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Shots Fired

Word Count: 2440

Pairing: FBI Agent Dean x Pharmacist Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Some Angst, Some Fluff

A/N: Written for @dancingalone21 ‘s funny quote challenge. My quote was: “That attitude right there. That’s why I always got the extra cookie.” Also written for @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Shit My Patient’s Say challenge. I used a ton of quotes from that one. They’re all bolded. 

A/N 2: Unbeta’d and unedited. Probably a shit ton of mistakes. My bad.

A/N 3: Most/All of the stories in here aside from being robbed (at gunpoint anyway) have happened to me in my career. More than once. Fun times. 

You left your 12 and a half hour shift at the pharmacy over 30 minutes late. Some asshole had decided to wait until 9:00 to come get their prescription filled that they needed right that second. Of course, they’d had the prescription in their hand for over three weeks. Not that you could turn them down. Your district manager would surely find out and chew your ass out for it the next day.

Grabbing your bags and sliding out of your car you realized Dean wasn’t home yet either. Your husband’s Impala was nowhere to be seen. Ever since he’d taken a job as an FBI agent, he’d been working crazy hours too. The two of you barely saw each other anymore and it sucked. Sighing, you trudged into the house and dropped your stuff, kicking off your shoes. You made your way into the kitchen, grabbing all the junk food you could find and a bottle of Captain Morgan before throwing yourself in a heap on the couch.

You were mindlessly watching TV when Dean came home, discarding his jacket and tie before he lifted your legs and sat down, resting your legs in his lap. “Rough day?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“The completely eaten bag of chips, the leftover ketchup on the plate where you probably had a frozen cheeseburger, oh and the uh…half drunk bottle of Captain Morgan that was totally full yesterday.” Dean pointed to the bottle in your hand and you rolled your eyes, sarcastically scoffing into the air.

“Good job, detective.

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"You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” 1/3- Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : You have been married to Bruce for quite some years now, and you both knew it was inevitable that you’d get in danger one day…but you really never expected the Joker to start to be obsessed with you. CHAPTER 1/3. 

Warnings : mentions of sex, also, Bruce is “old” if that bothers you in any way…If your like me and have a thing for older guys, then carry on please.


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Looking at yourself in the mirror of your bathroom, you groaned and turned around to glare at your husband that was taking a shower. He immediately felt that you were staring, but to his disappointment, it wasn’t for the reason he hoped for…

-Is something wrong dear ? 

-Yes Bruce, something’s wrong. How old are you ? 

-…What ? 

-Just answer my question honey. 

-…Hum, 46 ?

-Yes. 46. You’re 46 years old.  

At the way you were looking at him, mad as Hell, standing in the frame of the shower door that you just violently swung open, billionaire ex-playboy superhero Bruce Wayne got kinda worried. He was trying to figure out what he did that could have pissed you off that much, as you were really difficult to annoy, almost never getting angry…But boy when you were angry, it was scary. Apparently now though, you were more annoyed than mad. So he was trying to remember what he could have done. 

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get to know me meme: [1/20] tv shows → The Flash

My name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man alive. When I was a child, I saw my mother killed by something impossible. My father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world, I’m just an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly I use my speed to fight crime and find others like me, and one day I’ll find who killed my mother and get justice for my father. I am The Flash.

I wanna talk more about maia and magnus’ friendship:

- magnus is always teaching maia some of his own alcoholic creations he’s mixed over the years so maia can add them to the menu at hunters moon so that no other bar in the area can compete with the specialty drinks they’ve made. (magnus likes to tell her that he invented all the popular cocktails but maia just shoots him that look of “I know you’re lying but sure”)

- they totally have hour long conversations about the bachelor/bachelorette, discussing who they think should be given a rose and who should be booted out. they get super passionate about their favourites and always shout at the tv while they’re settled in magnus’ loft, eating takeout and sipping on margaritas

- maia loves reading so magnus let’s her borrow books from his library that contains every genre you could think of. for maia’s birthday, magnus gifts her a first edition book of jane eyre because he knows it’s her all time fave

- maia always takes magnus out for coffee at least once a week so they can catch up and she can tell him about all the crazy things that happened at the bar that week, how she had to break up a fight between two vampires, how some drunk seelie tried hitting on her and ended up vomiting on her shoes. magnus finds it all hilarious.

- maia is super worried when she finds out magnus has a shadowhunter boyfriend because she doesn’t want magnus getting hurt and she wishes all the happiness in the world for magnus so she’s very cautious when she first meets alec until she sees the look he gives magnus, one with such adoration and love, a look she’s often seen in magnus’ eye when he talks about his boyfriend and maia feels this huge sense of relief because magnus is truly happy and out of everyone she knows, magnus deserves love and happiness the most

- maia loves jewellery, not as much as magnus does but she’s always wearing gorgeous necklaces and rings which magnus always compliments. so they always get little gifts for each other. maia gives magnus a small black box at the bar one day containing a silver spiderweb ear cuff which maia claimed it was something she thought he’d like. maia comes round for dinner at the loft and get given a beautiful sapphire ring that magnus saw on his trip to Italy and tells her “something so beautiful must be worn by someone equally as beautiful” and maia just laughs.

- maia is a really giggly drunk which causes magnus to be a giggly drunk too seeing as maia’s laugh is so infectious. they were watching a tv show they usually love but lost interest and as magnus got up to get another drink, he stumbled and fell into the book shelf and stands there shocked “a book just fell on my head, maia” and maia giggles and says “I guess you only have yourshelf to blame”. they laugh over that pun for 20 minutes which is how alec found them, tears streaming down their face while they struggle to tell him what their finding funny without breaking into another laughing fit.

  • me, jokingly: bet you miss me being there & insufferable & eating crackers in the bed, getting crumbs everywhere.. like the rascal i am..
  • my darling sweet angel gf (who is an angel), sincerely: i do i saw crumbs the other day & thought of you & almost started crying.. i wish you were here eating crackers in the bed w/ me again. also watching tv isn't the same w/o you. nothing is
  • me: 😯 ...... 😭
Valentine’s Day with Tom Holland would include...

