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Age Range of kids: 4 - 6


  • Yoosung was coming back from the grocery store
  • b o i  he was ready to rest and cuddle with MC
  • turns out his plan was sidetracked 
  • when he walked in on Miyoung and MC having a mother-daughter bubble bath
  • Yoosung legit thought he walked in on something sacred 
  • he highkey really wanted to join in
  • his request was denied 
  • decided to sit and sulk till they finished
  • planned to kidnap MC to have a quick nap together
  • MC said she promised to read Miyoung a bedtime story
  • as a result MC woke to a very bitter Yoosung


  • Zen had planned to have a steamy weekend with MC by sending the kids to a sleepover
  • change of plans as Minhyuk ended up staying at home after catching the flu
  • cockblocked by his own son
  • MC was babying Minhyuk all day
  • the boi legit never left her arms
  • the lil shit had the smuggest face anytime Zen walked past
  • it was legit like
  • Hyuna wasn’t going to return till sunday night so Zen was in dire need of attention
  • instead of sucking it up Zen decided to pretend to have caught the flu too
  • MC spent the whole day looking after her babies
  • it was all working up until MC saw Minhyuk wrestling Zen for the last bowl of chicken soup
  • turns out they had both been faking
  • in the end Zen had to do chores for a week and Minhyuk was banned from cuddles for three days


  • Jaehee was returning from hell work
  • as soon she came in the door she was greeted by a giant mound of blankets and pillows
  • turns out Mc and Jihyo decided today was the perfect day to build a blanket fort
  • Jaehee expected to find the in two minutes
  • SIKE
  • the thing was like a labyrinth
  • after half an hour of searching Jaehee found them curled up watching The Little Mermaid
  • the scene was so cute
  • Jahee was in there like swimwear
  • family cuddle sessions are always 💯


  • jumin was not feeling the love
  • Joong Ki was at soccer (ugh I can’t believe I had to type that) 
  • MC had been dragged away by his daughters
  • when he tried to follow he was denied access at the door
  • Chaerin had declared that the girls of the house were having a private tea party
  • the betrayal is strong in this family 
  • Jumin is like
  • lol poor Jumin
  • highkey bitter
  • decides to mind his own business and get some work done
  • but like every five minutes he’s glancing at the door
  • he eventually decides to take a nap 
  • when he wakes up the whole family is tucked into the bed
  • even Elizabeth is perched on the edge

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • so MC and Seven made a bet to who was Yonghwa’s favourite
  • Seven thought he had this in the bag
  • so imagine his surprise when waking up from his nap to find MC and Yonghwa baking
  • Seven accuse MC of playing dirty by bribing Yonghwa with sweets
  • Yonghwa was too busy praising his mother’s cooking to notice Seven’s glare
  • MC had such a shit eating grin 
  • Seven was like at least I get free cookies
  • lol bitch u thought
  • one thing about Yonghwa is that he doesn’t like sharing
  • MC and Yonghwa were watching cartoons and  just happily snacking on cookies by the end of the day
  • MC felt bad so she snuck Seven one or two


  • Saeran and MC had took a trip to the amusement park with Hansol
  • everything was fine until they went into the haunted house
  • bad idea
  • the poor Hansol was traumatized
  • MC Mother Mode™ activated
  • as soon as she saw his eyes water MC was coddling and cooing at him
  • she brought him ice cream toys the works
  • to say Saeran was feeling neglected was an understatement 
  • he’s a bit shook cause usually Hansol is the one begging for his attention 
  • MC’s like
  • ‘stop pouting’
  • ‘..i’m not’
  • ‘ denial isn’t just a river in Egypt’
  • Saeran decided know was a good time to shut up and enjoy his ice cream

darkveracity  asked:

So I just saw a wrestling gif featuring a legion of violin wielding musicians surrounding a buff shirtless man writhing on the ground. What's the context on this? Is there some wrestler with a "summon ghostly violinists to torment his foes" gimmick?

That would be Shinsuke Nakamura, whose gimmick is that he’s Michael Jackson except with more kneeing you in the face, and his entrance music, which at this point almost counts as its own wrestler.

Kevin and Sami: An Origin Story with Gifs

Note: This story is too long and complex for one gifset, stitched together from two different interviews, so for this one you get an essay with gifs.  (Also, I beg your indulgence–this one time, I’m going to assume the ridiculous conspiracy theory that Sami was El Generico is true.  Just this one time.)

Below the cut lies an epic tale which includes forbidden wrestling, miraculous moonsaults, emotional breakdowns and epiphanies, and ambition renounced for art!

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Dating Tom Holland....

