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Electric Currents - Nightwing x Reader

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Requested by Anon - a nightwing imagine where the reader has electrical powers but no one on the team trusts/is nice to her for an unknown reason and one day on a mission they are attacked and she saves everyone but almost dies herself.

You sat in the living room of the cave, using your electrical powers to charge your phone as you played a game on it. Everyone else had gone somewhere, leaving you alone. Shifting to lie flat on the couch, you smiled when you beat your high score. From the position you were laying, no one could see you on the couch from the kitchen area. 

Soon your peace was interrupted at the sound of laughter. You froze, stilling your breath as you heard footsteps in the kitchen.

“That movie was so great,” Cassie giggled, moving around the kitchen. “Not to mention the pizza place afterwards.”

“Yeah, I needed a day out,” Karen agreed as the fridge opened and closed. “It was nice M’gann invited the whole team along. We never do anything fun anymore.” You frowned at the words ‘whole team’, your heart sinking when you realized you had never been invited along for movie and pizza. In fact, you hadn’t even known everyone had left until you searched the cave and found it empty. 

The snap of a pop can opening echoed through the kitchen as more footsteps entered the kitchen. “Hey, is there more of that?” Jaime asked, opening the fridge again. Another pop can opened. “That pizza was amazing, but it left my mouth feeling like a desert.” 

“Maybe you have to be careful not to inhale your food,” Cassie teased as they all laughed. You swallowed hard, closing your eyes as an empty feeling grew in your heart. 

Suddenly, light footsteps came running down the hall and into the kitchen. “Hey guys, Conner’s trying to surf outside!” Garfield cried before running back outside. The others laughed, following him at a much slower pace. 

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Distance (or lack thereof) Part 3

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Summary: You have just moved to Santa Cruz to help take care of your parents after their recent car accident. While applying for jobs using your literature degree around the city, you decide to make some extra money at Beach City Grill. You end up with a massive crush on Priestly, but unluckily for you, your parents are strict and hate tattoos and piercings. So how on earth are you supposed to deal with all his flirting? (Plus-sized, comic nerd!Reader)

Part 1  Part 2

You’re the first one at work today, and help Trucker open up the shop before he heads off the catch the waves. Before he leaves, he tosses your car keys back to you.

“It should be all fixed up. I took it for a test ride last night and everything was back to normal.”

With a huge grin, you give him a big hug.

“Thank you so much Trucker. I owe you one.”

“Anytime, angel.”

He heads out with his board and you set up the tables and start prepping the grill. About five minutes later, the bell above the door tinkles again. To your surprise, it’s Priestly, today with a green mohawk. It matches his shirt, which reads ‘Save a Tree, Kill a Beaver.’ The first thing out of his mouth is nothing short of surprising.

“You look beautiful.”

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Weeaboo coworker

Let me give a little background before I start my story. I’ve been working at a small ice cream parlor/coffee shop combination in my neighborhood for about two years now. It is owned by the sweetest older couple (who act as the managers), and I’ve honestly had no problems working there until the start of this summer.

So, at the beginning of this summer, my managers announced their granddaughter would be taking a job at the store. Let’s call her Lauren. They assured us Lauren would be treated just like the other employees, as she would be paid the same as an entry level employee, and earn raises/bonuses as appropriate.

When we were first introduced to Lauren, I realized she was weebish. She wore tiny cat ears, a big bow (think Rin from Vocaloid), and wore anime shirts under her apron. Her apron was adorned with a couple anime buttons. However, unlike your stereotypical weeb, she had good hygiene and did not spew broken Japanese at any given moment.

The first week with this girl wasn’t bad. We were both going to be on the same shift together throughout the summer. Lauren was being trained by her grandpa on how to do things (scoop ice cream, punch things into the register, etc.) and we didn’t interact much. It wasn’t until Lauren was trained when the problems began.

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that James Dean daydream look in your eyes

Mericcup Week Day 7 

“She is delightfully chaotic, a  beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure.”

In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best idea to join a protest against district fund distribution, despite being the daughter of the town mayor.

