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Unfair - Part 1

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2

Genre: angst, fluff

Word count: 2,442 words

Pairing: Wonho x Reader / Minhyuk x Reader

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find out that your “boyfriend” has had a girlfriend all along. Heartbroken, you find comfort in your friend, Minhyuk, who believes you deserve better.

You shouldn’t have believed him when he said that he loved you. Was it a lie? Had it been just words? They hadn’t been just words to you. Those words made you feel safe, secure. You let your guard down and trusted him. And, because you trusted him, you got your heart broken. It wasn’t fair. Why did things have to come to this? Why did this happen? Why had he lied to you the whole time? Why had he even bothered pursuing you in the first place.

Your heart dropped when you saw them together. He said that he was going to be visiting his parents in Anyang that weekend. Yet he was still in Seoul. He was standing in your view, holding hands with a girl. You didn’t see his face, but you knew it was him. After dating for seven months, you knew what he looked like from behind. You knew the way he walked and the way he talked. You knew him when you saw him. If it had just been his friend, he wouldn’t be holding her hand the way that he was. If anything, they’d be linking arms if they were friends. But, here he was, holding her hand the same way he held yours.

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Jensen Ackles, J2 morning gold panel, Sunday 4 December 2016, San Francisco con. 

So this was the first we saw of him at the con. It was so special that he was there given that he had two new babies at home. He reassured us straight off that Danneel had told him to go (with J2 joking that Danneel wanted some alone time, hehe it was adorable). Everyone congratulated him constantly the whole weekend, with a lot of “What do we have to say to Jensen guys?” kinda from Jared encouraging more shouts of “CONGRATULATIONS!”. He was beaming and so happy.  

They were filming only one day the week after the con, which meant he only had to be away from his family two days in the week. If that hadn’t been the case he wouldn’t have gone he said, but as it was, he was there, and the atmosphere was so lovely. 

He told us about the names in this panel. Arrow they knew as they wanted an AA – so Arrow Ackles. Zeppelin named for the knot/bend his umbilical cord formed came right out of left field. They didn’t have a name for the boy baby until that point. 

I shot my musket with a friend of mine for the first time on the weekend. It was awesome. Will post pics soon. Then we saw the new Star Wars movie.

Lost night I had a dream that I was battling stormtroopers with my musket. It wouldn’t go off and I was fiddling with the powder and flashpan. 

anonymous asked:

Bri, do you have any steve + bucky + church headcanons? EG Did they go to Christmas Eve Mass every year? Was Bucky not really a believer, but he went with Steve to church anyway etc.

I didn’t think I did, but turns out I do.

So I think out of the two of them, Steve was the most religious. Like it was the 1930s and he was raised by an Irish mother, the chances of church not being an expected part of his weekend plans every week is slim to none. I think Bucky was probably more of a “Fine I’ll go but I’m gonna drag my feet and sigh dramatically the whole way there to make it known I really am not interested.”
I think Bucky prayed though. I think he hated going to church bc he was like a bundle of pure energy and he hated sitting still and quiet for that long, but he believed enough to pray. I think he really started praying the first time he saw Steve get really sick, and the priest learned pretty quick that it Bucky showed up to a service and actually paid attention like he wanted to get on the big mans good side, it was a sure fire bet that Steve wasn’t doing so good.
I don’t think he was ever one to pray for himself, I think he prays for other people. He prays Steve and he prays for his parents, mostly his ma, he prays for his sisters to be okay when he gets sent off to war. But I don’t think he ever thought to pray for himself.
I think Steve’s relationship with his faith changes a lot after the ice and in the 21st century. I think he’s been through so much that he doesn’t know if he can believe in a God, he doesn’t know if he’s religious anymore. I think he’d learn more about spirituality vs religion and get more into spirituality and bettering yourself. I think he’d believe there’s a higher power, but I don’t think he’d call it a God anymore, and definitely not the all good all knowing god with some divine plan he was brought up to believe in. And in the 21st century, I don’t think Bucky would have any religious faith at all, I think he’d be like “You know what I believe in Steve? That raspberry cheesecake from Mario’s, that’s the only holy experience I got faith in.”

Indeed, what Breitbart understood, what his spiritual heir Donald Trump has banked on, what Hillary Clinton’s recent pillorying has clarified, is that white grievance, no matter how ill-founded, can never be humiliating nor disqualifying. On the contrary, it is a right to be respected at every level of American society from the beer-hall to the penthouse to the newsroom.

The safe space for the act of being white endures today. This weekend, the media, an ostensibly great American institution, saw it challenged and—not for the first time—organized to preserve it. For speaking a truth, backed up by data, Clinton was accused of promoting bigotry. No. The true crime was endangering white consciousness. So it was when the president asserted that it was stupid to arrest a man for breaking into his own home. So it was when the president said that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. And so it is when reformers suggest police not stop citizens on so flimsy a pretext as furtive movements. The need to be white is a sensitive matter—one which our institutions are inexorably and mindlessly bound to protect.
—  Ta-Nehisi Coates, “How Breitbart Conquered the Media,” The Atlantic, September 12, 2016

I just finished reading someone’s personal story and for the first time in a long time, I saw someone as attractive by the words they spoke than how they looked. I forgot how warm it feels to read someone’s honest thoughts. How does a stranger’s written words give you more comfort and security than a weekend with someone you’ve known for years. I’m so thankful you wrote that, because I remember now, how beautiful another’s thoughts can be.