“So when’s the wedding Thomas.” Dominic teased, biting into an apple. I blushed as Tom swatted his fathers arm.

“As soon as you give me the money for a ring.“he said back. His father grabbed him by the neck and ruffled his hair.

“Such a smart ass.” Dominic said, letting Tom go. I giggled as he came over to me so I could fix his hair.

“Awe. Tommy is having his girlfriend fix his hair cause he isn’t man enough to fix it himself.” Sam said, shooting me a wink. Dominic swatted Sam with the book he was reading but was smiling.

“I enjoy doing it Sam.” I said, sticking my tongue out. I fixed it up and he smiled at me.

“Thanks Love.” I smiled and he went behind me, resting his chin on my shoulder and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Would you mind grabbing my phone from the living room? I have to see if my Aunt texted.” I asked Tom. He nodded and left, causing Sam to snicker. Harry walked in and looked at Sam.

“What’s so funny?” Harry asked.

“Y/N has Tom wrapped around her finger.” Sam said, taking a swig of water from the bottle he had.

“At least I have a girlfriend.” Tom said, handing me my phone. I excused myself to the restroom and when I came out, I could hear the boys in the living room. I walked over and saw them all wrestling and started to laugh at how ridiculous they looked.

“If I win, Y/N is mine!“ Harry said, jumping onto Sam.

“No way! If I win, Y/N will be mine!” Sam said, knocking Harry off.

“Bloody hell! You gits think you’re actually going to win??? Y/N will always be mine whether I win or not!“ Tom said, tackling both boys onto the couch. I shook my head no and Dominic came in with some popcorn.

“This is better than that book I was reading.” he said, holding the bowl out to me. I shrugged and took a handful, eating them one at a time. We watched the boys fighting until they tackled Tom to the ground.

“Guess Sam and Harry have to fight for Y/N then.” Dominic said, flinging a few pieces of popcorn at Tom.

“There will be no fighting.” Nocola said, entering the room. The boys whined and Tom came over and sat next to me.

“You sucked babe.” I teased.

“It was 1 VS 2 Love.” he pouted. I smiled and kissed his temple, groaning at how sweaty he was.

“Oh you know you love it.” he said, rubbing his face over my neck. I giggled and pushed him away but he came back and started to tickle me.

“Tom stop it!” I giggled.

“Not. Until. You. Apologize.” he said.

“Okay okay! I’m sorry.” I said, crying from laughter. He stopped and helped me up.

“I love you.” he said, smiling at me.

“I love you, too.” I said. He leaned in and his lips met mine, his arms snaking their way around my waist, bringing me closer. My arms wrapped around his neck and pulled his hair slightly.

“Ew!!! They’re making out on the couch!” Both Sam and Harry yelled. We pulled apart and Tom glared at them.

“Why you little shits.” Tom said, chasing after them.

“Boys! No running in the house!” Nicola said from the kitchen. I laughed quietly to myself and went to the kitchen to help her with dinner as the boys ran through the house.

I want to thank

for letting me use one of her concepts from her Dating Tom Holland Would Include

Dixon Brothers Imagine ~ Guts

The Reader is close friends with Daryl and Merle and this friendship has to prove itself when Merle gets cuffed to the roof…


