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Hi! I was wondering which Disney animated movies would be the favorites of the Karasuno students and what would be their favorite Disney song? ^^

Sawamura Daichi digs Alice in Wonderland, his favorite song, though, is He is Not One of Us from Lion King 2.

Koushi Sugawara, His favorite Disney movie is Lady and the Tramp, but his favorite song is that piano song from Up.

Azumane Asahi likes Aristocats, it’s so cute and pure.  He likes Everybody Wants to be a Cat.

Yuu Nishinoya loves the Lion King, and he’s always loved Be Prepared.

Ryuunosuke Tanaka, this fucking loser loves the Little Mermaid, and he loves Part of Your World.  Don’t lie you know it’s true.

Tobio Kageyama, The Hunchback of Notredame, Hellfire.  This song is so dark and intense and he fuckin jams.

Shouyou Hinata, this boy loves Lion King, I Just Can’t Wait to be King.  That is his pre game jam.

Kei Tsukishima Mulan, Reflection, it’s lit fam.

Tadashi Yamaguchi is all the way in love with Princess and the Frog, so in love that he cannot pick a favorite song.

Hitoka Yachi loves Little Mermaid, Kiss the Girl makes her think about Kiyoko awwww.

Shimizu Kiyoko’s is Mulan hands down.  Make a Man Out of You.  You cannot disagree this is fact.

Why is no one talking about how the dean of Karasuno is using his toupee as a pom pom or smth

DaiYuiSuga Headcanons

Okay, I love DaiSuga as much as the next person, but here me out.


  • Daichi has absolutely no a lot of hoodies. And yet. And yet. He can never seem to find one when he needs one. (“Hey Yui, have you seen my navy blue hoodie?” “No, I think Suga has it.” “Hey Suga, do you have my hoodie?” “No, have you asked Yui?”) He thinks they’re conspiring against him, and holding his hoodies hostage.
  • They are. They love his hoodies. Daichi’s hoodies are the best. They’re just the right size, and they smell like him. So yeah, they’re definitely conspiring.
  • Of the three of them, Daichi is the best cook. Miya’s alright, but Suga is a complete disaster.
  • Suga does, however, like to bake. You’d think that would make him at least a passable cook. It does not. Miya helps him with baking though because they enjoy baking together.
  • Suga really loves spicy food, but Miya has a really low tolerance for spicy things. One time, Daichi mixed up their bentos and Yui almost died.
  • Daichi’s thighs (“Yui, his thighs” “I know”)
  • They love to cuddle. Like, their favorite thing to do all together is sit on the couch in one big snuggle pile. They take turns being the one in the middle (since that’s obviously the best spot to be, maximum snuggles)
  • Suga is so pretty. Sometimes Daichi and Yui will just… stare at Suga… while he’s doing homework or washing dishes and they’ll be like… how??? Is one person so beautiful??? Yui once joked “Suga please stop being prettier than me, it’s illegal.” and Suga was like ???? what? I didn’t do anything???
  • Daichi and Yui have a running count of Suga’s freckles, (They’ve started doing this after he’s asleep because he gets too embarrassed and won’t let them finish counting) but they both come up with different numbers every time. They don’t know how. Conclusion: Suga is a magical being
  • Explaining their relationship can get confusing at times (for other people) because for Yui it’s like “Two boyfriends, nice.” but for Daichi and Suga they sometimes have to explain, “Yes, Yui is dating both of us, but we are also dating each other.”
  • Suga takes such good care of them. He’s the type of boyfriend that carries extra granola bars for Daichi when he gets hungry after practice, he’s got tampons and medicine in his bag for Yui when she’s on her period, he’s always got way too many condoms “just in case.” Literally anything they ever need, go ask Suga, he’s probably got it. He’s such a boy scout, always prepared.
  • Yui has the best laugh on the planet. Daichi and Suga compete to get her to laugh. One time, they were teasing each other and she laughed at them and it was so beautiful they almost cried. Now they do it on purpose more so that she’ll laugh.
  • If they really get her going she’ll snort-laugh and it’s great.

Just. just. Daichi and Yui and Suga being adorable.

(feel free to add more i just needed to put this out there…)


It’s still the 5th here. Happy birthday, Akaashi! May you find your peace and quiet… eventually.

Live reading with Karasuno and Fukurodani from Haikyuu!! Matsuri (Evening).

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"There are only so many times I can watch you break before I start to crack.” - kurodai

The Skype call crackles, static screaming at Daichi almost as loud as Kuroo’s statement. 

“What are you talking about?” Daichi asks in a low voice. 

Kuroo looks like he’s going to be sick. Even through the computer screen, Daichi can see how pale he was. 

“I hate what this is doing to you.” 

Daichi swallows. He tries not to let the anger overflow, but he could feel it bubbling up within him. “Who said this was doing anything to me?” 

Kuroo takes a deep breath, exhaled too shallowly, “I can see it, you know.” Daichi stiffens at this. “The way you’ve been losing sleep, the bags growing under your eyes, I know what those mean, Dai.” 

“Kuroo, don’t…” 

“I can only handle hurting you so much,” Kuroo says, and Daichi felt like a train had just run him over. 

“What do you even know about what hurts me?” Daichi barks, snappier than he means to be. 

“Come on Dai,” Kuroo says with a kind of resignation, “I love you. I couldn’t miss it if I wanted to.” 

