Katekyo Hitman Reborn x Boku no Hero Academia crossover AU

I think this crossover has lots of potential! It’s going to be a crazy and funny thing. Here are some more ideas I could think of at the moment:

Tsuna got in through recommendation (Reborn’s).

Tsuna’s other Guardians could have quirks too based on their abilities other than Flames. For example:

Gokudera Hayato

Quirk: Smoking Bomb - Can produce explosives from his body!
Cons: Has to light them all up manually.
“Where do you think the dynamites come from, Jyuudaime?”

Yamamoto Takeshi

Quirk: Natural Born Hitman - Has 100% accuracy with everything he throws! His power extends to objects he touches.
Weapon of choice: Baseball bat / ball (blunt); Sword (sharp)
Cons: His power is useless without objects.

Reborn could also become a teacher in Yuuei Academy. (A Math teacher because he has a PhD)

Tsuna’s “real” quirk is his Hyper Intuition.

Enma and Ochako could be gravity buddies or something.

I’m really fond of this crossover so it’s highly likely I’m going to post more ideas in the future! Which will all be tagged under khr x bnha.