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The sun shone down onto you while you let yourself fall onto the ground of the roof you were more or less trapped on.
Trapped, because some idiot in the streets thought he had to play Lucky Luke, showing up in sheriff stuff and riding a horse before beginning to shoot and attract and fill the streets with living corpses.
You looked over to Merle who sat next to you, tipping with his shoes impatiently onto the ground.
You knew both of them, Merle and Daryl, for a long time now and over time you’ve grown to be pretty close friends and even though you were a lot younger than both of them, you were more than just sometimes forced to play their Watchdog when they, or especially Merle got driven by his hothead once again.
Merle stood up, grabbed the gun standing next to him before he walked over to the edge of the roof.
“Merle? What the fuck are you doing?”, you asked looking confused at him while he kept walking.
“You’ll see, Darlin’”, he just said, cocking the gun as he brought it up to his face and fired the first shot down the roof.
“Merle, stop that shit there are already enough around”, you hissed while you saw him continuing.
“We’re dying anyway doll, why not having a little fun before we peg out”, he said, stopping shooting for a short moment before he put the gun back to his face.
You huffed, stood up and walked over to him while you crossed your arms in front of your chest.
“Merle Dixon, you fucking stop shooting. Now”, you growled before he stopped again, shaking his head chuckling before the door on the other side of the roof hit open.
“Hey, Dixon are you crazy?”, you heard Morales scream as you turned around while Merle laughed and sent another shot down the building.
“Hey! You ought to be more polite to a man with a gun! Huh?”, Merle called out as he finally stopped and turned around.
“Only common sense”, he said chuckling as he hopped down the ridge you both were standing on while the others made their way with the guy in uniform who got you all into this trouble.
“You are wasting bullets we ain’t even got!”, T-Dog yelled as he stormed towards Merle.
And hell, you could already tell that it wasn’t gonna finish with yelling.
You saw the anger in Merle’s face rising as he began to yell.
“Merle. Come on it’s not worth it”, you hissed trying to lay your hand on his shoulder to keep him from doing something stupid and of course, it didn’t help.
You didn’t need to listen to his now calming down voice that all that was coming out of his mouth was offending shit while you kept trying to hold him with a greater urge back.
You weren’t dumb and you weren’t naive as well, you knew Merle and you knew how much of an asshole he could be when he was edgy and the last thing you needed was an escalation here.
“I’ll tell you the day! It’s the day I take orders from a nig-” “Merle!”, you furiously cut him off before he could continue.
“Stop (Y/N), let that damn asshole say what he wanted to say”, T-Dog growled while still glaring at the chuckling Merle who raised his voice and you saw T-Dog’s fist landing in Merle’s face.
“Merle!”, you screamed again as you saw how he wrestled T-Dog to the ground and you couldn’t see anymore who hit who until Merle leaned over T-Dog, hissed again before he stood up.
You looked glaring over to both of them, you didn’t need a big fight here while tons of walkers were trying to make their way to you.
“So what are we gonna do now?”, Merle said chuckling before you saw how the man hit him to the ground and a sharp gasp escaped your throat.
He leaned over him hit his handcuffs out and got merle faster cuffed to the pipe than you could look.
“Hey! wait that’s not necessary”, you said looking at the man who grabbed Merle now by his collar.
“Oh it is”, the man said before merle began to growl again. “Who the hell are you man?!”, he got out of his mouth while the man still held him forcefully.
“Rick Grimes”, the man just hissed before he let go of him.
“Damn it”, you growled quietly while you looked over to the others, T-dog still on the ground while the others watched the scene playing in front of them.
You heard Rick talking to Merle before you looked back to them, seeing how he pulled a small bag out of Merle'a pocket.
He had promised you to stop with that shit, with these damn drugs, not only for you but also for Daryl.
Rick stood up, tossed the bag from the roof and as much as you already couldn’t stand him for all the misery he had brought you in, you inwardly thanked him for that.
“You’re not gonna leave him this way now are you?”, you asked tensed up as you saw Rick walking to the edge of the roof before he turned around.