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N/A: Special headcanons to celebrate Valentine’s Day - I don’t write for celebrities usually, so please, don’t insist. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you guys <3

  • Tom is young and tbh he doesn’t have so much experience on this whole dating thing
  • So on his first Valentine’s Day with you he decides that it’s better to make simple and nice things that he knows you will like rather than plan a fancy night where things can go wrong
  • He spends half of his day working with his Marvel team, once his next movie as Spiderman is in production
  • But he sends you tons of messages - which makes his manager and Kevin Feige call his attention to the meeting they were having a couple of times
  • “I’m so sorry, I swear I’m right here with you guys now”, he says, as you reply to his message, making him blush
  • Through the messages, he apologizes to you for working on such a special day
  • And promises you that once he’s done with work, he’s all yours
  • And that’s exactly what happens
  • Tom goes to his home and get ready for you
  • He puts your favorite shirt, just because he knows you will notice and smile
  • He calls you minutes before leaving, and says that he has a surprise for you
  • Which is a little gift that he knows you will love it
  • So Tom leaves his place, with the gift on his jacket pocket, and goes to your house to pick you up
  • He hugs you really tight when he sees you, kissing your lips a few times before saying “Happy Valentine’s Day, love”
  • Tom drives you to a small gig of a band you like - a place he knows people may recognize him, but won’t do anything bigger than just shyly wave at him
  • You sing every song with him, hugging him on the slow ones
  • Then your favorite song comes up
  • And Tom feels proud to sing it at the top of his lungs as he holds your hands and hugs you from behind
  • Once the show is over, you can’t stop smiling and fangirling about the band
  • “Did you see the guitarrist? He was freaking awesome! I wish I could play like that”
  • “Oh, so now you wanna learn how to play guitar?”, Tom teases you, and you laugh
  • He then takes you to eat something - aka pizza
  • And you’re the one who order the pizzas
  • “But I don’t know what you wanna eat, Thomas!”
  • “Anything is fine, love. Although I would love you forever if you order a pizza with a lot of cheese”
  • Tom tells you about his day, how he’s excited about the new Marvel movie, and how he can’t tell you anything about it
  • On the other hand, you tell him about your day, a little problem that happened with a family member, and how you were missing him
  • “You saw me two days ago, you must really love me”, he jokes, with that beautiful british accent
  • You and Tom eats a lot of pizza, laughing at each other’s jokes, talking about movies, bands, TV shows, etc
  • And yeah, it’s something pretty simple but ends up being one of the most incredible nights of your life
  • On the way to his car, he stops and buys you a flower from a lovely old lady on the street
  • “I’ve always wanted to do this”, he laughs, as he gives you the red flower
  • “Oh gosh, you’re so sappy!”
  • “Hey!”
  • Tom then buys some ice cream too, and drives you to your home (where it was planned for him to spend the night)
  • At your place, you put a playlist you made with Tom to play on the radio, while he takes off his jacket and get two spoons on the kitchen, for the ice cream
  • You leave him for a moment, to get his present
  • “Look, babe, I was going to give you this later but it’s almost 1am and I can’t wait anymore!”
  • Tom gets surprised by how big the box is
  • He opens right away, and you can see his eyes shining when he sees a brand new guitar inside it
  • “Holy shit, love!”
  • He hugs you and gives you a lot of little kisses - all with a huge smile on his face
  • “I’m now ashamed of how little my present for you is”
  • Tom gives you the box that was on his jacket, and when you open it, you see a beautiful necklace with a spider web as a pendant
  • “Not silver, white gold. And guess what?”, he says, and he pulls a necklace from inside his shirt - with the same pendant
  • “Oh my god, Tom! This must have been so freaking expensive!”
  • All the hugs and sweet kisses then turns into a hot make out session
  • Which turns into slow and awkward sex - your first time with him
  • And the night (more like morning lol) ends up with both of you eating ice cream and Tom singing an acustic version of “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur with his new guitar
  • All for you, of course
Photograph || Jeon Jungkook

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Word Count: 2.4k

Genre: Angst

The sound of silence surrounded the two of you, creating a tension neither of you could find the courage to break. It had been happening more often than not lately, and the idea that something may have been wrong scared you more than anything. The idea that maybe something had gone wrong in this relationship and you wouldn’t be able to fix whatever it was.

Jungkook had barely spoken a word to you today, and you didn’t understand why. There was nothing that you had done lately that you thought would bother him, but apparently it was something big. The only time you ever saw him in the past few days was when he was either coming home from dance practice of leaving to go. Early in the mornings, it was only fifty percent of a chance that you would be able to see Jungkook before he left.

You were sat on one side of the couch, and he sat on the other. Not a single sound could be heard besides the television lightly playing in the background. You wanted to say something, and it was itching at the inside of your brain but no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t force out the words. You were able to open your mouth and let out the thoughts that were slowly taking over your mind.

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like taako clearly doesn’t have much self worth, he sees himself as a failed and disgraced celebrity chef, mostly. i think his whole “im taako from tv and im the greatest fucking thing you ever saw” shtick is just a cover up, he admitted that the reason he joined the BoB was because he was afraid no one else would take him. IRT the last post i reblogged and the tags i added, i think taako’s self confidence was probably stronger in his IPRE days when he and lup were holding each other up. in these last two episodes he seems like he genuinely likes being with her and isn’t afraid to express that, as opposed to later in the BoB days when he’d outwardly show annoyance in being around magnus and merle, even if he does honestly love and care about them, he doesn’t show it like he shows affection towards lup

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33. "Baby, please" ?

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“Baby please?”

“No Harry.”

“Oh come on how do yeh not know until you try it?”

“Because Harry why the hell would I eat kale let alone drink a smoothie?”

This back and forth had been going on for a while, you have been told you both argued like a old married couple even though you have only been together for a year. You were aware of his exsistance before you two actually met. You couldn’t go to a store or watch music videos on TV early in the morning without hearing “What Makes You Beautiful” at least 3 times a day. You even made the comment that was how brain washing worked.

You admitted back then that he was…cute. But the whole boy band thing just wasn’t your cup of tea. And so you went about life being aware, but never fully caught onto the craze. And you were pretty damn successful, until you landed a job working for make up at Saturday Night Life. The band was performing then, back when they were five members. You saw each other, you said your hello because your mom didn’t raise you to be rude. Every now and then when you stepped out to the hallway he would somehow be there too, and you struck conversation.

The next thing you knew you were invited to hang out at the after party, with his hat on your head so you wouldn’t quote “stray too far”. One drunken dance or two later he brought you to your home for the night, and before you knew it you both were deemed together after his birthday. You really couldn’t help it, you were sucked into his warmth and charm. He was pretty much every cheesy romantic comedy male lead in real life the way he always gave you gifts even when he had to leave for a tour. The Facetime, the texts, while you were never one to give into that type of romantic gesture…you couldn’t deny them.

It was as if he knew how to get to your warm spot, the hole in your armor. When he had his breaks he would come see you straight away, spend as much time with you as possible. The first time he pulled what you called “The Plea of Death” was when you were trying to figure out what to watch.

“Oh! Let’s watch The Notebook!” He suggested but you gave him a look.

“No,” came your reply.

“Buh why? I love that movie!” He exclaimed with flabbergasted look on his face.

“I don’t like that movie, it’s so…cheesy. And I hate Nichols Sparks everybody dies in his damn books,” you explain, seeing his look of sheer horror.

“Not till the end and they grew old together, please?”



“There is a whole selection of other movies,” you suggested but he didn’t let up.

“Baby, please?” He leaned forward to take your hand, giving you the puppy dog look. He even pulled the pout which made you groan in frustration before you sigh then selected the movie. You figured you would at least distract yourself with your phone. But even that was a bust when he laid his head on your lap demanding you to play in his hair. After that, you could tolerate the movie to the point.

