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April 25 2017: Hidden school life hack?

I take multiple utensils from the dining hall cafes whenever I get the chance because that’s my tuition paying for those plastic things so I’m gonna take those instead of buying my own packs lellllo. 

A little while ago I submitted an art piece to the UCLA Art in the Union art contest. Today I went to the Kerckhoff Art Gallery (the on-campus arts center) and saw the piece up for display!!! It was so much smaller than all the other pieces omg I thought it was huge while I was painting it.

I also went to the gym but now I’m tired and I have two lab reports to do and two midterms to study for but my lab partner is nOT HELPING ME WITH THE LAB REPORTS so I am drowning. Omg I always end these posts on a bad notes so as a change I’ll end it by mentioning that I have a birthday gift all planned out for study buddy and I am so excited to surprise him next week!!!eeek


so i was at the art museum today and i saw this kid with a skateboard trying to go up the escalator and a guard was like ‘you cant bring that up to the galleries we dont allow people to skateboard up there’ and he whispered ‘this is so homophobic’ and literally skateboarded out of the building with the guard yelling after him not to skateboard and my only thought was keith.

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Any prompts involving photography?

Photography is my jam. (I tried to stay away from model AU things because that is a whole other can of tuna)

1) “You’re the volunteer prom photographer and I’m a reluctant teacher supervisor of the dance. Let’s be miserable together?”

2) “Im doing a nature shoot and I found you in the middle of a giant forest reading a book. Um. Sup?”

3) I’m always doing photo shoots at the local park and you’re always there playing guitar. We get into heated debates over what fine arts medium makes a bigger impact.

4) “hey you seem interesting.. Tell me your life story while I take your picture?” (Inspired by Humans of New York)

5) You’re a yearbook photographer and I’m the school newspaper photographer and we hate each other’s guts on principle.

6) So I kinda took this amazing still life of you while you were unaware and now I have to track you down so I can put the photo in my gallery

7) I’m a travel photographer and you’re the local who Im paying to be my guide/interpreter. You’re also really really attractive. How do you say “date me?” In your language?

8) My friend didn’t believe me when I told them that I saw the most beautiful person in the world today would you mind if I took your picture as proof?


This is a demonstration of traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock printmaking, done by master printer Keizaburo Matsuzaki (who’s been a printer since he was 15!) at the New South Wales Art Gallery in Australia.

Woodblock prints can be high art, but saw plenty of commercial use back in Edo Japan. For example, while today you have idol shops selling posters of all the boy and girl bands, back in Edo you had small shops that did nothing but sell woodblock prints of pretty scenes and the hottest stars of the moment.

Quick and cheap to make compared to hand-painting the same image over and over again for a single run, these prints typically featured handsome, sexy, and beautiful celebrities (kabuki actors, war heroes, characters from famous works, geisha, etc.) and were sold as fast as they could be made to the fanboys and fangirls of the time.

Colorless Heart|Chap. 01

// Colors only mock him everywhere he goes, and, at this point, Yoon Jeonghan is ready to give up painting for good. Because he can’t take the screeching colors in his ears, and he can’t continue to taste bitter metal in his mouth any longer while he paints. He can’t stand to smell corpses when he paints blue, and he just can’t see or feel the heavy feeling of yellow on his arms anymore. But then he meets Y/N. And suddenly, the storm begins to calm.

// Prologue | Chap.01 | Chap.02 | Chap.03 | Chap.04 | Chap.05 |

// jeonghan x reader

// word count: 1761

  The small apartment was filled with wild laughter and upbeat music, and as Y/N danced along to the beat of it, Jisoo couldn’t help but laugh and tease.

  “You look… like a dizzy giraffe.” Y/N laughed at the comment, shaking her head as she turned to look over at Jisoo who was sitting on an empty paint bucket. Currently, they were repainting his living room. Y/N had been a good friend of Jisoo’s for quite some time, and after years of not seeing him, she’d decided to visit for a short time in South Korea. And this is what he’d put her up to. Repainting his dumb living room.

  “I’d like to see you do better, Joshua.” And, dancing competitions. Jisoo laughed as he slowly raised from his seat on the paint bucket, and Y/N briefly paused her painting to fully turn around and witness what he’d do next. Swiftly, Jisoo spun around, fell to the floor, and picked himself back up with a hollar. His signature pin drop. Y/N rolled her eyes. “What a bore! You’ve done that, like, a million times!”