“He has to cool down”, he said while you huffed.
“He can cool down without this thing on”, you said looking from Merle to Rick.
“Nah, he can’t, not gonna take the risk”, he said before you sighed.
Great Job, Merle.
Great Job, Officer Know-it-all.
You scowled before you let yourself fall next to Merle, deep down you knew that he needed a break even though you didn’t like seeing him cuffed.
But as long as this Sheriff would get him off of it again, you could somehow get along with it.
“You told me you’d stop with that shit”, you growled while you looked down to your hands.
“I’d stop, right after that sweet little stash”, Merle said as you huffed annoyed.
“What? You playing moralizer or what?” He asked with a hissing undertone.
“I’m not, I’m just not interested in you dying because of this fucking crap”, you growled.
“Now that’s really cute, Doll”, he said while he chuckled provocative.
“How’s the signal?”, you heard Morales ask as the crippling sound of the walkie could be heard.
“Like Dixon’s brain. Weak”, T-dog answered, a grin on his face while Merle flipped him off and your glares hit him.
“Really T-Dog?”, you asked annoyed.
After all, Merle was still your friend.
An asshole friend, but still a friend.
You liked T-Dog and you got along with him well, but you just didn’t like seeing Merle cuffed.
You heard the others and the Sheriff talking about how to get out of here while Merle turned his head to you.
“Doll, you gonna get me out of these cuffs?”, he asked looking at you.
“I’m gonna talk to him again, but you have to stop acting like a dick or you’re faster cuffed again than you think”, you hissed before you stood up.
“Now that’s my girl”, you heard him chuckle while you walked over to the new man.
“Can I talk to you for a minute?”, you asked tensed but calm.
“I’m not gonna get him out of the cuffs”, he directly said while you clenched your jawline.
What did he think of just coming here and thinking he can manage everything after he brought you into this shit?
You took a deep breath, keeping yourself under control before you started again.
“I’ll not let him attack someone again, I just need the keys”, you said trying to somehow convince him.
“Sorry, but no. Not for now”, Rick answered while you couldn’t hold a huff back.
“So how do we get out?”, you heard Andra ask before you could walk Rick something else.
You walked back to Merle, knowing that you had to find another way to get him out of this.
You kneeled next to him, took your knife and brought it close to him.
“Woah, what are you doing darling? You suddenly into knife play?”, you heard him ask while you huffing began trying to open the cuffs.
“Shut up Merle. I’m trying to free you”, you hissed while you kept on trying.
Hell, why did he always have to act like the biggest Asshole on earth?
Well, to be fair, he wasn’t always like that, you knew probably every side of him and there were good, gentle ones but mostly they couldn’t keep him from getting himself into trouble.
You heard the others muttering some plan before you heard Andrea telling T-Dog to watch over Merle and shortly after that you heard the crashing metallic sound of the door.
“It’s not working”, you huffed, looking desperately at the cuffs that began to turn his skin underneath red.
“Oh come on Sweetie, they’ll get me off, later on, why don’t we have some fun before we all die? My hand may be impeded, but my pants aren’t. Why don’t you go for a ride?”, he asked grinning while he earned a glare from you.
“Fuck you, Merle, this is not the time for this shit”, you growled before you started a new try.
And you tried until you heard the door opening again and saw the others walking over to the part of the roof where you sat.
“Hey! You get him off of this now!”, you called over to the Sheriff.
“Like I said, not now”, he hissed before you stood up again.
“Listen Sheriff Smartypants, you can’t get us into this whole thing and then play big boss! I get why you got him cuffed up and yes, he deserved it, but it’s enough now. Get. Him. Off” you growled while he shook his head.
“Listen, I’ll get him off, when we’ve found a solution to get out of here”, he said calm but tensed while you still looked glaring at him.
“I’ll do it. You can believe me”, he said while you tried to figure out if he really did or just said it to calm you down.
“I hope so”, you said growling before you looked over to Merle again and walked huffing over to him.
“You gotta wait a little bit, but he’ll get you off”, you muttered before you sat next to him again.
“Sorry”, you added swallowing while you looked over to him.
“Don’t worry, Sweetie. This is not on you”, he said, a tensed undertone in his voice, before he patted your knee.