Ever since, he used it to his advantage. Whenever you argued, he would use that phrase and that look to give you in. It was annoying, but there was a small part of you that secretly liked it.

“Baby, please?” He did it again this time, holding the smoothie with that same look. Within a year the band went down to four and his hair longer. You look at him clearly annoyed but you look at the drink and sighed. Taking a sip only to make a face and gave the drink back.

“There, did it. Now I need to wash this taste out of my mouth.” You mutter, he of course enjoyed it himself with a satisfied look on his face. He always did that too, the smug look. You always threaten to punch him for it but you never would do that. He knew it too, he got your number for sure.

In the years ahead it didn’t change or let up. When he took you to the Bahamas for vacation he used it to get you into the water after you said you didn’t want to get your hair wet. And again he used it when you came to visit him in Jamaica for his album and he used it to extend your stay. He even used it when he asked you to move into his New York apartment he just bought after you told him you were just as content to your own that you had.

Tonight you were standing on the side on the stage as he was performing. You smiled, your heart filled with pride. He had worked so hard to get where he was. Who would have known a boy from a small English town would be here with a bunch of people screaming at him in support. You had never been more proud then in that moment. He had just finished a song when he spoke to the crowd.

“Before I star’ this song…I need someone to come out here with me, YN?” He turned facing you, you of course stood with wide eyes and shaking your head. “Come on! I need yeh out here for a moment.” You mouthed no shaking your head, that was when he again used that damn plea.

Baby, please?” his voice boomed through the speakers, the crowd hooting and screaming. Slowly you walk on the stage, looking like you wanted to kill him but tried to contain it.

“Okay, so we were watchin’ Walk the Line the othah day. And yeh know thah part where he proposes to her on stage?” He was talking to the crowd, you heard the scream in reply.

“Well, she told me if I ever did thah she would kill me,” he replied to them then turn to look at you. “Buh if I’m anything, it’s a little thick headed.” He kept looking at you reaching for your hand so you could get closer. “YN, we’ve been togethah for…three years now? You sor’ of became a inspiration for me. Buh I can’t sing this next song if I don’t ask yeh somethin’ important.”

He then got down on one knee, the crowd getting louder in screams. You of course were screaming on the inside. He wasn’t…no, there was no way!

“YN LN, will you please marry meh?” He asked you, giving you the puppy look with a slight hint of nerves. You were going to kill him, you may punch him in the arm for doing it…but god dammit did you love this man.

“Okay,” you spoke, everyone could sort of hear you with the microphone.

“Whah?” He asked and huge smile appearing on his face.

“Okay!” You spoke louder with a laugh, but you could feel the tears forming. He got up as the crowd cheered, sliding the ring on your finger as you both hugged each other tight.

“I’m going to kick your ass,” you tell him to his ear but he laughed, you knew he had that satisfied smirk on his face.

“Promises, promises baby,” he replied kissing your cheek. And while you heard the song a billion times, Carolina had a different tone to it this time around.

Tired nights

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This is a lovely taekook fluff scenario submitted by @fukaitawagoto

Description: Jungkook had a long day, or should i say year. He cant sleep and decides to spend the nigh watching some TV on the living room where he finds his hyung curled up in a blanket.

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Caught : Conor Maynard Smut


(I changed it up a lil bit srry)

You and your boyfriend Conor were staying at his parents house in Brighton for the week. All of his family were lovely, you got on really well with his little sister Anna, his parents adored you and you and Jack knew each other really well considering you almost saw him everyday back in London.

You had been staying at Conor’s family home for 6 days now and you were really enjoying it. It was a Sunday now and you and your boyfriend Conor were laying in his bed watching TV. His parents were downstairs preparing a roast dinner for you all and Jack and Anna were in their bedrooms.

As you cuddled into Conor, you noticed how cold you were considering you were only wearing pyjama shorts and a t shirt. Conor was only wearing boxers so he wasn’t much warmer.

“Aren’t you cold?” You asked Conor, shifting around a bit to try and get warm.

“A bit. Why? Are you?” He asked, looking down at you.

He looked so gorgeous. His brown hair looked so fluffy as he hadn’t bothered to style it today and you loved it.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Conor spoke again, his lips flicking up into a smirk.

“Like what?” You replied.

“I don’t know, you looked turned on, babe.” He laughed.

“You just look really attractive today.” You told him, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

“Oh, why? Do I normally look ugly?” He chuckled, grabbing your hips a moving him onto on his lap.

“Shut up, you know what I mean.” You rolled your eyes and placed your hands flat on his bare chest.

“Come here.” Conor mumbled.

You leaned forward, pressing your lips to his again. The kiss was slow and passionate, you could feel Conor smiling. As the kiss went on, it started to get faster and more heated. Conor started getting desperate and his hands travelled down to your bum.

Totally forgetting that his family were also in the house, you began to rock your hips against his, making him groan.

“Y/N,” He warned. “Stop.”

You ignored him as he went back to kissing you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and grinded against his member, feeling him getting hard already. Conor held in a moan but you felt his hands go up the bottom of your shorts, feeling his fingers against your bare skin.

“Con,” You breathed out, your lips going to his neck.

“You’re going to pay for being such a fucking tease.” Conor growled as he pushed you off him and pinned you onto the bed.

You lost your breath as Conor pulled your shorts down within seconds - your underwear was soon gone too. Conor kissed up your thighs, making you squirm as you watched.

“Aw, babe, look how wet you are. All for me.” He smirked, suddenly putting his lips against your core.

Your hands went to his fluffy hair, lightly gripping as he licked in and out of you. His tongue worked wonders against you and you accidentally let out a moan.

“Ssh, Y/N, my parents are downstairs,” Conor laughed, replacing his mouth with his fingers as he worked against your clit. “Does that turn you on? Me getting you off like this whilst me family are in the house?”

His words were too much and your hands grabbed onto the white sheet you were laying on.

Suddenly, Conor’s door flew open and he quickly moved so he was laying next to you, putting the duvet over you both. Jack walked in, a piece of toast in his hand.

“Morning.” He said to you both. You were trying to catch your breath back without Jack noticing. Conor had a grin on his face, finding the situation amusing.

“What’s up?” Conor asked Jack.

“I need to use your camera, bro. Left mine at home.” Jack told him, walking over to Conor’s filming equipment.

You felt Conor’s hand wonder down your body and you immediately knew what he was planning. You panicked, you knew Conor was going to try and get you off with Jack in the room whether you liked it or not. If you were being honest, it kind of did turn you on.

Conor pushed his middle finger into you and you breathed in, squeezing onto the duvet trying not to squirm. It felt amazing, the way Conor’s fingers felt inside of you was something you loved. The pleasure he gave you - that boy was talented.

“Where is it?” Jack asked, searching around Conor’s equipment.

