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-alright so you two had a baby together a few years into your marriage
-you had a girl and you had named her mina for no other reason than it just sounded pretty
-mina was just a sweetheart, she was three and a half years old and overall just a really good child
-most of her features were yours but what definitely made her yoosung’s child were her bright amethyst hues and her smile that were both exactly the same as her father’s
-both you and yoosung took turns taking care of her but most of the time you were the one watching over her since you worked from home a lot but overall it was pretty even
-you never imagined you’d have to leave yoosung and mina alone but the job you worked required you to be out of town for a few days so you asked yoosung if he could watch her for a few days
-yoosung immediately said yes and shut down his clinic to be able to fully watch over her
-yoosung was a good dad and you trusted he would be able to handle things well so you just kissed both him and mina goodbye and left for your trip
-you had left while mina was taking a nap so when she woke up cranky and searching for you yoosung immediacy panicked
-despite the fact mina was a good well-behaved child, she had her tantrums every now and then like every other toddler. but hers were a fresh new level of hell
-yoosung knew she wouldn’t be happy to find out you had left especially in her state of post-nap crankiness so he did everything he could to keep her distracted from your sudden disappearance
-“where’s momma?”
-“aHA,, mina look at these cool pictures of cats i helped at the clinic the other day!!”
-she completely ignored your absence throughout the entirety of the first day you left because of yoosung’s constant distractions but it truly set in for her when you weren’t there to kiss her goodnight
-yoosung was at the foot of her bed reading her a story and when he looked up to check on her after she didn’t have anymore cute commentary on the plot of the story he saw the silent tears streaming down her face and yoosung was just like: oH NO
-mina then started full on sobbing while searching around the house for you with yoosung running after her trying to calm her down but nothing worked
-after she tuckered herself while continuing to cry yoosung called you and asked to video chat because mina was not calming down even after some of his most desperate attempts to soothe her
-when she saw you on the tiny screen she immediately lit up but she was still letting out a few sniffles here and there
-you two talked for a while with mina pressed up against yoosung’s chest as she held up his phone so both of them could show up on the small box on the side of the screen
-mina suddenly fell asleep out of nowhere and yoosung embarrassingly apologized for disturbing you so late at night but you just laughed it off and told him you were expecting her to find out you were gone sooner or later
-the first day may have been rough but the next few days that you were gone were a lot smoother with mina only crying twice, both of those times being at her spilling over her food/juice all over herself (what a poor baby she’s extremely clumsy just like her dad)
-after you came back home both of your babies were so happy to see you
-you’re not sure who cried harder, yoosung or mina
-you’re glad to be back with your small little family, where everything is always soft and warm and inviting.

-so you two put off having a baby for a while because of his career and just how quickly it was blossoming forth
-but one night you two hadn’t been so careful while having sex and ended up with a baby nine months later
-it was a baby boy that you had named taemin for no reason. really, it was just the first name zen said when he was holding him in his arms
-life while having to take care of a child as well as working and attending zen’s shows was a little hectic but you always made it work
-as time passed and taemin grew, things got a little easier and both you and zen were able to fully indulge yourself in your life together without having to worry about a newborn baby anymore as much
-taemin was now four years old and you wanted a night to yourself
-don’t get it wrong, you loved your boys a lot but one of your friends had invited you to her bachelorette weekend party and you couldn’t resist not going
-zen was on a small hiatus due to you requesting him to take a small break to rest after enduring a few small accidents in a few different musicals here and there
-since he was on this small break you already knew he would be taking care of taemin
-now taemin was a good kid. not only that but he was also beautiful, (he was the spitting image of zen as a child, beautiful white locks and all)
-but despite him being a good kid he could get a bit cranky and hard to control at times
-usually he would be casually outgoing and friendly but other times he would be biting at your arm or screaming at the top of his lungs because you said no to ice cream
-he was a little demon to deal with at time but you and zen loved him to death
-you were worried about taemin acting out on zen while you were gone because taemin was a big momma’s boy who tended to be more comfortable around you for no other reason other than that he just was
-nonetheless you packed your bags and left your two boys to fend for themselves while you took a small break for yourself
-taemin and zen were there to send you off when you went into the airport so taemin knew you were going to be gone
-everything was fine on the car ride back home but the moment both zen and taemin walked into the house taemin started sniffling quietly asking when you would come back while rubbing at his watery eyes in an attempt to hide his tears
-zen immediately felt himself go into protective mode after seeing his little boy cry and offered to take him to the park to get some fish shaped bread or ice cream
-taemin immediately lit up and the two went off to spend their afternoon in a park, eating junk food zen wouldn’t ever dream of eating on his own accord but wouldn’t mind doing so to make his son happy
-the next few nights you were gone went pretty well, with taemin and zen bonding over random television shows and zen’s musical talents
-(zen would probably never admit it but he beyond p y s c h e d when taemin told him he he wanted to possibly take after him in the future in the musical industry)
-despite the fact things went pretty well, taemin had little fits here and there over things like zen dropping his toys or him missing you late at night
-you returned home around 6 am and despite the fact you were beyond exhausted you were excited to see zen and taemin because even though you had fun you missed them the entire time
-you had tried your best to return quietly but taemin was already up and about and was now crying while tackling your legs and telling you how much he missed you
-a few moments later zen came out to do the same
-you were more than tired and a little bit delirious but you felt beyond happier to be back with your two favorite boys

-things with you and jaehee had been sweet and lovely for the most part
-you two ran the cafe together for a few years before deciding it was time to add another family member to the mix of your small little household
-you decided on adopting from a local orphanage because of jaehee’s fear of you or her getting hurt from carrying a donor’s baby
-it was a long process but you both got accepted and not too long after adopted a boy around the age of three named jinsoo
-at first he was very quiet and shy, so much so you and jaehee couldn’t get a single word out of him most of the time which made you both a little sadder than you’d like to admit but you understood that it would take time to build a relationship
-over the course of a year and few months jinsoo went from a shy boy who could never speak a single word to a talkative and imaginative child both you and jaehee loved beyond words
-he was always helping around the cafe or drawing pictures for both of you
-your little family was sweet and you were happy to be raising such a good and healthy child with the love of your life
-you never planned on going to visit your family without jaehee and jinsoo at your side but there was an emergency that required your attention as well as help so you reluctantly had to leave them both to go handle it
-though jaehee was a little sad at your sudden disappearance she would be able to make it work
-both of you never admitted it but jinsoo seemed to be more fond of you than jaehee
-it made you a little sad but you also understood why he would feel closer to you since you were the one who coaxed him out of his shell
-in the first day of your absence jinsoo seemed crankier than usual waking up
-jaehee ignored this and just worked around his stubbornness to get ready to go to the cafe
-jinsoo was sitting on the couch watching some random cartoon while jaehee made herself a cup of coffee
-jaehee put on her shoes and called for jinsoo to put on his own since it was time to go
-he walked towards the kitchen table and tippy tied to look up on it only to frown a little
-“where’s breakfast mama?”
-oh shoot
-shoot shoot shoot
-it suddenly hit jaehee that you were the one who usually made him breakfast
-jaehee felt embarrassment and shame practically radiate off her as she took off her shoes and went into the kitchen to pour jinsoo some cereal
-“mama, momma(you) usually makes me omurice that have a ketchup smiley face.”
-despite the fact it was absolutely precious that you took the time and effort to put smiley faces on jinsoo’s breakfast everyday jaehee still felt her soul leave her body
-she couldn’t cook to save her life!!
-sure she could bake and make drinks but that was completely different!
-jaehee made a poor excuse for omurice that jinsoo begrudgingly ate with a forced smile
-the entire day at the cafe jinsoo looked a little more down than usual
-so much so that some regular customers kept asking him if he was feeling alright
-during jaehee’s rushed lunch break she asked him about it
-jinsoo turned a bright red and twiddled with his fingers before opening his mouth to speak
-“momma(again, you) usually brings me coloring books and my 3DS and snacks to play with and eat while she’s busy. but she told me never to tell you because you’d get maybe mad.”
-jaehee felt her soul leave her body for probably the fortieth time that day, she was feeling like a failure of a parent!!
-throughout the rest of the day at the cafe she tried her best to entertain jinsoo like you usually did while at the same time working, and it was beyond exhausting
-she didn’t know how you did it!! she was so jealous but also proud of her lovely partner
-jinsoo and her video chatted with you later at night because he couldn’t go to sleep without you telling him some silly story you make up on spot
-the next few days were really similar to the first, jaehee just finding out more and more about you and jinsoo’s relationship, things she didn’t even know even after years of living with you both
-when you came home jaehee was beyond relieved to have someone there to support her and to be the ‘fun and cool’ parent because poor baehee was unable to fill in that role :((
-both your cute boy and cuter gal crushed you with hugs and kisses for like an entire day and you’ve never felt so loved
-you’re glad that you’re part of such a small but loving family

-okay so he wanted children, real bad
-he never really talked to you about it though because you were both still young and he wanted to live both of your younger days together just being free and having fun
-but as time passed and you both got older you were the one to bring it up hesitantly at dinner
-he immediately just: “mc, let’s go make a baby right now.”
-and you are just like: “jumin please just let me finish this fancy salad first”
-after a few tries you were pregnant and had a set of twins!
-jumin wanted the gender to be a surprise for him but what was even more surprising was just to see you holding two babies instead of just one
-he was happy but also stressed at the thought of now being in charge of two precious little girls
-he named them because you were too tired and delirious to come up with or even say the names you wanted to give them after the birth
-jumin had named them yuna and hana
-(he wouldn’t tell you why he chose those names, no matter how many times you asked and bugged him about it so you just assumed it was because they were popular girl names in south korea)
-though it was hard you and jumin managed to raise them just fine, with the help of a few nannies and sitters of course (at jumin’s request so you could have time to rest)
-they were both now three years old, almost four, and you couldn’t be happier about being their mother
-they were very well-behaved and stoic in public but very spunky and cute in the privacy and comfort of their home (just like their dad!!)
-yuna was the calmer of the two and the one that looked more like jumin, with the sameface shape and cold sharp blue eyes, except she had your smile and nose
-hana was the more excitable out of both of them, she had your eye color as well as your dimples and face shape, but had the raven locks her father possessed
-jumin never let you travel alone and you never thought about leaving him and the girls together alone but you wanted them to bond without you in the room for once
-though they were close to jumin and he loved them dearly they never had time to really talk one on one
-he even missed christmas and the girl’s birthday this year because of work!!
-they were devastated and you wanted him to make it up to them
-so you cleared your afternoon schedule and went clothes shopping by yourself, leaving jumin and the girls alone at the penthouse
-it was beyond awkward not to have you around
-yuna and hana were both big daddy’s girls but you were the one giving them that push to get close to their father
-it was beyond intimidating to have your six foot tall father just stare at you from afar without saying anything
-after a while hana was the one to propose that they put a puzzle together
-both yuna and jumin’s eyes lit up because they were so bad at other games that an activity as simple as putting a puzzle together wasn’t so easy to mess up as other games were
-it started off innocently enough, with jumin just sitting on his living room floor putting a puzzle with a picture of kittens in the basket as the final result with his daughters but then it got intense
-yuno kept getting all mad at hana for not putting certain pieces together quick enough
-poor hana was just silently dying inside while watching yuno struggle and force two pieces to go together despite the fact they obviously weren’t meant to
-at one point yuno broke two pieces by squeezing them too tightly together and hana just started crying and jumin didn’t notice until he went to put a section of the puzzle near hana and noticed all the water drops covering her section
-he looked up to see hana just smiling while tears poured down her face and his heart just immediately dropped and he was just like: what what what wha-
-yuno was the fastest to react out of both of them and shoved the puzzle of the way and hugged hana’s neck, pulling her down on top of her while letting out a little laugh
-“stop crying dummy”
-“you and dada both are killing me at puzzles”
-jumin after a moment of letting everything sink in suddenly picks up both of his daughters and spins them around
-hana is laughing
-yuno is screaming
-it was an awkward afternoon filled with apologies to having been ‘killing’ hana at puzzles and then watching disney movies until they both fell asleep
-hana was laying against jumin’s right side and yuno was leaning against jumin’s left side and he has never felt so much pride and happiness than he did in that moment
-no good meeting or good business deal or money made him as happy as just being surrounded by junk food and two sleeping girls while watching moana silently by himself, for the millionth time
-in his little moment of feeling happy and warm he fell asleep too, head lolled back against the couch while smiling
-you returned home a little late to find your little family all curled up in clearly uncomfortable positions while watching what seemed to be the rolling credits to a movie
-you let out a little snort which caused jumin to wake up immediately (light sleeper)
-he adjusted to the light surrounding him before looking you up and down and smiling softly
-he mouthed ‘my love, welcome home’ silently while gesturing you to come closer
-you did as you were told, now curling up in his lap as you tried not to disturb your girls that were happily snoozing away
-you wrapped your arms around his neck and let out a satisfied sigh
-“i’m assuming it was a good afternoon?” you questioned in a whisper as jumin slightly chuckled into your ear
-“indeed so, even better now that i’m surrounded by my favorite girls.”
-you were beyond glad, your family was healthy and happy and jumin han was still the sweetest man alive
-what more could you ask for?