Some time passed, Sheriff Smartypants and Glenn had worked out some plan and right now, they were running covered in guts through the streets while you still sat next to Merle and you could see the clouds above you darkening.
“That asshole is out on the street with the handcuff keys”, Merle hissed through the grumbling of the upcoming storm before you saw how T-dog held the small silver key up.
You almost jumped up and walked toward him, before you stood above him. “T-Dog come on. It’s enough now”, you said first trying hit keep everything calm.
“(Y/N) you’re a fine person but I really don’t understand how you can stand up for this prick. So no”, he said looking up to you while you began to glare.
“T-dog, don’t make me do something I don’t want to do”, you growled before you heard the grumbling of the storm right above you, the first raindrops falling onto your skin.
“God damn it”, you growled as you looked up to the clouds and felt your clothes turning wet.
“At least I’m gonna have a nice view, when things go south”, you heard Merle say before you turned around and saw him looking at you.
You just shook your head glaring at him before you turned to T-Dog again who now stood at the edge of the roof and looked down to the scene that was playing there.
“They’re in a car”, you just heard Morales say as he looked through the binoculars and the rain got weaker again.
“They’re making it! We-We gotta go”, you suddenly heard Morales call out before he suddenly grabbed his stuff and ran over to the door while you stood bewildered there, seeing the others rush over to Morales.
“(Y/N), you have to come now!“, Andrea yelled over to you while you looked bewildered at her.
“Are you kidding me, Andrea?! I’m not going! You can’t leave him here this way!”, you yelled over to her while she looked smitten at you.
“I’m sorry we have to go”, she called over.
“No, NO! You’re staying here until we get him free!”, you yelled while you walked a few steps towards her and T-Dog.
“Please!”, you heard Merle scream behind you.
And when Merle screamed “please” things had to be really worse for him.
“I’m sorry!”, Andra said again before she stormed through the door.
“Fuck you Andrea”, you yelled already feeling the desperation creating a lump in your throat.
“T-Dog, please! Come on man! Please help me, I’m sorry!”, you heard Merle scream again while T-Dog’s glance wandered to you, his breath heavy while he seemed to struggle.
“(Y/N), I-”, he said struggling while you looked desperate at him.
“Please T-Dog, I won’t get him out of the cuffs by myself, will you leave me here too? Come on, please”, you said your mood constantly switching between anger and desperation.
T-Dog breathed heavily before he grabbed something from his pocket, ran over to Merle before he suddenly tripped and fell onto the hard ground.
The dull bang his body produced while hitting the ground got followed by a metallic sound that traveled down the pipe in the roof.
It had been the key.
He had just dropped the damn key.
“I-I’m sorry”, T- Dog stumbled as he got up and you still stood stuck in shock there, Merle screaming before you turned to T-Dog who now rushed to the door.
“You can’t go!”, you yelled before you saw him looking as smitten at you as Andrea had looked at you before he kept running.
You heard Merle still screaming while you saw how T-Dog chained the door up, while he called out to you that walkers won’t get you.
You were still stuck between desperation and anger as you began to hear Merle’s screams.
“Shit…shit!”, you heard Merle call desperately out from behind the pipes.
“I’ll get you off…somehow”, you said, trying to calm yourself down.
If you would panic, it would just make it worse even though your body was already a trembling mess.
Your glance wandered around, fell onto the box with the tools.
You felt your legs almost automatically moving as you walked over to them, grabbed the whole box and sprinted over to Merle who laid panting on the floor.
“We’ll make it Merle, I promise”, you said, your voice still trembling even though you tried to keep it under control.
You grabbed the first tool you saw, a small saw before you tried with all the strength you had to break the cuffs.
Merle began to talk but his words were just empty echoes in your head while you kept going. Soon you felt like your sharp breath was ripping crannies into your throat as your breath got even more heavily.
“This shit’s not working”, you said gasping before you angrily tossed the saw away from you both and grabbed some pair of loopers.
You were already out of breath, you could feel your muscles begging you to stop but you couldn’t.
With all the strength you had left you tried to let the metallic cord rip open, but nothing seemed to help, doesn’t matter how much you tried, doesn’t matter how long you tried.
“Shit!”, you scoffed while the sound of the word came more out as a whimper.
“I-I’ll find a way-”, you said gasping while you looked up to Merle, his face just seeable through the faint light that got weaker and weaker.
You had probably tried for longer than you thought.
“Damn (Y/N), are…shit are you crying?”, you heard him say, suddenly in a more gentle tone as you felt a tear rolling down your cheek.
“No-…No I’m just… yeah, I probably am crying”, you said scoffing while you let yourself fall next to him, running your hand over your face.
You heard Merle sigh next to you before you looked up to him once again. “Maybe you should go too”, he quietly said.
“Don’t ever say that again. I’m not leaving you”, you said and even though your voice was still weak, the determination could be heard through it.
“I’d tell everyone else to keep their asses here, but you need to survive you know”, he said scoffing slightly.
“And you need to survive too. Daryl, he wants that too. Last time I’m saying that, doesn’t matter what shit happens, I’m staying”, you said before you picked up the pair of loopers once again but realized soon that with the small strength you got left, nothing would just somehow work out.
“Leave it, try again tomorrow”, you heard him say unlikely calm for him.
Maybe that kind of calmness people fall in between of panic attacks, that numb feeling you get for some time before the storm of panic inside you begins to rage again.
“I will, I-I will”, you said huffing before you leaned yourself against the pipe.
“Why don’t you lean yourself against good ol’ Merle, huh?”, he asked with a slight chuckle in his voice.
“Because If I do so, you’re gonna get the wrong ideas”, you said, a small grin on your lips.
You tried to stay awake, to keep your eyes open but after a few more moments you felt your eyelids forcing themselves down.