  “Oh, yeah?” And now he lied on his stomach, doing the worm. Y/N threw her head back laughing, and she jokingly cheered as she moved forward to turn the music even louder. Jisoo seemed to take this as a sign to go even faster, and soon, he was doing the worm almost crazily on the floor that had Y/N laughing so hard, she’d almost fallen over twice. But then Jisoo kicked over a bucket of paint, and soon, the white substance was all over the newspapered floor, seeping through the thin sheets.

  “Joshua!” Y/N shrieked, her laughter cutting short. “You spilled the paint!” He suddenly stood, an apologetic look on his face as he winced. Y/N only quietly snickered. “At least it’s not my floor.” Jisoo rolled his eyes, and he began to walk away to the coffee table he’d pushed into the kitchen. Something cold touched Y/N’s feet, and when she looked down, she saw the paint had ran towards her, and she was now stepping in the thick substance. Y/N laughed, wriggling her toes.

  “Here.” She suddenly looked up, and Joshua was there, holding out a single silver key to her. Y/N raised an eyebrow as she slowly took it.

  “What’s this?” Jisoo dug his hands deep into his pockets.

  “The key to the house next door. The owner’s an artist - his name is Yoon Jeonghan. He said he’d be away at an art gallery today, so his door must be locked.” Y/N suddenly stepped back, and she felt her feet step in even more white paint.

  “Wait, you want me to break into the guy’s house?” Jisoo laughed, and he shook his head, his hand suddenly on her shoulder to give him support. Once Joshua’s laughter had died down, he looked to Y/N with a smile.

  “No! No, Jeonghan gave me this key in case of emergencies. And I’m pretty sure he won’t mind you going to his house, and borrowing a bucket of white paint. I’ll buy him a new one later.” Y/N slowly nodded, running her thumb over the cool surface of the silver key. “Now, there’s a room upstairs in his house. It’s the first one on the left. In there is where he keeps all his art supplies. Just take a bucket of white paint, and make sure to lock the door on your way out. I’ll clean up this mess while you’re gone.” Y/N smiled.

  “Okay. Then… I guess I’ll be back.” She laughed, turning to walk out Jisoo’s apartment, and her feet had accustomed to the white paint so much, she’d completely ignored the fact she was stepping in even more of it with every stride. Then again, it also might’ve been that she was too interested in the silver key sitting in her palm to notice either.

  The walk from Jisoo’s apartment to Yoon Jeonghan’s house was a short one - only a few steps at the very most, and when she’d gotten to the doorway of the great, white house next door, she carefully slipped the key into its own keyhole.

  The door opened almost eerily with a squeak, and Y/N would have been terrified if it weren’t for the rather clean, simplistic look inside. For an artist, Yoon Jeonghan’s house was bare, and it felt almost empty when Y/N had walked in. The walls were white and naked, and the floors were a dark hardwood, no mats or carpets around. Everything was cleaned and organized, and it felt like Y/N had just walked into a Clorox commercial - everything was so white.

  She slowly made her way to the stairs, taking her time to look around at the house, and only when she was halfway up the steps did she realize she’d forgotten to close the door behind her. Y/N looked over her shoulder behind her, and she saw the wind gently blowing at the leaves on the trees outside the door. She shrugged, and decided to go on.

  Like Jisoo had said, the first door on the left was filled with Yoon Jeonghan’s art supplies, and Y/N realized this when she’d carefully swung the door open. Like the rest of the house, the walls were white, and the floor was a dark hardwood. Not that there was much room to look at the floor or walls, anyway. Canvases hung on the wall, and littered the floor - some blank, and some splashed with so much color, Y/N had to squint her eyes.

  In a corner, there were buckets of paint everywhere, piled so high it almost touched the ceiling. Three other - empty - buckets of paint held paintbrushes of all sizes, and in seven shoe boxes were palettes with different colors. Y/N quietly laughed to herself as she let her eyes wander around to the paintings, and, almost begrudgingly, decided to head over to the buckets of paint. She knew Jisoo would be looking for her any minute now.

  Y/N scanned the buckets of paint. When she’d finally found white, she carefully lifted it out of the pile. The last thing she needed was to trail paint all over a house belonging to a man she didn’t even know…

  And it was then that Y/N realized she’d already done just that exactly. Because as she turned around, and stepped in something cold, she looked down to find her foot directly on top of an orange painting. Y/N gasped, quickly lifting her leg away from the painting, and she stumbled back, falling onto the pile of buckets of paint. Two small buckets fell off a bigger one, and she soon saw the color purple and blue spilling on Yoon Jeonghan’s dark hardwood floor, mixing and seeping away to other paintings.

