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On Millennials:

Our parents were kids when
JFK and Martin Luther King were shot.
They grew up when everything was changing and then
suddenly it wasn’t and it was all
stereos and Dallas,
like dragging a corpse around a party
and getting a sequel. 

In elementary school, 
we saw 9/11 on our 
family’s tv screens. 
We didn’t really understand it, 
but both mom and dad came to
pick us up from school that day.

In middle school,
the housing market crashed. 
Suddenly we’d go to a friend’s house and
their dad would be home in the middle of the
day. People’s parents started getting divorced.
We thought our parents might too, when they
fought about money and each other and nothing. 
They called it the Great Recession,
and we only saw the black and white picture from our history textbook of
sad-looking people dressed in rags, waiting in line for bread.
We weren’t waiting in line for bread,
but our friends started swapping clothes instead of
going to the mall. Some people moved–
We didn’t really understand it. 

In high school,
they taught us about climate change. 
We found out that it existed and that 
we were to blame for it in the same breath,
the children of the millennium a thick layer of
plastics that should have been recycled on top of a 
mountain of garbage and dog shit. 
We were told the planet is dying, and
we didn’t really understand it. 
We tried to get our parents to start a compost heap,
but they didn’t go for it.
One girl always tried to kill herself.

In college, 
innocent students got murdered,
innocent elementary school kids got murdered,
innocent people got murdered,
and some old white guys wouldn’t let us get rid of 
assault rifles. And they won. 
In college,
we learned that we are powerless, and
we walked quickly past the guy asking us to 
sign a petition about water or 
corruption or financial aid or whatever,
because we were going to be late for class.
In college,
we learned that no one else has ever had to
pay this much to go here, and that no one 
else has ever gotten so little reward for doing it. 
We didn’t, and we still don’t really understand it.

We’re breaking ourselves off into
a million mosaic directions and leaving bits of us in our
Instagrams, in our internships. 
We’re tired, always tired, and 
we’re never doing enough. We’re the first
generation of human beings to grow up with
laptops, iPods, cell phones. 
We don’t know what that means, and 
neither does anybody else. In two hundred years,
they’ll look at pictures of us in a history book,
and laugh. The desperate confusion in the backs of our pupils,
the memes, the trance music. They’ll laugh, even if they
don’t really understand us. 

Caught : Conor Maynard Smut


(I changed it up a lil bit srry)

You and your boyfriend Conor were staying at his parents house in Brighton for the week. All of his family were lovely, you got on really well with his little sister Anna, his parents adored you and you and Jack knew each other really well considering you almost saw him everyday back in London.

You had been staying at Conor’s family home for 6 days now and you were really enjoying it. It was a Sunday now and you and your boyfriend Conor were laying in his bed watching TV. His parents were downstairs preparing a roast dinner for you all and Jack and Anna were in their bedrooms.

As you cuddled into Conor, you noticed how cold you were considering you were only wearing pyjama shorts and a t shirt. Conor was only wearing boxers so he wasn’t much warmer.

“Aren’t you cold?” You asked Conor, shifting around a bit to try and get warm.

“A bit. Why? Are you?” He asked, looking down at you.

He looked so gorgeous. His brown hair looked so fluffy as he hadn’t bothered to style it today and you loved it.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Conor spoke again, his lips flicking up into a smirk.

“Like what?” You replied.

“I don’t know, you looked turned on, babe.” He laughed.

“You just look really attractive today.” You told him, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

“Oh, why? Do I normally look ugly?” He chuckled, grabbing your hips a moving him onto on his lap.

“Shut up, you know what I mean.” You rolled your eyes and placed your hands flat on his bare chest.

“Come here.” Conor mumbled.

You leaned forward, pressing your lips to his again. The kiss was slow and passionate, you could feel Conor smiling. As the kiss went on, it started to get faster and more heated. Conor started getting desperate and his hands travelled down to your bum.

Totally forgetting that his family were also in the house, you began to rock your hips against his, making him groan.

“Y/N,” He warned. “Stop.”

You ignored him as he went back to kissing you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and grinded against his member, feeling him getting hard already. Conor held in a moan but you felt his hands go up the bottom of your shorts, feeling his fingers against your bare skin.

“Con,” You breathed out, your lips going to his neck.

“You’re going to pay for being such a fucking tease.” Conor growled as he pushed you off him and pinned you onto the bed.