”(Y/N), you alright?“, Daryl said as he drove along the road, Merle on his motorcycle driving in front of the truck you sat in.
“Do you think it’s going to end? That the military can stop it?”, you asked swallowing while you looked out of the window remembering the pictures the TV had shown just days ago.
Cops shooting down people, well, living corpses that ate people.
“I don’t know”, you heard Daryl mutter before you looked over to him.
“Can you promise me something?”, you swallowing asked after a few moments.
“What is it?”, he asked looking for a short moment from the road to you.
“That we stay together. That…that we search for each other if we ever get split up…doesn’t matter what happens”, you said while your glance stayed onto Daryl.
“I promise”, he said before he looked over to you.
“I really do”, he said seriously before he cracked a small smile for you.

You woke up, leaned against Merle as you felt the first sunbeams shine down to you.
“Good Morning Doll”, you heard him say before a metallic thud made you jolt up, followed by a choir of groans.
Your eyes darted to the door, still mostly locked but some walkers tried to squeeze their rotting bodies through the gap.
“Oh no, god no!”, you heard Merle desperately groaning.
And there it was again, the panic.
You swallowed hard, tightened your grab around your knife before you walked towards the door and stabbed into the heads of the walkers, avoiding their flesh craving mouths while you took each one out.
Your hands were covered in blood as you walked back to Merle, picking up the pair of loopers again.
Your glance went to Merle’s wrist, already bloody and swollen before you leaned your full bodyweight onto the tool.
You wouldn’t give up, you wouldn’t even allow yourself to think about it.
You were in some kind of trance, not even hearing what Merle said for some time before you heard the metal clicking and saw the metallic cord of the handcuff finally ripping.
“Oh my-”, you called out, not believing what you saw as you heard Merle laughing relieved.
“You are a force of nature! Shit, thank you!”, you heard him call out laughing while you looked at the ripped cord.
“Come on Doll, gotta get off this shit”, you heard Merle say before he pulled you up along with him.
“Yeah, need to go back to Daryl”, you said while you caught your breath again.
“And back to the shitheads? You kidding me?”, Merle said as you looked up to him.
“No, I’m not”, you said before you began to walk over to the door and raised your voice again.
“I got a promise to keep.”


Toxic Roots

Every spring my mom used to remove old tree stumps from our yard. The tree was long dead from a lightning strike, parasites or just not getting enough nutrients. And all that was left was the stump which would develop root rot.

Digging them out was always a chore. I saw her wrestle with the roots like they were still clenching their way into the earth. It took hours… sometimes days to remove the old stumps. Funny how things that are toxic and often rotting from the inside can have such a death grip and continue to shape the landscape.

Finally I understand: We might miss the tree but leaving the stump didnt mean we could keep it. And nothing new could grow until we carved out the rotting roots.
Apply this as you will. Blessed Spring and New Beginnings everyone.

Caught - Draco x Reader

Requested? – No (My requests are open!!!)

Pairing – Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word count – 765

“I um, I need to go” you mumbled as you made eye contact with Draco. Harry, your twin, glanced at you weirdly and opened his mouth as if he were to say something. You waved your hand, causing him to close his mouth, and rushed out of the great hall. You glanced back to see Draco following you. You slowed down when you got further away from the great hall. You felt Draco’s hand intertwine with yours.

“I missed you,” he said kissing your cheek. You blushed at his gesture and sat down at one of the window sills on the fifth floor that overlooked the lake.

“You saw me last night, Draco.” You giggled as you started to play with his fingers. He smiled at you and mumbled an I know. Draco and yourself have been dating since mid-third year and it was nearly your two-year anniversary. It also means that you guys have hid your relationship for two years, well, hid it from Harry. Harry hates Draco and if he found out you two were dating, one of you guys were going to be hexed.

Draco and yourself were only close because you were both sorted into Slytherin. Draco disliked you at first because Harry rejected him and you were both related, but you showed him kindness and friendship. You guys became good friends instantly. His mother instantly liked you but his dad took a good year and a half to even tolerate you. Although, that didn’t strain your relationship but hiding it from Harry became more stressful because he was always near you, making sure you were okay. So Draco and yourself didn’t get much time to each other.

“Our two-year anniversary is coming up soon… we should go to Hogsmeade.” You told Draco, him smiling at the mention of your two-year anniversary. He nodded his head, whilst looking out the window. “Or we could do something else?” you quickly added. Draco turned back to you and smirked.

“Y/N, as long as I’m with you I’ll be happy. We can go to Hogsmeade then maybe later we can do more… interesting things,” he wiggled his eyebrows earning a giggle form you. Someone started to cough and you both whipped yourselves around to be faced with an angry looking Harry, awkward Ron and a smirking Hermione.

“And what interesting things will you two be getting up to?” Harry questioned, his grip on his wand tightening. You stood up from where you were sitting, Draco doing the same. You were blushing like crazy, your brain trying to think of something reasonable to say. However, you saw Draco smirking and you knew he wasn’t going to say something mature, so you tried to say something before him but he beat you to it.

“Well you see Potter, your sister has exceptional skills at blowing me so therefore I thought-” He was cut off by you slapping his arm and yelling his name. The trio stood there mortified and Harry raised his wand at Draco, Draco doing the same. Hermione and yourself looked at each other and before either one of them said a spell you both yelled Expelliarmus.

You caught Harry’s wand and Ron ended up catching Draco’s. The two boys stood there before Harry said, “Well looks like we have to do this the other way”. You quickly realised what he meant but it was too late as both boys raced down the corridor.

“You couldn’t keep him distracted! For once!” You frowned at the other two as you three started to chase after them. You all caught up to them and saw them wrestling each other on the floor. “That’s my sister Malfoy! You stupid git!” Harry yelled as the two wrestled for dominance. Draco said something but it was incoherent as Professor Snape and Mcgonagall started to yell at the two boys.

