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Frozen Watermelon Yoghurt

Paring: Steve Rogers/Reader

Tags: fluff, gender neutral pronouns, gender not specified for reader, reader is a nurse, hurt!Steve (end of CA:TWS)

Summary: Reader is a nurse taking care of Captain America after the helecarriers come crashing down. They’re totally not into him. Not a bit, nuh-uh.

Word Count: 1,307

Posting Date:  2016-05-22

Current Date: 2017-05-11

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A/N: One simple request, one long ficcy became the result ^-^ hehehe here’s some Kuromahi fluff for you guys, thanks for the prompt nonnie, this is the tickle fic style of Kuro and Mahiru sharing their first kiss~

I already started writing this somewhere last week, @tickly-writing and @ticklyfandoms even saw previews, and then… nothing.. :’D it took me longer than I thought it would. Guyss, my life is getting busier, my speed-writers spirit and originality are fading.. Help. *drowns*

Summary: Mahiru is totally shocked when Kuro decides to confess his love for him out of the blue. Of course no one would believe a straightforward and random confession like that, but Kuro is very serious and is determined to show him… even if it needs him to be playful<3

Word Count: 1580

“I love you.” Whaaaat? Mahiru dropped the meat bun he was just about to put in the microwave, and he gaped at his Servamp who stood by his side.

“Y-you I e-eh w-w-what..?!” Mahiru blushed and stared at him with his mouth wide open in shock. 

“I love you. I just realized that,” Kuro mumbled dryly. No hint of shyness, nor embarrassment from confessing so out of the blue. Kuro seemed to be totally fine, but Mahiru had never been this flustered before. The Servamp had just picked the most random moment of all random moments to confess his feelings in such a straightforward way, how was he supposed to take him seriously?

“You m-must be mistaken! You’re a vampire! D-do you even realize what you’re saying?” Mahiru sputtered while he bent down to pick up his meat bun, just to distract himself from this crazy situation. Kuro simply remained at his side and followed his every movement.

“I do realize. And vampires can love too.” Mahiru dropped his supposed snack again when Kuro stepped towards him, and he darted across the room. 

“You're crazy!” Mahiru squeaked, his heart racing when Kuro slowly chased after him, hands tucked in his pockets and looking as bored as he always did.

“Crazy about you, yes.” Mahiru’s heart made a jump. Kuro saying this kind of shit. Kuro confessing his feelings so bluntly. It couldn’t be. He was joking, he was joking!

He had probably noticed the way the Eve’s cheeks flushed red whenever they sat close to each other. How Mahiru had developed an unhealthy crush on his vampire friend, roommate and partner who never showed any kind of emotional reaction to their interactions. And now this?! He was most likely fooling with him!

Running across the room again, Mahiru just grabbed the door handle to his room to escape the awkwardness, when Kuro lazily wrapped his arms around him from behind, embracing him.

“Nooooho let go of me!” Mahiru freaked out, excited and panicked of being this close to him, and he struggled to escape the vampire’s grip.

“What should I do to make you believe me? Kiss you?” Kuro mumbled in his ear, and he gently cupped Mahiru’s cheek to turn his face sideways so he could meet his lips. Mahiru blushed and, immediately turned away to avoid Kuro’s smoochy lips.

“No! Noohhoho Kuro!” Mahiru giggled when Kuro ended up smooching him all over his ear and cheek.

“That t-tickles Kuro hehe stop it!” Mahiru gave a hard tug and managed to break free from his embrace, wiping his ear and cheek with his arm and blushing in embarrassment.

“It tickles?” A mischievous glint appeared in Kuro’s eyes, and Mahiru shuddered and staggered backwards into his room.

“What should I do to make you believe me hm?” Kuro repeated slowly and teasingly, the question more directed at himself than at Mahiru. Like a predator, he approached the flustered Eve who backed away until his legs hit his bed and he fell down on top of the soft bed sheets.

“N-no Kuro please! Alright, you love me okay? It’s a crazy joke but - aaahahah nono I mean - waaahhh!” Mahiru curled up and burst out in a squeaky giggle fit. Kuro was looming over him and grabbing both his sides, squeezing and fingers wiggling experimentally.

“A joke? You take someone’s feelings so lightly huh? This is what you get for it,” Kuro said calmly, and he climbed on the bed as well so he could reach the little human-ball that was Mahiru. Hugging his knees, Mahiru tried to hide his body from his crush who was determined to tickle the hell out of him.

“GYaahaha n-no you’re the one who – eeeepp not thehehere! Kurooo!” he squealed when Kuro searched around for spots to tickle, firmly squeezing his sides and ribs.

Kuro smirked when he managed to wriggle his hand between Mahiru’s knees and stomach so he could claw at the sensitive flesh through his shirt.

Mahiru gasped loudly and uncurled his body again, and Kuro immediately took this chance to sit on his legs and used both hands to spider-tickle him all over his stomach and sides.

“Eeehehehe plah-please ahaha!” With his body uncurled and trapped, Mahiru felt so exposed and vulnerable, and he helplessy wrapped his arms around his stomach, letting out loud and hysterical belly laughs when Kuro drilled his fingers mercilessly in his sides. Mahiru felt his entire body jerk at the sensations, and he gasped for air while laughter kept forcing itself out of him.

“I never knew my human’s this ticklish,” Kuro said. His human. Mahiru died inside, and so did his body when new ticklish sensations shot through all of his body starting at his lower back where Kuro had started to scratch him ticklishly.

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