  “Oh, my God!” The exclamation had been louder than Y/N had originally intended, but she didn’t care. Because the more she looked, she realized she’d also left white footprints on his floor, right from the entrance to his house, to right in front of the pile of paint, faded, but still there. And then there were two orange footprints, and the obvious spillage of blue and purple paint. Y/N felt her heart beat faster in her chest with panic as she quickly thought of all the ways she could fix this in the least amount of time possible. But nothing came to mind.

  “What the hell?” A male voice downstairs resonated to the art room, and Y/N’s panic only grew as she realized it wasn’t Jisoo’s. No, this voice was a lot different - clearer and somehow refreshing. But Y/N didn’t have much time to think about his voice before she was on her knees, trying hard to clean up the mess with a towel she had earlier stuffed in her back pocket in case she got messy while painting with Jisoo. Needless to say, she had gotten messy. But it wasn’t necessarily with Jisoo.

  While trying to sop up the mess with her towel, Y/N had accidentally leaned on another painting, her hand now bright red. A similar handprint was on the floor, and there was such a mess of colors that Y/N hadn’t even heard the footsteps slowly getting louder, climbing up the stairs, and finally at the doorway. It wasn’t until Y/N had desperately looked up to brush her hair away from her face that she’d seen a man at the doorway. And it wasn’t Joshua.

  This man - she immediately assumed - was Yoon Jeonghan, the owner of this house. He had long hair dyed an auburn color that reached a little past his shoulders, and his dark roots were showing. Yet, somehow, it contrasted well. His features were well defined with a slender nose, and sharp cheekbones. His cupid’s bow was prominent, and his lips were something else - pink and puckered. Y/N flushed when she realized she’d been staring. She sat up on her knees, her hands on her lap - no doubt staining her jeans red.

  “I… I’m sorry.” Y/N murmured. “I’m a friend of Jisoo from next door. We were painting his living room, and he spilled paint, and I stepped in it. Then he asked me to come here and borrow a bucket of white paint from you, and I ended up trailing my footsteps all over your floor without knowing. The rest,” Y/N looked around at the colored mess on the floor. “Was an ignorant accident. I’m sorry.”

  Yoon Jeonghan could say nothing in return. He only looked around at the mess. Here, an unknown girl was on her knees in his art room, red handprints, and white and orange footprints on his floor. Blue and purple paint mixed on the hardwood, and some of his paintings were ruined with different colors swirling all over them. And yet… Jeonghan could think nothing of this. He could only stare at the helpless girl on the floor, an apologetic and desperate expression on her face. His fingers twitched, and suddenly Jeonghan wanted to paint Y/N.

  It was then that Jeonghan realized. Her colors screamed a thousand words all at once, and she was bursting with every shade of the rainbow, screaming, crying, and… Jeonghan saw the white footprints on the floor, some of it still left on the flats of her feet.

  And… she’s colorless all at the same time.


TODAY is the day! :D

I’m selling my 2 best sketchbooks. You saw all of them in my gallery.

1.My original sketches in A4 Moleskine sketchbook. 96 pages filled with art.

2. Original sketches in A5 Moleskine sketchbook. More than half pages filled with original art.

It took me 4 moths of work to complete them.
They look like art book but not published and only one piece exist. You can be the only person in the world who have original artist sketches.
For sure it’s fun thing for every art loving person :)
I will add also greeting cards with my art and with dedication to the buyer.

I love all my sketchbooks and I am very proud how they look. I really would prefer to leave them to myself. BUT.
My goal is to be able to fund my further art education. And by selling sketchbooks I’m collecting money
Buying the sketchbook You are helping me to reach my goal! (that means You must be a good person :D)

Starting price for the A4 sketchbook is 400 USD
Starting price for the A5 sketchbook is 350 USD.
If interested send me a message.
I’m waiting for the best offer.
I’m planning to end sale on May 14th.

Thank You for all support and interest! Love Ya!


Visited the National Gallery of Denmark with my art class today and saw the “Biography”-exhibition by the Danish-Norwegian artist duo Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. It was really interesting, so if you are in Denmark, and interested in modern art, it is really worth giving a visit.