You lost your breath as Conor pulled your shorts down within seconds - your underwear was soon gone too. Conor kissed up your thighs, making you squirm as you watched.

“Aw, babe, look how wet you are. All for me.” He smirked, suddenly putting his lips against your core.

Your hands went to his fluffy hair, lightly gripping as he licked in and out of you. His tongue worked wonders against you and you accidentally let out a moan.

“Ssh, Y/N, my parents are downstairs,” Conor laughed, replacing his mouth with his fingers as he worked against your clit. “Does that turn you on? Me getting you off like this whilst me family are in the house?”

His words were too much and your hands grabbed onto the white sheet you were laying on.

Suddenly, Conor’s door flew open and he quickly moved so he was laying next to you, putting the duvet over you both. Jack walked in, a piece of toast in his hand.

“Morning.” He said to you both. You were trying to catch your breath back without Jack noticing. Conor had a grin on his face, finding the situation amusing.

“What’s up?” Conor asked Jack.

“I need to use your camera, bro. Left mine at home.” Jack told him, walking over to Conor’s filming equipment.

You felt Conor’s hand wonder down your body and you immediately knew what he was planning. You panicked, you knew Conor was going to try and get you off with Jack in the room whether you liked it or not. If you were being honest, it kind of did turn you on.

Conor pushed his middle finger into you and you breathed in, squeezing onto the duvet trying not to squirm. It felt amazing, the way Conor’s fingers felt inside of you was something you loved. The pleasure he gave you - that boy was talented.

“Where is it?” Jack asked, searching around Conor’s equipment.

“It might be in the drawer.” Conor replied, adding another finger as you bit down on your lip, trying to hold back your moans.

“Oh, I’ve found it.” Jack said and you were so happy, knowing he was about to leave the room. “Wait, the battery is dead.”

“The spares are by my bag.” Conor told him, a slight laugh coming out of his mouth.

When Conor added another finger - now totalling to 3 - the pleasure was too much. Your legs started to shake and you accidentally let out a small moan.

“What’s funny? Y/N are you alright?” Jack asked, noticing both Conor’s laugh and your moan.

You couldn’t reply. As Conor continued to move his fingers in and out of you, you tried to nod at Jack but it didn’t really work.

Jack’s eyes flickered from you, to Conor, to you, back to Conor and then back to you.

“What the- Bro are you fingering her right now?” Jack asked, his eyes narrowing in disgust.

Conor just laughed uncontrollably. But you ignored them, your high was just seconds away and Conor was still touching you, edging you closer and closer.

Your moaned into the duvet, pulling it over your face, not wanting Jack to see you having an orgasm. Your walls tightened around Conor’s fingers as you reached your high, the feeling so intense and amazing.

“That’s my girl.” Conor laughed.

“Oh my god- Did she just? What the fuck, you two are disgusting!” Jack groaned as he walked straight out the door.

“Fucking hell.” You breathed out, moving the duvet so it was no longer on you. Your temperature had definitely increased now.

“You alright, babe?” Conor asked, licking his lips.

“I can’t believe you just made me orgasm in front of your younger brother.” You shook your head at him.

“Relax! He probably loved it, bet he’s having a wank over you right now.” Conor laughed, making you look at him in disgust.

That new blue shirt

Insp. by the shirt Alec is wearing in the new promo photos and @sadlyamundane forcing me, here’s some shitty fanfic

Alec was laying on the couch waiting for Magnus to get home. He had spent the majority of the day fighting with Maryse about how many hours he was spending on patrol. Although she refused to admit it, he thought it was just her punishing him for embarrassing the family with his relationship. He desperately wanted Magnus to come back from whatever he was doing to help him calm down and forget about it.
An hour later Alec heard a portal open at the other end of the house. He turned off the tv and pushed himself off the couch. As he walked into the kitchen he saw Magnus was making himself a drink. He walked up behind him and wove his arms around Magnus’ waist.
“Think you could make two of those?” Alec asked.
“Rough day Alexander? You don’t usually drink before 5.”
“Maryse thinks I need to spend more time on patrol, and still won’t let me do anything for Jace.”
Magnus turned around and grabbed Alec’s hands. He looked up and they held each other’s eyes. “You look worn out dear. I think you need a distraction.”
Alec smiled and looked down at their linked hands. “I can think of a few ways you could help distract me.”
“As much as I’d enjoy what you’re implying, I had something else in mind.” Magnus said while laughing. He wasn’t used to Alec being so forward. It was probably because of his long day and refusal to take breaks for himself. “Come on, I have some things I need to pick up, and I have a place that I think would make you feel better.” Magnus pulled away and walked towards his bedroom. “I’ll need to change but then I can conjure up a portal for us.”
After a few minutes Magnus returned wearing a gorgeous purple shirt with a leather jacket over the top. Alec was glad that Magnus was preoccupied with the portal and didn’t notice his obvious staring. The portal opened with a flash that pulled Alec’s attention away from his beautiful boyfriend. He felt Magnus grab his hand and saw him turn back and wink before pulling him through the magical doorway.