“It might be in the drawer.” Conor replied, adding another finger as you bit down on your lip, trying to hold back your moans.

“Oh, I’ve found it.” Jack said and you were so happy, knowing he was about to leave the room. “Wait, the battery is dead.”

“The spares are by my bag.” Conor told him, a slight laugh coming out of his mouth.

When Conor added another finger - now totalling to 3 - the pleasure was too much. Your legs started to shake and you accidentally let out a small moan.

“What’s funny? Y/N are you alright?” Jack asked, noticing both Conor’s laugh and your moan.

You couldn’t reply. As Conor continued to move his fingers in and out of you, you tried to nod at Jack but it didn’t really work.

Jack’s eyes flickered from you, to Conor, to you, back to Conor and then back to you.

“What the- Bro are you fingering her right now?” Jack asked, his eyes narrowing in disgust.

Conor just laughed uncontrollably. But you ignored them, your high was just seconds away and Conor was still touching you, edging you closer and closer.

Your moaned into the duvet, pulling it over your face, not wanting Jack to see you having an orgasm. Your walls tightened around Conor’s fingers as you reached your high, the feeling so intense and amazing.

“That’s my girl.” Conor laughed.

“Oh my god- Did she just? What the fuck, you two are disgusting!” Jack groaned as he walked straight out the door.

“Fucking hell.” You breathed out, moving the duvet so it was no longer on you. Your temperature had definitely increased now.

“You alright, babe?” Conor asked, licking his lips.

“I can’t believe you just made me orgasm in front of your younger brother.” You shook your head at him.

“Relax! He probably loved it, bet he’s having a wank over you right now.” Conor laughed, making you look at him in disgust.

I Love You || Jeon Jungkook

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AN: I’m really being serious about this one guys. So much so that I’m putting the authors note here instead of at the end like usual. This imagine is not meant for people who are easily upset and it’s not meant to hurt anyone, it’s purely for the reader who requested it. If you do not feel comfortable with the above mentioned themes please let me know and I can make another version for everyone. 

Word Count: 1.6K

Genre: Angst 

Jungkookie, I’m so excited for you! You’re going on tour and you’re going to have so much fun. Make sure you blow all of your fans kisses and give all of them love. Without them you wouldn’t have made it this far so remember to be grateful. Anyways, I love you. Be safe!

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TV Scoop Awards 2017 : Favorite Couple - Vote for Sanvers

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

We’re not even half way through opening up all of the polls in our annual TV Scoop Awards, but we know you’re all mostly just here to vote for your favorite couples, meaning today’s your day!

Now is officially the time to start voting for your favorite TV couple and the best kiss or sexiest moment you saw on TV over the past year. Remember, only couples who were actually a couple (kissed, went on a date, something other than your dreams) between June 15, 2016 and June 9, 2017 are eligible, so don’t blame us if your dream ship didn’t make it.

Last year, Person of Interest’s Root and Shaw won best couple, and Clarke and Lexa’s sex scene on The 100 won steamiest moment.

All polls will close at 5 p.m. PT on Friday, June 30, so you have several weeks to vote your little hearts out in support of the couples you love. Use them wisely…

You can vote as many times as you wish ! I’m counting on all of you to reblog this and let people know about this poll !

I Can’t Help But Think Of Romania

I can’t help but think of Romania.

I lived in Romania for two years as a missionary, from 2004-06. I grew to love that country deeply. It’s been long-burdened by its communist past; it wasn’t just a form of government, but rather a mindset that was fused into the fibers of the country. There’s no more stark a symbol of that than the block apartment buildings that fill the cities. They’re concrete from skin to marrow and each one seems intent on keeping the populace in its place.

There’s a city in the west called Hunedoara. The countryside leading to it is out of some fairy tale. There’s even a storybook castle on one side of the city. But surrounding the city is a ring of abandoned, crumbling industrial wasteland.

I remember the train rides that lead from city to city. Some of the trains were more advanced than any train I’ve seen in the United States. Others were rickety steel boxes on wheels, the floors covered in sunflower seeds and spittle. Train rides ranged from a couple hours to 8 and 13 hour train rides. As often as I rode the trains, and even for that long, I was glued to the windows, watching the country go past. It’s beautiful.

The people were warm, always – always – offering more, even when they’d already given. Especially when it came to food. They offered, sometimes, what seemed to be just about all they had. They are a generous people. I even miss the times when we were shouted at, kicked out, threatened, chocked, and spat on. I walked the streets in the fall in Sibiu, an old fortress city. I trudged through Bucharest in the winter, where the streets go unpaved. I ran down steps, two at a time, to catch the subway more times than I can count. I ran through rainstorms on the way home, soaked to the bone. I miss it all.

Some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen, and some of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had, I saw and I had there.
Some of the worst things I’ve ever seen happened there, too. It wasn’t uncommon to see a child wandering the streets. Some were beggars, whose first words taught by their parents were asking for money. For some kids, it was literally all they knew how to say, and they didn’t even know what it meant. I once saw a kid, no more than 8, huffing silver paint out of a plastic bag because it took his mind off of being so hungry all the time.

The weight of communism, even decades removed, still smothered this whole place. It hung around the necks of everyone there, even those who hadn’t yet been born. Everywhere I went, people told me stories of where they were during the Christmas Revolution of 1989. 

Nicolae Ceausescu was the dictator of Romania at the time. He was vain, and cruel, and petty. Run of the mill communist dictator in the Stalin mold. Starvation and scarcity were the norm. Children, even those with parents, went hungry. To make a political point, Ceausescu cut off supplies from an entire city in the west, Timisoara. Of course, this caused more unrest than order. In a speech in what is now called Revolution Square, he spoke from a municipal building’s balcony, and tried to placate the people. But they shouted him down. Even Ceausescu loyalists (paid plants, mostly) were overpowered by the crowd’s chants. It was deafening. They stormed the building and the revolution began.

Ceausescu and his Deputy Prime Minister wife, Elena, fled, but were soon caught and convicted. The military who had served Ceausescu, and usually acted on his command, knew which way the wind was blowing, and they held a tribunal. It was quick and unanimous, and the Ceausescus were found guilty of, among other things, genocide.

Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were executed by firing squad at a secret military installation. On Christmas day, on live television. They filmed their dead faces so that the people could know that they were really dead and gone.

A beautiful country was ransacked and oppressed by its leaders. For power, for profit, for ego. The country suffered, and eventually revolted. Romania still bears the weight of that suffering, deep in its mind and soul. Just like the concrete block apartments: skin to marrow. When last I saw the building from which Ceausescu spoke in Revolution Square, there were still bullet holes in the walls, far above reach.

Romania is a beautiful country, because of its land and its people, and despite its authoritarian past. Though knives may be removed easily enough, wounds are often stubborn to heal.