I saw my father for the first time in my life a couple days ago and coincidentally it is fathers day weekend. And so it has made me confront a lot of my thoughts and feelings that I have never expressed honestly to others or myself. I was always told to not let the absence affect me and be a victim to it. But it has affected me my whole life and has contributed to a lot of who I am in many positive and negative ways. I don’t think that’s bad. And I think it’s very normal to feel lonely and want to be loved.

Happy Fathers Day


Title: Joe
Rating: M (Slight language & adult content)
Characters: Roman Reigns/Anonymous
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the mystery lady.
Summary: The events that occurred after the Monday Night Raw episode on 4/13/2015 where Reigns is chokeslammed on top of the car by the Big Show.
Authors Note: I apologize these are taking so long to post. This was a crazy weekend for me to say the least but they are coming! Also this is the first thing I’ve ever written where I’ve used “Joe” instead.


My heart shattered. It shattered into a million tiny little pieces the moment I saw him. He sat slumped over, his long raven hair still wet as it shielded the side of his face from my view. His back toward me I watched from the doorway, daring the stinging sensation in my eyes to turn into actual tears.

Several trainers tried to approach him and each time he fought them away. His heavy muscular shoulders heaved with every ragged breath he took, his legs dangled in front of him from his perch. I noticed him holding his forearm close to his abdomen. He hadn’t been hurt like this in a long time–at least not sense his emergency surgery scare, but seeing him so battered and broken never got any easier for me.

I took a step into the locker room, the men looked up. I think they could tell by the look on my face that I wanted to be alone with him. There was nothing more they could do anyway. He wouldn’t let them. They silently filed out of the room as they brushed past me, apologetic looks etched on their faces. They knew I would be in for a difficult night dealing with him just as much as I did.

Slowly I approached him, praying that when I finally used my voice it wouldn’t betray me. I didn’t need him to know how scared I had been watching that segment with Big Show, the choke slam and that car. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat as I reached out for him. My fingers trembled before grazing his bare arm from behind.

“I said I didn’t need any fucking attention,” he growled, catching me off guard as he jerked away. I took a step back, a small but audible gasp left my lips in shock while he racked a hand through his hair finally revealing his chiseled jawline and haunting grey eyes.

He looked over his shoulder, wincing as he did. I don’t know if it was due to physical pain or because he realized that I wasn’t a member of the medical staff. I’m sure he noticed the pained expression of his rejection now etched on my face. His eyes instantly softened considerably.

“Shit baby, I’m sorry.. I thought.. Come'mere.” He motioned me around the trainers table with his head, I’m sure because everything else hurt too much to move. My teeth dug nervously into my bottom lip as I stepped around and in between his legs. I unwrapped my arms from around my waist as I rested my palms on top of the fabric of his black tactical pants, against his thighs.

“I didn’t mean to snap at you..” He whispered gravely. His eyes locked on mine and I knew he meant it. “I thought you were one of those fucking trainers..” He shifted and I could instantly tell it was his shoulder that had taken the worse of what Show had given him.

“They’re only trying to help..” I mumbled. It was true. They were only doing what Vince paid them to do. And I’d bet their services cost more here in England. But I also knew that his Samoan pride wouldn’t let him accept any of that help if he knew he could get by without it. He didn’t say anything in response, probably because he knew I was right.

My hands slowly raised to his face, tucking stray strands of his damp hair behind his ears before cupping his face with them as they trembled against my will. His facial hair prickled against my palms as I watched his eyes close and felt him lean into my touch. He let out a heavy sigh.

“If you’re not going to let them help you, let me..” My voice was faint. I knew if I said it any louder those tears I kept trying to force back would surely start to fall. “Let me take care of you, Joe..” I could physically see his body relax, the tense stance of his upper body fading.

“Only you mama, only you..” A chill ran down my spine. His voice did things to me that would be inappropriate to say out loud in front of other people. I watched his eyes flutter open. He turned his head slightly and his lips pressed into my palm. He took his left arm and wrapped it around the back of my thighs pulling me further into him. I stayed mindful of his opposite shoulder, the last thing I wanted to do was hurt him more.

His soft lips laid into my own as he kissed me and my knees felt weak. I could feel his neediness. It was rare for Joe to be this fragile, this dependent but on these occasions I knew that even when he didn’t use the words that he needed me to be there for him.

I reluctantly pulled back from his kiss, knowing it was getting late. He needed to get changed and head back to our hotel. “We need to get going.” I said and he nodded his agreement. I stepped back allowing his huge frame room to get up.

He slid down off the table but the moment his feet hit the ground one of his knees buckled under his weight and he stumbled. I reached for him, grabbing onto his good arm as I steadied him. I could see the pain on his face but I didn’t say anything.

Joe leaned on me for support as we trudged back to his locker room. Thankfully I had almost everything ready to go prior to the main event. I could feel his eyes on me as we rounded the last corner, the locker room just mere feet away now.

“What?” I asked softly, his arm wrapped around the back of my neck as I helped him along. I didn’t look at him though. I was too busy concentrating on getting him there without incident.

