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₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾ Tomorrow is a special day!

A lot of u have read between the lines of my previous asks and discovered my secret message(s) about S&P //winky winky wonk//Also, that had to happen too but some of u saw it but didn’t understand. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ that’s okay.u’ll kno’ tomorrow (sunday).

btw, i shared this preview on twitter  and that would be unfair to not share it with u .That’s a smol preview of what i’ve been personally workin’ on for the game !

Also, u should sincerely follow the S&P account on twitter/facebook. Tom uploads a lof of exclusive contents. (*゚∀゚*)

//winky wonk// waht a day full of green..ヽ(*>∇<)ノ //roll roll//

Challenge him

Lin Manuel Miranda x reader

Summary: Reader shares a Birthday with Lin. They dare Lin to accept a challenge after a twitter war.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1171

Happy Birthday to the genius thanks to whom I can do what I do. Love you @.Lin_Manuel, thanks for everything!

You tweeted and lay back down on the couch. Your phone was buzzing from time to time with people wishing you well.

Yes, you shared a Birthday with Lin. You played Angelica Schuyler in NY and though Lin had left before you started, you had gotten to know hin during his monthly visits at the theatre. The two of you had slowly developed a friendship, and you still couldn’t believe your luck to know such an amazing person. He was brilliant - when you first met him all you could think was: how lucky you are to be alive right now.

Suddenly your phone started buzzing like crazy. You quickly unlocked it and immediately saw multiple notifications from Twitter. Lin had tweeted to you.

Happy Birthday right back at u! Love u too, remember, today is all about you no matter how famous I am ;)

He attached a picture of you two, but with a moustache edited onto your face. You squared your jaw, smirking. This meant war. You tweeted:

Cheers to the Birthday boy!

And sent a photo of him sleeping on the stage. You had a lot of fun with the stickers options and decided to give him a pink wig and huge eyebrows.

This went on for sometime - neither of you were going to cave in first. Since he had a bigger fanbase, he had a lot of ammunition from his fans. You were just editing a funny speech bubble when you got a text.

From: Daveed

Yo why is Lin asking for photos of you?

You read the text and growled.

To: Daveed

Don’t send him anything

To: Lin

Hey play fair you cant ask Daveed for help.

To: Daveed

If you send him one of those photos I know you have then youre dead Diggs.

From: Daveed

To late.

You frantically opened Twitter and breathed a sigh of relief when you weren’t met with more embarrassing photos of you. Lin was doing a live.

“Hey guys, yeah send in everything you have on (Y/N).” So this was how he was going to play, huh? As you were watching him talk you dialed his number. You saw his phone ring in the video. “Oh shit it’s her. Should I answer it?” Apparantly his fams told him to do so. 

“Lin!” You shouted into your phone and he winced.

“Happy Birthday!” He said with fake enthusiasm and made a face into the camera.

“Put me on speaker.” He did so with a sour face. You adressed his fans.

“Hey guys. It’s this nerd’s Birthday. I have an idea how to celebrate it. I’m sure he loves you all very much so he won’t back out. You guys give him a challenge, any reasonable challenge. Lin - I dare you to do it.” Lin’s eyes widened. He knew his fans were slightly crazy at times.

He whispered: “Oh fuck” and you smirked.

“Number two: how about I tell you what happened when we went to get coffee with J.K. Rowling…” Lin glared.

“I’ll take the challenge, but no stories please. I had embarrased myself enough that day.” You sighed.

“Okay. Are you in New York Lin? How about I pop in so I can see the challenge? We can give the guys time to think about what they want you to do till then.”

“Since I can’t back out, sure, come witness my humiliation.”

“See you guys in ten minutes!” You said and disconnected. You watched for a moment as Lin begged his fans not to give him bad challenges and grabbed your keys.

You arrived at Lin’s house. You had been there a couple times before, but there had always been a group of people with you. Now that the emotions died down, you started to doubt yourself. You quickly knocked on the door.

Lin opened and immediately swept you into a hug.

“Happy Birthday!” He said and you smiled back at him.


You made your way to the living room and he sighed. “I can’t put this off, can I? Maybe if I buy you cookies or something?” You shook your head.

“Nah. You were asking for it when you started the photo war.” You sat down on the couch and made yourself comfortable. He plopped down beside you.

“Let’s do it then.” He took out his phone and started a new live stream. “ Hi, this is me and (Y/N) again,” you waved, “and you know why we’re here. So go ahead and send me challenges, just please don’t be too cruel. I’m gonna pick one and do whatever you want me to.” He blocked the phonescreen from your view as you craned your neck to see what the people were writing. “It will be a surprise for you.” He said with a wink. Comments came immediately and as he read them, his face grew conflicted.