-alright so you two were young and dumb for the first few years of your relationship
-he married you after like a year of dating and you couldn’t be happier
-after messing around too recklessly one night you ended up pregnant
-you were scared about how he would react but you told him anyways, not expecting him to burst into tears while sinking to his knees and then lean his head against your stomach
-after nine months of him preparing to be a father and saeran scolding both of you when catching you eating junk food the day had come
-the birthing was long and painful and you didn’t even see or hear the baby’s gender much less how many babies there really were
-you had triplets
-saeyoung was sobbing, saeran was silently crying inside, and you were just confused onto why you were now holding three babies with tufts of red hair peeking out beneath different colored blankets
-it was beyond hellish to raise three kids when saeyoung was still a child himself
-at times it felt like you were raising four kids instead of just three
-out of the three babies you had one of them was a girl and two were boys
-you had named the girl minjun, and saeyoung had name the boys seojun and jiho
-the three of them were both now four years old and you and saeyoung (as well as saeran) were beyond psyched that they could now walk and talk and do normal everyday things without your constant guidance
-it was just cute to see them communicate with each other and to see them grow and learn as time passed
-seojun and jiho were exactly like saeyoung, bright red orangish hair and honey glazed hues
-except they had your face shape and smile, something saeyoung loved beyond words
-minjun had been born with bright red hair but it mellowed out in your hair tone, except a little brighter
-she had a darker shade of eye color that was similar to saeyoung’s and she had his face shape and smile
-something that made you beyond happy
-you loved your boys a lot but at times they could be very cruel to their sister, both not including her in their games or sometimes tugging at her hair a little too hard almost always resulting in tears from her
-saeran would always jokingly ask her if he wanted him to beat them up but she always declined despite the fact all they did was mercilessly tease her
-god she was such a sweetheart
-you never left any of your family alone.
-no matter where you went or who you went with they would always be at your side or right behind you
-some may have assumed it was because you were overprotective but really it was just because you wanted to experience life with your beautiful lover and your small family as well as saeran all by your side
-you had an emergency come up that would require you to travel for a few days, except for once in their four years of life the triplets weren’t going with you, and neither was saeyoung nor saeran
-you had some very personal matters to attend to immediately and you left as quickly as you could, leaving saeyoung in charge and hoping for the best
-now, saeyoung wasn’t the best father per say
-don’t get it wrong! he was a very funny dad! and very involved in the lives of his children more than his father had ever been in his life and he was very caring and sweet, always finding a way to cheer his kids up and keep them happy
-except, he was terrible at taking firm control of different situations
-he didn’t have the heart to say no to his kids much less scold them
-most of the time it was saeran scolding him and his kids for their troublesome antics, which you were more than grateful for
-the first day you had left hadn’t been too eventful
-it was just the boys being troublesome and reckless, like usual, and minjun just minding her business playing with her dolls
-it wasn’t until jiho snatched one of her many dolls from her hands and popped its head right off with ease did things go downhill
-his deviant smile disappeared right from his face when minjun just stayed silent, tears streaming down her face as she clenched her fists together tightly
-saeyoung was in the other room, working on little toy robots here while humming a tune until a shriek snapped him out of his calm little daze
-he sprinted out into the next room to find minjun sobbing her heart out and jiho screaming at the top of his lungs as she tugged at his red locks harshly
-saeyoung broke them apart as quickly as he could while seojun watched quietly from the corner, fear quite evident in his honey hues
-after a little while minjun was being held tightly by saeran and saeyoung was comforting but also scolding jiho
-“i’m so sorry you got hurt but don’t do that minjun’s toys. i need you to stop being so cruel or else you’ll never have anyone in your life.”
-it may have been a bit harsh but jiho got the message rather quickly and looked over at minjun, who was leaning against saeran’s chest with her back.
-eyes droopy and ringed with red as she lazily glanced at her brother before looking at the ground and twiddling with her fingers
-both jiho and minjun simultaneously started crying while over to minjun, unintelligible gurgles of possible apologies erupting from their throats as the crushed their sister with a hard hug to which she somehow accepted without much trouble
-saeyoung let out a sigh of relief as saeran just watched the children make up with a soft smile
-the three of them became closer that day, to which saeyoung was forever grateful for, and  no more problems occurred for the rest of the days you were gone
-but it was still quite obvious your kids missed you
-all three of them were crankier than usual and didn’t laugh at saeyoung’s jokes as much as they did when you were here
-at one point he caught all three of them complaining about his sad attempt at making macaroni
-he was..beyond hurt
-so much so that in that moment he fell to the ground while holding his chest and spewing out some tragic macbeth lines while his kids only stared in horror, obviously gullible and distressed
-“papa! what-what we do?”
-“you-you, should’ve eaten the…macaroni..”
-if they were even remotely cranky before that they were even crankier now
-it was a pain in the ass for saeyoung to deal with now all three of their antics now that they were all close and buddy-like but he somehow made it work
-he accepted their hair pulling and kicks to the shin with a smiling face while dishing out a few scolds here and there
-he was beyond exhausted the fifth day you were gone, so much so that he didn’t even notice the kids scribbling all over your private study’s white walls
-he was just casually taking a nap until he felt saeran shaking him while scolding him
-“not to alarm you or anything, but your kids just completely ruined MC’s white walls with their… ‘art’.”
-“saeyoung! jiho, minjun, seojun, mommy’s home!”
-saeran looked up at the entrance of the bunker with a small smile while saeyoung felt his soul leave his body
-the three little bundles of nothing but pure destruction came out laughing and smiling while crushing you in hugs while saeyoung forced a smile on his face while letting out a laugh of his own, a nervous one
-you squinted your eyes at him before walking over to him, your children dangling all over your limbs as you easily took long strides
-“what’s wrong honey?” you asked, worry painting your features
-suddenly saeyoung placed both his hands on your face and pulled you in for a kiss, to which you hesitantly responded to at first before full kissing him long and hard, evidence that you had missed him quite evident in the kiss
-after a short while you pulled back, your eyes were closed and mouth slightly parted and saeyoung felt his heart curl at the sight
-you were still as beautiful as you were the first time he kissed you
-“what did you do?”
-“honey,” you stated with an icy tone as you stared at him blankly
-“what, did, you, do?” you asked once more as he fiddled with his fingers
-“i-it’s not something i did but rather your children.”
-his kids all snapped their heads to him as shock painted their faces
-their father had ratted them out! for once in his life!
-you looked at the kids dangling from your limbs and cocked your head at them, a sweet but dangerous smile pulling at your features
-“what did you guys do while mommy was gone, hm?”
-before saying anything they all started crying, not wanting to face the terror that was both your scolding and punishments for being naughty
-saeyoung put his hands together in a praying symbol while mouthing “please forgive me” over and over again
-you only found out about your white walls through saeran, because both your children and saeyoung were too petrified of you to even say anything
-it was hellish to deal with all the chaos that was this family, but you’d never give it up. you loved saeyoung’s crazy antics and your children’s even crazier antics, and saeran’s calm nature.
-it was all well-balanced and you loved it more than words could ever even begin to explain.

BTS Reaction: having to break up with their idol gf because of her entertainment rules (she can't date) [requested]

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“I don’t give a fuck about what they say. I don’t think we should break up.” he said blankly. “They can shove those rules up their ass.”

“Yoongi, it wasn’t just a suggestion they threw at me. I have to break up with you or they are going to kick me out.”

“No they won’t, trust me. I have seen other trainees get away with alot more!”

“It doesn’t matter what other trainees do, it matters what I do! You know I have gone through so much shit to get to this point and now I am finally going to debut! You know this dream means so much to me!”

“…But don’t I mean something to you? You don’t even want to fight for us! I know if this was the other way around, you would be begging me to do everything i could for us to stay together, so why aren’t you doing the same?”

“Yoongi, I am in no position to go against authority. You know this.”

He looked back at you with blank expression. The only signal of any type of emotion was him clenching his jaw. “..;Fine. I guess we are broken up then.”

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Rap Monster:


You let out a deep sigh. “Namjoon.”

“Just let me talk to them. Maybe I can convince them to let us stay together.”

You grabbed his hands, holding them tight. “Namjoon, I got lucky that I got away with a warning. I don’t want to risk getting in anymore trouble.”

He nodded at you in understanding.

“So we have to break up.” your voice cracked as you repeated that sentence.

He nodded again, feeling his lip tremble. “Ah, I get it. I had the same rules too… I don- I don’t know. I was hoping the rules would be different by now…” He looked up at you only  to see you crying. “Baby, don’t cry.” he said bringing you in to a hug.

You nestled your crying face in the crook if his neck. “Baby, its for the best.” He said softly. “You are going to do performances, and get more fans and do fan signings and be on tv and on the radio. You are going to be able to do all that because of all the work you put in and all the talent you have. You don’t need me annoying you for attention when you are going to be the biggest female idol out there.” He whispered. 

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He let out  a nervous chuckle. “Hm, I kinda expected this whole meet up to be over something different.” He tried to keep his voice up beat, but it was too hard..

“If i had it my way, it would just be another date… but i had to say this before things got anymore serious between us.” you mumbled as you played with your fingers. You couldn’t get yourself to look up at him. You knew if you did, you would probably start crying.

“Well, this doesn’t mean a complete break right? Like, we can still talk every now and then right? Maybe meet up and hang out every so often? We can still be friends right?” He asked optimistically. 

You let a heavy breath. He didn’t want to be away from you just much as you didn’t want to be away from him. It made this whole thing hurt even more. “Yeah!” you lied.

You knew you wouldn’t handle being friends with V, it would hurt too much. If he was going to be in your life, you wanted him to be a huge part of it, anything less wasn’t gonna cut it.

You snuck a peek at him. He had a frown on his face as he stared into space. He knew you were lying. He knew staying in touch wasn’t going to work, but he just wanted to have hope. 

When he caught you staring, he tried to smile. “Well my friend, I guess it is bye for now, you have practice in the morning.” he said softly.

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“I don’t see why we have to break up though.” he repeated for the fourth time. 

“Those are the rules!” 

“I know those are the rule, but there are ways around them!” He insisted.

You looked back at him through blurry vision. “Jimin, there is no way around this.”

 “They said you can’t date, but want does it mean to “date”? We can just stay the way we are, we just won’t giving each other a label! We don’t have use the labels boyfriend/girlfriend.If we are “just friends” they can’t do anything about it.” he reasoned.

“They could still kick me out…” those words quickly broke his spirit. “Fans could hate on me, attack me, they could hate on my group and reject us to the point that we disband…There is to much on the line right now Jimin, and you know that.”

He stayed quiet.

“I care for you so much Jimin, I want us to stay together, but it isn’t just me that has their dream on the line. I can’t put the rest of my members through anymore trouble just because I am being selfish. Two of my other members broke up with their boyfriends, what right do I have to go against the company?” 

Still, he was silent.

You cupped his face, gliding your thumbs over his cheeks for what would be the last time.“I don’t want to end us… but for now we can’t be the way we are.” you said in a low hush.

He leaned in for a kiss. His soft lips on yours were for what felt like only a split second before he pulled away. “…I know…” he frowned.

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It was early in the morning and he struggled to get last minute sleep as he and the rest of BTS were crammed in a van and were being driven off to a TV studio to do some performance on some show.

He couldn’t care less about the things around him, all he wanted to do was go back to sleep and return to a dream he had the night before, a dream that Y/n was in. He hadn’t seen her in months and then suddenly he had a dream about her. He didn’t realize how much he missed her until now. 

It was in his failed attempts to go back to dreamland and that he saw it. He looked out the window and saw a huge picture of Y/n. She and the rest of her band mates were plastered on a billboard advertising their next comeback.


“But I don’t want to!”

“Niether do I, but I have to” she whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks.

He wiped his own away, trying to steady his voice again.”But we’ve already been dating for a year now, why do they suddenly want us to break up?!?”

Y/n hid her face in her hands.”I never told them.” she confessed. “That is why my manager got so pissed the other day when he saw you kiss me.” 

He ran his fingers fingers through his hair. “You haven’t been kicked out, so does this mean you are on probation?” he asked in a serious tone. 

She nodded. “One more screw up and I’m out.” she said with a cracking voice. “The only reason they didn’t kick me out is because we debuted. They don’t want the rest of the girls to look bad just because I fucked up.” she sobbed.

“You didn’t fuck up. It’s just the fucked up rules that’s all.” he mumbled.

That was all he could remember as he looked at the poster of Y/n and her group. She was a beautiful as ever up on that poster. Her smile was wide as could be as she stood at the front of her group. He remembered all that times she cried to him over how stressed she was and how nervous she was over debuting. He remembered how lonely he has been without her, but seeing her up on that poster, all he could think was. “She did it!”