“Are you breaking up with me?” Daichi lets the question fall out of his mouth. That’s where this seems to be going, so he might as well take them there.

“I,” Kuroo chokes, “shouldn’t I?” His voice cracks. “I’m hurting you.” 

Daichi melts. Everything hurts, but Daichi can’t stand the fact that Kuroo is trying to make things better. 

“You dumbass,” he says, anger forgotten. “You could never hurt me.” 

“You look so heartbroken, Dai,” Kuroo sounds like he’s about to cry. 

Daichi takes a deep breath and steels himself. “It’s true that this distance is painful, Testurou. It’s true that every morning I wake wishing you were here in my arms. I miss you every single minute of every single day. But you’re planning to come back, aren’t you?” 

Kuroo is definitely tearing up, but Daichi spares him by pretending not to see. He does see Kuroo’s nod. “If you’re coming back, I can handle anything. Okay?” 

“Okay,” Kuroo says in a tiny, broken voice. “I’m sorry.” 

Daichi forces himself to smile. “I know you were trying to help. But breaking up won’t make anything better, as long as you still love me-”

“I love you more than anything,” Kuroo interrupts him. 

“Then that’s all that matters,” Daichi says. He means it, even though Kuroo is gone, even though Daichi can feel his absence with every aching moment.  

title: circus of crows

rating: m (for violence and dark themes)

pairing: kagehina (main), kuroken, daisuga, iwaoi

tags: monster au, circus au, character death, a whole clusterheck of things tbh, heavy angst, magic! strangulation! plants! more fusion-esque ken/hina! more hostages and backstory! wow amazing. anyway tw for all of those things as well as kageyama having a panic attack on screen. we’re so close to the ending yall. its comin. itll happen SO soon…..



“That’s crueler than anything,” Shouyou said. “Making us understand you right before you take our family away. Making us get why you’re hurting Kageyama so badly right before you hurt him the worst. Making us pity you before you do something like this. Making us pity you even when we’re the ones being held hostage. That’s…the cruelest thing you can do.”

“You would’ve been better off wanting me dead,” Oikawa agreed. “But I’ve tried that already—with Tobio. I’ve found that it only makes everything worse in the long run.”

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Nice use of those provocation skills you picked up from Kuroo, Tsukki. :P

Live reading with Karasuno and Fukurodani from Haikyuu!! Matsuri (Evening).

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i want a naughty matsudai, ezzy make it happen!!!! (nice is good too)

Send me Naughty or Nice and a character(s) or ship and I’ll write you a wintery ficcie!

you’re in luck, my pal.  the random generator is liking the naughty list this year.  also i tried but these two…. they went into fluffy territory.  those brats.


Issei stares down at the box in his hands.  He’s already opened seventeen boxes, each smaller than the last, and if he’s honest, he’s a little afraid to open this one.  Not that Daichi would ever really do anything bad.  It’s just… what the hell could be in such a tiny box?  He’s torn between imagining something tiny and sexy and lacy waiting inside and some sort of tiny boxing glove on a spring popping up to punch him in the nose.

Daichi’s grin as he gestures for Issei to continue really doesn’t help him decide which way to steer his thoughts.

“You’re nearly there.  I promise.”

He trusts Daichi with that grin on his face about as far as he’s willing to throw him.  Which is why he’s prepared for the face full of confetti and silver tinsel he gets when the pops the lid off the last box.

He spits tinsel from his mouth and stares at Daichi.  He doesn’t see the triumphant grin he expects.  Instead Daichi looks nervous.

“Dai,” he starts but Daichi waves his hand towards the box.

“Just.  Open it.”

Issei digs through the tinsel and confetti until his fingers hit a cool metal ring.  He pulls it out slowly and stares at the silver and gold hanging from his finger.

“A key?”  Daichi nods.  “Is it the key to your chastity belt?”  Issei wriggles his eyebrows suggestively until Daichi snorts at him and throws the pillow he had been clutching at Issei’s face.

“You’ve had that key awhile.”  Daichi rolls his eyes and Issei loves the blush that tints his cheeks.  “It’s the key to my apartment,” he says suddenly and Issei goes completely still.

“Really?”  Issei asks, turning the key over in his hand and feeling the teeth dig into his palm.  “You’re sure?”

“You’ve put up with me this long,” Daichi says with a shrug.  “Might as well make it official.”

Issei carefully sets the key on the end table and drops the confetti filled box into the pile of other boxes littered around his feet.  Then he launches himself at Daichi and covers his boyfriends face in kisses until they’re both laughing and breathless.

“Well, shit,” he eventually manages to say.  “This makes my gift look silly.”

Silly or not the silk and lace sitting in the bottom of Daichi’s box comes in quite handy that night.

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Naughty or nice with MatsuIwaDai?

Send me Naughty or Nice and a character(s) or ship and I’ll write you a wintery ficcie!

under a cut because this wound up longer than anticipated.  oops?


Secret Santa gifts this year had been, thankfully, a very quiet thing.  No big reveals at the holiday party, no opening the gifts in front of everyone in the building.  Just drawing a name, or names depending on how giving you felt that year, getting the gift and leaving it in the pile of brightly colored boxes and bags in the corner.  The last day before the big holiday vacation everyone snagged theirs, gave their best holiday wishes to whoever was left in the office, and hurried off to whatever plans they had.

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