However, who could have ever claimed that Merida thought through all her decisions? She dove headfirst into the upkeep of her beliefs, and in spite of repeated warnings from and definite taunts from her best friend, Jack (who promised to be waiting as her ride if she needed a quick getaway, regardless of his complaints), she had decided to join the rally and was consequently sent running. Literally.

Odin’s beard, I didn’t need this today, Mother, she groaned internally.

And now she was off—it was one thing to join a protest and another to be arrested while participating in it; this time, she was in real danger of being sent to jail, which would just not do, and—why wasn’t Jack at the curb like he promised?

Cursing the high heavens that her best friend had the attention span of a bloody butterfly, she ran down the block which branched off into a parking area wherein she saw a man with dark hair straddling a badass-looking motorcycle, about to put on a helmet.

“Oi! Ye’!”

He looked up at her with bewildered eyes as she practically threw herself onto his ride and wrapping her arms around his midsection.

“Drive!” she shouted into his ear. “Fucking drive!”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one, like a short one, about you being a nerd and you are dating Michael. Your classmates don't believe you and one day he picks you up fluff ☺️


[Requested: Yeeeeeee]


“He is so cute, I can’t, I just… I can’t!”

“I’m gonna marry him guys!”

“No, I’m gonna marry Michael Clifford!”

A wave of squealing roared from the back of the classroom during recess and you sighed and squeezed the bridge of your nose while trying to review for the physics that you were going to have once recess was over. It was rather hard to review with this much squealing, usually you could handle it, but today was just extra annoying. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and you unlocked the screen to reveal a name you were happy to see in your messages.

You heard another round of squealing and rolled your eyes before replying to the message. “Hey, I have a test in a few minutes, I’m sorry I won’t be able to talk.” You typed and saw the pending speech bubble. 

“I’m sorry, good luck, how’s your morning?” He replied.

“A little noisy.” 


“Because of you.” You typed before cringing at the high level of fangirling in the back of the room. You glanced back at your phone and at the name that was plastered on your screen of the conversation with several emoticons that decorated it. You smiled at the little secret you held and looked at his latest reply.

“Sorry for being a super mega rock star.” Michael typed with a cool emoji at the end and you shook your head.

“It seems like you have 3 potential brides.” You typed back.

“Oooh…. Jelly?” He asked with a grinning emotion and you shook your head. You heard the bell ring and you quickly replied before putting your phone back into your pocket and reviewing once more over your notes.

“Not one bit. Brb, class started.” You had texted in which Michael replied with a heart.

You met Michael by chance during the summer. He was wandering around the shopping center back and forth looking at the shops then back at his phone. When you were walking by he stopped you and asked if you knew where the comic shop was. You were happy to take him to the shop because that’s where you worked part time.

He was dressed in a hoodie with a snap back and and sunglasses. Every time you glanced at him he looked away and you shrugged off his strange behavior. You stopped in front of the small corner store and unlocked the door before gesturing for him to enter.

“It was this place?” He said and looked around.

“Yeah, there may not be much selection, but the owner keeps up to date with all the popular titles and a few indie comics.” You explained and watched him browse through the isles. “The comic shop just recently opened and there’s not enough money to put up a sign yet.” You said before getting behind the counter and setting things up. 

You turned on the radio in the shop and switched the stations around, “do you have any requests?” You asked and looked at Michael who was occupied with  some of the Spiderman comics.

“Uhm, punk?” He suggested and you were about to change the track before you heard a familiar beat.

“Ah, wait, I like this song.” You said when ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ started to play. You started to stock up the new issues that arrived and sang along to the lyrics with a smile on your face. 

“Uhm…” He said and gestured to 5 issues in his hand that he planned to buy. 

“Oh, I’ll be right with you.” You said before rushing back to the cash register and scanning the items. When you looked up he already took off his hat and sun glasses and gave you a small smile waiting for your reaction. You awkwardly looked away and you heard him chuckle.

“That was really nice singing you did there.” He said and you printed the receipt.

“I’ll leave you alone forever now.” You said shyly hiding your face and crouching down behind the desk.

“Seriously though, thank you for guiding me here and not freaking out.” He said and you stood back up and nodded. “Obviously you know my name…. so what’s yours?” He asked.

“(Y/N)…” You said shyly and he nodded.