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“You can’t be serious?” he huffed

“He made me an example and yelled at me in front of all the other trainees… All my members hate me right now.” You sniffled, holding back your tears. “I was so scared. I thought he was going to kick me out!”

He pulled you into a hug. “It’s gonna be alright.” he whispered to you. “We’ll… Ok- we’ll just have to break up…” he sighed.

“But Kookie, I don’t want to. I really don’t.” you said into his chest, gripping on to his sweater.

“How many years have you trained?” he asked randomly

You looked up at him. “Huh?”

“How many years have you trained?” he repeated.


“And how many hours do you sleep a night because of all the practice?” 

“…Five sometimes.”

“And how long have you wanted to be an idol?”

“…For as long as I can remember.’ you answered softly.

“See, you don’t want to throw away a dream like that. You don’t want to put in all that work in for nothing.” He said with a shaky voice. “Don’t ruin your plans just for me.”

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“I knew this was all too good to be true.” He groaned.

You stayed quiet with your head hanging low.

“I should have known better.” he whispered more to himself. “I was so stupid to think that they would change the rules just because you were with me.”

“But it was worth a shot.” you whimpered as you wiped your tears away.

He brought you into a loose hug, too sad to really move his arms.

That was when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and soon the ringtone you had for your manager began to ring. You knew why he was calling so you didn’t bother to pick up the phone. “Jin… I have to go. They only gave me enough time to break up.” You said softly.

His arms tightened around you, yours tightening around him and he gave you a last kiss.

“Bye Jin.” you said as you left out the door without a second look.

“Bye Y/n.” he said, standing in an empty room and staring longingly at the door you left from.

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Silver Storm (4/?)

Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you,  and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

It’s kind of a slow chapter guys, but itll step up for the next ones!

Pairing: none so far, but Bucky x reader (eventually) , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, torture, violence, sadness

 - I wasn’t aware there was already a superhero with this name, so my character is in no way connected to  Marvels Silver Storm! *

                                                    Chapter 4

   You stare at the screen, still in shock. You begin reading off the information out loud. Tears are streaming down your face as you pull your lip between your teeth. Y/n?   Reading your name seems to strike  a nerve, a familiar sharp pain spikes through your head. A whimper leaves your lips, causing all eyes to snap to you.

“Y/n! Y/n! Y/n!” your sister, Anne, shouts as she tackles you onto the floor. A giggle escapes you and you roll around the floor encased in her arms. You look to her face, taking in her chocolate brown eyes and long brown hair. She was beaming a smile at you and laughing. You hear two other laughs in the room and see your brothers, Ryan and Kyle. They join you and your sister on the floor, all of of you laughing. You see yourself, at only 5years old, with all your older siblings loaded on you in a pile.

You break out of the memory, the tears still flowing from you.

“Y/n,” you whisper. No one says anything, they just continue looking at you. “Is my family still-”

The black widow cuts you off, “We have protection on them in case Hydra goes for them.” You nod, trying to process everything.

“How- how old am I now? What year is it?”

“It’s 2017. Physically you’re 21, but really you should be 29.”

“It’s only been 8 years?” shock apparent in your voice. It felt like decades.

“Uh guys, you might want to keep reading.” You hear Sam say. You move, facing the screen again, except new information is showing.  You read through the rest, discovering that Hydra gained you from staging a car accident. They hit your car on accident, pulled you from the wreckage, then burned the cars completely. Having an inside agent announce that your body burned completely in the accident and declaring you dead the next day to your family. You watch the videos of what they did to; the injections, the torture, and the training you went through with the Soldier. Watching the brutality and force of the soldier makes everyone cringe. You see the ashamed look on Bucky’s face. 

Originally posted by n-barnes

 You tilt his face down to yours. “That wasn’t you and I know that. Everyone knows that,” you say calmly. He nods, the guilt still present on his face. You cup his cheek with your hand and he leans into it. He blushes, sending a blush of your own across your cheeks as you realize what you’re doing.

“Alright, why don’t we get her evaluated so she can be situated somewhere more comfortable than that cell?” The scarlet Witch suggests. You look towards her and see a welcoming smile. She comes to you, standing in front of you and Bucky.

“I’m Wanda, it’s nice to meet you, y/n.” Her accent is beautiful and her tone sends a feeling of safety through you for some reason. You smile.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Wanda,” you say quietly, still shy. Bucky explains Wanda’s powers to you and how she can use them to help you with your memories. You hesitate, not wanting to expose her to disgusting memories from Hydra. But when she says she helped Bucky, you agree to her help. They rest of the team that you didn’t know introduce themselves. They all seem nice but still wary of you. I can’t blame them though, I’m a monster. Finally, Wanda and Bucky lead you to where the man that Tony hired to evaluate you is.

  Two days later.

 The Doctor that did your  evaluation cleared you, stating you show the same signs of PTSD that Bucky did when he first came to the tower. Tony was still being unfriendly to you, but Steve and Bucky assured you he’d come around. Everyone except Wanda, Steve and Bucky were nice but still distant. One of the three of them has been by your side throughout the last two days. It was refreshing to have people to talk to and laugh with. You start feeling semi normal again. Memories have appeared; ones of your siblings and more of your time in your cell with Bucky.

You’re sitting on the couch with Bucky when a new one slips through. You whimper at the pain, causing Bucky to look to you.

  You were sitting in your cell with Winter, both of you silent. An agent had just come in, telling Winter he was being sent on an important mission; something about taking down a group called SHIELD and another assassination. This target was a man named Nick Fury. They told him they would be leaving in 10 minutes and that he would be filled in on the jet. Fear set through you, the thought of him not returning played in your mind. You could tell the time was almost up. He would be leaving soon and you wouldn’t see him until the mission was over.  As he stood, so did you. You walked over to him and pulled him into a kiss. He didn’t respond at first, but after he realized what you were doing he kissed back. The kiss was slow and needy. Tears fell from your eyes as you lips move with his. You heard footsteps approaching and remove yourself from him.

Originally posted by autumnleaves-summercomesx

“Come back to me in one piece, Winter,” you whispered. He wiped a tear from your cheek.

“I will always come back to you, моя любовь (my love).” The door swung open and he left.

 You come out of the memory, tears falling from your eyes. You look up, seeing Wanda has entered the room. “Oh my God,” she whispers.

“What did you remember?” Bucky asks, tilting your face to his. He wipes the tears from your face, just like he did in the memory.

“I -I remember the last day I saw you. When you were sent to take down SHIELD.”  A sob escapes you and he pulls you to him. Wanda sits on the other side of you, placing a hand on your shoulder. You turn and hug her, surprising her and Bucky; you’ve only really shown physical affection towards him. You begin to pull away, feeling as if you crossed a line, but she wraps her arms around you before you do.

You hear her voice echo in your head. “Don’t cry, y/n. He is here with you now. You have no idea how much he loves having you here. I can feel how much he cares for you and his thoughts are very loud when he thinks of you.” You chuckle, pulling away from Wanda.

“Thank you,” you say to her. She smiles and leaves you with Bucky. You lean back into him, relaxing.

“I’m not leaving you, not again Y/n,” he says, placing kisses in your hair. You look to the window, realizing it must be late by how dark it is. You fight back a yawn but it still comes out. Exhaustion sets in, your eyelids getting heavier.

“Ready for bed, Doll?” he asks. Since getting cleared nights ago, you’ve spent the night in Bucky’s bed, curled into his side.

You both stand, and he takes your hand in his. As you enter his room, you see all the shopping bags along the back wall of his room. Tony sent Wanda and Natasha to pick you up some clothes the other day. They returned with what seemed like 100 bags filled with shirts, pants, underwear , bras, and shoes. When you thanked Tony, he just waved you off.

Bucky lets you go, going to grab pajamas for the both of you. Even though you have all these new clothes, you still chose to wear one of his shirts to bed.

“Uh Bucky, I think I’m going to take a shower,” You say, heading to the bathroom. He nods, already getting in bed. You close the door behind you and begin stripping off you day clothes. You turn the shower on and step in.  A moan escapes you at the feeling of warm water hitting your body. As you wash your hair, another memory appears.

 You were laying with Winter on the hard concrete floor of your shared cell. He had his arms around you, pulling you flush against him. You tilted his head towards you and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

“What was that for?” He asked when you pull away.

“No reason.” You leaned up, kissing him again, except this time it was heated. You bit at his bottom lip, sliding your tongue into his mouth when he moaned. Your tongues fought for dominance, and he won as he swiftly shifted your body under his. You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him against you. He kissed down your neck, then back up to your lips.

“Winter,” you moaned as his hips move against yours. His lips left your neck, moving to your ear.

“I love you, Мой солнечный свет ( my sunshine).”  You froze at his words.

“I love you, too,” you reply as you kissed him deeply.

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 You shake off the memory. When you take in your surroundings, your eyes go wide. You are still in the shower, but not alone. Your back is pressed against Bucky’s chest, his arms wrapping tightly around you. He loved me?

“Bucky what-”

“I heard your sob and something fall from the bed. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’ll g-” You turn around in his arms, your bare chest pressing against his. You look down seeing his flannel pants still on his body.

“You do know you’re still wearing pants, right?” you chuckle.

The confession in the memory replays in your mind as you run your hands up and around his neck. He looks down at you shocked.

 "Y/n, what are you -“

You lean up, barely brushing your lips against his when you are interrupted by frantic knocking.

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"Buck, is everything okay in there?” You hear Steve yell through the door. Damn it Steve.

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Hi! May I ask what's your favorite fluffiest fluff HC of Sasuke and Sakura? 🍒🍅

Omg i dont even know if i have a favorite!! I’ve got so many that I adore. I guess I could list them in no particular order:

  • Their most common affectionate gesture isn’t handholding or hugging or kissing. It’s actually touching their foreheads together. Most often, Sakura just smiles, and Sasuke closes his eyes, urging her own to slip shut too. It’s never really a prolonged thing, just the two of them touching foreheads and closing their eyes for some time, before he either kisses her or they part from each other to do whatever they were doing.
  • The first time she saw him grin, like really grin, was the day Sarada was born. It was also the first time she saw him cry happy tears (no sobbing, just silent tears and the widest smile).
  • The first time he told her he loved her was when they first made love. (She already knew he did, but she’d never heard him say it and it made her all teary.)
  • I know I’ve said it a thousand times but I’m 1000% sure they didn’t date. They fell into a relationship. The process was so slow and tentative and gentle but ugh so fluffy. Cute dorks.
  • They both blushed after their first kiss. Not that Sasuke’s face was completely flushed, but he had this little faint rosiness to his cheeks, and his ears were so, so red. It was adorable.
  • It didn’t happen too often—never unless in complete privacy—but Sakura absolutely adored when Sasuke knelt down to nuzzle her pregnant belly.
  • He never sleeps well unless he has Sakura in his arms, or wrapped around him. Her presence always chases away the darkness. 
  • He likes to run his fingers through her hair a lot, but he only does it when she’s sleeping. It takes her years to notice. 

I think i’ll stop there :)))


Credit goes to @wintermoth​ and @squirrellygirlart​ for making the wonderful gif and graphics

Please visit for more information

Hey guys, this is my official post declaring my participation in the Miraculous Ladybug Blackout, a two-week long protest against the rampant content theft that has occurred since the fandom has grown in the past few years. 

This protest is inclusive to everyone who has shared with us their ideas, their creations, etc etc. but no one is required to participate. It is perfectly all right if you choose not to take part in the blackout but please continue to support the fight against content theft. It’s not just art. Even fanfiction, gifs, etc. get stolen as well. 

Now I won’t be posting any new ML art for the next two weeks, but I do have something for you all that will serve hopefully as an educational but fun piece for you to read. It will be my first multi-chapter fic :)

Without further ado, here is Robbed, Chapter 1 (also found in AO3)


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You make me feel like...

Requested: Yes

padfootserastartsnow ha preguntado:

Can you do a Peter Pan x Reader fic with 4,5, and 6, that can either be fluff, or end in smut? (Don’t care which one it ends up being!) Thank you!

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Fandom: OUAT

Warnings: smut

Rating: smutty and fluffy

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Harry Potter Aesthetic: Luna Lovegood

She always found that the world around her moved a little too fast for her liking. As a child, she had run around perpetually, never sitting still, but when her mother died, it seemed that Luna wanted to slow down to take things in. Her mother’s death had never sunk in, not really, at least. People laughed and jeered when she said that she could see and feel spirits others could not, but it was okay - they didn’t understand that she needed the fantastic to cope with reality.

Luna Lovegood was an individual who saw the beauty in absolutely everything. It did not matter that no one ever asked her how she was doing - she took comfort in listening to others, and watching the sun rise while letting her toes play in the morning tide. One day, people would talk about her, and the grand adventures she went on - but she just hoped that the memories she made would be better than the ones she had seen in the past.