As Donald Trump, a man-child who is as vain as he is insecure, and as vengeful as he is delusional, seeks to establish himself as an infallible leader… as he orders scientific data be deleted… as he calls facts fake, and propaganda real… as he flippantly talks about committing war crimes in Iraq… as he seeks to defund arts programs and social safety nets… as he makes his press secretary tell flagrant lies about petty, obvious things like the size of his inauguration crowd… as he seeks to exhaust our capacity to think critically, and speak truth to power… as he seeks to dismantle constitutional rights, and strip the country itself in order to make money… as he continually displays signs of serious mental illness… as he proves to be not just a buffoon, but a real lunatic… I can’t help but think of Romania.

And as I think of all the inevitable harm that will come to people as a direct result of Trump’s actions, and the people that will most likely die from his orders – or possibly die in defiance of his orders – I can’t help but think of Romania.

I can’t help but think of Romania because what happened there, and in countless countries around the world and throughout history, can happen here. It is happening here, right now.

Literature, scripture, and history itself have all warned us about a guy like this. And here he is.

If you don’t like political posts, I understand. I don’t like them. Who does? But I will not be shy about this guy. Not to you, not to my representatives, and not to any Congressman/woman who seems to have dropped their spine on the way to work. 

I’m mad and I’ll stay mad until this guy is no longer in charge of the nuclear codes. What happened in Romania can happen here. Serious damage was done by a two-bit dictator from eastern Europe, and Romania hasn’t yet healed in full. Imagine how long it’ll take for the United States to heal from its own president, whose capabilities far surpass Ceausescu’s. Imagine the damage Trump can inflict, the damage he seeks to inflict. 

Tell me I’m wrong.

We’re only six days into the Trump presidency. This is an American Dictatorship unfolding in real time.

Did somebody say FLUFF??

No, no one did. I have no friends.

But I wrote anyways so here u have it. 

To say Yuuri was tired wouldn’t have been the proper chose of words.

No, it wasn’t enough, it needed more force, more emphasis…Exhausted? Maybe, it sounded better. But it was still incomplete. It still lacked a certain something, a certain feeling of fatigue, and maybe a few more kilos on his heavy lids…

Yuuri felt like dying.

Yes, that was the term he was looking for. Yuuri was dying.

He had never worked so hard in his entire life. Never had woken up at six, only to squeeze himself into his skating clothes and gulp down his breakfast in unhealthy speeds, and going jogging with his stomach still full for an hour to warm up his muscles. He had to make sure he was standing at the edge of the ice rink before the clock hit eight. Viktor didn’t like it when he got to the rink and Yuuri wasn’t already there, with his skates on, waiting for him.

“Back when I was a competitive skater…” he always said, as if he hadn’t retired just some months ago “…by the time you wake up in the mornings, I was already practicing quadruples and…”

The funny thing was that he spoke as if they hadn’t been married for years, and as if Yuuri hadn’t witnessed that all the stuff he said, wasn’t exactly true.

He actually missed those days when they were both still in competition. It had been barely last season, and yet it felt like an eternity of time, a way too distant feeling of warmness he could only invoke in memories.

As a coach, Viktor wasn’t nearly as fun than as a rink mate. He might have been goofy and fun, but he was actually really demanding too. He was just as obsessed with the idea of gold as Yuuri was, and he wouldn’t rest until he saw his husband on the top of the podium.

Only that, from the podium, his poor husband fell directly onto bed; trying to ingratiate with his own wretched body until his head stopped spinning and his muscles ceased burning.

After every competition, Yuuri felt drained. He wasn’t as young as he used to be. Time added candles to his birthday cakes and new noises and aches to his joints as he stretched. And he knew that, in the term of one year or two, he would be just where Viktor was right then: from the other side of the rink’s railing, standing on solid ground.

That’s why he pushed himself past his limits, too. That’s why he let Viktor squeeze more and more training into his crowded schedule, force him into a strict diet, and cut out his hours of sleep. That’s why he didn’t mind when he felt like dying.

Those may have been the last years at the sport, his sport. Their sport. And he wanted to seize them to the fullest.

However, that didn’t change he was shattered.

And it wasn’t only training what tired Yuuri out, no, it was way more than that. If there was one thing that managed to drain every drop of remaining energy from him after a long day, was dealing with paparazzi.

Don’t get him wrong, he was always very kind and answered all the questions about his routines with no complaints. There were a bunch of gossip magazines that liked to ask him on his relationship with Viktor as well, but he had also (somehow) got used to those too.

But sometimes, what he saw as he left the rink after a competition, weren’t reporters but a damn horde.

Being an introvert person, he wasn’t comfortable with being in the center of a camera circle, squished between hurried legs and bumping shoulders, with a thousand microphones pointing at his face.

He usually managed to slide away in the shadows, escape the multitude before someone recognized him and pushed him into an unwanted interrogation. But there were other days where the crowd would suck him in like the sea’s current and there were no more vital signs from Yuuri Katsuki for hours but the televised picture of his exhausted face.

That day had been one of those days.

The worst part was that, instead of answering the usual questions about his routines and his passion, he had been forced to talk about something rather intimate instead. And no, it didn’t have to do with Viktor, at all. It had to do with himself:

His retirement.

Reporters didn’t seem to mind pressing a finger on the sore. And, by the end of the day, Yuuri’s brain was suffering short-circuit.

When he finally managed to run away from the microphones and his own insecurities, he hopped onto the rented car where Yurio, Yakov and Viktor were already waiting for him to get back to the hotel. How Yurio had got away from the mob before him, he had no idea. He didn’t care, either.

Right then, with the lulling sway of the car’s engine and the heat and perfume emanating from his husband right next to him, all he cared about, was resting.

“Tough day, huh?” Viktor chuckled, as he saw him rest his head on his shoulder.

Yuuri barely hummed in agreement, feeling his lids already getting sticky with slumber, and the noise of the street beginning to fade away.

“Is he asleep? Already??” Yurio tried to get a peek of his face, but it was hard to see when it was buried so deeply onto the other’s coat. The way his shoulders were slowly raising and dropping though, together with the light snoring, were more than enough evidence “Pathetic”

Vikotr shushed him, wanting to keep Yuuri from waking up, since he felt fairly responsible for his exhaustion. He shifted his body kindly, with the delicacy and tactfulness he had only ever cared to show on the ice, wanting to make sure his husband was comfortable and that nothing interrupted his sleep.

“Lower your voice, Yura” he said, tracing his fingers through dark, gelled hair “the trip is quite long, and he needs some rest”

“Ugh, can’t you wait till we get to the hotel to be loving and disgusting?” Yurio added, turning to look through the window and away from the cuddling couple.

However, as he was about to allow his mind to get lost in the view, he heard quite an odd noise coming from behind his back.

“What’s that?” he asked, perking his ears to catch the babbling slipping through Yuuri’s dozed lips.

“Oh, he sometimes talks in his sleep” Viktor chuckled softly, the vibration of his laughter causing his sleeping beauty to move a little as he continued with his mumbling “Poor thing” he said, tucking a lock of hair away from his itching nose “he only does that when he’s really exhausted”

“What is he saying, anyways?”

