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LOT fic: Mick's World

Fic: Mick’s World (AO3 Link)
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow, Flash
Pairing: mostly gen (Mick Rory/Leonard Snart main, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart but only if you really squint)

Summary: When Leonard Snart gets a hold of the Spear of Destiny, he doesn’t turn it over to the Legion of Doom to do with as they wish.

He’s a thief. He steals it for himself - and for his partner - instead.

It’s Mick Rory’s world now, and you’re all just living in it.

(rewrite of Doomworld)

A/N: I wrote this in a fit of inspiration in the space of about an hour, so…please forgive the mistakes. They may be more than usual. @oneiriad, who needs to stop giving me all these fic ideas.


Len’s humming to himself as he enters the warehouse where he stashed the guns and the diamond for the time being. His contact was as good as his word - he has a reliable location for Mick and a message out for delivery.

He has no doubt Mick will meet him at the crappy Keystone motel, despite the months since they last saw each other. They’ve always come back together, always, no matter the reason for the split.

They just need some time to cool off, that’s all.

Len smirks at the pun.

Just as he walks in, though, he sees a crackle of lightning. Red lightning, not yellow, but no one’s ever been able to fault Len’s knee-jerk instincts.

He flips on the gun, aims, and shoots in one move.

He catches the speedster from the waist down.

It’s definitely not the kid he saw earlier - an older man, about Len’s age, blond. Looks like Len just gave him an unpleasant surprise.

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kisemonroll-deactivated20150922  asked:

Hi love ♡ Can I request Scm headcanons where the mc (aka reader) gets turned into a genie for a few days and has to fulfill each god's wishes for once? :") I hope that's alright and thank you <3 Your writing is amazing!

Thanks so much for the request. This is just Teorus, Leon and Huedhaut, I’ll upload Icthys, Scorpio and Dui in the next post, these ended up being quite long so I thought I’d split it up. Huedhaut’s is my favourite, the others I really struggled with. I didn’t really know what they’d wish for :(

The king touched by your love and devotion to your god decides to grant your wish. I wish for something wonderful to happen. Always envious of the god’s abilities to grant wishes the king gives you that power for a few days. What will your god wish for, and will it be something you’re willing to grant for them?


Gods had no one to grant their wishes. There was no higher power above them peering into reflective pools to fulfil the deepest desires of their hearts. Their wishes were meaningless and that had always saddened you. But now the king had granted you the power to change that, you could grant Leon’s wishes, even if only for a limited time, like he had granted yours countless times. You looked over at him sprawled out across the bed, golden hair spread out over duck feather cushions and eyes twinkling in the light. 

Sometimes the mere sight of him would make your breath catch in your throat, he was perfect, appearance wise that was, in your opinion his personality left a lot to be desired. Though you loved him, flaws and all, with all your heart. 

“You’re awfully quiet. Usually you would be boring me to death with details of your menial job by now.” Leon smirked, although his words were cruel there was a soft edge to his tone. Letting out a sigh, you plonked yourself onto the bed next to him and Leon wasted no time in wrapping his arms around you. “How many wishes have you granted so far?” 

“Three. Hiyori wanted her date to go well. My mother wanted my father to stop working himself so hard. And my brother’s wish … he wanted his wife to finally conceive a child. They’ve been trying for years but were never successful.” You explained to him all the wishes you granted, and upon mentioning your brother’s you see a strange emotion fill his eyes. “I’ve granted all my loved one’s wishes now, all except you Leon… do … do you have a wish you want me to grant?” 

“Hmm… so thoughtful.” Leon took a strand of your hair between his fingers and played with it. He looked like he was deep in thought. You wondered what he would wish for, what could someone like Leon possible want? “Do you promise to grant it, no matter what it is? even if it affects you?” 

“You have granted so many of my wishes Leon, more than you can possibly imagine, so I promise that I’ll grant this one, no matter what it is.” You told him firmly, and that soft smile of his resurfaced. “…You better not wish for something completely ridiculous Leon, I’m trusting you here.”

“You’ve already agreed to grant any wish I could make.” Leon tilted your chin up to look at him. “You gave your brother a child. I want one.” 

“… You’re kidding right?” The look in his eye told you that he was anything but joking. You felt your body freeze, but the more you thought about it the more you realized that Leon’s wish, might have also been your own somewhere in your heart. A little boy or a little girl with bronze hair and hazel eyes filled your mind.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes then.” Leon claimed your lips with his own. “You won’t have to use any of your powers to grant this wish, I’ll have a baby in you in no time at all. Thank you _____ for always granting my wishes.” 


Hue was hard to read, every since the king had given you the power to grant wishes he had been so happy for you. He had helped you find people worthy of having their wishes granted. So far you had helped a blind man see his newborn child, aided an old lady in taking care of her terminally ill husband by quietly allowing him the dignity of a painless death and given hope to a pair of children whose parents had been stolen from them in a freak accident. You had done so much good to strangers, yet you hadn’t been able to help the most important person in the world to you. “Hue are you sure you don’t have a wish.” 