“What is it?” You asked and his eyes flickered to yours.

“Most people want one of two things. I dont know which one to do.” He looked hesitant and you could only imagine what the fans wanted from him.

“Do both of them.” He raised his eyebrows.

“You sure?” You laughed.

“Yeah I’m sure. More laughs for me.”

“Okay then.” He turned to the camera. “Here it is, the two things you guys are screaming for me to do.” He faced you and you waited, excited for what was to come. Would he dance some weird dance? Sing a song? Call Daveed and proclaim his undying love for him?

Lin’s eyes didn’t leave yours as he moved closer until he was just centimeters from your face. His gaze flickered to your lip and you froze. Suddenly he was kissing you. He put his hand on your neck and moved your head to a better angle as he moved his lips against you. The kiss was gentle - perfect. After the initial shock you responded and he smiled into your lips. Eventually you parted, needing air. He looked at you softly, his hand moving to your arm.

“That was number one.”

“What’s number two?” You breathed and he entwined your fingers with his. He looked down at your joined hands hesitantly and you gave him a reassuring squeeze. His gaze returned to your eyes.

“(Y/N), will you go out with me?”

“Yes.” You said and he grinned widely.

“That could have ended bad.” He chuckled and you gave him a peck on the lips. You turned to the camera and saw a multitude of comments coming in, fans screaming about what happened.

“Since I need a moment to compose myself, that will be all from me for today.” You told them. “Bye!” You got up and headed towards the kitchen.

“I’ll make coffee, you finish up with these guys.” You whispered to Lin and nodded. He turned to his fans.

“So that happened.” He said with a lopsided grin.

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Little Moments- Kyungsoo x Reader

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader
Genre: Fluff (like a fluffy kitten)
Group: EXO
Summary: Little moments when you two could just be happy were your favorite

You sat in your shared bed with your boyfriend Kyungsoo. You were scrolling through your twitter and reading all of the fans comments. Kyungsoo let out a loud yawn as
He stretched his arms. His hair was ruffled and he had a lazy smile on his face as soon as he saw you. You turned your head to look at him and smiled.

“I see you’re finally awake.” You giggled. He wrapped his arms around you and fell back onto the pillows, taking you down with him.
You let out a scream for the sudden movement. Kyungsoo buried his face into your neck as he let out a laugh. You wriggled around in his grasp before you got loose.

Once you escaped the confines of his arms, you shot up. You gently pushed him “Tag!” You yelled out before running out of your room. You let out a loud laugh when you heard a loud bang and a groan from your room. You quietly slipped into one of the bottoms cupboards in your kitchen.

You slapped your hand to your mouth to stifle your giggles and you heard Kyungsoo calling out your name. You heard the soft sounds of his feet hitting the kitchen tiles. You let out a giggle when he called your name again, giving away your hiding spot. A small grin stretched across his face as he walked closer to where you were “Y/N? Jagi, I’m going to find you!” He called out before he yanked the door of the cupboard that you were in.

You let out a loud squeal as you tried to escape from the confined space. Kyungsoo pulled you close to him as you both laughed loudly. After you both stopped laughing, you stared at him. You smiled wondering how you deserved such an amazing human being. You gently leaned in and kissed him lightly, he kissed back as the smile on his lips only got bigger.

You stared at him before letting out an airy laugh. Kyungsoo stared at you in confusion. “I love you so much!” You yelled out a smile on your face. Kyungsoo tended from the loud noise but gently whispered the same words back to you, “I love you too jagi.”

This feels like the biggest writing project of my life.

I donate to Jen Brown’s Patreon, and one of the perks is that she will record a short script for you in the character of your choice. Naturally, I am going to ask for a message from Carolina to my daughter, Grace. Thing is, on my daughter’s birthday, she had a stunning cake that featured her in Halo armour with Carolina, who is just about her favourite character in anything, ever. Jen saw it on Twitter and said she was honored to share a cake with such an awesome Junior Freelancer - and that was it, Grace considers herself Official.

She calls herself Agent Ontario, does Freelancer training, and has an intricate Web of head canons about how she gets along with other Freelancers. She even has a posse of other JFs and Cortana watches over them like some kind of Scout leader.

She asks for stories about the Freelancers and how they would work out problems she has. I use the Freelancers as examples for when she is misbehaving and motivating her to study harder.

With all this in mind, what in the world am I going to write for Jen that would make my daughter’s eyes pop, and make this world blow even wider for her? What would Carolina say to her? I have ideas, but dear god, I am sweating blood under the pressure.