“I love you..” He answered as we now stood just outside the door marked Roman Reigns. My heart flipped, I’d never grow tired of hearing that beautiful man say those three little words.

He reached out to open the door, shuffling his feet a little better than before. I ushered him into the room and closed the door behind us. “I love you too, J.” I whispered as I helped him walk to the black leather couch.

He slumped down, hissing through clenched teeth as the jolt jarred his shoulder. I knew I’d have to help him out of his gear and into a change of clothes if we wanted to get to our bed before dawn. I walked to his open suitcase and started pulling out clothes.


I awoke with a jerk, sitting straight up in bed clutching the sheets to my bare chest. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room I turned my head to see that Joe wasn’t beside me. The bed was empty.

I tossed the covers back as I swung my legs over the side of the bed. The clock on the nightstand lit up with bright red digits. 3:34am. I tucked my hair behind my ears as I grabbed the first article of clothing I came to. Joe’s light blue dress shirt from the media interviews he had done that morning.

I slipped the oversized button down on, buttoning enough of the buttons so that my body was covered. When I stepped into the front room I could see Joe through the sliding glass door. He stood next to the balcony railing, his long hair blowing in the wind.

I slowly padded across the room, sliding the door back just enough for my body to slip out. I wrapped my arms around my waist, holding his shirt tight against me. The breeze sent a chill over me when my bare feet hit the cold cement. Joe acknowledged the sound of the door as I closed it behind me. I watched him look back at me over his shoulder just as he had done earlier.

“Did I wake you?” He asked, his voice a low rumble. I could tell he was tired but I’m sure he was up because of his shoulder. He had gotten most of the feeling back into his fingers before we had fallen asleep which was a good sign.

I walked to him, wrapping my arms around his body from behind gently. I pressed my palms flat against his abdomen, feeling the heat radiating off of him. I pressed my lips to his bare back, kissing him softly once or twice over his spine.

“No baby, you didn’t. You okay?” I could feel every breath he took, his abs tensing up as he spoke.

“I’m fine. I just got too stiff laying down. Been out here about an hour now…” He moved, taking his good arm to pull me around and up close to his side. His grey eyes cast down, eyeing his shirt as it hung off my shoulder on one side.

“An hour?” I questioned, looking up to meet his gaze. A smile played at his lips. He loved when I wore his shirts and I couldn’t help but to smile back. I had missed that gorgeous feature these last few hours.

“You left me alone in bed for an hour?” I smirked, turning around to lean up against the rail as I crossed my arms over my chest. I tilted my head to the side giving him my famous pouty lip.

“You wearin’ anything under my shirt, sweet pea?” His voice was now low and husky, it sent a chill down my spine that had nothing to do with the wind. A giggle escaped from my lips as he tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“Nope.” I answered simply even though we both knew that Joe had already known the answer to his question. He leaned down, taking my lips with his own in a heated kiss. I felt his tongue slide across my bottom lip and I granted him entrance to my mouth.

After a few moments he pulled back, his chest heaving slightly. I felt his fingertips ghost down my arm to the hem of his t-shirt. I shivered as I felt them tracing lines up my bare thigh.

“Baby…” My breath caught in my throat when his fingertips floated to the inner thigh and I swore I could feel lightening on the end of his touch. “Please. You’re hurt. You.. Need.. To.. Rest..” With every word that left my lips his fingers trailed higher and breathing became harder.

Joe closed the small gap between us, his hair falling forward into his face as he leaned down to bury his face in the nape of my neck. I gasped as his teeth grazed the sweet spot only Joe knew about. He bought his lips to my ear.

“I’d have to be unconscious in a hospital bed somewhere before I’d be too hurt to make love to you..” He whispered, his breath hot on my skin. “I may be down, but I’m not out by any means. I let you take care of me earlier, now I’m going to take care of you.”

I felt his good arm snake around my waist, gripping my opposite hip. He raised his head a little, “put your arms around my neck.” I did as I was told, locking them securely. I yelped in surprise when he lifted me with one arm and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist.

I could hear him growl as he took my lips with his own again. He undoubtedly could feel the heat of my center as it now rubbed against his side. I tried to push the worry of his injury to the back of my mind. If this is what he wanted I couldn’t deny him.

Joe walked me back into the hotel room, the darkness engulfing us. My lips pressed against his in a haphazard kiss, my hands racking through his hair. “Are you sure about this, Joe? I don’t want to hurt you, I know how you can be..”

He growled his response as he laid me back down on the bed, still clutching his injured arm to his abdomen. He looked down at me and started to push his shorts down his legs. “If you know how I can be than you should know once you’ve turned me on…” His voice trailed as he crawled up onto the mattress. He kissed his way up between my legs as he held his body weight up with the one hand.

“There’s no stopping me..” He finished, a lusty smirk on his face.

“Joe…” His name left my lips on the end of a moan as his lips again connected with my skin. I started to unbutton the first few buttons of his dress shirt when I felt him bite the inside of my thigh in protest.

“Stop.. That’s enough.” He said, smirking again at the amount of cleavage that was now showing. “Leave it on for me baby girl…” I melted into the mattress. I could feel the dull ache for him within me getting stronger by the second. This man was too much.


