saxe blue


Prince Albert in every episode of Victoria: The Queen’s Husband (1x06)
“But ever since I arrived in this country, I have been judged by people who know nothing of my true character. They laugh at my clothes, they sneer at my accent. I have seen cartoons when I am drawn as a sausage. So I have decided if I am to be held up to scrutiny, it should be for something I believe in.” 

EMOJI REVIEWS: Man in Business Suit Levitating: Moderate Brown Skin Tone

one of the band kids from your high school hovers past, somehow tap dancing while also hovering. he is not very good at it, but look at the funnyman go. 6/10

one of the hot music majors from your college hovers past, except he is actually good at tap dancing. very good. wow. what a blessing. 9/10

you’re at a bar and you accidentally bump into a voidcaster’s elbow and a hole in the fabric of time appears. this man yells at you through it, “take the key, abernethy,” but he doesn’t hand you a key. 4/10

this man will walk into your life apropos of nothing when you are at your worst, take you to the laundromat and play you a sax solo so blue that you will cry in spite of you. he is experienced in matters of sex, drugs, and rock and/or roll, and should be regarded with extreme caution… i know when he comes for you, you will fall for him anyway, you will think that you can keep your heart guarded, but at six a.m. when you are thinking of pancakes at the end of a sentimental coke-and-viagra binge, you will fail. 8/10

damn daddy… wyd… 9/10… i want this emoji to tie me up in a car trunk and bury me alive

uhhh this guy looks like he wants to try to sell me a car insurance policy but he’s wearing sunglasses so he doesn’t have to admit his briefcase is full of the day’s catch from yesterday’s fishing trip because he lied to his wife about taking the day off yesterday and his briefcase is the only place he can hide things from her and it’s starting to smell but he thinks he’s read enough self help/sales books to steer the conversation away from his fish-briefcase using the sheer, raw power of his body language. 0/10

oh hey this is a cool guy, really great dude, you should meet him, he just sold me some insurance at a low price that can’t be beat. and he even threw in a free organic rainbow trout! 10/10

this is the man that collects your soul and ferries you across the river styx in death. truly marriage material. what a keeper. 10/10

vld band au
  • like i get how ppl want lance and keith to both be trumpet players and have that rivalry and that’s what i initially wanted to write down..but i want them to appreciate each other’s skill in different instruments. i think the saxophone is very fitting for lance (jazz for the soul) he’s so flowy and loves rhythmic music!!
  • in jazz band lance would totally fight with keith in getting solos bc “saxophones are GREAT we never have solos in symphonic band, it’s always the TRUMPETS” “there’s a reason why saxophones are support instruments lmao” 
  • keith plays the trumpet (they sound really pretty) his tone is really rich and steady and i would think he’s more comfortable with dynamic classical songs?? but he’s a good sight reader, he just needs to loosen up for jazzy songs
  • hunk would be a low brass kind of guy.. i could see him doing something really rich like a french horn/trombone, but he also knows how to play saxaphone to mess around w lance

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i’ll be seeing you | in all the old familiar places 

[L I S T E N]

dedicated to @roboticonography for the steggy secret santa exchage! 

i. peg o’ my heart - wee three trio | ii. i’ll be seeing you - billie holiday | iii. let’s do it (let’s fall in love) - paul whiteman & his orchestra | iv. dream a little dream of me - ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong | v. (i love you) for sentimental reasions - nat king cole | vi. all this is heaven too - frank sinatra | vii. at last  - glenn miller | viii. song of india, 1937 - tommy dorsey & his orchestra | xi.  taking a chance on love - lenoir sax | x.  blue champagne - jimmy dorsey | xi. blues in the night - woody herman | xii.  moonlight serenade - glenn miller | xiii. now i lay me down to dream - una mae carlise | xiv. only forever - bing crosby | xv. it’s been a long, long time - harry james & his orchestra | xvi. i’ll never smile again - frank sinatra | xvii. we’ll meet again  - vera lynn

a tag thing

tagged by @tokugawashou
Name: Yağmur
Nickname: Ray
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 5'6
Orientation: ..idk
Ethnicity: Turkish
Favourite Fruit: Peach
Favourite season: Spring and Winter
Favourite Book Series: ..idk the spinsters? they’re pretty nice. ✨
Favourite Flowers: Roses, Tulips, Daisies.
Favourite Colors: Yellow, Lilac, Baby Blue, Sax Blue, Red.
Coffee, Tea or Cocoa: uh COFFEE
Average hours of sleep; 6-7 probably
Cats or Dogs: Cats
Favourite fictional characters: okay, here we go.
Joker, Scarlet Witch, Riddler, Emma Frost, Harley Quinn, Nocturna, Winter Soldier, Poison Ivy, Batman, Penguin, Viper, Purple Man, Quicksilver, Polaris, Impulse.
Number of blankets: LOTS
Dream Trip: Paris, Glasgow, Dublin, New York, Bologna, Romania, i know its cliche but hawaii.
Blog Created: I forgot my firsts password so here we are.
Followers: Idk the last time I checked it was like 90 something.
idk I’ll tag @moaningvaleska love her posts.