-> “You’re the horrible cook who I often see opening and closing your front door to get rid of the smoke.”

-> “I tend to lock myself out of my apartment a lot and sort of need to climb out your window to crawl into mine.”

Homework. Always homework. At least, she preferred to create new things as work class than rather spend all the day studying for a simple exam. But Yuuto always forgot about the deadlines andthat’s why she always ended doing her homework and her class work quickly thelast day. That wasn’t longer a problem since she wasn’t used to it, but at thesame time it wasn’t nice getting up on a Sunday and realize that you have topaint a lot of landscapes for Monday. So she just put the first dress she sawon the dress, grab his painting tools and went somewhere at the campus -without having breakfast- to paintsomething decent.

A few doodles and paintings were done and Yuuto began to feel hungry, so it was the perfect time to do a break and then finish all the work. But when she was in front of the door of her room, she couldn’t find the keys anywhere… probably Yuuto just forgot the keys inside again because she left the room quickly. 

Toudou-saaaaan ~ " Knocking the door was useless; Toudou didn’t seem to react about it. He was sleeping? Listening music? Or maybe he just left… but was strange on a Sunday morning, since students tend to just sleep and do nothing on Sundays. Whatever, it looked like she was not going to enter in the room through the door.

When she was out of the building, she looked at the window of their room; it was open. She had to say that she lock herself out of the apartment more times that she wanted to admit and that’s the reason of why Yuuto knew how to climb out of their window to get inside their room. But it wasn’t fun since she was wearing a dress, but it was not like there were so much people outside… so maybe they wouldn’t look at her underwear. “Maybe I should had wear jeans and not a dress today… ugh." The important thing is that she could get into to the room and now she could eat something there.