Don't Let This Be The Last Time (Philip X Reader)


It was your first day at King’s College and you didn’t know a soul. After a long first day and a load of homework, you make your way to the local coffee shop to grab your favorite drink to help you push through. “Y/N!!” The barista calls as your order is up. You grab your cup and inhale the aroma like you need it to live. You hear snickering behind you and you whirl around to catch the culprit. He was standing beside a tall table with another guy. After seeing that he was busted, he shook his head, his head full of chestnut curls bouncing around. You decide to walk over and set your cup on his table. “So, what’s so funny, Curly Sue?”

His companion doubles over with laughter. “‘Curly Sue’?!?!?!?” You smirk at the guy’s reaction but continue to stare at ‘Curly Sue’.

“Sorry, it’s just that I had never seen someone so into their coffee like that before.” He smiled.

“After the day that I have had and the load of homework I’ve got to get through, you’d be the same.”

Curly Sue’s face lit up. “You’re going to King’s College too?”

After that, Y/N and Curly Sue became the best of friends. She also found out that Curly Sue’s real name was Philip but you liked your nickname for him better. Come to find out, they both were in several classes together.


Philip’s POV

“Gah, isn’t Professor Tremblay just the worst?” I asked as I collapsed in a chair beside Y/N in the cafeteria.

“Yeah, the worst. His teaching style and my learning style soooo don’t work together.” Y/N sighed as she picked at her lunch. I could see that classes were bumming her out and I hated to see her even remotely sad.

“Say, how about after classes Friday, we hit the bar, maybe do a little karaoke?” I knew I had hit her weak spot, karaoke. I knew she couldn’t resist going out for karaoke night and it would make her happy. Y/N started bouncing in her chair, her excitement permeating the air.


Friday night came and I decided to dress up. I donned my favorite dress and boots. Just as I was finishing my hair and makeup, Philip knocked on my door. “Come on in, Curly Sue!!! Door’s open!!!” I called from my bedroom. Philip opened the door and made his way in. “I’m almost done. I’ll be right out.”

Philip’s POV

I had been in her apartment before but I had never really looked around. I was looking at some trinkets on the shelf by the door when Y/N cleared her throat to get my attention. I turned to see Y/N in whole new light. She stood there in a dress that matched her eyes and it accented her curves perfectly. I had never thought about her as more than my best friend until that moment. She was beautiful. Probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on. She walked over to me. “Philip, hello??? We gotta go or we’re gonna be late!” Y/N waved her hand in front of my face then grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. When she grabbed my hand, it sent a bombardment of sparks through my hand and arm. I had never felt this way before and it kinda scares me.


Once Philip and I arrive at the bar, I head to find us a table and Philip went to the bar to grab the first round. As I settled into my seat, a guy walked by the table. He stopped when he saw me. Holy cow, it’s George Eacker!!! “Hello, what is a beautiful girl like you doing in a place like this on her own?”

He called me beautiful…

I shake out of my revelry and reply that I was here with a friend who was grabbing our drinks. “Oh, you’re taken…” he sounds despondent.

“Oh, no, Philip is just a friend, we’re not dating.” You blush.

“Oh, well then, would you like to dance?” George extended his hand which I took and he lead me to the small dance floor in front of the stage.

Philip’s POV

After finally being able to wrangle the bartender and get our drinks, I arrived at our usual table but it was empty. I frantically look around to see if I can find Y/N. My heart sinks as I see her in his arms. George Eacker, captain of every team possible, student body president and ladies man. I had a feeling that, like every other girl on campus, Y/N had a small crush on him.

No, Y/N is my girl…she just doesn’t know it yet.

I walk over to them to try to pull Y/N away. “Hey, I got your drink.” She didn’t even hear me. So, I tap Eacker on the shoulder, “mind if I cut in?”

He looked at me like I was latest fad that he was so over, sneering down his nose. “As a matter of fact, I do. I was just about to ask Y/N if she would like to go on a date with me.” Y/N was blushing but still had that huge grin on her face, the one that made me go weak at the knees when she flashed it at me on our way over.

Next thing I know, “Yes, I would love too!!!” Y/N squealed as she jumped into his arms. My heart fell to pieces. I turned on my heel and headed for the door. As I passed the table where George’s friends sat, I heard the only thing that broke my heart even more, “Damn, he did it! Guess I owe him $30.” Now, conflicted thoughts ran through my mind as I ran back to my dorm. Do I tell her? No, because then if I tell her that I love her she’ll think that I made it up because I was jealous. But, if I don’t tell her and she finds out that I knew about the bet, she’ll never forgive me. He tugged at his curls as he paced his dorm trying to figure out what to do.

A few days later…

I hesitantly knocked on Y/N’s dorm door.

“I’ll be right there!!!” She called from inside, sounding so happy. I was hating myself for what I was about to do. She flung the door open. “Oh, Hey, Curly Sue! What’s up?”

I drag my fingers through my hair, “Hey, can we talk for a minute? I have something really important I need to tell you.” A look crossed her face, a mixture of confusion and concern.

“Sure, come on in.” She ushers me into her living room and onto her couch. “So, what’s going on?”

Okay, here I go. “I don’t think you should go out with Eacker.” Her face drew back and crinkled up.

I held up my hand as she went to speak, “Just hear me out.” She crossed her arms and ankles and glared at me with a “ok-enlighten-me” look.

“When I left the bar the other night, I overheard Eacker’s friend, Edward, say that Eacker bet him $30 that he could get the next girl who walked in to go on a date with him. I wanted to go back and tell you but, you looked so happy and I didn’t want to take that from you at that time. But, now I have seen the errors of my decision. I just know he’s gonna break your heart and I just can’t stand to see you hurt. I just want to be honest with you.”

Rage is all over Y/N’s face. “You just jealous that Eacker asked me out before you did! Get out! I never want to see you again!!!” I stand, in shock, and make my way to the door. Y/N follows me and slams the door with no goodbye. As I quietly make my way back to my dorm, trying to hold the tears back, all I can think was, well, at least I was honest with her.


I pushed what Philip had said to the back of my mind. I didn’t need to put up with his bull shit right now. I had to get ready for my date. After putting the last touches on my makeup, I hear a knocking on my door. It must be George. I take one last glance in the mirror, calling “Coming!!” as I ran for the door. I breathlessly open the door. “Hi.”

“Well, hello there.”

He escorted me to his car and drove us to the restaurant. He was a perfect gentleman to begin with. But, then, his manners started slipping and his attitude totally changed. He started making sexual comments that made me feel uncomfortable. I was fed up. Then, Philip’s words from earlier slipped to the forefront of my mind.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” I ask.

“What?” he asked as if I was boring him.

“That you and Edward bet on this date?” I scowl at him. He laughs at first but he slowly stops as anger overtakes my expression. I grab my glass of wine and throw it in his face and stomp out.

I want to go home and cry but I need to see Philip. I hail a cab and give the driver Philip’s address.

I run in my 4 inch heels up the 6 flights of stairs to Philip’s dorm. I bang on his door. “Philip, are you there?” I call through his door. No response. Then, I remember a song I had heard the other day that fit the situation perfectly. I knew he was on the other side of the door. I could feel his presence. I pressed my body to the door and began to sing the chorus.

So don’t let the last time I hurt you
Be the last time I heard you
Don’t let the last time I held you
Be the last time I felt you

Wouldn’t let you get away
If I had another day
So don’t let the last time I saw you
Be the last time
Be the last time

My voice cracked on the last line. The door flung open to reveal a tear stained face. I threw myself into his arms. “I am so sorry. I was so stupid not to believe you.” I sobbed into his shirt. Philip wrapped his arms around me and buried his nose in my hair.

“I love you.” He whispered in my ear. “I think I have been since I met you but I just realized it the other night.” He pulled away as he said the last sentence to look into my eyes.

It dawns on me that, yes, I love him too. I don’t know what I would do without him in my life. “Philip, I-I love you too, so much. It just hit me like a ton of bricks.” I clasp him tight around his neck and press my lips to his.

He pulled away and gazed into my eyes, “I’ve wanted to do that since I saw you in that dress.” I blush at his words.

“Well, Mister Hamilton, I must say,” you say in a joking snooty voice, then add in a more serious tone, “that all you had to do was ask, I have cared deeply for you for a while and when you didn’t say anything that night, I thought you wasn’t interested in me…”

Philip shook his head profusely causing his chestnut curls flying around his head. “No, total opposite, you left me speechless with how beautiful you are.”

If you wanna be tagged in future stories, just message me or drop me an ask!! I don’t bite, I promise!!!

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sequestered - five

genre: fluff // angst // secretly dating au
pairing: yoongi x reader
summary: the OG linguistics queen and the self-proclaimed photography hipster absolutely love - I mean, loathe each other
words: 2.4k

read on ao3 // previous chapters

To say that the mall was crowded would be an understatement. The two of you were practically crushed with the number of shoppers walking around the mall, unable to reach your destination for the crowd was pushing you in the general direction that was definitely not where you wanted to go. Yoongi glances at you, immediately linking his pinky with yours the moment he sees you biting your lip. You release your bottom lip the moment his skin touches yours, the contact startling you.

“We can’t exactly hold hands here — especially since your sister might be lurking, but stay close to me, alright?” He murmurs, his hot breath fanning against your ear. You nod, your pinky gripping onto his tightly.

His broad shoulders makes it easy for him to manoeuvre through the crowd, and with your pinky latched onto his, you follow him closely, occasionally bumping into him when he stops in his tracks. The scent of peppermint and pine fills your nose when you stop, comforting you. You feel him chuckle when you rest your head on his back, with him looking over his shoulder to give you a small smile.

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Happy Birthday, Elise!

It was halfway through the morning in Valla that particular day when the High Prince of Hoshido requested an audience with the Crown Prince of Nohr.

“What is all this formality, Prince Ryoma?” Xander asked as they both sat on the stone floor of an abandoned cathedral built in honor of Anankos, now in ruins. The nohrian  prince sat over the steps between the transept and the chancel as the hoshidan royal purposely put himself on the lower ground.

Ryoma wasn’t wearing his armor. He placed his Raijinto and his kodachi on his right side in respect of Prince Xander and sat formal style, showing every kind of vulnerability he found possible. After a few seconds of silence, Xander began to wonder if Ryoma had heard him at all and meant to repeat his question.

He was, however, cut off. “I have called you here in regards of the future of both of our kingdoms once this war is done and won.” Ryoma began, his voice deep and unfaltering; his eyes looking at the ground beside Xander’s feet. “Regarding ways to further strengthen the bonds between our lands and families.”

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He was hurt.

He knew checking the several different social media accounts was a bad idea.

But he did it anyways.

On every single one was pictures of her and some guy sharing a drink. His DMs were flooded with ‘are u ok’s and words of encouragement to move on. But it wasn’t that easy. He’d gotten attached to this girl, and she ended things so abruptly. They’d only been together about 3 months, but he’d gotten so smitten so quickly. They seemed to be inseparable, but that was only through the pap cameras. When they got home, she’d always pick a fight about the same thing: privacy. He knew his fans were kind of persistent when he or anyone else from 1D got a girlfriend. Her Instagram and twitter were flooded with questions, insults, and provocative statements. She put her social media on private, but that didn’t stop the tweets. She was fed up one night and walked out, never to be seen from or heard from again. Her last words to Harry that night were ‘I love you, but I can’t do this anymore’. That sentence had been running through Harrys mind for the last week.

It was a good thing he’d stocked his house with alcohol, because he sure as shit didn’t want his fans seeing him depressed and drunk every night out at bars or clubs. He knew they worried about him sometimes.

Harry wasn’t one to leave drunk voicemails, but tonight was different. He’d seen that picture of her and that guy not 12 hours earlier, and was completely shitfaced now, laying on his couch staring at the picture.

He didn’t remember much of last night, but he did know he drank enough to give him a massive hangover this morning. Not even ibuprofen and coffee could cure it this time. When he checked his phone, he saw the last app open was the phone app. Oh jeez. He’d called her 12 times. God only knows what he said to her in his voicemails that he inevitably left her. He remembered in one he left saying something about “What does that guy have to offer you that I don’t? Does he treat you half as good as I did?” He didn’t want to know the answers, nor did he want to remember anything else he’d said in those voicemails.

He didn’t talk to anyone that day. He was too embarrassed about the voicemails that he just stayed cooped up in his house all day. Drinking and stalking her Instagram. She’d really had him whipped. He finally decided to try and get his mind off it with TV, but it didn’t do much. Every little scene reminded him of her somehow. He was plastered, again, and leaving voicemails, again. This time, the voicemails were more poetic, but also had a mix of jealousy and depression about the breakup 8 days prior. “How could you move on so quickly, hm? I’m sitting here in this fucking house, by myself. Laying on YOUR side of the bed. You’re probably out with HIM living it up, not even giving a damn.” Once he hung up the phone, he threw it at the wall just under the framed picture he had taken of her on the beach. He saw the picture and just sobbed. He must’ve been sitting there for 2 hours just crying about that magical 3 months with her. He remembered the day she walked out, he’d never cried like that before.

