sawyer hummel

Prince Charming || Sebastian/Sawyer

Sebastian was super amused that he was three for three.  It was probably socially unacceptable, which meant that he literally did not care at all that he shouldn’t be doing it. His life was his life and there was nobody that was going to tell him what he could and couldn’t do. He’d had a relationship with his baby brother, for fucks sake. His father had tried to shame him and Sebastian had ignored him, only moving away from Alex for the sake of his brother’s wellbeing and his education. But the key point was that Sebastian didn’t do feelings, he didn’t do relationships, and he certainly wasn’t going to let sex get in the way of a decent afternoon with someone that he thought was incredibly interesting.

He’d hardly moved all day, going for a run when he got up, lifting weights and such, and then laying out in the sun until it had gone down, and then he’d gone inside to keep reading.  Sawyer had momentarily not been down for the idea, but as he’d expected, Sebastian was able to change his mind. He’d been changing minds since he was fifteen, something about his smile and his body and he had people in the palm of his hand, and Sawyer Hummel wasn’t impervious to the charms of the Smythe Brother.

He’d showered quickly and dressed in comfortable Jeans and  T-shirt, the weather almost too warm for his tastes, hurrying to his house. He knocked and texted him, waiting on the porch with his hands tucked into his pockets, smile bright, “Someone promised that I could see his artwork.”  He winked, “Sebastian Smythe, nice to finally meet you.”