saw this with my dad

shoutout to the time my mom was hammered and i heard her trying to tell my dad that she murdered her first husband years ago and my dad very patiently said “i saw glenn in an elevator last week”

Piper and Annabeth talking and the topic of their boys cooking comes up and pipers like “yah Jason’s pretty hot when he cooks” and Annabeth has flashbacks to Percy wearing a revolting blue apron and those ugly fish oven mitts and she’s just like “Percy’s can be hot sometimes I guess”


I have too much feels for Sanster rn, it’s becoming a problem. *wheezes* 

Really like the theory that Gaster used to be Sans’ lab assistant partner when they worked as Royal Scientists under Asgore. The two biggest friggin nerds getting together to cry over science. 

Also, Sans learning Wingdings to talk with Gaster is hella cute. *buries face in hands* <3