Both of them made silence, attention fully set on the senseless mouthing.

“Hmm…no…I don’t….I don’t know, miss”

“Oh, he’s talking in English” Viktor said, surprised “most times he just mumbles Japanese”

“But what is he talking about?” Yurio insisted, getting nearer.

“Please no…I won’t…answer that, miss”

“He’s dreaming about the reporters, whoa, he surely is stressed” His husband debated if he should maybe wake him up, since he didn’t deserve to be troubled even in his sleep. But then he realized that would have been even worst, and decided to try another strategy instead. Slowly, he leaned in and warmly whispered into his ear: “Yuuri??”

“What are you doing?” Yurio stared, rolling his eyes at the sweet affection on the other’s voice “Didn’t you say you would let him sleep?”

However, Viktor ignored him.

“Yuuri, calm down, it’s ok” He murmured gently, watching the small, confused frown forming between his brows “Can you hear me, Yuuri?”

“I hear you, miss….but I can’t answer that question…please don’t…”

“No, Yuuri” Viktor giggled, trying to muffle the noise. Even Yurio laughed a bit, staring in disbelief “I’m no miss, it’s me”


“Santa Claus” Yurio replied mischievously, and Viktor pushed him away, not missing the way Yuuri sulked uncomfortably.

“What…hmm…why does Santa…”

“I’m not Santa, babe. It’s me, Viktor”


His heart went from beating solid to boiling liquid in about two seconds.

“Yes, love. I’m here”

“Oh…thank god”

Viktor chortled, caressing his face with his knuckles, noticing how his expression began to relax.

Yurio kept silent this time, pretending disinterest, as he stared with the corner of his eye.

“Did they ask too many questions? Where they torturing you, love?” what started with sincere, kind intentions, turned into a laughing matter as Viktor tried to get advantage of  his drowsy vulnerability “Tell me, Yuuri, what happened”

The poor guy nodded in his sleep, and his husband had to bite his lip as not to squeal from the adorableness.

“They asked…many questions…I…” He mumbled, shifting a bit “…they were rude”

“I bet they were”

“Hm…but you are here…”

“Of course I am” Viktor fooled around, enjoying the whole situation much more than he really should “I needed to save you from the press, after all”

“Ah…thank you” Yuuri smiled, sinking further onto his hold “hmm…I love you”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how Viktor Nikiforov broke.

“AIIISHH I LOVE YOU TOO” He screamed, taking his husband’s face between his hands and kissing him everywhere. Mouth, nose, cheeks, forehead…no place was safe from the assault “YOU ARE SO CUTE OH MY GOD”

“Uh?” Confused, Yuuri woke up. He blinked clumsily, batting his heavy lids, and trying to understand where he was and what was the fuss all about “What?”

“You woke him up, you fucking idiot!” Yurio complaint, pointing at the puzzled ball of slumber.

“Why is he…?” Talking and breathing were both difficult with the attack of eager kisses cutting him off “What happened?”

“Aww, Yuuri!” Viktor exclaimed, rubbing their cheeks together affectionately “You just said you loved me in your sleep!”

“Hmn…don’t I say it enough while I’m awake?”

“You two are repulsive” Yurio bickered, turning back to stare at the window again “Ugh, don’t even talk to me”

“Hmm, Vitya?” Yuuri yawned “what time is it?”

“It doesn’t matter” he answered, kissing the top of his head and hugging him against his chest again “go back to sleep, love. I’ll wake you up once we get to the hotel”

“Oh…ok” he mumbled, resting his head on the other’s shoulder, and taking in a big breath “Thank you”

“You are welcome” Viktor smiled, cuddling against his sleepy husband “I love you, too”

Yes, Yuuri was tired, Yuuri was exhausted, and Yuuri felt like dying.

But Yuuri was also in love, both with the sport and with the man who had pushed him through it. And when Yuuri was in love, just like on the ice, he was unstoppable.

Valentine’s Day Shorts

Hers a list of headcannon type things of what the Sidemen + others would do with their significant other’s on Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Takes you out to a nice restaurant
  • Triple checked that the reservations were set
  • When you get to the restaurant the person working at the front knows him because he called so many times
  • Pulls your chair out for you and is super gentlemanly


  • Tells you you’re going out to a restaurant
  • Surprises you and makes a homemade traditional Nigerian dinner
  • The boys have left the flat so it’s just you and him
  • Candle lit
  • Flowers
  • Really nice conversation about several topics


  • Is really nervous when he first asks you out
  • Takes you to a nice restaurant
  • Takes you back home and you snuggle in comfy clothes
  • Watch some Netflix


  • Decorated the house for you
  • Hid little sticky notes around the house saying nice things
  • Was really lovey-dovey all day


  • Takes you out on a lunch date
  • Since it was less crowded you could have a better conversation
  • Laughed a lot
  • Was overall just a really nice meal
  • Hung out the rest of the day


  • Stayed up all night writing down reasons why you love each other
  • Put the strips of paper in a wooden box
  • Put the wooden box in the back of a closet so you can find it some day after you forgot about it


  • Harry made reservations but they ended up being canceled, to his dismay
  • End up settling for takeout
  • Played FIFA and made bets and forfeits
  • It might not have been a “traditional” Valentine’s date but you couldn’t have asked to spend it any other way

Lewis Redman

  • Decorated your bedroom with balloons
  • Brought you breakfast
  • Spent all day in bed watching movies and TV shows
  • The only time either of you got out of bed was to go get more food


  • You two had a day trip up to the Lake District and had the cabin to yourselves
  • Kicked a football around some on the fields
  • Found a way to get up onto the roof of the cabin at night to look up at the stars


  • Spent the day out walking around London shopping and eating
  • Bought each other gifts
  • Went to a park to see the sunset and look out at the stars
  • He gave his coat to you when he saw you shivering


  • You started to teach him how to play piano
  • It was full of him apologizing for getting frustrated
  • He gave up in the end
  • You made a compromise where you would play piano and he would sing
  • Sometimes he would sing horribly on purpose just to make you laugh


  • He invites you over for dinner
  • You get there but Manny isn’t home
  • Instead you find a riddle that starts you on a scavenger hunt
  • You finally catch up to Manny who’s setting up dinner at the start on the back porch 
Jimin Scenario: The Love We Share.

Request: Hey, Can you write a scenario where jimin get so envolve with his daughter, spending all his spare time off work with her only, and y/a feeling left out from both him and her daughter, she couldn’t talk it through. Didn’t want to be selfish in anyway, so just hope he’ll notice but he doesn’t. And one day she just leave with a note of all her daughter needs. “& maybe saying where/ how long is she leaving” like “ i needed a break for couple days” i hope you understand what i’m trying to say 🙊 Y/A doesn’t have to leave the house, you can resolve it in any other way, like jimin finding her crying. Or shifting her behavior, or him waking up not finding her in bed/house. Idk you can just choose whatever. 