Hi everyone, I wanted to share this video that I saw on Twitter. This video was a Himchan fan cam, but you can see Yongguk in the back. The first seconds I was totally focused on Himchan and Jongup. They looked all so happy and I wondered what had happened. After that, I saw Yongguk doing his part. So Yongguk is back everyone!!! Our awesome leader is back to B.A.P! Let’s all support B.A.P’s next comeback! Admin S


Depeche Marx - Benny Hill style ☭ 🎷

I’m noticing a pattern with this girl. Blocking people, just to talk about them because she knows they won’t be able to respond directly and call her ass out.

Amina du Jean, I am NOT jealous of you, never have been. I defended the hell out of you on twitter when people claimed you were bleaching your skin. I cursed that guy out on tumblr (jrcach), when he kept trying to slander your name along with many others. When you came to NYC to see the city, I welcomed you with my close friends and we had a good time. I donated to your “magical first date” single when you wanted to go to Japan, shared tf outta the link and told my friends to like your competition videos (for Miss.ID) whenever they came out because I saw promise in you. I’m in medical school to get a real fucking job. I have NO DESIRE to be a Japanese idol. NONE. So don’t try the fuckery.

Amina, you DID NOT help me with my suicidal thoughts or depression. YOU AINT DID SHIT FOR ME and I don’t expect you to as you’re not my doctor or therapist. I haven’t told you shit about my personal life, you know nothing about my illness or my disorders. Nothing about my home life. NOTHING. Using my disorders as a joke under your status was tasteless and disturbing. No idol I support would ever do that to anyone in the open public. I have no idea what kind of person you are after that. FUCK YOU. How dare you.

Amina, I’m still waiting on the screen shot where I called you a porch monkey like you claim I did. Go ahead y'all, ask her for one, you won’t get one. You blocked me, along with other girls, for absolutely NO REASON and when I tried to speak to you about it, you didn’t allow me to. Grow up. I’m in no way associated with the “Black Kawaii Girls” groups on Facebook or any other SNS because I don’t agree with groups who do the same thing as you, which is cause drama and negativity in an already hostile situation. I’m for black growth, period. Nothing you say can change that fact.

For anyone reading this, please hear me again, I am NOT jealous of Amina du Jean and I never will be. I cannot believe I used to support her as a fan, thinking she’d pave the way for black opportunity. What a hypocrite you are. If you’re “for black girls”, you wouldn’t be slandering them every other week on your profile for self recognition and praise. I’d never do that to another girl as someone with your online status, you’re petty. You’re a drama queen who feels self entitled to talk for all of Japan and talk down to others who haven’t gone or can’t make it through their dreams. I’ve seen you do this and like a fool, I gave you the benefit of the doubt that something may have been wrong in your favor. Now I see how naive I was and I’m upset with myself. I would personally like to apologize to every girl who’s been a victim of this clown because I didn’t take the time to ask you your situation or listen to your side of the story. I’m not going to allow Amina du Jean to belittle me, I’m too told for that. Good luck in Japan, Amina. Good fucking luck. I’m so disgusted.

((**Please excuse the drama, I’m not one for it at all. I don’t need lies being spread about me and I’d like to come clean with my side of things before my name is slandered. Thanks for understanding.))

LOLZ so okay I died laughing when I saw the sweet baby Shay and Dashin’ Dennis from the dub and of course I had to share this with all my friends in twitter and EVERYONE dropped dead laughing and one of my friend drew this LOLZ

she’s the same friend who drew me that kingdom hearts - yugioh arc V crossover art in here

Drawn by @ygofarl_coon again with permission to share!

Man I love my friends XDDDD

I admit that although the fandom has achieved some big things during it’s time I thought getting Jensen to number one would be beyond us because it’s a HUGE deal and there’s so many big name artists out there and here’s our little unicorn rock star with his whiskey and chocolate voice amidst them all singing his heart out to ‘Simple Man’.

I didn’t think it could be possible until I saw that #getjensentonumber1 had been trending on twitter already, until I saw a post that said he was at no.30 in the itunes Rock Genre chart before most of America was fully awake, until I listened to the whole song and realized all over again how beautiful and soulful his voice really is.

Now I’m wondering…maybe we could pull this off. What an amazing thing to give back to him in return for what he’s shared with us.

We can at least give it a good fandom try.

So spread the word. Reblog. Tweet the hashtag Jason Mann’s came up with in support of his buddy #getjensentonumber1 and download ‘Simple Man’ from ‘Covers with Friends’ now, available on itunes and amazon.

Jason Mann’s whole album ‘Covers with Friends’ is awesome by the way.