Golden Globes 2017: The Complete Party Guide (Updating)

It has been almost 12 months since last year’s Golden Globes, a night that saw The Revenant, The Martian, Mr. Robot and Mozart in the Jungle go home with trophies in top categories, along with individual winners like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence, Taraji P. Henson and Jon Hamm. But before any golden trophies are handed out this Sunday, many drinks will be had at 2017’s first Hollywood party circus of the year. Below is a roundup of the major events around town…and here’s to hoping everyone makes it where they’re going on time.

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Wednesday, Jan. 4

Moet & Chandon

Doheny Room, 9077 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 7 p.m.

The champagne set will gather for the 2nd Annual Moet Moment Film Festival, aka “The Minis,” an annual competition that aims to inspire a new generation of talent dedicated to telling their stories on film. Moet - the longstanding official champagne of the Golden Globes - welcomes this year’s head judge, Bryce Dallas Howard, along with Gina Rodriguez, Primary Wave’s David Guillod, Serial Pictures’ Violaine Etienne, Tribeca Film Festival’s Sharon Badal, HFPA journalist Elisabeth Sereda and Ghetto Film School’s Kisha Imani Cameron.

The Ivory Game

Conservatory, Montage Beverly Hills, 225 N. Canon Dr., Los Angeles, 7 p.m.

Lesley Chilcott, Paola di Florio, Geralyn Dreyfous, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, Pedro Kos and Arnold Scwhartzman are hosting a reception for the Netflix documentary (about illegal elephant poaching) with the filmmakers Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson.

Getty Images

Thursday, Jan. 5

W Magazine & Audi

Chateau Marmont, 8221 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 7:30 p.m.

Hosts include W’s Stefano Tonchi and Lynn Hirschberg with hotelier Andre Balazs at this always-packed penthouse party to celebrate the Globes and the mag’s “Best Performances” issue in partnership with the luxury automaker. Audi will chauffeur VIP guests to and from the Chateau.

Getty Images

Friday, Jan. 6

AFI Awards Luncheon

Four Seasons Los Angeles, 300 S. Doheny Dr., Los Angeles

The AFI Awards celebrate the year’s “most outstanding achievements in the art of the moving image” - honoring 10 films and 10 TV shows that the organization deems culturally and artistically significant. In addition to the AFI Special Award being given to O.J.: Made in America, AFI will honor movies Arrival, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight, Silence, Sully, and Zootopia. TV honorees include The Americans, Atlanta, Better Call Saul, The Crown, Game of Thrones, The Night Of, The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Stranger Things, This is Us, and Veep.


Estrella, 8800 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 7 p.m.

David O. Russell and Lee Daniels are hosting a screening and reception for Lion director Garth Davis and the Weinstein Co. release. Also confirmed to attend this special event are producer Angie Fielder, Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, Sunny Pawar, cinematographer Greig Fraser and composers Dustin O'Halloran and Hauschka. 


Catch LA, 8715 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood

The agency is relocating its pre-Golden Globes event from Soho House to West Hollywood’s new hot spot. Expect the bash to be star-studded as usual. CAA’s Golden Globe-nominated talent this year includes Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton, Andrew Garfield, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Annette Bening, Lily Collins, Hailee Steinfeld, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant, Viola Davis, Nicole Kidman, Jeff Bridges, Tom Ford, Barry Jenkins and Evan Rachel Wood.

Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts International Awards

Avalon Hollywood, 1735 Vine St., Los Angeles, 6:30 p.m.

Winners will be announced for the 6th annual AACTA awards, which recognize film excellence regardless of geography, as determined by a jury of more than 150 of Australia’s most recognized filmmakers and executives. Confirmed attendees include awards season standouts Mel Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge), Joel Edgerton (Loving), Nicole Kidman (Lion) and Dev Patel (Lion), along with presenters Isla Fisher, Ruby Rose, Julian McMahon, Angus Sampson, Alan Dale, Damon Harriman and Luke Bracey.

Saturday, Jan. 7

Film Independent

BOA Steakhouse, 9200 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 11 a.m.

Top names from the indie film crowd always start their Globes weekend here (over eggs, bacon, coffee and mimosas) at the Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominee Brunch, being hosted this year by Sterling K. Brown and Issa Rae. The duo will be charged with helping Film Independent president Josh Welsh announce the filmmaker grant winners. Cash aside, expect to see some of this year’s nominees mingling, including filmmakers Kenneth Lonergan, Mike Mills, Taylor Sheridan, Barry Jenkins, Andrea Arnold, Pablo Larrian, Jeff Nichols, and Kelly Reichardt, along with actors Natalie Portman, Casey Affleck, Annette Bening, Sasha Lane, Viggo Mortensen, Ben Foster, Molly Shannon, Riley Keough and Shia LaBeouf. Sponsors include Piaget, American Airlines, Jeep, IFC and AT&T.

Getty Images

Gold Meets Golden

Equinox Sports Club, 1835 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles

This event is where sports meets entertainment; a luncheon featuring actors, athletes, artists and Olympians in celebration of awards season, while raising awareness for Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. On the program is a live performance by Rumer Willis and Brian Justin Crum of the La La Land Globes-nominated song “City of Stars.” Confirmed to attend: Nicole Kidman, Jessica Chastain, Dwayne Johnson, Christian Slater, Matt Bomer, Eddie Redmayne, Gina Rodriguez, Rumer Willis, Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson, Caitlyn Jenner, Terrell Owens, Nadia Comaneci, Bart Conner, Greg Louganis, Janet Evans, Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Gracie Gold, Conor Dwyer, Ashton Eaton & Brianne Thiesen-Eaton, and more.


