sawed in half


people who would fight the sun: bakugou

(based off of this tweet)

bonus pic:


I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)



Wynonna finally finds out about Waverly & Nicole, because the barn apparently is the secret spot of all the Earp sisters to make out with hot representatives of the law.

insp: That one “Friends” scene in that post


How The Signs Will Die
  • Aries: Dead from the beginning
  • Taurus: Stabbed through by their enemy
  • Gemini: Tripping down a flight of stairs
  • Cancer: Pushed into lava
  • Leo: Protecting their best friend
  • Virgo: Fakes own death, is actually still living happily
  • Libra: Death by lovesickness
  • Scorpio: Doesn't die, just... disappears
  • Sagittarius: Murdered by a superior
  • Capricorn: Rightfully murdered
  • Aquarius: Sawed in half
  • Pisces: Murdered by ex-lover
One little thing about the banquet reveal that left me unsure whether to laugh or weep

I know the fandom’s collectively lose their minds over poor Victor for crushing on a guy who doesn’t remember grinding him, but has anyone talked about Victor’s face right before Yuuri revealed that he forgot the whole thing?

because here he is, thinking that’s Yuuri’s gonna talk about how he made Victor falls head-over-heels with his superb dance moves invited five-time-consecutive world champion Victor Nikiforov to be his coach.

yea tell them babe tell them how you make me yours with your half-naked eros *bashfully lowering my gaze*

preparing to hear bae narrate the beginning of our epic love story then we can announce our engagement, my memory of the night I first saw bae half-naked is very fond -


Poor Victor lol I feel so sorry for the gorgeous Russian man T_T

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Karasuno vs Nekoma Training Camp
“Why me?!”

Please do not repost

i was about to make a post abt how fathering a moth last semester made me more empathetic towards caterpillars cuz i was walking about 100ft from one building to the next and saw six dead ones on the ground & got sad, but

then i found a very big alive one

so i scooped him up and now hes in a solo cup crunching some greens

im fuckin real determined to let caterpillars live to adulthood yall. do you guys know how fucked up their survival rate is in nature

im calling my mom to get her to bring me my butterfly habitat from home so i can house this small turd boy and maybe some other small turd boys i find. ill defend these weird wrinkly chodes w my life. they dont deserve the cruel fate mother nature hath wrought on their kind