I asked ShawnOnSpotify on twitter if they’d share Shawn’s spotify and they said no. Then I saw a tweet by them about not to ask them for Shawn’s spotify account because he deserves his privacy, but like how is it giving him privacy if you’re tweeting what he’s listening to all the time? Either way, I searched and found Shawn’s account on spotify and the only reason I could tell it was him is because ShawnOnSpotify tweeted the same songs that this person had been listening to. So I replied to their tweet saying “no worries dude, got it ^^” and they blocked me lmao how petty can you get

Lara Pulver

I just saw on Twitter that she & her husband have had a baby boy! Only from gross sources so far, so I won’t bother to share a link. The info was minimal at present. If it’s true, congrats to them!


On the most recent episode of Catastrophe, Chris, played by the brilliant Mark Bonnar, is asked by Catherine, played by the similarly brilliant Amanda Hale, what movie he’s just come from. He hasn’t come from a movie, but he doesn’t want Catherine (and more particularly her boyfriend Dave, played by the also brilliant Daniel Lapaine) to know that, so he lies and answers, “Adam Sandler’s ‘Fart Vacation.’”
Mark Bonnar answered her query with many different options the night we shot that scene, and sometimes none at all. In the script, we actually had it cutting before he replied. But while we were editing, the option that made us laugh most was “Adam Sandler’s ‘Fart Vacation.’”
While not yet a real Adam Sandler film, it does exist in this tweet by sportswriter Matt Ufford:

I first saw the above tweet (and its glorious accompanying artwork) when Matt created it and graciously shared it with the world via and someone I follow retweeted it. I immediately RTd it as well and then physically made the Catastrophe crew read it in front of me so I could watch them laugh like a crazy person. So when Mark was shooting the scene in question, on take 3 (or 6 or 8) our director, the supremely brilliant Ben Taylor said, “Say Adam Sandler’s ‘Fart Vacation.’”
Then we forgot about it until our editor Steve Ackroyd (Brilliant? Brilliant.) used that take in the first assembly of the scene he showed us. We peed, again and again, with joy. But we also aren’t jerkholes, so we wrote Matt Ufford and asked if we could keep it in. He said yes, because he’s kind in addition to being quite fit.
So thanks Matt Ufford. Your joke made a tired crew laugh outside a sex club and now it is making many millions of Britons (and some Irish people) laugh.

apologies for not being online and being active with translations recently !
but i saw this on twitter and thought i had to share it with the boueibu well predominantly the enatsu community 

the new duet song, 騒がしき輝きし日々 boisterous and shining days, the person in charge of the lyrics hotaru has said that this song is based on the story that after graduation (note that this isnt official but based off the prompt of the lyricist), en and atsushi part ways to different universities with en going to the local binan university and atsushi attending a university within the province which seems to be quite prestigious. hotaru said that they don’t contact each other very often but when atsushi comes back to his hometown during the holidays, ens always waiting for him at the kurotama bathhouse. and with hotaru thinking that this would be a good story to base the lyrics off, the lyrics are to show that even though the two are miles apart, because of all they’ve been through together in season 2, their bond wont ever change

ill do a detailed translation later but yea im Depression thanks enatsu

Q: “Do you like horror movies?”
Gianluca: “Maybe out of the three of us I’m the one who likes them the most. I liked Sinister, the last one I saw was Oculus, then there’s Smiley - that one’s cool, haven’t you watched it?”
Piero: “But then at night after he finishes watching these movies he comes knocking on our doors. ‘Can I sleep with you? I’m scared!’”
Ignazio: “On planes he’s always like “let’s watch this movie together’ because he doesn’t want to watch it alone, he’s scared”
Piero: “I like Saw a lot. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7″
Ignazio: “Saw is fine”
Gianluca: “No, it’s too gross, too much blood”
Piero: “We watched it in Las Vegas”
Ignazio: “The Woman In Black!

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its a place where:

- we can share stories about the friendships (online and in person) we’ve made through Gerard/MCR
- we try to help people who are going to Gerard’s shows, signings, cons etc. find someone to hang out with
- we try to help you reconnect with someone you’ve met at a show, signing, con etc.
- you can give a shoutout to someone who you had a fun time with, who you appreciate in the fanbase etc.

basically a place to spread positivity among the fanbase! maybe you saw someone in the street wearing a Gerard shirt and you said hi and had a moment together? or you had a random chat with someone in line waiting for Gerard after a show? or you met someone at a MCR show in 2006 and you’re still friends? i thought it would be cool to have a place to collect these stories! old, new, you can tweet photos, etc!

just started the account but id appreciate it if you joined in!