sawyer the disc corgi


Sawyer and her ribbons from can an a couple weeks ago.

The yellow ribbon is 2nd place in toss & fetch. The white is 4th in time trial (fastest two t&f catches over the 20 yard line)

Sawyer also wanted to show off all her disc friends from the mountain cabin. They also raked in the ribbons that weekend!

From left to right: Surf, Ralph, Sheba, (Party, he didn’t win ribbons, but wanted to get some tumblr time) and Traffic.

Overall it was an incredible weekend full of learning, disc and new people. I can’t wait till next year!

A shot from practice this evening. Trying to get a good side shot to submit to Corgi Butts calendar contest, but alas, it did not happen.

A side from that practice was good! Sawyer is going out farther, and my throwing is improving a lot! We have a trial in Ottawa this weekend, and we leave tomorrow! (I’ll have data, so I’ll probably be posting photos, [non corgi ones too of Sawyer’s bearded Collie buddies] in real time! [not like Indiana, where I had to shut off my data, stupid roaming charges])

And then we have Skyhoundz qualifier the July 27th - 28th weekend! That’s what we we’re practicing our distance throws for! It’s kind of funny, my friend has to hold Sawyer for the distance division because otherwise Sawyer would cross the line before the disc then we’d get disqualified. Trying to get Sawyer back to him after each throw is such a chore! She’s so revved  up that she just wants me to throw the disc again!

Quick update! Sawyer did really really REALLY well today. For some reason, we weren’t allowed to place (politics). 

But I’m so proud of her rounds today, if we weren’t volun-told to be FEO (for exhibition only) we would have come in first. I’ll post a photo of our score sheet tomorrow if I get a chance.

Hopefully we play well again tomorrow!


These are our score sheets from Saturday and Sunday. Regardless of the fact that our Saturday didn’t count. We played our best two rounds of toss & fetch yet. More than anything, I’m mad at myself for not sticking up for myself a little more.

Even on Sunday, which was crazy hot we still did really well and competed against big dogs. 

Time also played a huge factor, we had 90 seconds instead of our usual 60. I think that really gave me the time to slow down and not rush to get my throws out. I also wasn’t as anxious either day. 

Overall, it was such a fantastic weekend and I always have so much fun. I really feel lucky to have met such a great group of people in this sport.

Sawyer and I had another disc trial yesterday and we came in 3rd place with 17.5 points! She played really well, it was mostly me messing up with my throws.. whoops.

Now it’s all about transitioning to larger discs. We have an event called the quadruped (which is a distances competition) in Indiana, middle of May. 

It’s a transition for both Sawyer and myself, so we’ve been going to the school yard by my house to practice throwing and catching. 

The second day of the weekend is a regular trial with the Indiana disc dog club, and I’m thinking Sawyer and I might do our very first freestyle routine. If anyone has any song suggestions, please let me know! 

As always, if anyone has ANY disc questions please feel free to ask!

So some how my friend (once again) peer pressured me (not really) into a disc trial. This time in Fishers, Indiana. It’s next weekend and I’m pretty excited (mostly because it’s during a dog festival, and I love dog festivals)

If there are any corgi’s in that area, Sawyer and I would love to meet you! 

Wish us luck? I’m sure I’ll be ready to throw up when we’re on the line. Also, no mini division like we usually compete in, so we’ll be throwing against the tall dogs.