When he finally managed to calm himself down, he sent one final voicemail. “I don’t want your body, that’s not what I miss. I hate to think about you with somebody else.” Short and sweet. With puffy eyes and tears all over his sweater, he went to bed.

The next morning, his eyes looked bloodshot. He could remember the night before a little better than that other night, so knew that he’d cried for a while. He went to the bathroom but didn’t check his phone this time. In a petty attempt to spare himself the shit he’d find on her twitter and Instagram. When he finally did pick up his phone, he had a few texts. Some from his mom and his sister asking if he was okay, and 2 from her.

Harry, you’ve got to stop calling me. We didn’t even date for very long.

Please. I’m trying to move on. You should to.

He didn’t respond to her, but he knew she’d notice he read them. He had his read receipts on, because when they dated, she turned them on, he just didn’t have the heart to turn them off again.

He was hungover, again. He drew a hot bath to try and help ease his tension in his muscles. He knew breakups made him tense and stressed. But this time it was like it was amplified. He’d been in previous relationships, but those breakups were nothing compared to this. He just wished it would all go away. He liked to see the positive things in life and not focus on the negative. But something about losing her brought out this sad, depressed side of him. He’d been wearing the same sweater since she left. It was covered in tears and small splashes of alcohol.

When he got out of the bath, he was a little less tense, but still had a headache like nothing else. He never liked to get shitfaced like that, but it was different when you were grieving. He didn’t give a fuck, frankly. And drinking seemed to distract his sober self from the pain. He looked at her texts again after putting on a clean t shirt. There was no time for buttons when you were this sad and, apparently, clumsy with your alcohol. He soon remembered that she had given him this shirt, which led to his first drink of the day.

All the sudden, he got a call. He would’ve rejected the call and sat around to mope, but it was Niall. A few days ago, he would’ve ignored the call or picked up to give some excuse as to why he couldn’t come over. But for some reason he picked up.


“Hey, Harry, how’s it been going?”

“Fine, I guess” he knew it was a lie, but was curious to see if Niall would see through it.

“I’m coming over, that didn’t sound fine. I know you’ve been depressed about her, I want to get you out of this slump, lad.” Before Harry could say no, Niall had hung up. He and Niall had stayed pretty close since the hiatus, so it was normal for every couple of days they would get together and hang out. Harry just hoped he’d be able to keep himself together for Niall’s sake. He didn’t want to unload his shit all over Niall. But when Niall finally arrived, Harry opened the door and burst into tears.

With no words, Niall came in, and gave him a big hug. He closed the door behind him with his foot so he could comfort Harry.

“I know you miss her, lad.” Harry didn’t say anything for a while, just cried.

When he finally stopped, he apologized, “I’m sorry, Niall, I didn’t mean to unload all over you, I just couldn’t hold it back” Harry sniffled, grabbing tissues from the table by the door and blowing his nose.

“That’s okay, you’ve got to let it out” They walked over to sit on the couch. Niall noticed Harry’s home was a mess. There were empty bottles scattered across the living room and clutter all over the coffee table and bookshelf.

“Harry how long did it take you to drink all this?”

“Dunno, those are from the last couple days, I just couldn’t be bothered to clean them up.” Niall sighed and started tidying up. He’d never seen Harry in such a broken state.

Once the mess of bottles and miscellaneous clutter had been picked up, Niall had an idea. “I think we should clean up anything she left behind, to help you get over this. Just seeing her stuff all the time can’t be good for your mental health, lad.” Harry just sat on the couch staring at his hands.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Harry sighed, staring at the room for a minute before getting up. While he was doing that, Niall had grabbed a box to put it all in. Harry started going around looking for things that were hers or gifts from her. There were mostly pictures of her that he’d taken. Small piles of polaroids all over the bookshelf. He grabbed them and looked through them. Almost immediately regretting it because after the first couple he felt the urge to cry again. They were pictures he’d taken of her on the beach. He wiped away the couple of rogue tears and put the pictures in the box. Niall didn’t say anything because he didn’t know what to say.

“It occurs to me that she gave me this shirt.” Harry took off the shirt and put it in the box. He walked into the bathroom to check for anything of hers. She’d left a toothbrush and a small lotion sitting on the sink that he hadn’t noticed before. He picked up the toothbrush and threw it in the garbage. He didn’t think shed want it back. He put the lotion in the box out on the coffee table and migrated to his bedroom. Most of her stuff was still here, since it had only been about 9 days since she left.

He decided to start with the closet. He opened it and saw the few shirts shed put in there for when she was over. Harry pulled them out of the closet and carefully folded them, putting them in the box. Next was the scarf hanging from the headboard. He picked it up and put it right next to the shirts. Last but not least, that picture. He thought it was the most beautiful picture he’d ever taken. He almost didn’t want to get rid of it. But he knew he had to for his mental health. He pulled it off the wall and set it on the bed. When he finally saw the empty space it left on the wall, he started crying again. He couldn’t help but feel sad seeing the last and final piece of her memory had been removed. All that was left was the hole that the nail left behind.

Niall heard Harry crying from the living room and rushed in to comfort him. When he sat down on the bed, he was careful not to sit on the picture. He didn’t say anything, just hugged Harry to his shoulder and let him cry.

“Let it out, buddy” Niall rubbed Harrys back while he cried. He’d never seen Harry this broken before, but he could see just how in love he was with this girl before they split. He was like a lovesick puppy. He would never shut up about how great she was and how lucky he was to have her in his life. It broke Niall’s heart to see his friend in such bad shape.

They must have sat like that for half an hour when Harry finally calmed down. Niall didn’t care in the slightest that literally all of Harry’s tears were on his shirt. “How about I stay for a couple days and help you through this, yeah?”

“Oh, Niall, I don’t want to burden you-,” Harry was cut off.

“It’s not even an issue, I just gotta run home and grab some stuff. I’ll take this box to her for you so you don’t have to.”

“Are you sure, Niall?”

“Yes. I don’t mind.” Niall grabbed the box of her stuff and headed down to his car.

Harry watched him walk to his car to make sure he got there okay. Niall was one to trip over his feet when he couldn’t see them directly.

Once Niall had gotten to his car safely, Harry grabbed his phone and a bottle and laid on the couch. He decided, against his better judgement, to check her Instagram one last time. Her most recent picture was one of her and that guy kissing on the same beach from the photo hung in the bedroom. Harry sighed and opened the bottle, not taking his eyes off the picture.

He didn’t know how long he’d been staring at the photo drinking, nor did he know how long Niall had been gone for. But Harry jumped when his door opened and Niall walked in with a small backpack. Harry saw it was Niall and looked back at his phone, taking another drink of the, now, half empty bottle. Niall peaked over Harry’s shoulder to see what he was doing. Niall saw the username and snatched the phone out of Harry’s hand.

“Hey! What do you think you’re fuckin doing, mate?” Harry was more startled than angry.

“You can’t keep staring at her photos. It’s not healthy.” Niall said, going to her profile and unfollowing her. He would’ve blocked her, but that wouldn’t stop him from looking, and at least unfollowing her made it harder for him to just get to her profile.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right” Harry said, looking down at the bottle in his hands.

Niall walked past Harry to sit on the couch. “I’ll take that,” Niall said, snatching the bottle out of his hands and putting it on the opposite side of the couch where Harry couldn’t get it. Harry didn’t even flinch. In fact, he barely seemed to give a damn. Niall couldn’t help but notice how detached Harry was.

“I think we should go out tonight. Not drinking, you’ve done plenty of that. But we should go bowling or to a movie or something.” Harry didn’t seem opposed to the idea.

“I think we should go bowling, anything to get my mind off this. I think I’m actually fresh out of tears.” Harry laughed, but it wasn’t super genuine.


It had been about a month since Niall stayed at Harry’s to cheer him up. Harry was certainly doing much better these days. He had even gone out in public and looked exceptionally happy over the last two weeks. He still felt a little sad he’d lost her, but he couldn’t help but think it was for the best. Tonight, he decided to go celebrate with his band. He didn’t know what they were celebrating, but Harry liked being with his band mates.

He’d been talking guitar stuff with Mitch when out of the corner of his eye he saw her. He hadn’t seen her in a month! He almost wanted to go up to her and say something, but even liquid courage couldn’t help him. He just sat and watched her from across the room.

He saw her looking through her phone absent mindedly. But Harry had noticed that same guy from the pictures a month ago walking over to her with two shots. He couldn’t help but feel jealous, but happy. Happy that she’d found a guy who would make her happy, but jealous it wasn’t him. He watched as they took the shots and gathered their things. He watched them leave and felt the urge to go after her. But he didn’t, he decided to let her go finally. It was like the universe was giving him the closure he needed to live his life again.

He sent her one final text. He made it poetic because that’s just who he was. That was evident by his tweets.

Our love has gone cold. I’m happy you’re intertwining your soul with somebody else. All the love. H xx

It was a mistake + personal updates

WHAAAT? I logged back on and there are over 1.000 of you what? I never thought that that would happen. Why should it? I am trash right? Well anyway thank you all so much. I am hopefully back now. I probably won’t post as much as in the beginning but I want to start again. I finished It now and I think Stephen King just inspired me to write again. This is probably shitty because I am quite rusty now but yeah just to get back into it. I may also post some P!atd stuff or something similar….yeah eh enjoy?

———— Titel: It was a mistake Words: 1550 Warning: eh I don’t think so Pairing: Josh Dun x reader Sum.: The one where you and Josh broke up and both of you are unhappy and after a while he finally realises he made a mistake and wants to get back with you


Your heart was aching as you stood under the shower. The hot water was hitting your body but even the sharp unpleasant feeling that the - a little too hot- water left on your skin, that slight scalding feeling still felt dull next to the ache you were feeling in your chest.

You imagined that after every fifth or sixth heartbeat it would contract so harshly that you could feel it all throughout your body.

You left the shower and got dressed. Your lunch was already packed and you left the house in a hurry. The same every day. At least for the last few weeks. It felt like a cycle you couldn’t get out of. During work you were able to forget some of your heartache but it was still undeniably there.

It went on and on like that for a few more days, your had lost track of the days. It could have been around 5 days or around 3 weeks you didn’t know. You had seen him online and on posters but you hoped to not have to see him in person so soon.

You pulled your bag open and got your lunch out. Just like every day. You were about to bite into your sandwich when Jenny approached you. “I’ve seen this enough times now! You will go eat somewhere else with me. How many weeks have you eaten sandwiches at your desk not talking to anybody. I pay, but you have to come with me!”

You wanted to say no, to stay in your own bubble and not be confronted with anything but you couldn’t. Deep down you knew that you had to change something to get better but mainly you didn’t want to cause any harsh feeling with your colleagues.

The place Jenny chose was quiet and small, it served great salads with a side of sweet potato fries that were to die for. You tucked in quietly, listening to what she was telling you about. Her family, her boyfriend, her dog, you didn’t mind as long as you didn’t have to do the talking.

You had just stuffed the last piece of lettuce in your mouth as you saw the floof of bright colored hair walking along the window of the bistro. The half chewed salad made you choke immediately as the bright coloured boy surprised you.

A wave of fear came over you. Immediately your reasonable part told you that it was stupid for you to feel that way, just because your ex was walking outside the window. It didn’t matter right, he was allowed to walk there as much as you were.
Neither of both had really done anything wrong, it just didn’t work out so why were you feeling guilty and afraid all of a sudden. Josh had passed the window a few seconds later and you slowly stopped choking. The guilty feeling lingered for a while but went away as your colleague started a new conversation. In your mind you was sure he didn’t see you, but your heart wasn’t so sure.

It was Saturday and you were glad you could sleep in. It was the first Saturday in a while, well ever since the breakup that you did not work that day. Your alarm was set for 9:30am but when you got woken up by your phone it was only 7:30am. You felt slightly disappointed, you had hoped to get more sleep for once.

When you checked your phone for the call that woke you up you didn’t recognise the number. It was not saved in your phone and you layed back down. You slowly drifted back to sleep thinking it must have been someone who just mixed up numbers or something similar.

When you woke up the next time, your phone was blinking, telling you you had messages. These again were from a number you didn’t recognise, the same number that had called you before. Maybe it was not as accidental as you had thought.

‘How are you?’
‘Ehm, it’s Josh here’
'You know’
'I called’
'I just couldn’t talk
'Please answer’
'also good morning’

You felt perplexed, why would he text you? He broke up with you and seemed so happy everywhere you saw him online. Your heart was pounding and aching while your head was so confused about how you should feel. Should you feel delighted that he messaged you first? Maybe he wanted to apologise and say that he still loved you. Or should you be angry, he made you feel like this, like shit. And now he had the audacity to text you, probably to make you feel even worse.

Before answering; you got up and wandered into your kitchen. Your dad always used to say 'If there is a problem in front of you. Drink a coffee and it will get easier.’