“Mr Potter and Mr Malfoy! What on earth are you two doing! I expect the both of you to see myself and Professor Snape in the headmaster’s office in five minutes!” Mcgonagall yelled. She then glared at the both of the boys then stalked off. Snape following her after he shot a glare towards Harry. You rushed past Harry to Draco.

“You okay baby?” You questioned him, he nodded his head but his eyes were fixated on Harry. I turn around and glanced at Harry. He looked at you and Draco and disappointment. You bit your lip and turned back to Draco. You rolled your eyes and sighed,

“I can’t believe you told Harry I give you the best blow jobs.”

First Loves

Lams babies.

This is a trans Laurens fic. He is genderfluid and uses him/his pronouns. He still has body issues, but there is no self harm. 

I AM NOT PART OF THE TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY.  If I got anything wrong, or something is even the slightest bit offensive, I want need you to tell me, so I can change it as soon as possible!

Light smut


John looks down at his chest and his eyes begin to well up with tears. He hated his body. He looked up from his body and into the mirror. He grabbed a hair band from his wrist and wrapped it loosely around his hair before grabbing the scissors from the counter. Well, here goes, he thought, hacking at the hair. He pulled the hair band from what was left of his hair and shook it out. He smiled in the mirror at the shorter hair, long enough for a ponytail, but not too long to look feminine. He took the cut hair and threw it all in the garbage. Looking in the mirror, he wiped at the tears that were sliding down his face, laughing. This is me.

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Prompt: Hi could I please get a Spencer x reader where the reader is afraid of large sums of water, but has to chase an unsub into a lake one day. During the struggle the unsub is able to get her head underwater. The team arrives in time to subdue the unsub and Spencer rushes to (Y/N)s side immediately to calm her down and take care of her.

Requested by: anon

Words: 472

Warning: being drowned, panic attacks

A/N: I am aware that everybody’s panic attacks are different and I based this on the way my own panic attacks 

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Desolation means no angels to wrestle. I saw my brothers
dance in Poland. Before the final fire I heard them sing. I
could not put away my scholarship or my experiments with blasphemy.

(In Prague their Golem slept.)

Desolation means no ravens, no black symbols. The
carcass of the rotting dog cannot speak for you. The ovens
have no tongue. The flames thud against the stone roofs. I
cannot claim that sound.

—  Lines from My Grandfather’s Journal from The Spice-Box of Earth, Leonard Cohen

I know i thirst and go on about the man but truly if there had’ve been no jeff hardy i feel like there wouldnt be me

And i mean the me i am now, jeff inspired me to be myself, jeff inspired me to be eccentric and dress how i want and be who i want to be, jeff inspired me to be an artist and a wrestler and id give anything…id give my fucking heart to meet that man and tell him just how much he means to me and how much ive related to him and how hes gotten me out of nightmare dark situations in my life and inspired me to get better and be the real me

I just fucking love and respect that man so much and i need the chance to one day meet him and tell him that

And im hella emotional right now and a bit teary over this if im honest

The man is just a fucking idol to me like fuck…my heart will fucking break the day he finally retires but i know i saw him wrestle live and all i want is to meet him and tell him all of this..and im even more teary now

anonymous asked:

Who's your favourite njpw wrestler? mines kushida

someone actually asked me a similar question earlier! but let me talk about Kushida.

the first time I ever saw him was at Wrestle Kingdom 11

with his orange vest (my tags from that night: #sir my dear sir you are at Japanese wrestlemania and you are wearing an orange vest and i love you #that orange vest stole my heart #LOOK AT HIS ORANGE VEST)

i know now that he was dressed up as Marty McFly from the Back to the Future movies because he is a smol nerd and wonderful, but at the time it was just an inexplicably chill style of dress that he clearly felt very comfortable in.

i was rewatching the hiromu’s debut and like kushida’s reaction to hiromu is just so so good?

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glassesgirl0401  asked:

If you're still taking prompts... Erujean in 31 pls?

I’ve not written any Erujean before, let’s hope I do it justice.


Jean kept an eye on two phones as he tapped away at his laptop and tried not to think about what was going on behind closed doors. How someone of Erwin’s Smith’s age and position managed to avoid getting his wisdom teeth out for so long was beyond him.

He’d honestly never considered that his boss might be frightened of anything; just working with him was sort of inspirational, and to become his PA had frankly been what Jean considered his greatest achievement to date.

It hadn’t been easy. Competition was fierce.

The doors opened and Jean pocketed the phones and got to his feet at Erwin was ushered out of the back area.

He looked, well, all right. A bit dazed. The operation must have gone well.