“I’ve told you already. All my wishes are granted just by you standing here by my side. There is nothing left for my heart to desire when I have you.” He told you, putting an arm around your waist. The pair of you walked down the street. Out of the blue a couple started to argue in the street. 

“Don’t leave. Please don’t. I don’t know what I’d be without you.” The man shouted at the girl, crumpling to his knees. They were making a scene, people turned to look at them, including you and Hue. “I know that you’re sick, I know that you might not have much time left, but please continue to fight this. Doctors are wrong all the time. I can’t lose you.” 

“I wish there was something I could do, but I can’t stop death can I?” You turned to look at Hue and he nodded curtly, drawing you away as the man began to cry. The rest of your day was less happy since that moment. Huedhaut appeared to be deep in thought about something, as the pair of you sat down by a lake to eat lunch, he suddenly caught your hand with his own.

“Always find me again. That’s my wish.” He finally spoke. “When you grow old and die, when you’re reborn again, always find me. Know deep in your soul that there is a man called Huedhaut with  blue hair and wise eyes that will never stop loving you. I wish for your soul to always remember me. That is what I wish for ______ . I wish never to be separated like that couple we saw earlier.” 

“Hue… is that all I can do for you? I feel like I’ve already done that. My soul, the goddess’ soul, will always remember you. That’s why we are here today.” You caught his head between your hands. “But I will grant your wish, the wish for us to reunited again when I’m reborn. It’s my wish as well.” 

“I am too lucky. To love such a soul as the one within you.” He pressed his lips against yours, He kissed you so hard and for so long that when you separated your lips were swollen and red. “Hmm… may I be greedy and ask of you two wishes?” You nodded your head. “I wish to never stop kissing you, for our lips to never have to part.” 

“I need to breathe properly Hue. I can’t grant you that one.” You giggled as he moved in for another kiss. The pair of you went onto enjoy the rest of your day, the sight of that couple from earlier still haunting you both in the darkest corners of your minds, but the knowledge that your souls would always find their way back to each other drowning out the darkness of your impending death.


Granting wishes was something you had never thought you would be able to do. You envied Teorus his job, although you loved the planetarium, the idea of having a job focused on granting the deepest desires of peoples hearts was very appealing to you, the smiles on all those faces… you had wasted no time since you got the ability. Every waking hour you had spent finding people in need and giving them the pick up they needed. It was worth all the exhaustion to see their smiles. Teorus had been concerned you were working too hard and had taken you out for a day, you had only grudgingly accepted.

“You look so happy, yet so tired. Did you get much sleep last night.” Teorus asked you, concern flickering through his jovial expression for a few moments. His arm slinked around your waste. “You are working yourself way to hard ________ . I don’t like it when you look so tired.” 

“I don’t have this power for long, so I won’t to make the best of it, that reminds me Teo, do you have a wish that you want me to grant. Gods don’t usually have anyone to grant their wishes for them, but I’m here now, is there something you want?” You asked him. He thought for a moment.

“Let me think. I haven’t really thought about it before. Before I met you - all I cared about was women and having fun. I didn’t have any proper wishes.” He took a deep breath. A few minutes pass by and still he doesn’t have a response. The pair of you head to dinner at a swanky restaurant. 

When your starters are put in front of you, and a glass of milk for Teo you noticed a man in the distance getting down on one knee. You watch him ask his girlfriend a question, will you marry me, and the delightful yes she replies with. The whole restaurant cheer, with you and Teo, as he puts a sparkling ring on her dainty finger. Teo smiled widely at the sight, thought you got the impression he was indifferent to the couple and was smiling for some other reason.

When you’re main course came out of the blue Teo clicked his fingers and time stopped where it was. “I’ve realized my wish now, can you grant it right away?” He asked.

“You already know that I will.”

“Good. I wish for you to say yes.” say yes to what? Teorus saw your confusion. “I want you to say yes, but before I ask the question?” 

He couldn't be, no? 

“Yes.” You mumbled.

Teorus leapt up from his seat and took you into his arms, forgetting himself he quietly let you go again quickly falling to his knees and clicking a sparkling ring into his hand. “I wish for you to marry me. You’ve already said yes, but I’ll ask you a second time. Marry me _______ .” 

“Yes Teo. I’ll marry you.” You grinned. The pair of you spent the rest of dinner talking about your upcoming wedding and the declaration you would make to bot the heavens and to the earth of your undying love for eachother.

Request - BTS react to someone touching you

Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jungkook angsty detailed reaction to a man touching you inappropriately ~ requested by the cutie, hello-btsfangirl

A/n: im so sorry this literally took so long. I had it written for a while now but i kept coming back to reread and edit things! sorry again cutie i hope you like it!

song rec: Giriboy // Take Care of You 

WARNING: contains triggering subjects such as drinking, weight loss, physical and verbal abuse, prescription drug abuse, stalking, and attempted kidnapping. Please don’t read if you’re sensitive to these things.