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles (BAFTA Los Angeles)

Four Seasons Los Angeles, 300 S. Doheny Dr., Los Angeles, 2 p.m.

BAFTA Los Angeles toasts awards with its annual tea party, serving British tea and scones, and cocktails. The event is presented by BBC America and the GREAT Campaign with event sponsors including Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills and American Airlines. Among the British talent vying for Golden Globes this year are Naomie Harris, Colin Farrell, Caitriona Balfe, Claire Foy, Charlotte Rampling, Riz Ahmed, Tom Hiddleston, Lena Headey, Thandie Newton and Hugh Laurie.

Getty Images

Hollywood Foreign Press Association and American Cinematheque

The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, 1 p.m.

The HFPA and American Cinematheque are partnering to present the Golden Globes Foreign-Language Nominees Series, an event that will include a panel with the five directors of the nominated films in the best motion picture - foreign language category. Moderated by Sam Asi, the chat will feature Maren Ade (Toni Erdmann), Pablo Larrain (Neruda), Paul Verhoeven (Elle), Asghar Farhadi (The Salesman), Houda Benyamina (Divines).

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Paramount Pictures

Chateau Marmont, 8221 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 5 p.m.

Hosted by Paramount chairman and CEO Brad Grey in partnership this year with Vanity Fair and Richard Mille, the studio’s party will celebrate its Globe nominations for Arrival’s Amy Adams and Johann Johannsson; Florence Foster Jenkins’ Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg; Fences’ Denzel Washington and Viola Davis; and others.

Art of Elysium

Red Studios, 846 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, 7 p.m.

The arts-based organization, which will celebrate a 20th anniversary in 2017, hosts its 10th annual Heaven gala. Confirmed attendees include Camilla Belle, James Franco, Topher and Ashley Grace, Shanola Hampton, Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur, Jesse Metcalfe, Cara Santana, Cameron Silver, Will.I.Am., Alicia Witt and Stevie Wonder, among others.

Sunday, Jan. 8


Circa 55 Restaurant, Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 8:30 p.m.

HBO’s bash is always a hot stop on the Globes party circuit. Though the cable network finished second behind Netflix last year, it found its way back to the No. 1 spot when 2017 nominations were announced. With a leading 14 noms, expect to see nominees from such shows as newbies Westworld and The Night Of alongside veterans from Game of Thrones and Veep. 

Getty Images


Stardust Ballroom, Beverly HIlton, 9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 8:30 p.m.

Amazon once agains joins the Globes party circuit, and the streaming giant has a lot to celebrate: It snagged the fourth spot amongst the film distributors and the fourth spot amongst the TV set, besting rival Netflix in both categories. Expect this party to be filled with many Manchester by the Sea faces like Kenneth Lonergan, Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams along with talent from Amazon’s other nominated shows Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle and Goliath. On deck to handle the music: The Roots with a DJ set by Questlove.

Getty Images


Fox Pavilion, Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 8 p.m.

Backed by nine noms for FX - thanks in large part to the five scored by The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story - six noms for Twentieth Century Fox and one for Fox Searchlight, Fox again hosts a diverse roster of guests across film and TV divisions. The Fox bash is sponsored by American Airlines.

Getty Images

NBC Universal

Parking Garage Rooftop, Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 8:30 p.m.

The corporate conglomerate invites talent from its divisions including NBC, Universal Pictures, Focus Features and E! for a Chrysler-sponsored bash immediately following the ceremony. Focus Features scored the most nominations with six, scoring for Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals (so expect Mr. Ford and Aaron Taylor-Johnson to swing by) as well as Kubo and the Two Strings, the latter of which will compete in the best animated category against Universal’s Sing. NBC stars expected here include This Is Us nominees Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz.

Weinstein Co. & Netflix

Netflix/Weinstein Co. Pavilion, Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 9 p.m.

The two companies are partnering on another Globes party this year with Netflix toasting one film nomination and five TV nominations including two best TV series drama nominations for its series The Crown and Stranger Things along with acting nominees John Lithgow and Claire Foy for The Crown and Winona Ryder for Stranger Things. Meanwhile Weinstein celebrates five film nominations including noms for best drama Lion, best musical or comedy Sing Street, acting nominations for Lion stars Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman, and best original score nomination for Dustin O'Halloran and Hauschka for their collaboration on Lion. The exclusive afterparty is presented in partnership with Grey Goose vodka, Lindt, Moroccanoil and Fiji Water.

Warner Bros. Pictures and InStyle

Oasis Courtyard, Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 8:30 p.m.

The women’s magazine partners with Warners for this always well-attended bash inside the hotel. Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Television snagged recognition for Jonah Hill, nominated for best actor in a musical or comedy for his work in War Dogs; three nominations for Westworld including best drama series along with acting noms for Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton. But back to the party: This 18th annual event will feature music by celebrity DJ Michelle Pesce, and designs by Thomas Ford of Tom Ford Designs (not the Golden Globe-nominated filmmaker), all presented by eyelove. The #instyleglobes bash will see the Oasis Courtyard transformed into “Matrix Glam” with peacock blue, plum and fuschia. 

