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bless you for being a sounders / usa fan (my two teams as well) and making gifs of things! I was just thinking we needed more fans on tumblr because soccer fandom seems completly euro dominated

yes! it’s always awesome to see more sounders fans. 
and yeah, it does, i never seem to see enough MLS stuff on here. 

p.s. A+ choice for your display icon

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This team is always prepring for the future. When is it the goddamn present

I’d say even while preparing for the future the parts are there to be competitive. Donovan wasn’t part of the team for most of the WC Qualifying campaign and it didn’t really make a difference. I don’t know I am not too outraged by this. I am saddened by what appears to be the end of an era.

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i haven’t watched any qualifying (LOL) but idk, they’re always sayin that and it’s like ok……………………………………………………… RIP FIVEHEAD

 I understand the feeling. I think this has been a team that everyone says is on the edge of something big forever and it never seems to come. If the USMNT can get out of this group stage though (or even just be real competitive) and give these young guys that level of experience the potential growth will be huge. Especially looking towards the future where hopefully they aren’t drawn into a group as hellish as the one this time around. I don’t know I am overly optimistic about this all probably.