Artwork of Benjamin S. Sawinski

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An artist in every sense.

Although Digital works are his preferred mediums, that does not limit him.

Spray paint, oils, acrylics, metal, wood, plex, brick, stone, mortar, banners, murals, custom designs, professional designs, framed prints, photography … Anything and everything is open to use in a piece of Sawinski artwork.

Always keeping an open mind to the outcome of a piece allows for the mind to create what it sees fit. Unhindered. While there are defining elements to each artistic creation, the expansive style allows for a wide net of subject matter.

One piece can be dark, moody, somber, while the very next can display qualities of happiness and joy. There is definitely something for everyone is his gallery. So spend some time, review his work. If there truly isn’t a piece that speaks directly to you, it could just be that it hasn’t been created for you yet.