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Any “Heathers: The Musical” fans here?

Because I just wanna say: I can totally imagine Reggie and Chuck singing ‘Blue’ to a horrified Veronica as Cheryl and Ginger sit in the car.

10 OTPs (series)

1- Olicity (Oliver x Felicity)  Arrow

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2- Malec (Magnus x Alec) shadowhunters

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3- Karamel (Kara x Mon-el) Supergirl

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4- Captain Swan (Emma x Hook) OUAT

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5- Sanvers (Alex x Maggie) Supergirl

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6- Westallen (Barry x Iris) The Flash

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7- Sherlolly (Sherlock x Molly) Sherlock

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8- Nadalind (Nick x Adalind) Grimm

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9- Shamy (Sheldon x Amy) the big bang theory

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10-Diley (Riley x Danny) Baby daddy

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The signs as Disneyland rides

aries: matterhorn
taurus: thunder mountain
gemini: buzz lightyear astro blasters
cancer: the haunted mansion
leo: pirates of the caribbean
virgo: splash mountain
libra: the teacups
scorpio: autopia
sagittarius: indiana jones adventure
capricorn: space mountain
aquarius: tom sawyer island
pisces: it’s a small world

It doesn’t matter that Man-hell is trying to be a better person for Kara! Now I know that we all have parts of ourselves that are bad and need to be changed, but the only reason he is trying to be better is to be with Kara.

He is not trying to be better because he personally thinks the way he was, was horrible, but because Kara did and he wants her.

That is not cute or romantic! A person who doesn’t truly believe they’ve done something wrong will not change! If Mon-el truly wants to change, he needs to do it for himself.

He needs to do it because he thinks he wants to be better! That means going back to his home and fixing the way things are! It’s ridiculous to stay on earth when you know people are suffering on your planet!

He should try to understand that his wants are outrageous! Earth may be his home, but if you have to go somewhere for awhile to help others then go! Home will wait!

By fixing his planet he can give so many aliens free will back. That is what a hero would do! Hero’s sacrifice even if it’s to save one person! Don’t be a hero for Kara! Be a hero for you Mon-el

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Rules: Tell us your ten favorite people from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people. 

1. Finn Collins (The 100)

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2. Jughead Jones (Riverdale)

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3. Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

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4. Neal Cassidy (Once Upon A Time)

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5. Tenth Doctor & Donna Noble (Doctor Who)

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6. Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)

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7. James “Sawyer” Ford (Lost)

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8. William Sherlock Scott Holmes (Sherlock)

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9. Peter Parker (The Amazing Spiderman)

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10. Claire Bennett (Heroes)

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It was really hard for me to pick 10 characters from 10 different fandoms because I usually love lots of different characters from the same show or movie…

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Imagine a crossover fic between Supergirl and Riverdale where they think it’s an alien who killed Jason so the DEO sends Alex and like Lucy or Vasquez or someone like that and they bring Maggie along as like a cover or something, So like the gays of Supergirl are all there and they witness just how drama filled this town is and there just like “where we this dramatic in high school???” and then they all start shipping the kids through their investigation because they form bonds or whatever and they trust these outsiders. And sometime during this trust being built they start talking about the other and their feelings. Since Alex and Maggie clearly bet they start betting who’s going to get together and then the others join in. So throughout this investigation the four from Supergirl have becomes like the gay yoda aunts or whatever. Could you imagine Kara stopping by every once in a while to check on everyone. Anyway just Supergirl/Riverdale crossover fic.

Superwholock Zodiac Signs

Aquarius: Dean Winchester, John Watson, 12th  Doctor

Pisces: Mary Winchester, Molly Hooper, Rose Tyler

Aries: Charlie Bradbury, Anderson, Amy Pond

Taurus: Sam Winchester, Mycroft Holmes, Clara Oswald

Gemini: Garth Fitzgerald, Mary Morstan, 11th Doctor

Cancer: Gadreel, Sally Donovan, Rory Williams

Leo: Bobby Singer, Gavin (Greg) Lestrade, The Master

Virgo: Kevin Tran, Sara Sawyer, Martha Jones

Libra: Lucifer, Mrs. Hudson, Tasha Lem

Scorpio: Castiel, Moriarty, Donna Noble

Sagittarius: Gabriel, Sherlock Holmes, 10th Doctor

Capricorn: Crowley, Irene Adler, 9th Doctor   

Alias: Rebound

Real Name: Sawyer Jones

Age: 21

Powers: Robotic legs that allow for super high-force kicks, extremely long jumps and allow Sawyer to walk, robotic arm that delivers medium-strength hits as well as acts as a small computer.

Weaknesses: Water (the machine parts of him aren’t water-proof), his battery running out (he keeps a battery on his back to keep his legs and arm up and running, without them, he’s immobile) and high-frequency radio signals (they mess up the connection between his commands and the robotics moving his legs).

Personality/Facts: Happy and easy-going but known to get sad/worried over silly things. Knows how to play the cello. Needs a better crime-fighting outfit, and he knows it.

Bio: At the age of 13, Sawyer had never been all that responsible. Sawyer’s older brother, Ben, had been teaching him to drive when Sawyer decided to show off and do some tricks. Sawyer lost control and the car crashed into a large oncoming cement truck. In the crash, Sawyer lost his arm, his brother and became paralyzed from the waist down. The death of his brother threw his father into a mad depression, and he soon filled the hole in his life where his son used to be with an obsession; an obsession with letting his only boy left be able to walk again.

Sawyer’s dad managed to steal the blue prints for Tony Stark’s Mark 4 and recreated the legs. Mr. Jones was soon after arrested for stealing the blue-prints and pleaded guilty. Sawyer had then convinced himself that all that had gone wrong in his family was his fault, and to make it up to his father, mother, Ben and himself, he became Rebound.

JESUS, I wrote this maybe 6 months ago? I WAS AN ANGSTY LITTLE TWIT. I’ll upload some more shots of Sawyer in a wheelchair later. Because those fuckers are hard to draw.


What  needs to happen before FSD can begin production:

  • A screenwriter needs to be chosen…Sam Taylor-Johnson has expressed that she is “in” should they choose to do ask her to do it…and all the critics have praised her work…the screenwriter, so-so
  • Three major secondary roles that need to be casted: Elena Lincoln, Leila Williams and Jack Hyde
  • Minor secondary roles that need to be casted: Ethan Kavanagh, Dr. John Flynn, Ross, Mrs. Jones, and Sawyer and Ryan (both members of the security detail)

Let’s hope that they are already diligently working on this