“I’ll be sure to remember, I’ll be coming here a lot.” He said before waving you goodbye and putting his subtle disguise back on.

You never really thought that Michael would come back, but he did, throughout the whole summer. Every Wednesday when new comics came out he would visit right after his recording or when he had a break, chat with you, then leave. If it was one of those days, he would treat you to lunch and the two of you would read the new comics that just came out in your seats.

Eventually Michael popped the question, he confessed that he liked spending time with you and knew he was pressed for time. He was leaving for a small performance and days full of interviews and he just wanted to know that if he came back, you would be waiting for him. Your summer ended when he left, then you started your new school year keeping this secret to yourself for his sake.

You day dreamed of that moment you first met after you finished your test. There was still time left in class and you just waited watching the clock tick. When time was up your teacher had collected tests while passing out results of the last test from before. You saw your score which was a 95%, still an A and you were pleased with your grade. From the back of the room you hear the teacher lecturing that group of girls. It was the same speech the teacher gave to anyone that was failing.

“You should focus more on your studies than some band, or maybe if you put in the same effort you get into your work as you do finding out the personal info on this so called band.” The teacher said bluntly and the girls groaned. “Take (Y/N) for example, she is in the top of this class, you should learn from her.” The teacher said before walking away.

You screamed internally being put on the spot like that and felt the glares you were getting from the back table. After that day, they seemed to pay special attention from you, just as the teacher suggested. They continued their loud fangirling about 5sos, specifically about Michael, and send their evil glares whenever your eyes glanced at them.

“How’s your lunch?” Michael texted as a usual daily check up on you.

“It’s fine…” You started to type before you overheard their discussion on, “if I was going to date Michael”  head canons. You sent your message and tightened the grip on your phone.

“I wish we could have lunch together, but I’ll be able to do that soon!” He texted and your eyes widened.

“You’re coming home?” You texted excitedly and added several happy emoticons and a gif of a happy reaction.

“Yes, I’m coming home 2 days from now and when I do I’ll pick you up from school and we’re going to have so much Panda Express.” He texted and you smiled.

Your smile started to fade when you heard your name being called. You looked up and saw the three girls leaning by your desk with a grin. “What are you smiling about?”

“Nothing.” You said bitterly.

“Who you talking to? A boyfriend?? Hah, kidding.” Another said and chuckled.

“We were calling your name and you were just grinning at your phone, so what’s the deal?” The other asked and you stood up walking away from the situation.

You had physics later in the day and unfortunately you had those 3 girls as your partner when the rest of your original group had a band field trip today. You were doing most of the work, and they sat in the corner staring at the recent pictures of the band on their phone and squealing on how they were traveling back home to finish up recording.

“I’m seriously going to marry that boy.” One of them said and saw a recent photo of Michael in a performance.

“Yeah, no, I’m going to marry him, I’ll be the new Mrs. Clifford thank you.” Another said and had a debate on who would be the one better suited.

“I guarantee you guys that I will be Michael’s second wife.” The other says and the two look at her.

You looked up from your worksheet, “what happened to his first wife?” You asked.

“Nothing you can’t prove.” She says and you went back to your tests and timing calculations. Their debates continued and then stopped when they looked at you.

“(Y/N), who do you think would be better for Michael?” They asked.

You punched in the numbers into the calculator and looked up, “none of you, he has a girlfriend.” You blurted and went back to your work.

“Woah wait, Micahel doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

“If he had a girlfriend, I would definitely know.” Another says.

“He has a girlfriend.” You said firmly not being able to hold in these feelings and heard the bell ring. You packed up quickly and exited the room to avoid their questions.

As much as possible you tried to avoid those girls, you didn’t want to accidentally blurt out your secret but having to hear them talk about Michael in a way you weren’t comfortable with, made you have an impulse to just blurt out the truth. After that day they continued to tell you that Michael didn’t have a girlfriend and demanded proof. This happened for those 2 days, and you prayed that if you could make it through the end of the week and by the time Michael came back, then everything would be fine.

You were confronted at lunch when you were hiding at the abandon kiosk on campus to eat your food. They cornered you and asked again, “who is Michael’s girlfriend?” over and over. They started to guess other celebrities and you just shook your head to every single one. You wanted to leave and throw away your lunch but they just stood up and waited for your answer.

