Two's a Party || Ethan & Sawyer

Ethan Redgrave had to admit that he was a little perplexed as to how the current chain of events had come about. He had been talking to Sawyer about her day and ended up accepting an invite to share a bathtub with her. Of course, that wasn’t in any way a bad thing. Although Ethan had only seen pictures of Sawyer on the site, she looked absolutely stunning and he was eager to see her personally, in the flesh. Truthfully, he was a little surprised she had asked him, but he wasn’t going to contest what had happened in any way, shape or form. 

Ethan arrived outside the address that Sawyer had given him and he entered, searching for the right apartment. He had walked there and was a little out of breath, but a good dose of adrenaline was keeping him going. This was so much so that he took the stairs two at a time, eventually arriving on the right floor. Ethan eventually found the place and he did one final check of himself, to ensure he wasn’t bad looking, before he knocked twice on the door, waiting for an answer. 


“Boar took your tarp?”
“It was dark, but, yeah, pretty sure it was a boar.”
“I thought the boar had vacated this area.”
“Genius, I think we got some bad info.”
“What was he doing inside your tent?”
“It was staring at me.”
“Then it came at me, so I hit it, and it ran off into the jungle.”
“With your tarp. Perhaps he wanted to go camping.”
“You enjoying yourself?”
“Well… laugh it up, Muhammed. But I come back and find my stuff’s gone, I’m coming after you.”