The mall was not Alec’s idea of a fun time. His outfit consisted mostly of black tee shirts and tank tops. He owned a single dress shirt that Izzy had bought for him for some occasion because he needed to look “civilized”. It had been years since he had been shopping. The last time he stepped foot in a mall he had been watching a vampire who had been acting suspicious. “You’re kidding.”
“Come on Alexander. We’ve got people to see and things to do.”
Every store that they passed looked full of teenagers. He knew this trip was meant to make him feel better, but walking around Mundanes was just filling him with a confusing mix of anger and jealousy. These kids never woke up wondering if they would be killed in a fight, or if one of their friends would be attacked by demons. They certainly never had a parabatai leave them.
Magnus seemed to notice the way Alec kept staring at the people in the shops. “I hope you’re not scouting for a younger man, it’d be tragic if I had to leave you here without a way back to the city.” He said in a coy tone. Alec smiled in return, but stayed silent. They kept walking until they reached a store with no name on the front. It didn’t even have a logo, as if it wasn’t actually a store, just a place where the doors had been left open accidentally.
As Alec looked around he noticed that all of the mundanes were avoiding it, and he couldn’t see any people actually inside. “Magnus what is this place?” He asked wearily.
“It’s my favorite store. Pity they moved locations, the one in the states was much more convenient.”
“Wait, where are we?”
“Pay attention Alexander, we’re at my favorite store.” He seemed to be intentionally avoiding Alec’s questions as he walked into the store. Alec didn’t have much choice other than to follow, but he was growing slightly concerned about why Magnus wouldn’t answer his questions.
Once inside, it became obvious that the room had been enchanted. The ceilings went up at least five stories, with racks of clothing floating precariously next to walkways. The store still seemed rather empty, with only the occasional customer walking above them, and no one else on the ground level. Alec was drawn to a rack of shirts towards the center of the floor. He knew he should be staying with Magnus, so as not to get lost in this place, but he couldn’t get over the strange pull that came from this rack. The colors ranged from dark red to lime green to violet. Every color imaginable appeared to be on display. Alec started sifting through, trying to decide which color he liked best. He had never been one for shopping, but for some reason he was enjoying this. Once he had selected a couple shirts from this rack he moved to the next.
Before he realized it he had gotten too many shirts to carry. He looked around for Magnus, and saw his bright colored hair a couple yards away. He felt somewhat embarrassed to have grabbed so many things, but he thought that of all people Magnus wouldn’t judge him. When he approached, Magnus turned, looked at all the clothes he had picked out and smiled. “Okay, great! You can try them all on in the dressing rooms, I’ll show you where they are.” Magnus said.
He led Alec to the dressing room and helped hang all of the clothes. He pushed Alec in and shut the curtains. “I’ll be sitting out here if you need me. Make sure to show me any clothes you like, gotta make sure they get my stamp of approval.” Alec rolled his eyes at that, as if he hadn’t been dressing himself for his entire life.
The first shirt he tried on had a stunning pattern, but it didn’t fit right around his arms. The sleeves kept bunching on weird ways. Next he tried a pair of pants, which were a little too tight for his liking. After going through a couple more outfits, and experiencing similar issues, he tried on a blue button up. The sleeves were pre-rolled, so they showed off his muscles nicely. The pattern was interesting, but not distracting. He looked through the other items he’d chosen, trying to find a pair of pants to complete the outfit. He settled on a pair of jeans similar to the ones he already owned, but less worn out looking. Looking in the mirror, he couldn’t help but smile. He so rarely dressed to impress others, and yet in this moment he wanted desperately to impress Magnus.
When he opened the curtains he saw Magnus sitting, talking to an employee about something. As Alec came out (haha, no pun intended), Magnus turned to look at him. Never in their relationship had Alec felt like he had genuinely surprised Magnus, but the look he received was a mixture of pure shock. For a couple seconds, the glamour on his eyes dropped and Alec saw his cat eyes sparkling. He would never admit it to anyone else, but he loved Magnus’ real eyes. The way they caught the light made Alec blush. “Are you going to say something or just keep staring?” Alec asked.
“Do you want me to stop? I was enjoying the view.” Magnus responded. “You look very handsome Alexander. Although, I do wish you’d turn around so I could see the rest of you.” The shocked expression faded and was quickly replaced by Magnus’ mischievous smile. He walked up and pushed Alec back into the dressing room.
Magnus pulled Alec up against him and whispered into his ear. “I’ve never seen you look so beautiful.” Magnus pulled him into a kiss. Alec felt a tingling up his spine as Magnus sent little sparks of magic through him. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, as Magnus quickly pulled away. “You should find a couple more outfits before we leave.” And then he backed out of the room, leaving Alec blushing and confused.
Alec chose three more shirts and another pair of pants. When he came out (haha, no pun intended again), Magnus was no where to be seen. He wandered back out to the main floor and found Magnus by the exit. “What are you doing? Don’t we have to pay still?”
“Oh no, I took care of it, the owner owes me a favor.” He turned and started walking back towards the way they’d entered the mall.
“Will you tell me where we are now?” Alec asked.
“Oh, some where in Arkansas, I always forget the name of the town.”
“You took me to Arkansas for shopping?”
“No, I took you to Arkansas because you needed a break, and no one in their right mind would assume I’d taken you here. Getting to see you all dressed up was simply a bonus.” Magnus smiled up at him and Alec couldn’t help but appreciate how thoughtful his boyfriend was. He felt much better than he had just an hour before.
Magnus opened a portal to go back to his loft, and they left somewhere, Arkansas, behind. When they returned there was already food set out for them, sitting on a candle lit table. “What’s this?” Alec asked.
“Just a little surprise. Thought you could use some good food.”
They ate dinner and then moved to the couch to watch a movie. Alec fell asleep with his head resting on Magnus’ chest.