You couldn’t stand their stares and persistence, you could feel the words in your throat, oh no, the word vomit, “I’m Michael’s girlfriend.” You blurted and they stared at you for a moment with wide eyes before bursting into a fit of laughter.

“Michael? Date you?? That is rich!” One said in between laughs.

“As if, y-your…. You’re a nerd (Y/N)….” The other says.

“There’s no way that he could be interested in someone well… Like you.” Said the third girl.

“You just gestured to all of me.” You said and crossed your arms.

“Exactly.” She said before turning around and started to walk.

“He’s picking me up after school!.” You said.

“Sure he is.” Another said with sarcasm and the group laugh before heading to class.


You sat on the steps of your school waiting for Michael’s ride. He had texted you saying that he was running late and had knocked out in bed the moment he got home. You kept checking the time and waited. You heard familiar laughing when the doors opened and braced yourself.

“Oh hey (Y/N), what are you still doing here?”

“Where’s your ‘boyfriend’ Michael?” They taunted and you sighed.

“He’s running late.” You mumbled.

“Wow, you’re still going with this story? That’s really lame (Y/N).” Another said and you saw a familiar car pull by the front of the school. You felt your phone vibrate and you answered the call ignoring the girls who were surrounding you.

“I’m here, are you here? There are a lot of students still hanging around at this time.” Michael said and you saw the door from the drivers side open. “I’m getting out of the car so you can find me-” He said but you ended the call and stood up.

You walked passed the girls and ran to the car and waited for him to make his way to give you a hug. You felt your feet lift off the ground for a moment and twirl you. “Did you miss me that much?” He questioned and chuckled.

“Let’s just go and eat.” You mumbled into his chest and squeezed him tight, missing everything about him.

“Michael Clifford!? (Y/N) Knows Michael!?”

“What she said was true!?!”

“Oh shi-”

“Michael, can we just go now?” You questioned frantically with your face turning red.

“A-are you sure? It seems those friends of yours are calling for you.” He said before you separated from his hug.

“They aren’t my friends.” You said.

“Then who-”

“They’re your 3 potential brides.” You said and his eyes widened. He frantically got into the car and you followed with sitting shot gun.

“I think we should hurry and get to Panda Express before they close.” He said nervously and held in his laughter.

“Yes, several hours early.” You said as he stepped on the gas peddle. 

“I thought you were going to keep this all a secret.” He said pouting slightly.

“I’m sorry, I word vomited… They kept pestering me.” You said sheepishly.

Michael grinned remembering what you had told him about those girls, “oh yeahhhh they have the hots for me don’t they….” He said and looked at you, “you were jealous huh?” He questioned with a grin.

You squished his cheek and turned it forward, “eyes on the road please.” You said as he continued to drive. When he parked you sat in your seat for a moment and bravely kissed his cheek.

Michael looked at you slightly startled but really happy, “maybe I was just a little itty bitty bit jealous.” You said in a mumbled voice. Michael grinned and gave a small peck on your lips before getting out of the car. You smiled to yourself with the slight satisfaction that he was yours.

A/N: Thank you so much Anon for this cute little request. The thought of it is just sooo adorable so thank you so much and sorry if this was late :D

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Mad Spaced - Chapter 4 "Start As We Mean To Go On"

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

So, I actually accomplished some writing on the plane this weekend! This is a bit of a filler chapter, but I’m trying to establish the characters a little more in this chapter. We’ll eventually get some more backstory, but this has some general impressions of each other. 

I’ve also thrown in a couple of references to things I like, for my own amusement, but I’m not going to point them out. If you get them, great. If not, hopefully they aren’t too jarring within the story.

I’m excited for Chapter 5, which is the Housewarming Party! 

Thanks for reading! Tagging some folks, as per some requests: ch1darkcy thisissomefreshbullshit teastaindiary itsmirallegro fantasticab katywright340 darlingdiver hohumi slothpaws old-lady-at-heart adaftmyriad greenangelheart idontcareifyoudontbelieveme raernundo 14000romances gushington-central chicadificil (Did I forget anybody?)