'Hey Josh…haven’t heard from you in while. I guess I’m fine, how about you? You sound a little stressed are you alright?’, you decided to text back hoping he would just say he thought about you and decided to say hello nothing more. Deep down you obviously wanted to talk to him. You needed him, your heart needed him and you knew, but your mind was strictly against it.

You sat down on your couch a few hours later just as your phone went off again. You wanted to check the message, maybe it was Josh again, even though it didn’t seem to be so important if he had not answered until now. Before you could even do that your phone rang, him again. This time you were quicker and he did not have the opportunity to just hang up again.

“Y/N”, his voice was raspy and you couldn’t tell if he had cried or not.
“Are you okay? You don’t sound good”, you were worried now.
“I mean….not really but I am better now that you are here”, he seemed desperate to you. And even though your head was telling get you that you should just tell him to get over it or ask someone else you couldn’t. You knew this was the excat wrong thing to actually get over your heart break but what if this would be able to get you to back together. It would make you so much more happy you just knew it.
“Why now?”, it was the only thing that made sense to ask without either sounding desperate yourself or to sound rude.
“I don’t know. I just can’t handle it anymore, I feel like my heart is being ripped out everytime I think of you. I made a mistake when I…”, he sobbed and you took advantage of his break to speak up again.
“Not over the phone. You can tell me whatever you would like over the phone,I want to hear it in person”

You two met at a quiet café on the other side of town the very next day. You did not sleep well that night but it didn’t bother you. He was on your mind all the time, you just couldn’t get over him.
He was already there, fumbling with a napkin until he saw you. He immediately got up and waved you over to him. “HiY/N”, he sounded much more nervous than you anticipated. He was probably more nervous than on your first date. You sat down opposite of him and waited for him to sit back down.

The conversation was stale at first, neither of you really wanted to talk or more likely didn’t know what about. After you third sip of coffee the conversation seemed to get going and suddenly you found yourself in being happy. Well, happier. Because of him.
“So Josh….you don’t seem as unhappy as yesterday”, there was only one answer that was playing in your head over and over again.
“Well…you are here. I knew I made a mistake as soon as I stepped out of your apartment that day. At first I just thought it was the normal heartache of a breakup but now I know that wasn’t. Breaking up with you was so stupid, because I need you. Y/N! I need you and I just can’t live without you.”, a shiver ran down your back. There was something so genuine in his eyes you couldn’t not believe him. “Josh”, you took his hand in yours and brushed over his knuckles with your fingers. “I know that feeling. I know it all to well. But-”, he did not let you finish your sentence. “Please don’t tell me you have found someone else or your don’t-”, this time you interrupted him. “No! No I have not. I just think we should take this slow. I don’t want this to end up like this again just because we couldn’t take the slow.”, you wanted him. That was for sure, and he wanted you. You were afraid that this would only make think worse, but you were determined to make it work this time. And so was he.

“Hey,” I begged him, feeling stupid again because apparently I chose the wrong timing for all of this. Apparently this was his breakdown after keeping everything to himself. “I’m sorry if it wasn’t appropriate, but please explain me what’s going on.”

“That’s not what you were thinking, Irene,” he finally said between sobbing. “In fact, I do feel the same way. I’ve loved you since the very first day when I saw you at the beach and you were so concerned because of me, the guy who you didn’t even know. Then I got to explore you better and, Irene… you’re the most amazing person in the whole world for me. I’ve often thought how lucky I am to have you. I’ve loved you all along… I was just, you see - good at hiding it, I guess.”

“But why, Milo? We agreed to share everything with each other! We would have sorted it…”

“Because I just don’t deserve to have someone like you,” Milo whispered, looking down, then at me. “You’re so great, Irene. I couldn’t even imagine anyone like me beside you for life. More than all I want you to be happy, and I often pictured you with someone bright and cheerful who will ensure you the best life possible, who can’t be compared to me, an orphan that barely has any inheritance from his grandma, struggles with depression and can let anyone beat him up in the ugliest way… without fighting. It was always breaking my heart, but I knew I’m not meant to be with you, Irene. So I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I told myself we’re just friends, we’re only friends. I could never believe that you might see me as something more.”


Pairing: Solangelo

Summary:  Nico has never felt quite right– he’s always liked pretty things and he’s always been afraid to express himself. And Will wants to fix that.

Word Count:  1,989

Warnings: unsupportive parents/brief mention of homophobia.

Memories are always just a little on the blurry side.

When Nico looks back, he’s always surprised by what seems to be the most clear and what his brain decided to smudge out. He finds that, usually, whatever it was about that particular moment that made him feel something, that’s what appears to be the most distinct in his mind’s eye.

In the second grade, he’d fallen down a flight of stairs. When he thinks about it, he sees the tile rushing up to meet him, he feels his stomach drop, he remembers lying at the bottom on his back, gasping for breath and being so in shock that for several long seconds he could not even cry.

In the seventh, he’d stood in front of one of his best friends, his hands shaking and his heart thudding like a death march, and had told him about his crush, that he liked him. He remembers watching the smile slip from his friend’s face, he remembers him taking a slow step backward. He does not remember if the other boy had uttered anything at all, but he remembers the feeling that settled in the pit of his stomach, he remembers the expression on his friend’s face.

And when he was much, much younger, before he’d even gotten past preschool, he’d sat on the bathroom sink in one of his sister’s dresses, and she’d told him, her voice deathly serious, that he had to keep absolutely still or else this wouldn’t work. But with a makeup brush dusting over his cheeks, Nico had found this nearly impossible; he’d giggled the entire time and stuck his tongue out when Bianca chided him.

Nico doesn’t remember what he’d looked like afterward, but he can only assume that it had been something akin to a clown. Bianca was, after all, only a year older than him. He seriously doubts that she’d known how to correctly apply an eighth of the stuff she was playing with.

He does, however, recall that they’d been having a pretend tea party in her room later and their father had come home to find them. He remembers jumping up and running to greet him just like he always did. And he remembers the horrified look on his father’s face, remembers him demanding that he take a bath immediately and get rid of the stuff and he remembers coming back later to find that Bianca’s cheeks were stained with tears and her telling him that they could not play dress-up anymore.

And he remembers being confused and sad. Feeling just a bit hollow because he hadn’t known what he’d done wrong.

Just a few weeks later, he’d snuck into Bianca’s room and pulled out the dress. And then he’d hauled himself up onto the bathroom sink and covered himself in his mother’s old makeup (she’d died before he was born and now Nico thinks that maybe that was why his father was so harsh), made faces and laughed at himself in the mirror. He remembers most clearly, his father looking at his older sister and uttering defeatedly, “Look what you’ve done to him.”

And it’s not just that, he thinks that maybe he could have looked past the disdain of his father if everyone else were not the same. If he didn’t get made fun of at school for playing with girl’s toys or if he hadn’t gotten strange looks at daycare when he’d delved into the girl’s dress-ups.

So, that’s what he’s thinking about, standing in the middle of JC Penny’s and staring down at a short red dress. Because he still likes pretty things. He always has. For twenty-two years, he’s adorned himself in all black–just plain t-shirts and jeans and tennis shoes–and stood in front of his bedroom mirror, never feeling quite like himself, never being confident in his appearance, and trudged out into the world despite it. Feeling sick and wrong and hating who he is. (He’s already gay, he can’t let his father down another time.)

“That’s pretty.”

He jumps and whips around so fast that he’s just a bit dizzy. It takes his eyes a few seconds to fully focus on Will’s features. He’s grinning, his head tilted to the side just slightly and his hands buried in the pockets of his jeans.

Nico’s cheeks are burning. “Oh, this?” He lifts the dress in a way that’s too jerky and stiff to be casual. He’s fighting to keep his voice level. He’s not very sure at all that he’s being even remotely successful. “I was… just wondering if Bianca might like this. You know, for Christmas.”

Will’s eyebrows dart upward, “Oh? Well, yeah… I think that she would.” There’s something in his expression. It’s too tight. Nico is almost certain that Will doesn’t believe him, that somewhere deep inside, he’s just as disgusted as his father had been all of those years ago.

He just gives him a forced smile and declares that he’ll buy it for her, then. Will doesn’t make any further comments. It’s only when they get back to their apartment that Nico realizes that the dress might not even be Bianca’s size.


Three weeks later, they’re sitting in their living room and Bianca is opening the gift. And she does love it, practically tackling Nico in a hug and declaring that he’s always had better fashion sense than anyone she knows.  And Nico is smiling, but Will knows him, and he sees that it’s just a little bit forced, that he looks away quickly at Bianca’s compliment and his jaw tightens just the slightest bit. That he looks just a little bit sad, maybe even wistful.

So, when the party has ended and everyone has cleared out, Will tells him to sit back down on the couch and then carries out a white clothing box and sits down next to him, braces his hands down on it and lets out a nervous breath. “This is your actual gift, but I didn’t want to give it to you in front of everyone because I… Well, I didn’t want to embarrass you and I’m… I’m still not even sure if I’m right about this whole thing.”

He meets Nico’s gaze. It’s troubled, he looks just as nervous as Will feels, but pulls the box from Will’s lap onto his own and slowly lifts the lid off, places it to the side. He just stares for a moment, and then reaches in, like he almost doesn’t believe it, and lifts the clothes out one by one.

First, an over-sized sweater. Cream-colored and delicately crocheted.

Second, a floral-print pencil dress with shoulderless sleeves.

Next, pastel pink skinny jeans.

And last, a simple, loose, dark gray t-shirt with maroon stripes.

Nico just sits, clutching the garments in his hands, and stares for what seems like hours.

Will’s hands are clamped together, his brows tied in a tight knot. “We can take them back… I… I just saw how you were looking at that dress the other day, Nico. And I’ve seen you look at things like that before and I just thought– but you don’t have to take them.”

When he finally looks up, Will realizes that he’s crying.

“Will, I love them.” His voice is shaky and waterlogged. When he finishes speaking, he sobs quietly, clutches the clothes tighter to his chest.

Will reaches out and urges him forward until Nico is snuggled into him, his head resting on his shoulder, and wraps his arms around him, presses his face into his hair. “What’s wrong, Nico?”

Nico laughs shakily, “Nothing. Nothing at all. I just–” He pauses to sniffle and gasp, press his face into Will’s soft shirt, “No one has ever… No one has ever told me that this is okay.”

“Of course, it’s okay, Nico. You can wear whatever you want. Be whoever you want to be. I just want you to be happy and if this is what is going to make you happy then you can sure as hell bet that I’ll be here to back you up.” He’s grinning, Nico can feel it against his scalp, and it makes him smile too.

“Thank you,” Nico whispers. It’s so quiet, almost reverent. Will has to take a few seconds to just close his eyes and breathe. Just push his fingers through Nico’s hair and listen to his shaky breaths and know that he loves him.

After several long, drawn-out moments, Will pulls back slowly and gently lifts Nico’s chin. “Do you think you’re trans? Because that’s okay too.”

Nico smiles at him, laughs because he’s relieved and elated and he can’t believe that he got someone this good to love him so much. “No. No, I just… I like pretty things.” He blushes and looks away, bites his lip.

Will grins, “Well, that’s fitting.”

Nico’s brows draw together and his lips twitch, “Why?”

“Because you’re pretty.” Will cups his face in his hands, brushes his lips over Nico’s nose and then his chin, “You’re beautiful.”

Nico is just staring now. Openly, blatantly staring. “You really think so?”

“God, yes.” He says it like he can’t understand why Nico doesn’t believe him, like it’s completely obvious and truer than daylight or wind or love itself. It makes Nico’s heart break. So he leans forward and pushes their lips together, drags Will as near to him as he can possibly be, and kisses him until they’re both a little breathless.

Will pulls away first, just so that he can nudge their noses together and murmur, “You should try them on for me.”

Nico grins and jumps up, runs off to the bathroom without any further prompting. Will can’t stop smiling, he’s never seen him this content. (And he did that, it’s the best feeling in the world.)

Nico comes out a few minutes later, having pulled on the sweater and the pants. He has his arms wrapped around himself, is almost caving inwards. He looks nervous, hopefull, biting his lip and giving Will a hesitant smile.

Will is gawking. He pushes himself up off the couch slowly and walks forward, his eyes sweeping over Nico’s form. The sweater is slipping off one of his shoulders (revealing the clear-cut and delicate line of his collarbone) and he’s made sweater paws, so Will is a little more than slightly enamored with him.

Will reaches him and takes hold of his arms gently, pulls them around himself and slips one of his own arms around Nico’s waist, cups his jaw with his other hand. Just stands and looks at him.

“Do I look okay?” Nico says. Breathlessly, like Will’s answer will change everything. And, maybe, in some ways, it would.

Will laughs, “Are you kidding?” He kisses him, soft and sweet, because he feels like he needs to. And then he trails a few more down his jaw, drops one on his neck and then two or three on his exposed shoulder, just because he can. Buries his face in the crook of Nico’s neck and holds him close, “You look fantastic.”



