saw this on graham norton last night and really liked the quote

Some thoughts on Hillary Clinton on The Graham Norton Show

The first thing to say is that it was a great interview - Hillary was relaxed, which was sort of amazing given the circumstances, but I think the second the audience saw the crutches, she had them in the palm of her hand. There had been a lot of “what the hell is going on?” during the day - kind of understandable given most arrived between 8am and 9am, and the interview was just over 4 hours late in starting - we’d been told nothing, just that she was delayed, and then word filtered out that she’d missed two other shows that morning, and some grumbling started, primarily a fear that she’d miss Norton too after waiting so long. But then she appeared, and it was so clear she was in discomfort and struggling to walk, and I think if the audience had been allowed to carry her to the sofa, they would have.

She’s very funny in the interview, although in general it’s pretty serious compared to the usual Norton content. Norton has a really easy going manner which sort of made the serious nature of what was being said probably easier for some expecting a more boisterous interview (the usual tone of the show) to digest, and there was a nice to and fro between them. For the most part here in the UK, she’s had sympathetic interviewers - and it was abundantly clear that Norton had read the book too - which helps a lot. She didn’t say anything that we’d not heard before during the book tour, but she seemed more casual saying it, more open. Maybe it was the painkillers for the fractured toe, or just the fact that rather like last night in the Southbank Centre, she knew from the word go that she had an audience entirely on her side - we weren’t former voters, we didn’t have any grievance, we were there because we liked her and wanted to hear her. She talked about desperately wanting to get out of going to the inauguration - which provided a delightfully funny moment when she said she “thought” the Bush seniors being in hospital was legit, and providing they don’t lose it during the edit, she says George W’s “that was some weird shit” quote about the Trump’s speech of doom and disaster. Also, she does the intro for the top of show, and bless, she had to scoot to the end of the sofa to record it because she couldn’t walk nor stand to do it.
It was a bravo performance, really. I mean, ultimately she could have messaged what had happened to her and the audience would have gone home admittedly disappointed but understanding, but she turned up - a trooper to the end - obviously in discomfort, having trouble walking, and she was magnificent. Open, funny, looked gorgeous, and once again reminding everyone what an utter loss to the world the election result last year was. This is a woman who keeps going, who gets things done, who battles on, regardless. That is an amazing thing.

The interview will air this Friday on BBC One, after the Ten O'Clock News, so usually around 10.35pm, and from what it sounded like her interview will be the first up. They’re recording the other guests on Thursday evening.

If anyone wants to ask my anything about today, or last night at the Southbank Centre, feel free, as I know I probably didn’t cover everything that well above.