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jungle girl pt 3//ch

A/N: thanks for the awesome responses so far guys! find part 1 here / part 2

“How much farther is it?” Calum was whining again. Although I found it cute at first I could feel my patience wearing thin. I reminded myself that I walked much farther distances than he probably did, so I should give him a break. “Y/N please,” he continued, tugging on my hand, “I’m so sweaty, can we stop for a minute?”

“No need,” I turned around with a smile, “we’re almost there.” 


I stopped walking and I smiled as I heard Calum come beside me and gasp, taking in the scene before him. We were at the edge of a small precipice, vines hanging down creating a green curtain. The sound of a babbling river echoed through the rocks that surrounded us, but it could be seen. At least not from here. I took a few steps back and took a deep breath. 

“What are you doing?” Calum asked, standing to the side and watching me in confusion. But I just gave him a mischievous smile before running and letting myself fly off the edge, a small shriek escaping my lips as I grabbed hold on one of the vines and swung across to the other side to another rock ledge jutted out. Once I was close enough I kicked my legs up and let go, landing gracefully on my feet. I brushed the curls out of my face as I turned around, still buzzing with exhilaration. 

“Your turn!” I yelled, chuckling at his horrified expression. 

“No fucking way!” he yelled back, crossing his arms. 

“You don’t have to jump like I did, you can reach out and grab a vine instead and swing from there!” 

“What if I fall?” He crept to the edge and looked at the daunting fall below.

“You won’t.” I said simply. 

I knew he could do it, my sister has done it many times since she was 8, so I knew a grown man could do it easily. It looked like Calum was muttering, but I was too far away to hear what he said, but he reached out and took hold of a vine and copied my earlier actions. He stood a few feet back, then ran and jumped off the edge yelling like I did, except there was fear in his voice opposed to the excitement in mine. I saw him get closer and closer and right before he need to jump I yelled.

“Jump! Now!” 

He let go and his body came flying into me in a crash landing, but I steadied him with my hands around his torso, waiting until he caught his breath. He was breathing kind of heavy, and when he looked up I noticed how close we were standing. His eyes were bright and his smile was wide, but when he noticed our distance - or lack thereof - his smile became shy. I felt my cheeks heat up and I instantly let go of him. 

“I..uh….sorry” I mumbled, looking down. Why did he have this effect on me? I felt giddy but nervous, and like I never wanted him out of my sight. 

“Don’t be, that was awesome!” I snapped my head up to see him with a huge grin and he was bouncing up and down on his toes, “Where to next?” 

Instead of saying anything I turned and walked through a crevice in the rock, slowing as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. My steps were silent but Calum’s were loud and clumsy, echoing against wet walls. I felt his hands touch my back lightly before gripping onto my shoulders, and without thinking I moved my hands over his. In a moment we saw the light at the end of the small tunnel and I dropped my hands from his. I stepped to the side of the exit and watched as Calum stepped into my world. 

He wandered forwards, taking in the small waterfall trickling down a rock face into a small spring. The lush trees and plants filled with fruits and flowers, birds nesting and singing beautiful songs. Calum turned around to look at and I bushed as he caught me staring at him. “How did you find this place?” he gasped, still in awe of my mini paradise. 

“I happened to come across it long ago when I was looking for water, and I’ve been coming ever since” I replied softly. 

“Beautiful” he whispered, and I turned to him to find him staring at me, a small smile on his face. 

I felt my heart beat faster as he approached me, reaching out his hand, and when I took it he pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around me. I froze at first, but I relaxed as his strong arms held me tight, and I slowly returned the hug, resting my head on his chest and feeling tingly and nervous as I heard his heart beating as quickly as mine. There was no way he felt the same way around me as I did around him, I was a girl with a wild heart and a wild spirit who lived in the jungle, and he probably lived life in luxury. And my heart sunk a little as he pulled away, but only enough that he could look into my eyes. I saw something in his eyes I didn’t recognize, but they were soft and curious, gazing at my nose, my eyes, my cheeks……my lips. Calum brushed the stray hair out of my face with his fingertips, barely touching me but it felt like he left a trail of fire on my skin. He wrapped his hand around the back of my head, cradling it gently and tentatively leaning into me. Looking back and forth between my lips and my eyes, he silently checked to see if he could advance. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I nodded ever so slightly and that’s all he needed to close the gap between us. His lips were soft against mine, skimming over them once before fully capturing them. The kiss was innocent and sweet, but I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest and that my legs would give in at any second. But his other arm was still wrapped tightly around me, and I all but melted into his touch. Calum pulled away (too soon for my liking) and I saw a spark in his eyes. It was different than the one I saw earlier. He looked at me the way Kai looks at Nia. I felt my cheeks heat up and I looked away, suddenly shy. 

Calum was still looking at me intently, smiling as he mumbled, “Wow.”

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