sawyer's bay

Okay but "Beautiful" + Dear Evan Hansen. Anyone?

Heidi: “Why [does he] hate me?”
Zoe: “Why don’t I fight back?”
Jared: “Why do I act like such a creep?”
Evan: “Why won’t [s]he date me?”
Connor: “Why did I hit him?”
Alana: “Why do I cry myself to sleep?”
Evan: “Somebody hug me!”
Connor: “Somebody fix me!”
Zoe: “Somebody save me!”
All: “Send me a sign god! Get me some cold beer!”
Connor (+Evan?): “Something to live for!”
… . .
Connor: “Out of my way, geek!”
Evan: “I don’t want trouble!”
Connor: “You’re gonna die at 3 pm!”
Zoe + Alana: “Don’t you dare touch me! Get away pervert!”
Jared: “What did I ever do to them?”