saw we need to talk about kevin


Talk about last episode of This is Us?
I haven’t seen it whole but I saw last scene between Kevin and Randall.
And I just can’t take all of the feeling.
Kevin basically abonded his play, the play he worked hard for, the play that was supposed to be his first real big theatre project. He just dropped everything and run after Randall because he knew that something is wrong. 
Kevin was always in distance with Randall, hated the fact that their parents paid more attention to Randall, etc.
We saw the scene where teenage Randall had panic attack/breakdown (correct me if I am wrong) and teenage Kevin saw it and simply ignore it.
But this time. 
The way he looked at Randall sitting in corner in tears punched my heart. The way Kevin said Randall’s name was so sad and touching.
How he didn’t know what to do as first so he just gently stroked his leg. I mean it might be nothing special but you could feel how he tried be careful, gentle. 
And then he just cradled and held him. 
This scene was hearbreaking but heartwarming in same time. 

Scenes like this are reason why I watch and absolutely love This is Us. 

protect-the-smol-wizards  asked:

Babe have you ever read we need to talk about Kevin or The perks ofbeing a wallflower? ((I'm very bad with questions and I saw them on my bookshelf so I thought I'd ask))

WhooOp I’ve watched the perks of being a wallflower and I really wanna read it (I’m gonna go buy it asap, I keep forgetting!!) and I’ve never heard of we need to talk about Kevin, what’s it about??