Without further ado …

* * * * *

Rae woke up, groggy and a little hungover, and stared at her clock. The block red numbers silently shouted 9:37 at her. She would have been more hungover if Marsha hadn’t put away as much as she had. And, if she were more hungover, maybe she wouldn’t be remembering some of the things they talked about the night before. She shook her head, trying to forget. Oof, that call from Richard. Why was she dating him, again?

What she wanted most of all was to roll over and get another two hours, but instead her stomach growled and her bladder screamed at her to empty it. 

“Stupid corporeal form,” she muttered. “Why can’t I just be a floating brain?”

She pulled a tattered kimono she’d got at a jumble sale on over her t-shirt and sweatpants. Before she ventured out of her room, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Oh, god, was she going to have to wear a bra all the time? She hadn’t thought about that, and it didn’t seem fair that she had to get fully dressed just to use the loo. She peeked her head out to see if Finn was up and about. No sign of him, so she took a chance, pulled her thin robe around her more closely, and tiptoed to the bathroom. After completing the most urgent task, she washed her face and brushed her teeth, and took a minute to inspect her face in the mirror. She discovered a spot on her chin and sighed. Whatever. She wasn’t trying to impress Finn, anyway. As she just pointed out to herself, she already had a boyfriend. She and Finn were just roommates. 

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Can you do a scenario of bts when you and the boys are playing and by accident hit you in the nose and start to bloob and your bf (one of the boys) enter to the room and see your bloody nose, that make sense? sorry if not xD but im found your blog and i love it :3 im your fan(?) xD

(Omg thank you :3 <3)

You hadn’t heard of BTS before so when you moved to Seoul, Korea for the first time into the flat you have now, you never understood why there always a swarm of girls around the flat blocks further down the streets. Everyday you would walk down the street to your job and see them run even faster, what ever is what, it must be worth the exercise.

You first met jin at a grocery shop, but before hand you stopped a screaming fan girl and asked why she was screaming and she told you something about a band called BTS? You never heard of them so you just continued on with your day. Little did you know it was going to change later on.

You were walking through the aisles when you finally got past the swarm of obsessed fans and were wondering down the fruit aisle when you bumped into a hard chest. You fell down and landed on your butt, you heard the guy gasp and frantically drop all of his stuff to help you up and apologise repeatedly. It was really annoying because the voice sounded so sweet and delicious and all you wanted was to get up and get going or you’ll be late to class, again.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t see you. Oh my god, I really am sorry” The voice was worried that he had hurt you, it sounded strained almost.

“It’s ok, really, I usually trip at some point during the day and fall so it’s not really a big prob–” You looked up as you spoke and saw the most beautiful person you have ever seen in your entire existence.

“lem..” You voice trailed off while you were entranced by this mysterious persons beauty. He had full pink lips and  beautifully angled face. “Oh my god, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to just stare at your face, did you know how attractive you are? Err…” You rambled and his face looked amused. He was enjoying your little melt down, you had to run and bury your head in the sand.

“Oh god, I’m sorry… I’ll just be going. Thanks for helping me up and just ignore my presence please” You practically begged him and ran off towards the dairy side of the shop. You stopped near the yoghurt, covering your face with your hands and felt intense heat. You knew exactly how red you were and thanked the heavens above for giving you the opportunity to run and you were thankful for taking it. Continuing on with your shopping as well as being careful to avoid the beautiful person whose name you forgot to ask and you failed to realise that you left your basket with him. Fearing what would happen if you turn back to get it, you decided to get another one. Looking up and locking eyes with this stranger, you were a mess. A stumbling mess, a red face mess and an  overall mess. YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME!

“Miss..? You left your basket with me when you decided to run a little marathon away from me” He giggled, he actually giggled, it was so adorably sexy. Ugh.

My name  is Y/N and I’m sorry about that …?” you smiled but looked down blushing. Warm fingertips gripped your chin, pushing your head up to look at him. He smiled at you and looked into your eyes. It was intense, it was like he was looking into your soul.

Please don’t look away, your blush is beautiful and my name is Seokjin but please call me Jin” He warmly smiled at you and your heart melted.
Wait, he called you beautiful? You had no idea of this person was and he’s already make you feel like you are floating on cloud nine.