Off-Site Soirees


Sunset Tower, 8358 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 8:30 p.m.

The agency hosts its annual post-show event at the exclusive property, which always proves to be one of the night’s hottest events. The question is: Will Globes host and CAA client Jimmy Fallon come here or host his own private shindig?

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Chateau Marmont, 8221 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 10 p.m.

The agency returns to Bungalow 1 for a post-show bash that will likely pull many stars from the Beverly Hilton complex toward the Chateau. WME clients who may (or may not) be holding golden trophies that night include Amy Adams, Casey Affleck, Denzel Washington, Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Ryan Reynolds, Naomie Harris, Octavia Spencer, Michelle Williams, Mahershala Ali, Dev Patel, Damien Chazelle and Kenneth Lonergan.

anonymous asked:

H/cs for Gladion, Hau, and Sun having a sleepover in a cabin in the woods? Just imagine a bewear looking through the window during the middle of the night like, CAN I JOIN.

-The guys are having a chill weekend, away from the girls. Hau’s brought the malasadas, Gladion brought the video games, and Sun brought the movies. Their plan involved a fishing trip to the lake, a hike through the woods, and some time in the cabin, with the first two meant for catching pokemon.

-One night, they were sitting around the TV, playing some games, when Gladion saw movement in the window. Silvally was already up and ready to fight, and Hau and Sun were worried enough that they didn’t really do much.

-When the Bewear poked its head through (not in, through), Hau shrieked, and Sun just fell on his back. Gladion was up, ready to fight, but Silvally charged in front, running up to the Bewear whose head was currently inside of the cabin. A short conversation and the large, pink and brown Pokemon backed out, scraping as it went. Silvally trotted to the door, opening it and letting the large bear in.

-Turns out, it was attracted by the smell of Hau’s malasadas. The rest of the trip was thankfully uneventful, and Hau went home with a new friend that shared his love for the food. Even if Sun was more than wary about it.

~Mod Sun

So I went into TFA with no expectations, no real idea about the cast except the old-timers, and no strong feelings one way or the other. I really liked the original episodes, watched them a lot growing up, and hadn’t watched the prequels because everyone said they sucked. (I will be rectifying this over the long weekend, no worries.)

And the movie was so, so good.

But the moment that got me was Kylo Ren taking off his mask for Rey. Not in a shipper sense, not romantically, but just that moment. I had no idea who was cast as Ren, and the first time I saw his face felt like hearing that Darth Vader was Luke’s father. I knew what DV looked like under his mask, and I knew what villains were supposed to look like.

And he doesn’t look like a villain.

He has a soft face, a full mouth. He looks young, feminine. Villains are sharp boned and thin lipped (lookin’ at you, Loki) and Ren did not look like a villain.

He was beautiful. And I’m not saying this in a “Adam Driver is so hot” kind of way. I’m saying that he was beautiful, and that made everything worse.

Darth Vader wore his mask because of his injuries. Ren wears his mask because he doesn’t look like a villain without it.

He looks young. He looks soft. He looks *good.* He doesn’t look like the Dark Side.

And he knows it. He knows he has his father’s Aquiline nose and his mother’s eyes. He’s tall like Anakin, but not sharp and angular. He chews that full bottom lip that Han so graciously cursed him with. He knows he doesn’t look the part.

So why did he take off the mask for her? Why, when he wants something from her? Why show her his greatest flaw:

His kind face.

Say Goodbye
(Max & Furiosa)

I have been wanting to draw this since I saw the movie for the first time. I love their relationship so much and though I do ship them romantically, I wanted this to be read any way the viewer feels is most satisfying to them. This will be for sale at IndyPop this weekend! 

eleven headcanons

-is really emotionally invested in Jem and the Holograms

-freaked out the first time she saw fireflies. “the sky is exploding!” (once she realized they were harmless, though, she loved them.)

-tried to cut her own bangs. cried when they inevitably came out uneven (mike shelled out his allowance to take her to an actual hairdresser and fix her mistakes)

-dresses up as Princess Leia for Halloween. refuses to take her gown off for an entire weekend (even after she spills an entire bowl of spaghetti on her lap)

-never, ever, cheats at Dungeons and Dragons. 

-once ate an entire watermelon (including rind.) blankly denies entire incident


At AwesomeCon this weekend, Allison told the story of meeting Tom Welling for the first time!

Allison:“The first time I met Tom? “Oh shit, he’s so good looking!” He is really something….I saw him and was just like “HuminaHuminaHumina!” Like he’s incredibly charismatic and he loves…he’s very interested in people so there’s something very magnetic about that quality.

“I saw him at the gym but it was really embarrassing. I was not fit and was like “I’m going to get in shape for this show!” and it was like a week before we started filming. But I marched down into the gym and there was Tom, working on his abs and I was like “Ahhhh!”

“So then I was like “I’m going to do something impressive too! So I jumped on the treadmill but..I don’t run. So I started running and I was like five minutes and was doing this (heavy breathing) and was like, “this isn’t working so I’m just going to go talk to him.” And I did and I was like “Hi!” (heavy breathing) “Nice to meet you.”

