 1937 - tommy dorsey & his orchestra | xi.  taking a chance on love - lenoir sax | x.  blue champagne - jimmy dorsey | xi. blues in the night - woody herman | xii.  moonlight serenade - glenn miller | xiii. now i lay me down to dream - una mae carlise | xiv. only forever - bing crosby | xv. it’s been a long, long time - harry james & his orchestra | xvi. i’ll never smile again - frank sinatra | xvii. we’ll meet again  - vera lynn


Saxe Blue Sweet Lolita with Randosreu by sutiblr

Aliaga - Izmir / Turkey - (panorama + long exposure) 
photo by ©mustafakılınç