“Hello, Mister Smith,” Jean said, wondering what sort of state he was really in. “Feeling all right?”

“Terrible, I slept awfully,” he said. “We have to check out.”

“I’ve taken care of that.” He’d summoned the car as well, as soon as the door had opened.

“I thought I had luggage,” Erwin was frowning at his hands.

“It’s already been packed, you just need to go home.” He wondered if it was appropriate to reach out and guide him, given he didn’t seem to be prepared to move. Jean took his elbow, and Erwin allowed himself to be steered to the elevator.

This was so weird.

Erwin leaned against the wall as they rode down, and Jean tried not to twitch under his scrutiny. Erwin didn’t normally stare at him like that, and it was unnerving.

“You’re very good,” he said the way he made pronouncements about company policy, with gravity.

“Thanks, boss.”

“Arrogant,” he added and Jean stared at him, shocked. Erwin just smiled, lazily, and it was diverting. “I’m no better. That’s how we change the world. You’ve got every reason to be cocky; smart, hungry, handsome.”


It was a relief when the elevator doors opened. The car was waiting and Jean practically hustled Erwin into it.

“Just straight home,” Jean told the driver, just confirming that the schedule hadn’t changed.

“Where’s my phone?” Erwin asked, patting down his pockets.

“I’ve got it, and you can’t have it back until you’re back to normal,” Jean said, sitting in the back seat as well. “Your orders, Mister Smith.”

He sighed deeply, and stared out the window. “God, it must be awful,” he muttered.


“When they crush the peanuts. To make peanut butter.” He shook his head. “Carnage.”

Jean knew he was going to regret not recording this as he bit his lip trying not to laugh.

“We could go out for lunch. I’m very thirsty. Do you think they’ll have yoghurt?”

“I could get you some, but it’s probably best if you went home.”

“I don’t have a home. It’s a place. ‘Back to my place.’ Have I ever invited you there?” Erwin was sprawled on the seat, his head lolling back slightly, looking at Jean with half-closed eyes.

“Not like that you haven’t,” Jean muttered. “Yes, I’ve been to your place. It’s very nice.”

“It’s lonely,” Erwin muttered. “I haven’t lived with anyone for a long time. Don’t end up like me, Jean. You deserve better than that.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Loopy was entertaining, this was just a bit worrying. Luckily, Erwin seemed to have exhausted himself for now and lapsed into silence.

When they got to Erwin’s apartment building, Jean told the driver he could go; he’d catch an Uber later and he wasn’t sure how long he’d have to spend taking care of his employer.

“We’ve got to get some work done,” Erwin said, as they rode up to his floor. “Are you ready?”

“Yep. Whatever you need. Did you still want that yogurt?”

The question seemed to stump Erwin for a good five minutes and in the meantime Jean got him inside and his coat off and left him to flop down on the couch. He managed to find some yogurt in Erwin’s fridge and offered him some.

Erwin thanked him like he was a guest, and slowly ate some. “Everything’s fuzzy. In my mouth,” he said through a mouthful of the stuff.

“Yeah, you just had your wisdom teeth out. I’m not surprised.”

“No,” Erwin winced and hung his head at the words. “I don’t want to.”

“Hey, hey you already did, all right?” He put his hand on Erwin’s shoulder. “It’s over. You don’t need to worry about them again.”

Erwin looked up at him gratefully for a long, long moment. “I love you.”

Jean was pretty sure his jaw was hanging. He didn’t think anyone but his mother had told him that so earnestly before.

“Wow those are some good drugs,” he said. “That’s very nice, now maybe you should rest, okay?”

To his relief, Erwin agreed, and practically dropped off then and there. Jean rescued the yourt before it got all over the carpet and saw himself out, wrestling with an entirely confusing swirl of conflicting emotions and wondering what he should do next.

The next morning Erwin arrived at work on time and sat behind his desk with his head in his hand as Jean stepped in for his morning briefing.

“Should I be braced for a sexual harassment suit?” he asked, as Jean closed the door behind him.

“No,” Jean said, smiling. “There is this.” He slid a piece of paper across the desk and Erwin picked it up. “It’s my resignation letter.”

“Jean, no.” Erwin started to get out of his chair and Jean was a bit tempted to see what he’d offer him to stay, but that wasn’t what he wanted.

“I want to ask you out,” Jean said, looking him in the eye. “To dinner with me. And I can’t if you’re my boss.” He shrugged, a bit self-consciously. “It’s not like I can’t get another job. You’re not gonna give me a bad reference, right?”

Jean held his breath as Erwin considered.

“I accept,” he said finally.

“It’s in your diary,” Jean said, unable to stop himself from grinning.