And I couldn’t catch my breath and he just stared down at me and at the end of my phrase - I don’t even know what I said - goes (gentle Tom voice) “Oh! You’re perfect for Chloe!”

It snowed for the first time today. Not a lot, but some. It’s going to be insanely cold tomorrow. And it will be enough to turn the world into a palace of ice. Or so I fear. I keep meaning to buy shoes with metal spikes for the winter ice. Eating a big lunch and taking a nap on a weekend afternoon, instead of shoe shopping, wins every time.

Saw a Tumblr post recently that had something to do with James Franco and Lolita. I didn’t look into it but I sincerely hope he has nothing to do with a(nother) remake of Lolita. There’s already something inherently greasy and awful about him.

I’ve been reading John Crowley’s Little, Big to my friend and it’s been such a pleasure. A little every night. I’ve read it at least twice before (started and stopped a few other times over the years), but they’ve been spaced far enough apart that I’m excited again to see how it ends.

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How about a Yoongi fluff (bc there are not enough of those in this world) where (Y/N) is your big brother's best friend and you've seen him a lot but only recently started talking to him and you eventually start to date? (Bonus: your brother is one of the other boys)

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Just a cute smol request. This was a very nice request to write!! Thanks dude. (。♥‿♥。)

Words:  1666

The first time you had seen Yoongi was when you were 14. He’d begun hanging around Seokjin when they were both sophomore’s in high school, and you were still in your final year of middle school. They’d become good friends, going over to each others houses on the weekends for sleep overs, studying for tests and even walking home together when they weren’t busy. For the longest time you’d suspected they were more than just friends, until Jin actually got a real girlfriend when he was 17.

You actually saw so much of Yoongi, the two of you were more than comfortable around each other for two long years. With him being older, Yoongi already spoke in a more informal manner with you, but it wasn’t just that. He’d acted like family for 2 years. You woke up to him snoring softly on the sofa on a quiet Saturday morning, as you were a morning person.

Yoongi was quiet, you’d noted. He watched more than spoke, but you appreciated that. In the few years you’d known him, you found that Yoongi was actually funny and playful. He didn’t like to lose and when he did he was sour the whole rest of the day, even though he wouldn’t say anything. Because he wasn’t really your friend, you’d observed him more than you spoke to him, but you still had your chances to be alone with him.

He was a morning person, too.

No, Yoongi didn’t wake up during the morning. He was awake until the morning. Even after Seokjin had called it a night and passed out on the other sofa, or anywhere he could lay his head, Yoongi would still be up doing something useless like playing video games or just reading.

In the 2 years you had known Yoongi, you thought of him as much more than family.

And he’d grown a similar sort of affection for you.

One of those said nights had come, where Yoongi was staying over at your home. It was a Friday night, but you were up late studying for upcoming exams. Clad in striped pajama bottoms and a thin camisole, you raked your door ajar and crept toward the creaky wooden staircase. it was just passing 3:47 AM, and you would most likely be yelled at if your parents caught you awake. Even on a weekend, they worked, and you didn’t want to interrupt their beauty sleep.

Safely getting down the stairs, you walked past the living room and noticed Seokjin was passed out. His arm hung off the sofa, mouth slightly agape as he breathed. Rolling your eyes at the sight, you turned only to halt as you noticed the silhouette hovering in your kitchen. The fridge was wide open and you squinted your eyes to see just who it was pulling contents from it and silently placing them on the counter top.

It was only Yoongi.

Even just the sight of him sent you into a craze of butterflies. You’d barely been dating a month, and yet you always thought of him. The both of you had agreed willingly to keeping your relationship on the down low, or else Yoongi would probably not be allowed to sleep over anymore. You were forced to act as if you were still the bickering siblings you used to be, despite the secret get together’s and night conversations stuck up in the kitchen of your home.

You pressed forward into the kitchen, waving a hand toward your cheeks to dim the tinge of redness that heated them. Yoongi was always welcomed in your home. Your parents loved him as if they were a second son, and he was comfortable enough to scavenger around without Seokjin even needing to be home.

After you’d begun dating Yoongi, you felt more self conscious about the way you carried yourself in your home. You knew, it was silly to be thinking any differently when Yoongi had seen your hair matte to your forehead from deep sleep and make up staining your eyelids a smudged black color from borderline carelessness.

Yet, you couldn’t help but hug your torso as you walked into the dark kitchen with your almost barren shirt. You weren’t expecting to see Yoongi in the kitchen so late. Usually he’d be laying on the couch under blankets and on his phone, or writing out lyrics to song’s he’d so graciously spent time working on. 

“Good morning,” Yoongi greeted, voice husky from the lack of use in the past hours. You nonchalantly cleared your throat to avoid a similar problem.

“Morning. Hungry? I was just about to make a sandwich.”

“Same. I’ll make you one.” Yoongi pointed to the contents on the island in the center of the kitchen. You nodded, turning away to open the refrigerator again and grab some juice.

“Do you want something to drink? We have orange juice, apple juice-” You cut yourself off subtly, feeling Yoongi’s arm’s wrap around your torso and pull you into him. He gently laid his chin on your shoulder, humming hmm under his breath. The sound reverberated against your flesh, and you felt your chest tighten and eyes shut to concentrate on anything but him.

