sax solo!!!

Just putting together some of my very excited and also incoherent thoughts abt harvey’s solo music so here goes: I hope there’s LAYERS, like lots of beautiful layers of sound, soaring instrumentals, as many trumpets as he daMN well wants!! i would v much love if there was a sax solo at some point, like that’s not a requirement obvi but i would just diE and i mean that in the BEST way. If he sings about love in any way shape or form u can expect me to cry an ocean of my own tears and then drowN in them. lbr i’m gonna do that regardless of what he’s singing about soooOOOOOooo, ANYWAY. if henri decides that he’s gonna break my damn heart again w some painful as hell music that’s fine because GUESS WHAT??? I LOVE THE PAIN!!!!! AND If he plays any instruments on this, like even the castanets or cowbell or the TRIANGLE i will be g o n e. LIKE GONER THAN GONE!!!!!!! lmao i can’t w8 to die :))))) 

Band Sections expectation vs. reality
  • Flutes expectation: A bunch of girls who talk about the cute boys in the percussion section
  • Flutes reality: A bunch of girls who try to kill each other over first chair, the one guy in the section just plays Zelda songs all the time.
  • Clarinets expectation: Kinda the nerdy quiet people.
  • Clarinets reality: They're still quiet, but because they talking shit the whole time.
  • Saxophone expectation: Idiots playing sexy sax man thing all the time.
  • Saxophone reality: Idiots playing sexy sax man thing AND the epic sax man solo
  • Oboe expectation: Dorky kid who takes 6 AP classes.
  • Oboe Reality: Out of tune dork who takes 6 AP classes, overall really nice people. Trust the oboe with your life, just not with intonation.
  • Bassoon expectations: Probably plays DnD and hangs out with the saxophones.
  • Bassoon reality: Plays DnD with the low brass.
  • Low Brass expectation: The foundation of the band so they have to be put together
  • Low brass reality: wrong. Mix of nerds and stoners, generally pretty funny.
  • Horns expectation: plays great, never heard them play a wrong note. Quiet, keeps to themselves, no ego.
  • Horns reality: Stopped playing after the first 10 bars of only upbeats, plays what the trumpets have because they want melody. Biggest egos in the band, but keeps it on the DL
  • Trumpets expectation: Plays crazy high notes, giant egos.
  • Trumpets reality: attempts high notes, fails, thinks they got it, flaunts that they got that note. (no one believes them)
  • Percussionist expectation: snare rolls, lady killers, sunglasses emoji.
  • Percussionist reality: Was the director talking to us? no? okay cool, so got any 5's?

okay so me and @thelast-dodo are crying over musically inclined + adhd Lance McClain, and just voltron characters + music in general so I just…

•  Lance is great with string instruments, especially the ukulele and the guitar
•  He’s had an undying love for the ukulele since he was like 9 because he managed to strum a chord and half his family cheered and his dad stuck a sticker on his cheek
•  Both his guitar and uku are a mess of bumps and dings, and they’re both plastered with stickers all over
•  He plays when he’s stressed
•  He plays when everybody else is stressed, too
•  He’s constantly strumming similar patterns when morale’s low and urging the others to input their own lyrics, anything at all
•  “C’mon, Keith, you usually never shut up!” “Aw, please, Allura, I never hear you sing!” “Shiro you know you wanna”
•  Hunk’s the first to try it out, and pretty much after that they’re doing their best to sing something even slightly coherent
•  It’s never coherent, ever, but that makes it extra fun
•  Lance has so many lyrics stuck in his head at all times
•  Lyrics he doesn’t understand ‘You’re a constellation and stars mean everything to me, you’re the sun and being warm is everything to me-’ and lyrics he does understand ‘Playin’ word catch with you is like a dream, I’ll tell you-’ and lyrics that chime and ding and lyrics that feel like sparklers and feel like Summer or scarves or cat purrs
•  He makes up songs all the time and he knows he has a good voice so goddamnit, he’s gonna sing all the time if he wants to!
•  Keith is the first to learn one of his songs off by heart and gosh, can those two boys harmonise
•  It nearly brings Lance to tears when Keith’s able to join in with one of his songs all the way through, he hadn’t been expecting it
•  There are notes everywhere with stray lyrics on them
•  Hunk starts collecting them first, and putting them in Lance’s room for safe keeping
•  Soon enough everybody’s doing that too
•  Sometimes Keith and Lance are handing out in Lance’s room, Lance strumming away absently and Keith just letting the sound wash over him
•  Lance’s words might get stuck and Keith just pulls a suitable lyric from his notes and sings it, and the song carries on
•  Lance’s music is sporadic and unpredictable in every way, and moves and changes unexpectedly
•  His train of thought changes a lot while he’s thinking about the music and the words together
•  Allura once asked if that was how Earth music worked normally. Shiro just grinned at her. “No, that’s just how Lance music works.”
•  The boy cant read sheet music for the life of him, he just kinda knows where chords fit together and the boy just gets it without really getting it
•  Pidge once called him the “Mozart of the ukulele” but Keith rejected that real quick, because Mozart relied on sheet music, and anyway, Lance is the Lance of the ukulele because nobody else can play like Lance can
•  Lance blushes at that. A lot.

asdfghjkl; I love my music family, guys



When I Get Low, I Get High (20s Phasrey AU)

Rey was behind the bar, pouring the martini from the shaker into a glass, all the while watching the blonde siren on the nightclub’s stage. She was wearing a tight little silver dress, and her hands, enveloped in black silk gloves, clutched the microphone stand as she scat sang this passage of the song. There was something about that girl that she needed to have. Those eyes? Um, probably not. Those tits? No. Her voice, sounding like a fallen angel? No. Everything? Yes. Absolutely, and utterly, yes.

