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So apparently

Jess made her precious chukapix-the-stranger sad. Wich wasn’t intended. I may be the Queen of Hell but I’m not heartless. (Most of the time)

Take this as an apology

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And this as a sign of my undying love

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You can’t take things I say so personally. You’d probably kill me sooner or later my dearest chukapix-the-stranger (well at least we would meet- shut up Jess concentrate on the apology).
Also I forgot you haven’t finished reading it yet ._. *lowers head*

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Welcome Home | Gavin

The past couple days had been remarkable for Amelia. Absolutely indescribable. The exhibit had been a complete success, finally having putting her name out there as a photographer. But that was the farthest thing from her mind. After the show she had began to feel contractions and eventually started labor. Never had Amelia gone through such pain but it was so worth it. Fifteen hours later, Leo Richard Mayer-Powell was introduced to the world. Motherhood was a completely new thing to her. It was scary and unknown but probably the most amazing feeling in her life. She was finally able to hold her baby in her arms. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever laid her eyes on. It was hard to let him go; she sent a glare to anyone she reluctantly handed him to. Gavin was there for her the whole time and he hardly ever left her side. He was the one to give her encouraging words when the pain seemed to rip her in half. He let her crush his hand in her grasp when it got unbearable. He crawled into bed with her whenever she asked, holding her and their son in his strong arms. She was forever thankful for him and what he had given her.

The happy couple were overjoyed when they found out they could finally bring their baby home for the first time. Lia dressed her son in a blue striped onesie and wrapped him up extra tight in his blankets. She then changed into a varsity sweat shirt and her maternity jeans, happy to be out of the hospital gown. Losing almost twenty pounds in one day also helped her mood. She was ecstatic as she was wheeled out of the hospital, a bright smile on her face as she looked down at her son. The wheelchair helped seeing as she was still very sore from the delivery and could hardly walk on her own. They hurried to crawl into the waiting cab, trying to keep Leo out of the cold as much as possible. The pair fussed over the newborn during the ride over the apartment, usual comments about how pink or tiny he was spewing about. Every single thing Leo did was absolutely adored by Amelia and Gavin. The new parents often looked at each other with mutual expressions of amazement before going back to prod and cuddle their child.

Before they knew it, the taxi pulled to the curb in front of Gavin’s new apartment. Amelia waited and held Leo even closer as Gavin opened the door to the building. As soon as they entered, Amelia began to blabber on about the nursery. “I can’t believe you did it all by yourself! And I can’t wait to see it! I wish you would have surprised me, but it did really help me calm down,” She squeaked excitedly as waited for the elevator to arrive on the fifteenth floor. She leaned into him for support once they traveled down the hallway, her pace slow and careful. Amelia’s excitement grew once they stopped in front of the door to the apartment. She leaned in and gave Gavin a tender kiss as soon as he unlocked the door before beaming up at him. “Ready to introduce Leo to his new home?” She asked happily. He pushed the door open and Lia slowly waddled in. She was silent for a few moments, even when Jack came to greet her and almost knocked her over. It felt like she just walked into the apartment for the first time. Everything looked absolutely perfect. She looked down at Leo, who’s eyes were zooming about his new surroundings. A large smile spread across her face as she gently stroked his little hands. “I think he likes it,” She whispered. “It feels like a whole new apartment. Like this is the first time I’ve been here.”