“Apple juice is fine. Do you want some, too?”

“I…Yes, sure, great.”

He chuckled softly, turning his head toward your cheek. Yoongi placed a chaste kiss to your cheek, before reaching into the fridge to pull out the carton of apple juice. The moment he moved away from you, you sighed deeply and whirled around.

Leaning against the fridge, you watched Yoongi. His back was turned to you, and even in the dim lighting of the living room flooding into the kitchen, you basked in the way his back looked while making sandwiches for the both of you. How did you get as lucky as you were to be with him? An older, very attractive and attentive boy who was caring. It was truly a sight, watching him spread margarine across your slice of bread.

You seemed to drift off in a sort of riviera, because when snapping back into reality, Yoongi was waving a hand in front of your face with a scowl narrowing his eyes.

“Something wrong, (Y/N)?”

“I, no!” You promised, waving him off. You went to go sit down in the stool where your plate was, right beside Yoongi.

The two of you ate silently for a long while, but you couldn’t shake off that same feeling you’d been having all night. Awkwardness.

You munched quietly on your sandwich piece, only shooting side glances at Yoongi whenever you took a drink of apple juice from your cup. He seemed to be far too invested in his sandwich, savoring each bite and doing the same with his glass of juice. Wasn’t he being too much? Had he found someone else he liked, perhaps? No, that probably wasn’t it. 

What if it wasn’t?

“Okay, seriously, (Y/N). What’s wrong with you?”

“Shh, it’s late!” You hushed him, slapping his shoulder lightly. He turned toward you, taking hold of both of your thighs to turn your stool in his direction.

“You’re being so awkward tonight…Did I do something?”


He thought he was doing something wrong?

You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped your lips, despite how loud it was. Yoongi’s eyebrows shot up to his hairline, and he leaned an elbow against the counter.

“You didn’t do anything…I actually thought I did something to make you stop liking me?”

“What? Why would I stop liking you?” He demanded, voice shooting out quickly and almost incoherent. You stood up, running both hands flush down Yoongi’s shoulders to quiet him again. Man, was he riled up tonight.

“Should we go up to my room and talk? Don’t want to wake Jin up…”

“Did you just make some sort of sexual innuendo?”

You tipped your head back, willing yourself not to groan loud enough to wake up the entire universe. That was absolutely not what you intended him to take talking as. “Not exactly, sorry to disappoint.”

“You’re hilarious.” He rolled his eyes, placing his hands on your hips to gently push you back so he could stand. Yoongi released your hips, to take your hand so you could guide him to your room. 

On the way up, you had to continuously stop and silently scold him as he made a loud creaking noise on the stairs. He’d give you a sheepish shrug each time, tightening his fingers around your own.

You finally and safely returned to your room with something you hadn’t intended. Yoongi. Although it was better than a midnight snack, you still felt shy just by the way he watched you.

“You wanted to talk?”

“Mm, I changed my mind.” You mumbled, heat rising to your entire face as you wrapped your arms around Yoongi’s shoulders. “I want to hug you.”

“Well, I want to kiss you.”

It was almost silly, listening to a senior telling you what he wanted to do. Although, you couldn’t help but want to do the same.

“Okay,” You whispered, pulling away enough to look at his face. Your arms still outstretched around his shoulders, and his were laying on your waist. “kiss me.”

So he did. Yoongi leaned his head toward yours, eyes closing the same time as you. His lips were soft, and the kiss only lasted a moment before he pulled away.

“Do you still want to kiss me?” You mumbled, a smile perking your lips at the corners. Yoongi snorted, laying his forehead against yours.

“Yes.” He admitted, before diving in for another one.

The kiss was longer this time, a bit harder and faster than before but nonetheless soft. He was guiding the kiss, moving his head at all the right times and pulling away when both of you were gasping for breath.

“Do you believe that I still like you?”

“Yes.” You did believe him. You believed in Yoongi after sharing your first kiss with him.

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Hey, I saw a while back that you were recommending planners...I think? I need a new one for 2017 and was looking for a good one!

Hi @gopuleius ! I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. This is the first time I’ve been able to log on since before Christmas weekend. If you are willing to splurge a bit I would really recommend getting an Erin Condren planner. I’m completely obsessed with mine. (She just came out with a Student Planner too.) If you are looking for something a less expensive I would check out Target’s planners! They’re reasonable priced and very cute. Also check out Michael’s craft store. They have 50% off their 2017 planners today. 


So hiya, yeah I’ve been inactive again for a while ^ ^; But reasons! Last weekend, I went to visit my lovely friend @reallyquantum, pictured with me in the last photo. It’d been a while since I visited anyone so it was a real treat, we had a really girly weekend shopping at malls, went to SPX, saw Ghostbusters again, her mom was amazing, and also the highlight: my first Renaissance Fest!

I threw together an outfit from stuff I had at home and rushed to make myself a matching elf crown and necklace thingy (I made reallyquantum’s back in college) which turned out a bit fancier than expected >.>; I got a lot of compliments which made me really happy, since I haven’t worn anything cool to a con-like event in a really long time ^ ^ The back, not pictured, is the fanciest part so I’ll try to post pictures of that later.