The end. I wrote this instead of an English essay.

Okay so...

This is one of my favorite Ziam moments:

The fact that they even kept this in the video is still surprising to me. Anyway, what I love about it is how nonchalant it is; Zayn looks perfectly content to have Liam on his lap and is untroubled even when Liam starts acting silly for the camera. It just looks like an every day thing. 

However, what made this moment better/worse for me was when I saw this:

It is clearly from the same day/place (SNL) though I don’t know if this was before or after the previous gif. Once again Liam is being silly for the camera while Zayn could care less (talking or warming up) in the background. From this moment we can see that there is a TV on the wall. 

Now looking back at this moment:

I used to not be sure if Zayn was talking to someone out of frame but now I’m fairly certain he was just watching TV. Though its quick, it also looks like Liam’s head is tilted up in the direction of the screen before he turns to the camera. So…they were just casually sitting like this while watching TV. Pardon my language but that is some cute domestic shit. 

I don’t know why I love it but I do. 

*not my gifs

When I get too wrapped up in theories and the anxiety of moving the plot forward, I take a deep breath and the Sherlock Gang appears to me in a big shining ball of gay light and they say, “BE A PART OF MAKING HISTORY!” and, “IT’S TELEVISION HISTORY!” and “INSANE WISH FUFILLMENT!” and, “GROUNDBREAKING!” and “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!” and I emerge powerful and confident and even gayer than before.

Tired nights

Originally posted by baekhoee

This is a lovely taekook fluff scenario submitted by @fukaitawagoto

Description: Jungkook had a long day, or should i say year. He cant sleep and decides to spend the nigh watching some TV on the living room where he finds his hyung curled up in a blanket.

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Nursey Week: Tomorrow

Nursey Week Day Five: Tomorrow

Pairing: Nursey/Tater

Rating: Gen

Warnings: None


He wasn’t even sure what kind of picture he made, really, if anyone walked in and saw him right then.  Curled up on the new sofa, the TV blaring some BBC show, a blanket wrapped round his body, showing only his face, and the one arm which was slowly bringing chocolate after chocolate into his mouth.

He had one box already empty, the other spread across his lap with little pockets full of half-eaten ones with the nasty filling he wasn’t going to finish.  His stomach was starting to protest at all the sugar, but he didn’t give a fuck.

It was Thursday, it was the 14th, it was Valentine’s Day.

It was also his birthday.

