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I was listening to sad music and having a tough day when I saw the Sonja photo set on my dash and I burst into hysteric tears. I am SO PROUD OF THE LOVE THAT'S STILL IN THE WORLD AND I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW IN LOVE I AM WITH STEFANI JOANNE ANGELINA GERMANOTTA AND HER BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND HEART. Thank you so much for that photo set, it saved my day. XOXO

Our girl really is something else :’)

She must be going through such a tough time right now, working on A Star Is Born, preparing for a world tour & being a good friend to someone with stage 4 cancer… Knowing that she might lose her best friend and the fact that she’s still getting out of bed everyday is very admirable. Because wherever you are, that girl with the cancer in her lungs & brain weighs on your heart every single day. I think she has a good support system (#GrigioGirls) but if we lose sonja… I’m afraid we might lose gaga for a long time.

Sonja worked for the Haus but gaga ordered her to stop working because she wanted her to focus 100% on her health. The pictures from the wedding are at gaga’s house and I have no doubt she paid for the whole thing. Her friendship & compassion inspire me to be a kinder individual every singe day. 

xoxo Josh

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My boyfriend was raised Mormon and he saw the picture of the San Diego temple as I was scrolling thru my dash and immediately recognized it and said "it's crazy how ingrained that is in me" and to this day he can still name all the prophets in chronological order

I can believe that, whenever I meet ex-mormons out of context they don’t believe that I’m ex-mormon too so I recite the blessing of the sacrament. All those rituals are hardwired into me. I think people expect people who used to be in the church and left for lack of acceptance to just leave those things in the past, but we’ve really lived in this alternate reality for too long, it’s really hard to adapt. One of the things we learn is to “be in the world but not of the world” which can often mean to experience life outside of the mormon social circles as an outsider.

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why is jeff not trustworthy now? what did i miss? :o

i saw people talking about The Y*cht™ on my dash and it gave me war flashbacks cause jeff azoff was all over that and also he’s literally harry’s manager or w/e and i don’t like some of the decisions he’s made but it’s too late to get into it, im tired lol