Genre: Family / Drama.

-Come on Minah, hurry!- Jimin’s voice was heard through your house and then the giggles of Minah coming running from her room to the living room where his father was waiting for her.

You saw it all from your spot in front of the TV, you didn’t know exactly what was happening but you could imagine. Jimin was dressed like he was going out but he hadn’t told you anything and then there came Minah running to you, she was wearing pink pants, sneakers and a white shirt.

-You forgot your jacket- Jimin laughed and she giggled running back to her room to fetch the jacket.

-Are you going out?- you asked making Jimin look at you and then stepped closer to where you were, he leaned down and kissed your lips.

-Yes, just for a little while-

You nodded, bitting your lip as you saw your daughter trotting back. -I’m ready daddy!- she squealed going directly to Jimin who patted her head. 

-Let’s go-

-Wait- you cleared your throat. -Where are you going?-

-For ice cream!- Minah cheered making Jimin laugh.

-We will get some ice cream, want us to bring you some?-

You sighed, fighting the feeling of hurt that spread around your chest, it wasn’t the first time this happened but as each time you couldn’t help it, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do or say anything either. 

-No, it’s ok-

-Really?- Jimin insisted as Minah pulled his hand to hurry him. 

Sighing again you smiled the best you could. -Strawberry and chocolate chips-

Jimin nodded and threw you a kiss. -See you later Y/N!-

You turned off the TV, standing to go to your room and look for some work to do to occupy your head with something, you felt selfish with your current thoughts, but was it so wrong to want to be part of the moment? You also wanted to make great memories and have fun. It wasn’t that you didn’t want ice cream, it was that you wanted to be there and eat it together, but Jimin and Minah were recently doing everything just the two of them, you liked how happy they were, but then you also wanted to be a part of it.

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Conor Maynard Imagine - Practicing (SMUT)

You had thought that, when that day came, you would be on seventh heaven. When you first told your parents that you wanted to pursue the acting career in London, they had tried to convince you to do otherwise. Trying to make a living out of acting in such a talented city like London was a long shot. But you were determined.

And in fact, after a little less than a year of failed auditions and poorly-paid advertisement roles, your all time longed dream finally knocked at your door.

You thought that getting the leading role in a film that would be translated into too many languages for you to remember was going to have you balling on cloud nine, and to make you happy. But you weren’t so sure about the last part.

“Y/N, calm down little one, it’s gonna be alright” Conor assured you as he stood up in the middle of your living room, watching you pace back and forth “You’re an actress, you know what you’re doing, you can do this”

You sighed “The truth is, Conor, that I really don’t fucking know”

You had met Conor on set a few months after moving to London. You had just finished filming some crappy, awkward TV advert, when you accidentally invaded his dressing room. He saw your disgusted face, and your relationship started from there.

At first, it had just been faint attraction. You met up a couple of times after that day, and he turned out to be quite the funny, nice lad you had always doubted you would meet in such an intimidating city. You saw nothing special about him, nothing hot, nothing to fall for.

Until that one day. Conor was one of your very few friends at that time, your only guy friend for that matter. All your other friends were far too pretty and love-successful for you to go and wine about your last failed Tinder date. And so you magically appeared on Conor’s doorstep one night, asking for a friend you could vent to. He happily let you in, held you for the rest of the night, and made sure your heart recovered.

Little did he know that your heart had recovered because it started beating again. But this time it was for him.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never hooked up with anybody” he said, making you stop on your tracks. This was definetly a conversation you didn’t want to have with him.

You gave him a look, and no more words were needed “I didn’t know you were…” he started, visibly too embarrassed to finish.

“Shrug it off” you said “It’s not really a big deal for me. It’s just that I didn’t want my first time to be with someone I don’t know, let alone him” you complained.

It turned out that your first big movie role happened to involve sexual intercourse. You weren’t sure if acting out the scene really meant doing it, or just faking it. But you had signed up a contract. The director had insisted many times, and you constanly told him that you were okay with doing whatever was needed for the scene. It was your very first oportunity to be someone out there, and you weren’t going to waste it because of a 2 minute scene in bed.

Conor raised an eyebrow “What’s the matter with him?”

“I’ve been doing some reseach on this co-star of mine and…” you sighed again, running a hand through your hair “Let’s say he’s quite big headed”

Conor nodded “I get it” he said, getting closer to you as he opened his arms for you to give him a hug. And so you did, burrying your face on the crook of his neck, inhaling his strong yet mangneting scent “Is there anything I can do?” he asked softly.

You shook your head gently. You had to face the music, and there was no going back. You had gotten yourself into that situation. At least you hoped it would turn out to be worthy.

“I have an idea” Conor suddenly spoke “I’ve got a friend, Ryan, who used to be an actor here in London” you popped your head up to look at him, an eyebrow raised. Where was he going with this? “I once accompained him to shoot some scenes, and one of them happened to be a sex scene, right?” you nodded, not really sure what he was implying.

“I know how they’re filmed, and I know what each person does because I heard the director giving instructions and tips” he said, and it instantly clicked on your mind “I don’t think it’ll be much different from what you have to do. So, only if you want, we can practice a little”

Your heart suddenly started racing. Practicing a sex scene? With Conor? Was this one of your all time wet dreams or something?

You gulped “You don’t have to do this” you said, scared to even look at him in the eye.

You felt his hands on your upper waist, feeling firmer each second that passed. Were you going mad? “Hey, I want to” he said, looking you in the eye in a way you had never seen before. He looked much more…mysterious. 

“Okay, fine” you gave in as your right hand went to rub your eye “We can do it now if you want to”

You led him to your bedroom, a place where he had been too many times, but not like that. It felt weird and exciting at the same time. Once you opened the bed, Conor started taking his shirt off. You didn’t realize you had been staring. 

“I think we should keep our underwear, though” he laughed as he unbuckled his pants. You gave him a small smile as you started unbottoning your shirt, not really sure what in the world you were doing.

Once you both had stripped down to your underwear, you got inside the covers as Conor sat slowly next to you. You could tell he was flustered “Did…did the script say what position you were in?” he asked, visibly uncomfortable. You didn’t blame him. 

“Yeah…um…the guy would be on top” you said awkwardly “It’s an average looking sex scene, nothing too luxurious”

Conor let out a small chuckle “Right” he said as he slowly got under the covers beisdes you “You sure you want to do this?” he asked once again “I’m not going to hurt you, if you want me to stop just say it”

You nodded, unexpectidly feeling more relaxed. The thought of Conor being on top of you was too irresistible for your mind to handle. But you should act normally. He only saw you as a friend, he had no interest in you at all. And your role for the day was to pretend you didn’t feel the slightlest tingle when he touched you, either.

He slowly positioned himself on top you, resting his body weight on his hands, which were pressed down on the bed right at your sides. You felt so exposed, so vulnerable to have him right above you, both of you half naked.

“You alright?” he asked you as he sensed the tension.