And it’s not like everyone forgot, it was just he got the same answer he got every year.  “Man, I have plans that night.  We should totally celebrate your birthday tomorrow.”

And it wasn’t like he wanted to begrudge his friends a night out with their sweetheart.  Or that tomorrow was really ever a big deal.  But every year he had his small, existential crisis realising that no matter what, no matter how long he lived, or even who he ended up with, the Lover’s Day was probably going to take priority.  He might meet someone who understood, and accepted his birthday, but the obligation would always be there.  He’d be giving a gift as he received his own.

He would always have to share.

Such a stupid thing to be bitter about, really.  He tried not to give a shit about his birthday.  Why put so much emphasis on something so ordinary as being born.  People did it every day.

But as chill as he said he was, it still hurt.

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Noel, are you jealous you’re not in the opening?“
Fisher: Actually, I think Mickey is just off camera…watching everybody. He’s such a perv.
Monaghan: And he’s probably stashed a gun in the toilet, like in The Godfather!
Fisher: All sex scenes are kind of odd, but it makes it a lot easier being buddies with Cam.
Monaghan: And, hey, it’s our job. Sexuality is a big part of our characters, so we have to shoot a lot of lewd, crazy s–t.
Fisher: The day after our show airs, I’ll get texts and calls from friends going, "So, I saw a whole lotta you last night!”
Monaghan: But Noel and I give each other enough crap when we film that stuff that we’re already prepared for public reaction. [Laughs] What we say to each other is a lot worse than anything anyone can ever say to us!
—  TV Insider
Astra meets Lena Luthor

Kara: Well, Aunt Astra, she’s my girlfriend.
Lena: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kara told me a lot about you and …
Astra: Hey, wait a minute. I know you.
Lena: Seriously?
Astra: Well, I may be new on Earth, but Brave One and Smiling One …
Kara: Alex and Maggie, Aunt Astra.
Astra: They have taught me television. I saw you the other day.
Lena: Oh, yes. Surely it was in that press release when …
Astra: You are Morgana Pendragon.
Lena: Emm… No, my name is…
Astra: And on another occasion, a sea monster devoured you.
Lena: * sigh *

Spoiling you

Pairing: Zico x Reader.
Genre: Fluff
Requested by anonymous:  Fluffy zico taking care of you after finals
Comments: Sorry for taking so long;; hope you’ll like this short scenario!

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

You were relaxing at home in your bed, distracting yourself with the tv after experiencing the most stressful weeks of school; finals. They were finally over and today was your first free day and it felt like something was missing. Your phone vibrated on your bed meaning you had a call, you checked the name on the display before answering, you smiled when you saw the caller was your boyfriend Jiho.

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Song stuck in my head: Arboles de la barranca, Candy perreo and Spring Day.
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When I created this blog: Eh … in 2013 …?
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Do you ask me regularly? What?
Why I chose my URL: By my nickname of my candy love, since at that time I had thought to upload only drawings related to it.
Genre: Of everything.
Favorite color: Purple, Red, Black
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Lucky number: 7, 20 and 21
Favorite characters: Ugh, too many, took hours writing about them xd.
Dream work: illustrator and graphic animator
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

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People who haven’t seen this yet should definitely give it a watch, This is Jay Park and Loco’s (Featuring Ugly Duck & Gray) FULL SET from SMTM4.

I’m so mad that MNET butchered this. If you compare this to what they showed on TV, it’s like night and day, they COMPLETELY cut out the first few stages/songs! they didn’t even show a slight glimpse of them. COMPLETELY edited out! can you believe that? Atleast with the other teams you saw a bit of every stage, but with AOMG they just went wild with the editing and it’s a shame since this performance was so good. Alot of people think this is the best stage of all the 4 teams. The crowd is so hype, Everyone was feeling it.


1. LOCO - High (just the beat without rapping)
2. LOCO - High remix (feat. CJAMM & Jay Park)
3. LOCO - No More (Feat. Crush)
4. Jay Park - On It 
5. Jay Park - Want it <— Everything until this point was cut out from the tv broadcast.
6. Jay Park - MY (Unreleased)
7. Jay Park - MOMMAE (Feat. Ugly Duck)
8. LOCO - No Manners (Feat. GRAY)

anonymous asked:

Hey, I saw you streamed your writing the other day... I wasnt able to watch but I was wondering if you could tell me how you do that; do you just show your screen? Facecam? Do you play something while you write? Do you involve the watchers, or is it just there for us to watch? :) I've never known someone to stream their writing and I think that's super cool!!!

