saw this in arts

After much scrolling, I found one!~

(Ack I have been discovered ^^’)

Thank you so much @deebellini for this drawing.
Love your style (my tails are so fluffy!) This really made me smile~

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hey hey I saw your Godzilla post and I really related to it. I love your art style btw and I think you're really cool. oh oh but I'm sending this to warn you about the new King Kong movie, "Kong". it's.. so sad man and *SPOILER* he's all alone HES LONELY I CANT TAKE THIS 😭😭 I LOVE MY GIANT SON

they just need to be giant bros. but im probably seeing that movie tomorrow, im excited!

ok i shouldn’t say i was over it because i wasn’t. it was kind of gnawing in the back of my mind and it made me feel like a failure of an artist and a person, because it’s a larger trend of her not liking my art. when i was a kid i used to be really good at writing. ever since i got super depressed, and even after i recovered from that super depression, i’m not anymore. i’m decent at writing but not excellent, and that’s fine, i never really enjoyed writing anyway. but my mom really loved my writing and really doted on it and encouraged it and took pride in it when i won awards for it, and then after my suicide attempt i stopped writing and started drawing. (actually the reason i stopped writing altogether was because of her reading all of my journals and stealing+destroying the one i kept in the hospital but that’s another story). so i guess she saw my art as the final nail in the coffin of the kid she actually loved, and so she’s never liked it and she’s made that very clear. of course that doesn’t stop me from drawing because drawing is most of my life at this point and i love it, but i won’t lie, it affects me, it makes me feel like if i make art that’s more congruent with what she likes then she’ll suddenly love it and by extension suddenly love me. so i’m glad i did that self-portrait in that it was good practice for face anatomy and shading and shit, but honestly, i really only did it so that i could say i made a “real” self-portrait and show her and have her approve of it and me. surprise, she didn’t. she said “huh” and then chastised me for making her feel like an awful mother. i feel so stupid for drawing that and letting what she said MONTHS ago affect me so much. i feel so dumb

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Heya! Recently just got into the Once-ler fandom and was shocked that some Onclings still thrive down here. And I also saw a piece of art on a random website that I fell in love with, but the dope didn't leave a link so thank god you water marked ur picture or else I never would have got obsessed with u and looked through 4 years worth of art on your Tumblr haha Anyways, one final, and OPTIONAL, request. Could you draw the Once-ler in his suit but have the theme red instead of green? Ur awesome~

haha yes the onceler fandom is still alive somehow! which piece of art were you talking about, by the way?

and yeah i really wish…that ppl would stop reposting my art; a while ago i even saw an instance where they cut out my watermark before reposting it?? like…somebody MADE this art and worked really hard on it and probably poured a lot of emotions into it…and then ppl just take it and separate it from the artist. so selfish

lol but im very relieved u were able to find me! Oh gosh that’s a lot of art you’ve looked thru /)//(\ I don’t do requests, sorry! but if you want some redsuit oncelers, there are a few in the fandom: [Red], [Jack], [Nerd], and Gent but only sometimes lol good luck wading thru all 105 pages of fanart that others drew for him

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GRELL my bad memory is back at it again, pls send good vibes | on another note: my school did cinderella and it made me rlly want cinderella to be a trans girl. like?? it would be 1000000x better if cinderella was trans (consider: her "prince" is a trans girl too, bc whats better than trans lesbians??)

oh man i actually totally saw a really, really good post about this once??? there was beautiful art and cinderella was this beautiful trans woc and it was amazing

if anyone,,, could find that i would b MOST grateful but yes i adore ADORE the concept of trans woman cinderella and honestly think it’s a fantastic addition to the story that makes it so much better???

like god adding lgbt shit to fairy tales genuinely makes them like 1000x better and you can really, really add to the themes and meanings of them and just i love it anon

also sending good vibes ur way!!!

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Your KS couple counseling is so freaking hilarious I laughed for the first time in weeks, thank you for making me forget my miserable depressed life xd On a honest one tho, it's great and I love your art style! Also I saw your selfie and your cute af. Hope you have a great day!

I need a moment. oh dear goodness. thank you so much. it’s always such a great honour to get such beautiful words from my followers. knowing that with something so little as a silly comic I can make someone so happy means the world to me. thank you.