The band seemed to want her as well: the saxophone player, blushing as red as his hair, eyed her up and down; the bass man, his strong hands plucking the strings, just wanted to wrap his strong arms around her waist. Rey wouldn’t let them get to the angel, they’d have to go through her.

The sax man played a solo, and finally, the angel sang…

My fur coat got sold/Oh Lord, ain’t it cold/ But I’m not gonna holler/ Cause I still got a dollar/ And when I get low/ Whoa I get high…

Rey was enchanted by her entire presence. What she wouldn’t give to be in front of the stage, dancing with her to the sounds of the band…

She barely realized that the show was over when Angel Girl came to the bar and smiled sweetly at her.

“What does a girl have to do to get a whiskey around here?” she purred seductively, winking at the bartender. As if on cue, the saxophonist from her backing band played a bluesy and sensual wail, obviously very proud of himself- yet oblivious to the scene going on at the bar.

“On the house for you, angel,” Rey found herself saying, pouring a whiskey into a glass and handing it to the girl.

“Thanks. You come around here often?”

“I’m the new bartender here, you must be the nightly entertainment.”

“Only for some nights, that is. Don’t get me wrong, those are some sweet boys I have in the band, but my tastes would be considered to be a bit, well… controversial.”

“How?” Rey asked, genuinely curious.

“I like girls better than boys. And I have the hots for you, darlin’.”

Rey blushed. This beautiful angel, who just moments away was singing about her heart belonging to daddy, was into women. She smiled. What an unbelievable stroke of luck.

“As do I,” she said. The blonde extended a hand for Rey to kiss, and she did.

“I’m Rey, Rey Kenobi.”

“Enchante. I’m Cora Phasma.”

It’s episode 3.  There isn’t enough episode 3, so we get to watch the puppet show again.  It’s like the extended opening on the Simpsons - if Lisa gets a sax solo, you know the writers were stuck.

A series of long zooms and pans over still images follows.

In this scene, the illusion of motion is created via the expedient of synchronized bobbing:

Kind of jiggle your scroll wheel up and down a little to get the full effect.

We are in a slightly lower-rent iteration of the Academy today.  This is because we are outside the pattern.  The rules of the rose seal dictate that every member of the student council has to fight a duel, in a set order.  The boss would prefer it if that were the only thing that ever happened, over and over, indefinitely.  Unfortunately, there are 13 episodes in a season and only like four or five student council members, so even allowing for two-parters and rematches there are going to have to be some stories in here that aren’t about dueling.  These stories differ slightly in character from the rest, and in order to describe how, I am going to have to use a metaphor.

There is a landscape. In this landscape there are valleys and peaks.  The valleys have been worn deep over time by erosion [repetition] caused by running water [obsession].  The water makes the valleys fertile [structured] and so civilization [narrative] blossoms there. But life also exists on the peaks [filler episodes].  It is harder to live there, because the water [money, suddenly] naturally trickles down to the valleys [plot episodes].  The air [sense of decorum] is also thinner, leading to oxygen deprivation [oxygen deprivation] on the part of the residents [writers], which can lead in turn to chaos and confusion [episode 8], but can also generate ecstatic, surreal visions [episode 8], and lay the groundwork for sudden, brilliant innovations [episode 33], while down below the constraints of social stratification [plot structure] can lead to tragedy, as in the case of the Irish potato famine [episode 21.]

I hope that explains things.

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Graham Coxon's speech at the Ivor Novello Awards :

“This award is a bit premature for him, but he’s written about two lifetimes of work so far. The first time I saw him, he was shouting ‘I’ve got a social disease’ in a school as he gave a very energetic performance in a school assembly. I thought ‘this boy’s got some nerve’. He told me that I had crap shoes, but as you can see I got my own back today.

The second time he met me, he told me as the only sax player in school to play a sax solo. So I did, it was a good little song called ‘when you meet a beautiful alien’. At this point, I’d never met anybody at the age of 13 to even attempt to write a song - but writing songs always seemed to come naturally to him. But that’s not to say that he doesn’t have a good work ethic. He’s very disciplined, and he doesn’t take it all for granted.

Our friendship and working relationship has been a bit like a pot plant - well, y'know a house plant. They need to be re-potted from time to time, and there’s always a certain amount of anxiety concerning whether it will wither and die, but it never has and I think that house plant is doing pretty well right now.

He has written some of my favourite songs, and what’s great about that is that I got to play on a lot of them. They always display the mischief of a mind that isn’t interested in what’s expected, but sees music and the world in general as something to process and use, and nothing is wasted. There you go, that’s one of yours isn’t it?

He is my really talented, horrifyingly honest, embarrassingly honest and ridiculously funny (although he doesn’t always mean to be) best mate - Damon Albarn.”