“Yeah, I just…feel quite weird in this…situation” you lauged nervously. Conor smiled softly at you as one of his hands went to your cheek. You froze. What-what was he doing?

“Relax, it’s just me” he said softly, looking at you in the kindest way you had ever seen him “Okay, tell me how the scene goes”

You nodded, trying to mentally go back to the script “Right so, we enter the room making out heavily and stuff, and he pulls me down the bed…in this position, more or less” he nodded, so you continued “Um…then we keep kissing and he starts undressing me and I start undressing him”

“We’ve already reached that part” he laughed.

You smiled up at him “After that he whispers something in my ear - I don’t really remember what - and he starts kissing my neck slowly until…well, you know what comes next” you laughed nervously again.

“Seems quite easy” he said “What exactly are you most nervous about?”

“I guess I just don’t feel comfortable enough with the idea of someone I don’t know kissing me and touching me in those ways” you said, and suddenly Conor’s mind flooded with images of you being touched by another man, and he started boiling. What the hell was wrong with him? Since when did he get so protective of anyone? “Plus, I’ve never slept with anyone, so I wouldn’t know what to do”

“And you think you would be more comfortable if you knew how it felt beforehand” he stated. You nodded. That was exactly what you needed “Okay, let’s do it then”

He adjusted himself again, and so did you “Remember to stop me whenever you want”

“Okay” you whispered as you felt Conor’s breath on your neck already.

He rubbed his nose against your skin for a few seconds, and you immediately closed your eyes. He was so gentle, your back was already almost arched. Then, he slowly started to plant a few kissed behind your ear, as one of his hands steadily held your waist.

Your hand instinctively went to the back of his neck, massaging swiftly the hair on his lower head. His lips suddenly parted aways, and he wasn’t giving you small kisses anymore. Slowly, he started making out with your neck in such a passionate way that you felt a sudden ache between your legs. What was going on with you?

Your other hand found Conor’s arm gripping at your waist, and you held it for support. His make-out session eventually stopped, and he lifted himself up again a little to look at you “Did you like that?” he asked, and you nodded. It wasn’t weird anymore. Now, you just wanted more.

He then planted a sweet, unexpected kiss on your lips before leaning in again, repeating his past actions on your mouth. You felt so damn good. You didn’t even suspect he was such a good kisser, the way his lips moved on yours making you hungry for more. 

You tangled both of your arms around his neck as he placed his hands at the back of your now arched back, making sure he wouldn’t crush you. His tongue slipped in inside your mouth, exploring every inch slowly. You felt his hands on your lower waist, and his impressive bulge on your stomach, and you couldn’t supress a low moan. 

It wasn’t until that little cry left your mouth than you realized you weren’t practicing anymore. You wanted him, all of him, and you didn’t want that moment to end. Your body had never felt so damn good, and it was all because of him. 

Suddenly, you felt his hand reach the hook of your bra, and you instinctively held your breath. He noticed, stopping abruptly “Shit, I’m…” he mumbled, the hot, passionate bubble that you had created now being long gone “I don’t know what to say” he said, visibly embarrassed. 

But you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him “Con” you whispered softly, your hand suddenly travelling to his cheek. You caressed it caringly as he leaned in into your touch.

He looked at you again, the same loving smile than before plastered on his face. You guided his head lower until your lips met again, more sweetly this time. He held you again as you felt smaller and smaller under his touch, so protected and loved.

“Are you sure you want this, Y/N?” he whispered, his lips barely leaving yours.

You nodded softly, drawing his lips back to yours again. His hand then went again to your back and slowly unclasped your bra. He trailed a few kisses down your neck, removing your bra slowly as he cupped your breast on his mouth. Your hands went to the back of his head, pulling him closer.

“Conor” you breathed out steamily “What…what am I to you?” you managed to ask, not sure at all what you were after that moment. 

He kept on sucking at your nipples for a few seconds before he released his lips from your skin. He kissed you “I…I like you a lot, Y/N” he said, and you could tell he was flustered “I care a lot about you, you…you are my little one”

You smiled up at him, recalling how cute he looked when he called you by your nickname. You felt so special, so loved, so close to him “I like you a lot too” you chuckled slightly. 

He kissed you, smiling as he did so. Your hands slowly travelled to the waistband of his boxers, eager to finally pull them down. You were scared, but at the same time, it was Conor the one taking care of you. You knew you were going to be alright, safe.

He helped you out, pulling his underwear down as he watched your face turn more and more scared. He almost felt bad, but he knew he’d take good care of you. Not long afterwards, your panties also flew to the other side of the room. You were completely naked. 

“Are you on the pill?” he asked you softly.

You nodded as you felt the time coming. You felt so wet already, a burning pain tingling between your legs. He kissed you one last time before you felt the tip of his member teasing you at your entrance. You unconsciously opened your legs wider.

He locked your lips with his as he slowly entered you, making you flinch at the sudden sensation. His hand went to your face as he whispered calming things into your ear “It’s fine, Y/N” he breathed out “You’re fine”

When he was finally inside you, you found it hard to breath normally. He was huge, and you were so tight, little moans repeatedly escaped your mouth “Conor…” you whimpered.

He started moving up and down slowly in such swift moves, you immediately felt the pain stopping. Instead, it was replaced by a weird sensation. It was pleasing, it was filling you in but not completely, and you suddenly felt the urge to reach the top. 

He moved faster every time, and before you knew it, you were a moaning mess. He kept groaning into your neck as he rapidly slid in and out of you, holding you tight as he did so. You had never felt so good, and it was driving you crazy.

“Oh god, Conor” you whimpered, digging your fingernails on his back “I feel so close…” 

“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned, and you thought it was the sexiest thing you had ever  heard from him. Just a few moments later, you screamed in pleasure as he filled you in, riding you out of climax, as you dug your nails on his back even deeper. 

Eventually, he moaned loudly just like you had done ealier, and you couldn’t believe that you, of all the people, had made him feel such things. Maybe it was time you stopped understimating yourself.

He pulled out of you, leaving an empty sensation. He lied down next to you, still holding you at your waist, as he planted a few kisses on your forehead “That was amazing, Y/N” he said, and you felt yourself blushing.

You kissed his forehead “Stop being so cute” you said as you felt his thumb rubbing your side softly. 

He planted a small kiss on your jaw “Thanks for caring for me so much” you mumbled softly, almost without thinking.

He kissed you again as he cupped your cheek with his big hand, and you felt like you would get used to it. Used to waking up next to him everyday, taking care of him forever “Thank you for being the best thing I’ve ever had, little one”

JIBcon 8 || My experience with Jared Padalecki (or The Story Of How I Died And Ascended To Heaven)

All right, I’ll try to explain how things went with Jared at JIBcon: get ready for a veeeery long post.

(tl;dr I didn’t think I could love him even more, but apparently it was possible and he’s a giant puppy made of sunshine who just loves to cuddle people)

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