“I don’t think I’ll wear them in public just yet… I… I’m not ready for that but…”

Will nods–more nuzzzles against his skin–and starts tracing patterns into his shoulder blades, “Okay. Maybe… Maybe we could work up to it? You could get… like, just little things: bracelets and rings and such… Maybe even some light makeup if you want. You know, so that you feel more confident and comfortable but people won’t notice as much and then later…”

Nico feels like he might start crying again, so he just fists his hands in the fabric at the small of Will’s back and presses his face into his neck, breathes in his scent. “I love you so much, Will Solace.”

Will is getting distracted again, pressing affectionate kisses onto the side of his neck, “I love you too…”

say something, part 1

The door slams open, and Julian notices how Melissa jumps at the noise, how her breaths quicken, without even having to look at her fully. The reason for her fear stands plainly in front of them, in the shape of her abuser, who now smiles slowly and slyly at them.

“Aww, isn’t this precious?” Ian starts to circle the pair, his eyes never leaving them. Julian is sure to keep his eyes on the man, too, his arm protectively around Melissa. He can feel her heart thudding as her chest presses into his side. For her sake, he tries to remain calm, breathing deeply and evenly. He isn’t sure whether this works or not. “I thought I was going to get Melissa alone, but - oh, how much fun this is going to be!”

“What do you want, Ian?” Julian asks, somewhat surprised by his own defiance, his eyes locking with those of the man who’s terrorised the girl he loves for far too long.

“I think what I want is pretty clear, don’t you?” The villain’s eyes tear from Julian’s, focusing instead on Melissa, his lips parting to reveal his tongue between his teeth. Melissa stiffens, gasping quietly. “Still so innocent and pure,” he chuckles, moving around to be closer to the girl, “it’s so - tempting.”

“Leave her alone.” Julian moves quickly to stand in front of Melissa, holding his arm out to stop her from moving forward in some attempt to protect him.

“Oh, how sweet! You really think you’ll be able to protect her from me?” Ian’s head falls to one side, and he laughs, mocking the other. Julian clenches his hand into a fist, his jaw clenching, too.

“Jules, please,” Melissa whispers softly to him, her hand on his arm. Her touch calms him a little, and his hand relaxes, but he still keeps his arm in front of her.

“This just gets better and better, doesn’t it?” Ian seems more amused by any words that pass the pair’s lips. Melissa whimpers, her gentle touch suddenly becoming a terrified grip on Julian’s arm. “How adorable you two are. It’s almost a shame, really.”

“I won’t let you touch her,” Julian says with an air of finality, moving closer to Ian, and pushing Melissa back a little. A sound escapes her that seems to resemble a sob. Julian wants, with everything in him, to turn back and comfort her, but he knows it would be a mistake to take his eyes from Ian.

“Hm, well, I suppose I don’t have to touch her right now,” Ian reaches to his side, and Julian catches the silver glimpse of a blade. Already, he starts to think through his plan. “I can still make her suffer without touching her. And then - if you’re not around to “stop me””, he laughs on the words as though they are a joke to him, “I can do as I please to her.”

“No!” Melissa cries out suddenly, and Julian holds out his hand behind him and stops her as she rushes forward. He knows what he’s to do. Grab the handle of the blade as it strikes, turn it to Ian. If his reaction times are as up to scratch as they were when Natalie showed him - and the others - how to do this, it should work.

The silver in the corner of his eye suddenly blurs as Ian stabs it forward. Julian steps back to avoid it, and reaches for the handle - but as his fingers brush it, he’s pushed out of the way, suddenly. He stumbles, almost falls - regaining his balance just in time to see Ian’s blade plunge deep into Melissa’s stomach.

Everything freezes, in that moment. He hears her cry of agony, can’t stop focusing on the blade lodged in her stomach - he’s frozen, unable to react, for a moment. But then, at the sight of Ian’s sick, triumphant smile, he finds himself launched to her side as Ian pulls the blade out - he hears the sear of blade pulled out of flesh, and it makes him feel sick.

“Mels-” his voice breaks as he whispers her name. She exhales slowly, her eyelids fluttering - she starts to fall. He grabs hold of her, falling down with her, keeping his arms tightly around her as they reach the ground. “Oh God, Mels, no…”

His hands search her stomach desperately for the wound. When she gasps and winces, he knows he’s found it. His breaths are shaky now, and so are his hands - he notices as he applies pressure to the gaping hole in her stomach. She moans.

“H-hurts…” her breaths are small gasps now, as though she’s fighting for the air. Julian’s vision is starting to cloud with tears. Her once sweet scent of vanilla and roses has become overpowered with the rancid stench of blood. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Ian drop the blade, and leave without a moment’s thought.

“I’m sorry, love, but I have to stop the bleeding,” he tells her, gently, trying to keep his voice as even as he can. It still cracks, though - he swallows back a sob. “What did you do that for, hm?”

“H-had to pr-protect… y-you…” Melissa closes her eyes, her brow furrowing gently in pain. He can’t look away from her paling face.

“Not at the cost of your own life, sweetheart…” the words catch in his throat, and the sob he’s been fighting off for so long finally escapes his lips. She opens her eyes at the sound, but her eyelids droop almost instantly.

“Y-you would have d-done it… f-for me…” she inhales in pain, her breaths shorter and shallower by the minute, “I… k-know what you… w-wa-wanted to do, b-but… if…” she begins to trail off, her breaths slowing, eyelids closing.

“No, Mels, no. Stay with me. Listen to my voice, focus on that. Mels, come on,” he shakes her gently, and she moans again, the sound, although showing her pain, comforting Julian to know she was still with him enough. “I’m not losing you, okay?”

“Not sure - you have - much - of a - say…” she speaks between her small intakes of breath, her face crinkling tightly with each word. “I - I’m scared.”

This is the moment Julian finally breaks down, unable to stop himself anymore. He holds the girl closer to him, kissing her forehead as gently as he can. He feels soft, weak shakes in her body, and realises that she must be crying, too.

“You - you’re going to be okay, Mels,” he whispers to her, stroking her hair lightly, “you have nothing to be scared of. I’m right here. I - I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I -” her voice is barely audible now. Julian can feel her body shaking softly with the tension of the pain. “I d-don’t want to die…”

“I don’t want you to either, darling… hey. Mels, stay with me,” he places a hand on her cheek as her eyes start closing again - he knows, now, that there’s nothing he can do for her anymore, except comfort her. His eyes burn. “I - I love you, Mels. So much.”

“I - I love you…” she brings her hand up to his for a brief moment, but it falls beside her within seconds. “I… I’m tired…”

“I know, love. It’ll be okay soon, I promise you,” he kisses her head again, sobs gently into her hair. His grip on her tightens.

“T-tell me… about our future… th-the one we planned…”

His heart shatters. They’d had this future planned since they were first together. It was one he swore to himself he wouldn’t live without Melissa. He wouldn’t have that future with anyone else. He never thought the day would come where that future became impossible.

He can feel his love falling weaker and weaker in his arms. He needs to treasure these moments, he knows. He will only regret it otherwise.

“Alright, Mels,” he plays with her hair with his spare hand, taking a deep, shaking breath. He’s still trying to keep his voice even for her, and it’s failing so much now - but he’s not sure if she’s even aware of this. She closes her eyes, lines on her forehead still tight with pain, her breaths barely catching air. He starts tracing patterns on her skin, knowing how this helps her to fall asleep. “Some day, maybe when we’re married, we’re gonna find this little town far away from the city, that kind of place where everyone knows everyone, a safe haven. We’re - we’re gonna have that big white house, with acres and acres of garden… you’ll take care of the garden, of course, plant your roses and your geraniums…” a small smile plays on Melissa’s lips, and now Julian’s finding it hard to talk through his sobs. “I - I’ll go to work every day, and when I get home each evening, we’re gonna be so full of things to tell each other, and - we’ll just spend the whole night enjoying each other’s company. Maybe someday - we’ll have a child. I always thought it would be a little girl - I - I always saw you with a daughter.” His breath catches in his throat. He hasn’t spoken of this with her yet, and knows this is his last chance. “I remember once you said you’d want to name a daughter Anna. I… I can see Anna running around in our garden, us watching her together from the window… we’ll grow old in that house, Mels. Anna will visit us every week, of course, she wants some of your food, because you’re such an amazing cook…”

He trails off, silent sobs wracking through his body. He expects some kind of reply from Melissa, something about how wonderful a life it sounds. But he’s met with silence.

His heart lurches. He looks up at her face again. She’s completely still. All trace of pain wiped from her expression. So pale it’s almost as though there was never any colour in her at all.

“Mels?” he puts a hand on her cheek again. Nothing. No reaction. “Come on, Mels, say something. Please.”

His pleads dissolve into the air, not to be heard by anyone but him. “Oh God. Oh God, please, no…”

He pulls her into him again, breathing deeply to savour every last trace of her scent. He hears sirens outside, now. Too late.

He studies her face for what he knows will be the last time, trying to take in every single detail. She looks so peaceful now, in a way he rarely saw her before. He brings a hand to his mouth and sobs.

The door bangs open.

Cheer Up My Darling

This is for @casameanlock hey, I was just wondering if you could write tony x reader with lots of fluff? Its been a rough couple of weeks and I could really use a distraction. Maybe the reader has depression and tony helps cheer her up or comfort her? thanks

This one was a little difficult for me to write, but I hope you like it, lovely. I don’t own Tony Stark. He is the property of Marvel.

Warnings: mentions of depression

Pairings: Tony Stark x reader

Originally posted by duckbuttt

It was a bad day. A bad week really. Nothing was going right and it was as if the universe was against you. The rain pounding against the windows was not helping. You were currently curled into a ball on the couch in the living room. You were trying to make yourself as small as possible. The television was on, but you weren’t really paying attention to what was playing. You wanted nothing more than to just crawl back into bed for as long as humanly possible.

               The sound of someone entering the room made you shrink further into the cushions. You definitely didn’t feel up to communicating with anyone either. “Oh Y/N!” came Tony’s sing-song voice from the doorway. You felt his weight on the couch beside you. “What’s going on, sweet pea? You haven’t said two words to me all day. How can you be so mean to your best friend?” You opened your eyes, saw the smug grin on his face and instantly dissolved into tears.

               You didn’t want to be like this. You wanted to be able to communicate how you were feeling to others, especially Tony but you just couldn’t seem to find the words. Tony saw your tears and the grin fell from his face. “Y/N, what is it?” You were gasping for breath and only managed to shake your head. “Okay, okay. Deep breathes.” After a few minutes, you were finally able to stop sobbing.

               "Sorry, Tony. It’s just been really rough the last few days.“ Tony held you close and stroked your hair. "There’s nothing to be sorry for. Listen, I have a great idea! Let’s grab some junk food, turn on the Wii and play some Mario Kart. How does that sound?” You sniffled again, but nodded. Tony got up and wandered into the kitchen. He came back a minute later with chips and dip, cookies and your favorite candy.

               "I’ve been saving this stuff for a day like today,“ he said plopping back down on the couch next to you. You grabbed some candy and turned on the Wii. "Are you ready to lose, Y/N?” Tony asked with a smirk. You hated when he did that and he knew it. You couldn’t fight the smile that crept to your lips. “Oh, you are on!” Tony tossed you your controller and the game was on.

               Two hours later, your laughter was echoing throughout the tower. You’d won several races and lost a few too. You were so wrapped up in trying to beat Tony that you’d forgotten why you were so upset in the first place. “How ya doing, kid? Feeling better?” Tony asked you and you nodded. “Thanks, Tony. I feel better for now. I know it’s going to take a lot more than this to make a big difference, but at least I have you to help me forget my troubles for a little while.”

               Tony gave you a hug. “You know you can always talk to me. Really anybody in the tower and if it’s a woman problem…talk to the Widow or Pepper.” You laughed again. “I know I can talk to you Tony, but sometimes talking doesn’t help. I can trust you to be here to cheer me up with treats though,” you said as you took the cookie from Tony’s hand. “Hey! That’s mine!” he cried. You got up and ran from the room. You took a bite and with a mouth full, you yelled, “Victory is mine!”


