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hey just wanted to let you know that there is a new gift feature on battle nets app and i wanted to know your btag, was gonna get you some overwatch loot boxes !!

I mean, if you want?

My BattleTag is no secret, I’ve shared it in the past - it’s ManiaKnight#11608.

You guys can add me if you want, but I typically only play WoW or Overwatch. I saw that there was an update but I haven’t really checked it out, yet. I thought they always had gifting, though?

Edit: Oh, God, okay… I just looked at it and everything is everywhere and the new profile system is so confusing and unnecessary. You aren’t Steam, Blizzard!

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How about RFA finding out that MC is a REALLY good dancer, life if you search up 1MILLION dance studio on YouTube, like that good of a dancer (also I headcannon that seven is also that good at dancing so if you could incorporate that also that'd be amazing <3)

1 Million ! Hyojin Choi and Yoosung Yoo are my favourites <3 I had a lot of fun with this ask and I hope you like the Seven part !


  • He’s probably stiff as a board
  • There we’re probably some events where he was required to dance
  • But they always quickly noticed that he couldn’t dance
  • So he just usually stood or sat somewhere drinking his wine
  • And there was this one festival his company supported so he had to go
  • And then a dance performance came on
  • “Wait is that MC?”
  • Well he stared at you because you we’re really really good
  • Also he didn’t knew you could move your body like that
  • You also didn’t knew that he would be there
  • And when he caught you after the performance he told you that you we’re good
  • Wait is that a smile on his face ?


  • You we’re dancing along to a song while doing housework
  • Well you had the broom in your hand and moved your body to the music
  • At one point imitated Shinee’s “Dream Girl” choreo ( Where my Kpop fans at? )
  • Well you got lost in the music that you didn’t notice Jaehee coming in
  • And she saw you moving your body
  • #spontaneoussplit
  • Well Jaehee was surprised
  • She always knew you where somewhat “fluent “ with your moves
  • Now she knew why
  • Later asked you if you had danced for long, how you had started etc.


  • His school had planned a school festival soon
  • And well he had at some point joined the dance club in hopes of getting a girlfriend
  • And kinda never left even after you two got together
  • Well the dance club planned to put on a performance at the school festival
  • And you caught him practicing with a video they took of the practice
  • But to be honest his performance wasn’t sharp enough yet
  • “ Wait Yoosung let me see”
  • You looked at the video and then recalled his moves
  • “ It’s better if you do the move like this”
  • You said and demonstrated it
  • “ Woah MC you can dance ?”
  • Well from then on you we’re his dance teacher and at some point joined the club
  • “I’m not even a student here – “
  • “ Doesn’t matter you’re good”


  • You had already remembered all his musical performances
  • And bought the musical CD
  • You liked to put it on and just dance to it
  • So you did and Zen just came in one day
  • And you just grinned at him and kept dancing
  • “ Wow I didn’t knew you could dance MC”
  • “ Shut up and just join in”
  • Well he did when his part came in and sang with all his heart
  • And you just laughed and danced with him
  • When the song ended you just sat on the floor, catched your breath and laughed
  • “ Don’t you want to join the theather and be my back up dancer ?”, Zen suggested with a smile
  • “ Me and a backup dancer ? I am a highlight Zen.” You laughed
  • Well from now on he knew he always had someone to practice his dance with


  • When surfing the net he saw a face on a Youtube thumbnail that looked awfully familiar
  • So he clicked on the video
  • Turns out you had a youtube channel with quite it’s share of subscribers where you uploaded dance covers and original choreographies
  • And wow you we’re a really good dancer
  • But so was he
  • You came home to an oddly dim lit room
  • And when you stopped in the middle of the room
  • A spotlight turned on and blinded you
  • And a figure was walking towards you
  • “ Saeyoung ? Is that you ?”
  • “ Hey MC. Do you know what this is ? “
  • “ Uhm- No ?”
  • “ Dancebattle. You and me. Now.”
  • You wondered a bit but then shrugged. Weirder things had happened.
  • “ Well if you want to be completely and utterly destroyed Saeyoung.”
  • And so you started to dance
  • And you had never seen Seven dance but he was good, probably your level
  • And so the dance battle couldn’t be decided and you settled on a tie
  • Also you now filmed videos together
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Can I request for a cute fluffy Daichi Sawamura scenario where he teaches his gf volleyball (privately) because she asked him to and while they're practicing there's a lot of chasing each other around and at the end they fall on top of each other and share a kiss? (Idk I just love those types of imagines) I hope I'm not asking for too much ><

Oh my lordy when I saw this ask I had to write it immediately I love it so much! It’s not asking too much don’t you worry! :)  

 "Why is it so hard to get it over the net?“ you look towards your boyfriend who’s smiling at you. It’s obvious that he’s happy you want to learn his sport and he’s more than willing to teach you. “I mean, you make this look so easy!”

