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The Way Home Chapter 1, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Blaine had freely shared that he was gay at Dalton, never thinking his parents would find out. They did, so now he was living in the park, hungry and homeless, until he met some guys having lunch while he was busking. When Burt saw the kid, he knew he had to help somehow. Homeless!Blaine.

Rated: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 44,770

I just had a great pond science class… it was twice the size it was supposed to be, but I opened it up by having all the kids sit and silently observe the pond for five minutes. I then invited them up to share something cool they saw by drawing it on a whiteboard. They partnered up and I gave each pair a net, a bucket, and a field guide and let them go wild (under adult supervision) catching whatever they could. We examined some of the most exciting specimens under the microscope (salamander and dragonfly larvae, leeches) and then talked about life cycles and the biotic index of how tolerant organisms are to pollution. It was super cool and the kids were really into it. After lunch, I’ll be teaching them archery and how to use compasses.

Love Notes

Summary: To make up for the fiasco last year with Dark Cupid, Adrien decides to do something extra special for his girlfriend. Post-reveal. Fluffy Ladynoir/Adrinette. Happy Valentines!

A/N: This is just so sugary. And kind of self-indulging really. I have no excuse for all the dumb cheesy lines here, read and prepare for cavities!

Word Count: 1.7k+

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Marinette had always been especially fond of Valentine’s Day.

There was a spark of magic in the air that seemed to favour February the fourteenth that Marinette couldn’t exactly explain.

She saw it in the happy customers of her family bakery, buying chocolates and sweets for their loved ones, in the sweethearts of her school, hands adjoined, and in the shared loving looks of her parents when they thought she wasn’t looking.

Her smile was genuine as she handed the pre-ordered cake over to the jovial man in a business suit. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sir!” she chirped.

“Why thank you, young lady.” he chuckled, taking the cake gratefully. “Seems like you have some plans for Valentine’s yourself.”

Marinette blinked. “How did you guess?”

“I can just tell, you know.”

Marinette giggled as the man winked and left the bakery, whistling happily. She hadn’t told anyone about her plans with Adrien, a moonlit evening in front of the Eiffel Tower as Ladybug and Chat Noir, and it wasn’t like they went around flaunting their relationship.

It was going to be their first Valentine’s as a couple and Marinette’s first Valentine’s with a significant other. She could barely hold back her squeals of excitement.

But it was rather embarrassing to know that she was being obvious about it. Was she being obvious? Marinette checked her reflection in the window. She couldn’t tell.

“Marinette!” It was her mother’s voice. “We can handle it from here! Go back to your room to prepare for your date with Adrien!”

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