Ridiculous ME: A headcanon

-Sara Ryder is an awkward musical loving meme queen.

-While on the Tempest, Scott is hanging out with Liam then sees Sara walking by. She has a data pad in hand doing some work, clearly very engrossed with whatever it is. Scott nudges Liam and says, “Watch this.”

-Scott pulls out his omni-tool and finds a famous song from a musical, then hits play with the volume low.

-He gently turns the volume up a little bit and Sara starts to hum along without realizing it.

-The song gets a little louder, and Sara realizes what Scott is doing. Without skipping a beat, she throws the data pad down and whips her head over to Scott, belting “Defying Gravity”

-She gets so into character that Scott can help but join in as Glinda and back up his sister.

-Liam is in tears. Jaal is confused.

-Sara will frequently threaten enemies by yelling “MEET ME IN THE PIT”

-Jaal still hasn’t figured out what pit she is referring to.

-Sara comes up behind Scott and will casually play Careless Whisper while doing the ‘Shepard Shuffle’. Scott will join in a pretend to  play the sax.

-The Tempest crew rolls their eyes and goes about their business. Jaal will stop and stare, trying to figure out why the twins look like they’re having seizures. 

-She keeps a pair of sunglasses on hand so when someone doesn’t agree with her she can whip them out and say “Deal with it” 


oh my god what

“sax roll" 

bxrneyscherbxtsky-deactivated20  asked:

Honestly... Le-pie-ethans? That is just everythign I could've ever hoped for.

Sam: So, check it out!  We’ve had a lot of dramatical happenings in the Piestiel saga recently, so we’ve decided to do a recap, for those of you who are NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

Dean: Nom, jelly beans!

Sam: Of course, we can’t afford classic rock like they do on the show, so we’ll have to improvise…

Cas: Sam, is that Yakety Sax?

Sam: Shhhh!  And, roll ‘em!

******THE ROAD SO FAR******

Cas: O noes, LE-PIE-ATHANS!!!!!

Sam: Deeeeeean!  You’re not s'pposed to photobomb “The Road So Far!”

Dean: Eh, Ellen did it.

Cas: Nom, jelly beans!