 Daichi chuckles and walks over to your pouting self. “It takes a lot of practice so don’t worry about not getting it over. You just have to learn where to hit it on your hand. You’ll get the hang of it.” he grabs a ball from the basket next to him. “Want to try receiving now?”

 "Okay, I guess- but I still want to get it over the net later!“ you point to the other side of the court in determination.

 "And I’m sure that you will.” the captain looked at you amused, “Do you know how the stance?”

 "Kind of, but probably not the right way. I just know it from watching you.“ you bent down in how you thought you would receive the ball.

 He watched you before correcting it, placing the ball down and putting his hands on your hips to pull them down gently. "Hmm.. Spread your legs a little more.” His feet pushed yours to the side so that your stance would widen.

 A blush quickly crept onto your face hearing his words. You could have sworn you saw a ghost of a smirk play on his lips when he noticed your reddening cheeks. “Shut up..”

 He let out a laugh, “I didn’t even say anything!”

 "But I know you want to so hush!“

 He waved you off with a smile, before turning and walking farther away from you to throw for you. Before he could turn to face you, you quickly picked up a volleyball that was near your feet and threw it at his butt.

 Sawamura obviously didn’t expect it so he was quick to turn around and catch you in the act when he felt it hit him. "Hey!”

 "What? I didn’t even do anything?“ you tease, just getting out of the throwing position and quickly got back into the receiving stance.

 "Oh? Is that how we’re going to play?” an eyebrow rose and he smirks before grinning. He throws the ball he has in his hands at you but your fast to dodge it and run out  of the way.

 You hurry across to the other side of the net with a challenging smile and out of his reach. “And how exactly are we going to be playing?"  Without a warning, he runs towards you. "Oh shit!” you gasp out, and laugh before looking around and darting in a different direction.

 Of course you weren’t going to outrun him though. Daichi was faster than you, you just had to try and be smarter than him. But in a gym with limited areas to hide behind, it was tough. With him right behind you, you made a break for the basket filled with volleyballs.

 Now you were on one side while your boyfriend was on the other. “You know that you can’t get away from me, I’ll always catch you.” he teases with a smile.

 "No way!“ you announce but he pushes the cart out of the way and tries to reach you. You moved out of his grasp just in time to turn and make another run for it. You didn’t get far though, since you weren’t wearing the right shoes in the gym, you slipped. "Crap!”

 Daichi’s arms darts out and grabs you, but since you were almost to the floor, he gets pulled down with you. You hear him gasp, but he doesn’t let you hit the ground hard. Your back still makes contact with the gym floor, but in no way is it painful. Your eyes meet Daichi’s brown ones and you notice he’s on top of you.
 "Are you okay?“ he asks worriedly, hoping you aren’t hurt.

 "Yeah, I’m okay.. Are you?” the apples of your cheeks and the tips of your ears a tinged with a pink hue.

 "That’s good.“ he lets a soft sigh of relief out. "I’m fine don’t worry.” Daichi shakes his head before the corner of his mouth turns up and he leans down pressing his lips against yours. “See? I told you I’d always catch you.” he says against them before initiating another kiss, this time more heated.

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There was a video shared on Facebook yesterday that I saw that had Oreo in it. It was loaded originally by Main Coon ID and I just wanted to make sure you knew that they'd used a clip of Oreo in it.

Thanks! I saw the video, yes. Unfortunately they used Oreo’s clip without permission. In fact, it is not even Maine Coon ID page’s fault. There was a .gif made by gifak-net on Tumblr a while back. No permission was given for that either. The .gif was removed from Tumblr due to Copyright infringement. However, it had already circulated enough to be found pretty much all over the place. It’s hard at one point to keep track of everything! 

Although “The Oreo Cat © ” is under legal Copyright, meaning anything posted by us belongs to us… things will still be stolen. It’s harder when it’s in a video montage. I’ve tried to contact the mainecoonid page and ask for credit to be given, but I expect nothing will happen. 

The actual video for that clip is pretty much everywhere now. So at one point, you just need to accept the fact that once on the internet… things will be copied and just sort of take it as a form of flattery.

As taylorswift says… you’ve got to “Shake it Off” ;)