I’ve been doing math for five hours, I needed a break.

Don’t judge me.

So I played around with a fanbot, per spewkie’s suggestion.

I want to make them genderless, and brassy looking, but you can’t really see the coloration under my lighting.  There’s a lot of yellows and reds and browns and I like it in person, but the photos I’m not too fond of.  (And I drew way too much from Rabbit’s design)

Also wanted to include my saxamaphone.

Because I miss playing it.

And I wish I hadn’t stopped for eight years.

Because now I am just awful at it.

…And now back to math.

Pat Jordache - steps (DAMAGED GOODS)

It’s among the most compelling new wave/post-punk workouts of the year, bowling in with a spiralling metallic meow of a guitar refrain that twists its way through the whole song; encompassing Talking Heads’ comedic dissonance and the dank howl of This Heat, with a terrifically skronking sax solo bringing on a hula-hoop hip wiggle reserved for Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s most piquant moments. As far as modern peers go, it’s as if Jordache and his countryman Mac DeMarco made a pact to guard each other’s original posts for a while; DeMarco taking care of Jordache’s sensitive side, Jordache keeping DeMarco’s party fires stoked. It suits them both fine. (via Laura Snapes @ P4K)

Whoa, this rules! I ain’t even mad about how obviously it wears its influences on its sleeves because the arms in those sleeves are ~waving~

When this guy opened up for Tune-Yards last year (or was it this year?), he was NOT this good yet.

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