Well, I use a website called Picarto.TV, and I have a program installed that streams my screen. I put my writing on 1/3 of the screen, and a Netflix or other tab for TV and Movies on the other 2/3′s and I take recommendations for movies and shows and watch them while I write as well as with you because I can stream the shows and the volume.

I don’t do a facecam, but I could… Maybe I will next time. I do involve the watches, somewhat, I should get better at that, but I chat with all of the watchers throughout the stream and we help each other write if other watchers are writers. A lot of ideas are exchanged, and a lot of great friends are made! It’s really fun actually!

I’m really late on this bandwagon!
But I’m just gonna say this-
Kubo and the Two Strings has changed my life.
Never have I ever been so close to a movie, other than maybe Castle in the Sky. But I will not lie, this movie has affected me majorly.
From the stunning visuals to the amazing characters, and great plot…I just have been mesmerized ever since I saw it in the theater and even seeing the previews on TV on the hot summer days where I was home alone. And it sounds dumb but I even have two bracelets I always wear, one black one and one white one (I’ll take a picture) from like when I was 8.
About those bracelets? My grandpa gave them to me. And I don’t know if you guys remember but that Kubo edit from
ages ago from the caption? Yeah well my grandpa died in January. And instead of being miserable, I did what Kubo did. He stayed strong, and he made it to the end. And yes, he was hurt. And yes, he was damaged and he couldn’t feel better on the inside (it’s kind of obvious I mean come on a twelve year old can only take so much)
But Kubo moved on forward- he accepted it, and he realized he had what he wanted. And he kept the memories. And guess what teen did the same? Me.
I know I might seem goofy or funnyish or even downright stupid. But I suffer from multiple losses and medical problems. And even as I feel like I want to give up, I think that Kubo wouldn’t.
This movie has taught me how to be me, how to stay alive in a way where suffering doesn’t hurt as bad, a way i know to help me and others. I’ve never been the same since August 19th, it’s like an eye opener.
As well as my own life, it’s encouraged my art abilities. I have produced multiple improvements in my art since I watched that movie. And as well as drawing art, I play the violin- and listening to the soundtrack and playing it by ear is something I do. And it’s like a complete game changer! I’m able to shift and do vibrato now because I decided one day I’d play along to Hanzo’s Fortress.
Finally, I’m just gonna end this with the fact that Kubo is a pure bean. Like come on, I fall for characters all the time but this boy has been my obsession for like ages now. And the sisters too! I’ve been obsessed with them since July! All of the other characters are an obsession too, and they each mean something to me all separately. Before I go on a rant about the hate this movie receives/received, I will end this. I have never watched a more beautiful movie and I have to say it really has helped me and changed me, and everything about it just puts me in awe. I wish more people were in this feeling, because it’s great. Kudos to Kubo all the way, guys.
(P.S.: I’ve started making origami now and I am planning on learning shamisen some time in my life,,,,maybe I can make the origami move and I’m magic,,,,)

Harry Styles - Surprises You On Live TV Imagine

[This one was so amazing and fun to write! Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy! ]

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So I was going down my facebook page the other day and saw this - which was slightly disturbing to me, as Red Band Society was about a bunch of kids dying in the hospital…

In Love With The Idiot

Fluffy One-Shot. High School AU. Castiel breaks his arms in a car accident. Dean visits him in the hospital, bringing him the perfect gift.

“Dean, don’t freak out, but Cas got hit by a car.”

“WHAT?!” Dean shouted, worry flooding through him. He gripped the phone even tighter. He didn’t hear Anna anymore, just white noise. The only thing he saw was a bleeding Castiel laying on top of a car with his head smashed through a window, dead. Yes, this was literally the worst case scenario. Dean was so scared, what if he just lost his best friend. They had been friends ever since the first day of high school. They were seated next to each other by the teacher and bonded over movies, TV shows, games and what not. They quickly became best friends and never left each other’s side. Castiel dead would break something inside him that would never mend again.

“Dean, he’s not dead! He just broke his arm and has some bruises, that’s all.” Anna said gently, she knew how much Castiel meant to Dean. She would do anything to have the kind of bond they have. If you don’t believe in soul mates, one look at the two of them and you would change your mind instantly.

“Oh, thank god.” Dean whispered, falling back on his bed. His knees just gave out under him, the adrenaline rush he had slowly faded. His head hurts, probably from stress.

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