The woman who watched over me

What follows is a description of an encounter with the paranormal by Megan from Cheshire (England)

When I was about nine, I moved into a new house with my parents.

On the first night I couldn’t sleep, which could have just been because of the new house and new surroundings, so I got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink.

I felt like something was behind me or following me, so I ignored it and got back into bed.

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"Imagine being left with the Winchesters when you were teenagers because your parents hunted a lot together" One Shot

Author: thesleepinghollows 

Original Imagine Link: 

Warnings: none


You walk up the dusty driveway of the junkyard after waving goodbye to your Mom who was off on a hunt with a hunt with John Winchester, so you were back at Bobby Singer’s with the Winchesters, again. This cycle had been going on for years, you would end up being back at Bobby’s every two or three months since you were six, usually with Dean and Sam since their Dad and your Mom frequently hunted with him.

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“This song is for you, baby.”

Not the last words, but my most vivid memory of my dad and what I thought at the time was possibly going to be the last. I was six years old, and I remember him tell me this as Mockingbird by Eminem came on. That night him and his wife got into a bad verbal and physical argument and I watched him run out the door and I chased him out. I saw him get into his car and watch as he never returned. It wasn’t until six years later did he try to get back into contact but it wasn’t ever the same. He liked being childless and didn’t want to be a father again. Listening to the song still makes me cry even though I know by now that he never meant what the song said. I accept it, but it still hurts so bad.

Since I just saw a list with BNHA birthdays, (and can’t seem to find it again for the life of me) I had a new idea:


Toshinori never really liked his birthdays. Since I’m still sure that the relationship with his parents was not that deep, he probably didn’t have many people to celebrate it with.


Later, he had Naomasa, Nana and Gran Torino to celebrate with, but since Nana died and Gran Torino was not someone who really liked celebrations that was short lived, too.


The last six years, after his first fight with AfO, Toshinori stopped celebrating his birthday altogether. It only reminded him that another year of his shortened life had passed. He even started to forget his birthday altogether.


Though luck for him - or luckily for him - his students and colleagues somehow find out the date of his birthday. They also find out that Toshinori doesn’t like his birthday, but that doesn’t face them. Quite the opposite: They want to change that.


So the students and teachers plan a surprise birthday party for him. They manage to get him distracted enough that they can prepare everything. A few of them go with Toshinori, dragging him away from the dorms with something really, really important, so that the rest of them can decorate the dorms.

Present Mic makes the DJ, making a mix tape with a few (slightly older) hits which Toshinori loves.

Izuku asks Inko to bake a cake for the party – and his mother goes a step further and hijacks the dorm’s kitchen and gets some of the students (Bakugou, for example) to help her so that she can prepare a whole buffet just for the party. She still bakes a cake, though – or perhaps she bakes five. The details are a bit blurry there, and nobody protests about cake.

Even the people who don’t even like celebrates, like Aizawa and Tokoyami, help with the preparations, finding something they can do to make it the best birthday party ever.


And when Toshinori comes back, everyone is gathered in the living room, singing him a Happy Birthday at the top of their lunges (someone, possibly Aizawa, kicks Mic in the sheen before the man can get too loud and bust their eardrums). It’s quite the sight, really, the self-made decorations and the buffet and over twenty people singing Happy Birthday.


Toshinori stares and gapes and it even takes him a moment to remember that yes, this is his birthday – that he has a birthday at all – and when he does, he almost starts crying. Who are we kidding here – he starts crying, only able to stop again because everyone starts shouting in worry and his students rush forward to comfort him. He has to collect himself first, but finally, he manages a shaky smile and tries to embrace all his students at once (it doesn’t work, so he has to embrace them one after another). He lets himself be dragged towards the buffet – he’s overwhelmed by it, and thanks Inko again and again – and gathers up the appetite to try everything. He accepts the presents, almost crying yet again when he finds self-made keychains from the students and a photo album of all of them together among other things.


All in all, it’s the best birthday he has ever had. And when he falls asleep that night, surrounded by his students and knowing that his colleagues and friends are nearby, too, Toshinori thinks that maybe, just maybe, birthdays are not that bad.


(Also, please consider – Toshinori wearing a silly party hat)

The performance AU// closed rp

Bruce banner looked at his best friend with a small blush. He had just graduated six months earlier than the rest of his class. He knew he was going to run away, and he made sure to have one more fun day with Lily. He waved goodbye like any other day before he ran. He ran away from that town and that life.

It wasn’t until four years later that he saw Lily again. His dark curls were cut short and he was in the spotlight of the circus. He was one of the main performers on the trapeze, so he had to have keen eyes. She was the one person who stood out in the thousands of audience members. He was in a purple tank top and black pants with green eye make up to add ‘vibrance’. He wondered if she even knew it was him. He had changed a lot from the geeky and frail teenager she knew him as. Bruce had gotten stronger and fit because of the intense workouts that he had to do.