“Well, thanks for finding me to give me my basket and I’ll see you around Seokjin” You talked while walking away, you couldn’t let him look at your burning face any longer and he looked confused, he looked relieved like, he was expecting you to recognise him. But why? You didn’t find out because you were going to get some bread while you thought to yourself.

After your shop, you were putting your items in the car, when you felt a hand on your shoulder. You spun around ready to attack who it was, it was Seokjin. You let out a breath of relief and laughed at how ridiculous you were being.

“Er hi… You didn’t recognise me” He started of confident but faltered near the end, as if he regretted to say, just in case he sounded vain or something like that. He had no reason because you really didn’t recognise him.

“Recognise you? Why would I recognise you jin?” You moved to lift up a bag but he he beat you to it and started to load up your car for you, it was obvious that he was buying time to explain what he meant so you let him.

“Have you ever heard of BTS?” he turned to look at you, waiting your reply.

“ I stopped a girl this morning to ask why there was a load of them screaming outside this block of flats near my place and she mentioned them actually. I never heard of them until now, are they popular?” unknowingly chatting away until he stops you.

“Well we are kind of popular, I’m the eldest of the group” Jin smiles shyly at you. You were shocked, you are talking to an idol and you just told him he was the most beautiful person you have ever met earlier. “The world must hate me today “ you thought.

“Can I take you out on a date Y/N? and i know it sudden and random but either way, would you like to?” So a guy who is insanely attractive just asked you out and you’re stood there frozen, wow.

“Of course, I would love to Seokjin”


You were at the dorm of BTS and you were chasing Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin around the door. It was ridiculously small for a dorm so you really shouldn’t be chasing three fully gown guys around it, it was bound to end in an accident.

You caught Jungkook and tickled him ferociously till the kid had tears streaming down his face and his body limbs were flailing everywhere. Jin, You beloved boyfriend of a near two years walked in and stopped to stare at you both. Worry flashed over his face for a second and you knew exactly what he was going to say.

“Y/N, Jungkook! Please be careful!” Jin shout caused the both of you to stop and look at him. But as you turned your head, Jungkook accidentally elbowed you in the face. It wasn’t a a gentle blow, it was if someone threw a boulder at your face. It really fucking hurt and your eyes were streaming from the pain, you weren’t sobbing. It’s just common for your eyes to water when you get ht in the nose.

“OH MAN, HOLY SHIT” Jungkook screamed, while Jin shouted “Y/N!”

I would have been a comical situation if you didn’t see a stream of blood fall onto yours jeans, that was when you decided to freak out. Jin picked you up and shouted at everyone to get the first aid kit, towels and ice. Taehyung scrambled to the bathroom, disturbing rapmon and his shower, Jungkook pushed Yoongi into the wall as he ran to go get ice. The dorm became a literal mad house.

The bleeding didn’t stop for a while, you were laid with you head on Jins lap. He was stroking your hair, and whispering sweet words to you to relax you. You would have talked back if you didn’t have a towel on your face, with a huge bag of ice over your nose. It was aching but the bleeding did stop.

“I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so” Jin grinned hugely at you, knowing that you couldn’t talk back. He saw his opportunity and he took it.

“but seriously though Y/N, please be careful with the guys. They’re a lot stronger than you and more prone to accidentally break/ hurt things without meaning to. I don’t want you to get hurt again, I love you baby” he talked with sincerity lacing his elegant angel like voice. You looked at him, your eyes boring into his. All of the affection was poured into that stare. You were brought back into reality when you felt someone pick up your feet so they could sit down, it was Jungkook. He placed your feet on his lap and rested his hands on them and played with his fingers.

“Noona, I’m really sorry” He sounded so broken and it as just accident.

You grabbed his hand and mumbled a “It wasn’t your fault kookie, it was no ones fault” and he beamed sadly at you, still feeling guilty about it.

Even with a bag of ice on your face, a throbbing and aching nose, a young adult looking all sad about accidentally hurting and a beloved boyfriend that you adored wholly. You know you wouldn’t change a thing. Your beginning was perfect with him and hopefully so was your ending.