Japanese Sawshark (Pristiophorus japonicus)

…a species of sawshark (Pristiophoridae) which occurs in the northwest Pacific Ocean around Japan, Korea, and northern China, where it inhabits the sandy or muddy bottoms of the continental shelves (at depths of 50-800 m). Japanese sawsharks are primarily “benthic” and will feed on a wide range of small bottom dwelling invertebrates and fish. 


Animalia-Chordata-Chondrichthyes-Elasmobranchii-Pristiophoriformes-Pristiophoridae-Pristiophorus-P. japonicus


[#Kanji of the Day] Monday May 1, 2017 (Heisei 29):鋸鮫

Japanese Romaji: nokogirizame
Japanese Meaning: sawshark (especially the Japanese sawshark, Pristiophorus japonicus)

Japanese to Chinese Translation: 日本鋸鯊 (rìběn jùshā) for the Japanese sawshark

nokogiri(kyo, noko, ga) - a saw (cuts wood) / musical saw

zame(same) - a shark

Chinese Pinyin: jùjiāo
Chinese Meaning: sawshark (Pristiophoridae family)

jù(jū) - a saw / to saw / to cut with a saw / to amputate / a kind of nail for mending crockery / to mend (crockery) / curium / (Cantonese) be ripped off, trick somebody out of money

jiāo - a shark

*Note 1: in Japanese, this is more commonly written as ノコギリザメ. In Chinese, this is more commonly known as 鋸鯊 (jùshā).

*Note 2: in Chinese, the “jū” reading of the first character is a variant of 鋦 (to mend crockery)

Kanji Count | Word Count: 2816 | 1760

anonymous asked:

favorite shark?

omg great whites are super cool their coloring helps them blend in whether they’re being looked at from the top or bottom in the ocean and in South Africa the fucking breach it’s super neat and. The largest videotaped great white was back in 2013 a pregnant 20-foot-long bEAUTY! they named her Deep Blue. i think it was for Discovery Channel but I have bad memory. I think last year I watched shark week and they were freaking out over a supposed 22 foot shark, but again, poor memory.

cookiecutter sharks are named that because their mouths are shaped so that when they bite into fish its nearly round sorta like a cookie cutter. they’ll take bites out of great whites too. They’re a bit different because they don’t kill their prey generally. Just bite and leave.

here is a great white with a cookiecutter shark bite

Lemon sharks are real nifty. they’re named that because they look yellowy compared to most other sharks. they’re really cool because if you look up pictures of them they look so super awkward. same. they are generally loners or in v small groups. also they give birth in shallow waters. and there are lots of accounts of the pups living in and near mangrove nurseries in the Gulf Coast for a few years until they get bigger before they go out into deeper waters.

You’ve probably heard about bull sharks. You know…a major contender for suspect of the attacks the movie Jaws is based on. I never really learned why Mister and Misus Bull shark are called that, but I do know that these sharks are kinda super aggressive and violent and will almost eat anything. They can thrive in both salt and fresh waters and can be found really far up rivers that connect to oceans, but they aren’t true fresh water sharks either.

ANd omg tiger sharks sure are cool. Actually they’re they only surviving species in their genus i think. they are stripey, and those stripes ranges in different color, size and design, and fade as the shark gets older. they have really good eyesight. they’re nocturnal too. They can be aggressive and curious. and they will bite almost anything and they’re not picky eaters. When I researched them in high school i found an article about some scientists who found bones of a 7 foot dolphin in the tum of a 9 foot tiger shark.

By Albert kok - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

I really like Hammerhead sharks. There’s lots of different kinds, ex. Wing-head, Great, Bonnethead. Hammerhead sharks have very tiny mouths vs. body size compared to most sharks. they mostly chomp on fish that swim along the bottom of the ocean. the shape of their head is theorized to be anything from the evolution of better sensory function to helping it stabilize during sharp movements.

You should totally look up the shark legend of the hammerhead shark named Old Hitler. Here’s a news article about it:

While we’re on the shark topic my favorite cousin of sharks are the manta rays!! Yes the Sea pancakes! they are considered cousins because they have a cartilage skeleton like sharks!

They are very large. their wingspan on average is like. 22 feet. wOW! that’s larger than the lovely lady Deep Blue (mentioned above) the largest recorded shark in the wild. the largest wingspan ever recorded for a Magestic flap flap is 30 FEET! the gif above shows mantas breaching. its suspected they do this for social reasons. literally they all gather together and decide to jump out of the hecking water. and that’s the coolest thing. I think they have the largest brain to body mass of any fish! They are very nice and gentle too :D

you should look up mako sharks, and blacktip sharks, and the oceanic whitetip shark. the nurse shark is so cute. Wobbegong is the funny name for about 10 different funny looking sharks. or the simply named blue shark, or the large whale shark, how about the greenland shark. the goblin shark is the coolest, creepiest thing and its great. The ocean is so bIG so how likely is it that the ancient Megalodon shark is hiding there still? 

There are dogfish sharks and sawsharks and angel sharks and just. tons and tons of sharks. and A lot of them are endangered or near it. a lot of smaller ones are seen as trash fish when caught in fishing nets. others get killed because people are scared of them and their attacks on people. Boo! the babies are called pups! pups! they’re just pointy water dogs!

Sharks are just swimming in their home and they get confused when the weird looking sea turtles swim on top of the water. or when the weird shape fishes are just splashing about it the water. don’t they know only injured fishes do that? they don’t even taste right most of the time! but sometimes when all their other food is scared or taken away they get desperate and taste twice just in case.

There are just. So many. So many sharks. I’m crying I love them all and we need to protect them.

Here is a website with lots of sharks!

Most of my info is memorized from years and years of Shark Week tbh but its as good a place as any to start your search for shark info!

Wait was I supposed to answer with one shark?