(a/n: I just want all of you to know that I am always here if you need to talk. I will talk to you about anything you want/need. Lots of love! -Meg)

  • CrayolaColor:
  • Okay so, another war breaks out on Earth, and the Off Colors, being brought there, are involved. Padparadscha is asked to stay behind for.. obvious reasons, but she ends up accidentally getting involved anyway. One of the Homeworld gems signals her out as one of the defective gems, and goes to attack her. Paddy, with her delayed vision, doesn't catch on until it's too late. One of the other Off Colors calls out in alarm, but again, it's delayed, and she's shattered.
  • Idk it isn't quite as thought out as some of the others
  • ari: hm
  • PinkyPie25800: OH GOD
  • ari sobs
  • ari: OH NO
  • ari: RHOD
  • CrayolaColor: AAAAAAA
  • PinkyPie25800: AND TELL THEM
  • CrayolaColor: OH NOOO
  • PinkyPie25800: AND THEN THEY ALL C R Y
  • ari: tEARS
  • CrayolaColor: WE'RE HORRIBLE PEOPLE 101
  • CrayolaColor: OH NOOOO
  • ari: whY WOULD YOU SHATTER MY CHILD????????????????? I FEEL BETRAYED
  • ari: OH
  • ari: OH NO
  • ari: PLEASE
  • ari: DON'T
  • Mommy: NO
  • ari: stoP
  • CrayolaColor: AAAAAAAAAAA

anonymous asked:

hey what's your #opinion on the book ramona blue? (i saw it in a bookstore the other day and read the inside cover and, as a lesbian, nearly started sobbing out of fury. bi people deserve representation too, but it shouldn't be by supporting the "lesbians just need to meet The Right Man" stereotype) (and also at no point does ramona identify as bi as far as i know - it's basically a book about how labels are bad because you could fall in love with anyone no matter who you think you like lmFao)

i only saw the marketing materials, and it looked pretty bad lmao. like you said, there’s nothing wrong with a story about a girl who thinks she’s a lesbian and realizes she’s bi, but framing it as “lesbian falls in love with a man and stops being a regressive stereotypical dyke” is tasteless at best. i doubt it has a good message for bi women or lesbians


This is a VIXX request I received that kind of took on a life of it’s own. Hope you like.

Hyuk shivered and let out another cough. He had been feeling terrible and sick for a few days now. It was just a common cold he was sure but it was definitely affecting his work. He was waiting in the practice room for the rest of the members to come back from dinner. He hadn’t felt like eating so he opted to stay behind. Then the door burst open and the members stormed in.

“Hyuk, how dare you!” Ravi stood inches away from him, “How could you?”

“Wait what?” Hyuk asked confused, “Hyung, what are you talking about?”

“Did you really think you weren’t going to get caught?” Ravi demanded.

“I don’t-” Hyuk began.

“We got a call from management,” N glared seriously and held up his Ipad, “There’s an article out that quotes you saying how much you hate Leo and don’t think he deserves to be in VIXX.”

“I would never say that!” Hyuk’s jaw dropped, “I would never, honestly.”

“It was from that interview last week from the overseas magazine,” N interrupted, “I can’t believe you Hyuk, after everything this group has been through. If anyone needs to have his worth evaluated its you.”

That hit Hyuk like a ton of bricks; he knew that he wasn’t the most talented member but he tried to make up for that with his air of confidence. Apparently it hadn’t worked though. Hyuk looked around the room at all of his hyungs pleading for one of them to understand and be on his side. All of them had looks of anger, sadness, and disappointment etched on their faces. Leo was behind the others, crying.

“Leo hyung,” Hyuk attempted to go over to him but Ravi blocked his path and pushed him away.

“Stay away from him!” Ravi growled, “I’ll beat your ass if you go near him!”

“I can’t believe you said that about Leo,” Ken said, “I thought we were a team, a really good team, if this is how you feel about Leo, how do you feel about the rest of us? Maybe you were just using us in order to try and go solo.”

“You don’t deserve that,” Hongbin added, “You will never be successful by yourself or at all anymore.”

“Enough everyone.” Manager walked into the room, “That’s enough, it isn’t worth it.”

“Manager hyung, honestly I didn’t-” Hyuk began to plead again starting to cry.

“Don’t,” Manager held up his hand, “Pack your things for a week, the company is putting you on temporary hiatus for the week to figure out what to do with you.”

Hyuk was stunned he couldn’t believe that the company was going to get involved in this.

“The rest of the group will continue working and we will not be leaving space for you in any songs or choreography that will be created in your absence,” Manager continued, “I would expect immediate contract dismissal, or removal from the group at the very least.”

Hyuk began to cry even harder while the manager forcefully lead him out of the room leaving the very angry remaining members of VIXX behind.


They had moved him into the trainee floor of the building but not in the dorm rooms. The gave him an extra room that was about as big as a walk in closet, in fact it had been used to store items. They gave him a bedding mat and an appointment time on Friday at noon with the CEO and all of the other investors and bosses to discuss what was going to happen to him. Then left him to his own devices telling him not to talk to the trainees under any circumstances or try to go up to the dorm and talk to VIXX. Since he didn’t have a cell phone he couldn’t contact his family either.

It was now Wednesday and the magazine article was all over the news and everyone was commenting about it. A lot of the VIXX fans were demanding his removal from the group, many had left threatening messages on his social media accounts. The company had announced that they were discussing the future of his membership with VIXX and employment in the company. The fans were out for blood and even members from other kpop groups were commenting their disapproval. Hyuk felt like his world was ending, everything he had worked for was literally falling apart before his eyes and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

His cold was getting way worse too, he hadn’t left the building to eat since yesterday. He couldn’t keep down any of his food now and spent most of the afternoon in the community bathroom on the trainee floor. He felt pathetic when some of the trainees walked in and snickered at him. He didn’t think to bring any other medicine other than cough medicine and he didn’t want to go out and be seen by fans. It was now around 9 in the evening and his Ipad was dieing because of his constant monitoring of his current scandal and he forgot his charger. He set the Ipad down on the floor next to his mat and pulled the blankets tighter around his body. Another chill racked through him and he curled into a ball. He really hated himself, he couldn’t prove that he didn’t say those words and there was no way he could ever bounce back from a scandal like this; his career was ruined.

He heard his door opening and the light being clicked on.

“Wow, it’s cold in here,” a familiar voice announced, “It’s a good thing you’re leaving this for your nice warm bed.”

Hyuk peaked out of his blankets; manager was standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. Hyuk started to cry, they had decided to skip the meeting and just get rid of him.

“Don’t cry, I promise everything is going to be okay,” Manager kneeled down next to him, “The magazine taped the interview, the woman who translated the article was an idiot who didn’t know Korean,” Manager explained, “The company is releasing the tape and the statement that you are going to continue to be a member of VIXX tomorrow.”

The manager pulled out his phone and press play before giving to Hyuk. He saw himself sitting with a bright smile facing the interviewer while he spoke.

“Who’s the most talented of the group? I think we’re all very talented,” Hyuk saw himself answer, “But I think Leo is the most talented, he deserves to be in VIXX more than anyone.”

“C’mon, let’s head back to upstairs, the other members will have everything explained to them once they get out of practice.” Manager took the phone away and grinned, “I’m so happy that it wasn’t true Hyuk. You can’t imagine how upset the members have been, they felt so betrayed, they’ve been moping around these past few days like a puppy had died.”

Hyuk just continued to cry, sobs racking his frame while he continued to shiver.

“Sh, stop crying, it’s alright,” Manager pulled him up, “C’mon it’s time to go back.”


He was back in the dorm, wrapped under blankets again and this time in his own bed. Manager had to practically carry him back to the dorm because he was so stunned and upset. He was then put to bed but he couldn’t fall asleep.

“What are you doing in here?”

Hyuk opened his eyes to see a very angry looking Ken glaring down at him. He opened his mouth to reply but Hongbin and Leo appeared from behind.

“Are they letting you back in? I can’t believe it.” Hongbin spat, “We shouldn’t have to work with someone like you. We won’t stand for it.”

“I’m really angry at you as it is,” Leo softly stated, “Why are they letting you come back? You didn’t want to debut with me so why do you want to stay?”

Hyuk felt the tears spill down his cheeks, he already felt so terrible and for the first time he actually was beginning to fear the members of his group.

“You’re only crying because you got in trouble,” Hongbin said in disgust, “Not because you care about Leo or us for that matter.”

“Hey guys, manager wants us in the living room,” N said from the doorway, “I guess he’s going to explain why we’re keeping Sanghyuk.”

“I hope you realize no matter what they say,” Ravi warned, “our feelings about you are not going to change.”

The members filed out of the room and Hyuk felt his stomach drop. The members truly hated him and nothing he could do would change that. Hyuk buried himself under his blankets while curling into a ball of self hatred and despair. He decided that he would leave the group; he was already hated too much by the members for them to ever forgive him and the fans wanted him gone as well.

Hyuk wasn’t sure how long he stayed like that until the door was slammed open and he flinched. He felt hands pulling down his covers until they finally revealed his face. The hands cupped either side of his face and Hyuk opened his eyes; Ravi was leaning over him, crying.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” Ravi cried, “I’m so sorry, we didn’t know.”

Ravi had pulled Hyuk to a sitting position and into a tight hug. As Ravi was uttering out countless apologies, Hyuk saw the other members quickly enter and they were crying and looking guilty. N approached them and he rested his hand on the back of Hyuk’s head.

That’s when it happened; what his stomach had warning him of all night. Hyuk attempted to squirm out of Ravi’s hold.

“Hyuk, no, don’t” N protested as Hyuk struggled.

Finally, Hyuk had to give Ravi a mighty shove and as he saw the devastated and hurt look on his Ravi’s face he did it. He vomited all over himself. Then for the millionth time that day, burst into tears.

“Oh Baby, shh, it’s okay,” N quickly recovered, “You worked yourself up, Baby.”

Ravi had picked up a shirt from the floor and was wiping his mouth with it.

“He’s burning up.” Ravi announced while stroking his forehead.

“Have you been sick, Baby?” Ken asked him.

Hyuk tried to answer but all that came out was a harsh shutter. Leo squeezed his way in between the others.

“Calm down,” Leo rubbed his back, “Take a deep breath.”

Hyuk felt his body comply.

“Good job,” Leo told him, “Keep breathing like that.”

Hyuk felt his body begin to calm down.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” N pulled him out of the bed.


Twenty minutes later and N was putting an inconsolable Hyuk back in bed. He calmed down occasionally, only to look at one of the members and start to cry again. N didn’t even want to think about how devastating this ordeal must have been to Hyuk’s self esteem.

“Here’s some medicine,” Ken lifted the cup to Hyuk’s lips, “Swallow all of it okay?”

Hyuk did as he was told without complaint or comment. He hadn’t really said anything since he had gotten home.

“We love you a lot,” N began, “We are very protective of each other and that’s why we were so mean, it hurt so much to think that someone we love so much would try and hurt another person we love as well.”

“You didn’t say anything that wasn’t true,” Hyuk said sadly, “I always knew that it was true but I’ve always had trouble accepting it. I’m nowhere near as talented as everyone else.”

“Baby, don’t talk like that,” Ken shushed him, “Everything we said wasn’t true.”

“You don’t need to make me feel better,” Hyuk stated, “I’m really sorry I’m so useless. I know you guys didn’t want me in the group and I realize now that you were right, I don’t belong in the group and I never have.”

“Please stop that,” Ravi told Hyuk, “Please don’t put yourself down like that. Hyuk, you are so talented, and sweet, and kind. We are so lucky to have you with us.”

“I’m sorry we were so cold to you in the beginning,” Hongbin apologized, “You are right, we were worried about have someone who was so young and had barely trained at all in the group. You proved to us long ago that you are a perfect fit for this group. We really do love you.”

“Thanks for saying such nice things about me in the interview.” Leo added, “And you deserve to be in the group too.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll prove to you how important you are Hyukawii,” N brushed Hyuk’s hair out of his sweaty forehead.

“Do you think you’re going to be sick again?” Ravi asked Hyuk.

“No. I don’t think so hyung.” Hyuk answered, ashamed he had thrown up all over himself.

Ravi smiled before lifting up the blanket and crawling in next to Hyuk. He pulled Hyuk to rest on his shoulder before rubbing his back.

“Ravi you might get sick,” Ken scolded, “And don’t jostle him too much.”

“Go to sleep, I’ll be right here.” Ravi told Hyuk.

Hyuk shut his eyes and buried his face in Ravi’s neck. He was beginning to feel a little bit better probably not because he was done being sick but more so that his hyungs were with him again. 

 (ep 24 spoilers) but what if osomatsu’s kick broke jyushi’s spine, rendering him unable to use his legs for the rest of his life? :3c (-Anonymous)

Didn’t realize this was a request and answered it, but now I’m gonna answer… With a story! -Mod Ashley

Osomatsu grabbed another piece of fish from the hotplate in the middle of the table, the sounds of his brothers cheering being drowned out by… Well, he wasn’t sure how he felt. Karamatsu had started on a rant about family, and everyone was hugging each other.

Did they not know? Did they not realize that Choromatsu leaving was a problem? None of them were supposed to leave. This is how it was supposed to be; the six NEET brothers. The worthless sextuplets. Choromatsu getting a job and an apartment upset the balance. Or, at least, it did in his eyes.

Osomatsu wanted to cry. He wanted to cry, but he couldn’t, so he groveled in silence, one hand grabbing food, another clawing at his thigh, scrunching up his jeans. He gritted his teeth. He didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere. Everyone was happy, but how could they be? Rather, everyone was happy, and he didn’t want to ruin that for them.

He wanted to throw up.

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