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First thoughts after 5 minutes in the Last Jedi tag:

Why are people acting like Jedi is synonymous with Force Sensitive?

Yes of course Finn will wake up, ffs. Seriously, the one post I saw that mentioned Finn wondered IF he would wake up.

The Jedi isn’t a catchall term for force sensitive!! No wonder Pablo Hidalgo is at his wits end on Twitter.

If I see one more post saying there are several possibilities for the last Jedi and Kylo is one but Finn isn’t mentioned I swear to God

But it’s Luke. It’s clearly Luke. That’s not a spoiler or anything, Luke is the last Jedi.

Why the last? Probably because it’s time for a new-post-Jedi dawn for Light Side Force users, and Luke will help usher it in.


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“How are things with you and Tommy?” Your sister-in-law asked you over a bottle of wine. You were shocked when you answered the door to find her there, whisking you away to the Garrison for the night. She knew Thomas was away on business and thought you could use a night out, which you did.

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Surprise, Surprise - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: I saw this really cute Christmas thing on pinterest earlier where it would be a gift a day up until Christmas. And I thought “Oh, that would be a real cute imagine idea!” But the last gift in the 25 day of gifts, obviously on Christmas morning, the reader would reveal that she’s pregnant to Finn/Fergal. I seriously can NOT get enough of that irish man and babies. :D

A/N: As I stated before, I love this! Eee! Him with kids makes me weak.


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It started out as a suggestion which soon turned into a rather fun and appealing game for you. You had discovered something on the Internet regarding to Christmas, specifically where you gave a gift a day for 25 days up until Christmas. When you told Finn about the idea, he was on board completely. He loved the idea. That was towards the end of November.

Today marked December 1st, the first official day of the newest tradition inside your household. You and Finn kept yourselves a part of it, allowing it to be just a husband and wife ordeal. Ava’s gifts were neatly tucked under the tree as she would be celebrating her third Christmas on this earth.

December 1st was small, just as you had anticipated it to be. Day one, Finn gave you the first gift, it being the necklace you were dying to have each time you two passed it inside the jewelry store. Shocked, you immediately put it on. You truly didn’t know what to do, so you stuck out with Vans. You swore he bought a new pair each time they caught his eye. Happy as ever, it marked day one.

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General Hux Headcanons!

Here have some of my general ginger headcanons because he’s my fav. Tomorrow I will be posting a Poe imagine, and possibly a few Finn headcanons if I write them tomorrow. Feel free to request!

-When Hux starts to develop feelings for you, he believes that they are just from him being alone from loving acts for so long. When are kind to him, he saw them as romantic, but disregarded it remembering his past. One day he thought of you, then realized he craved your affection, as well ask him wanting you to be his.

-He doesn’t actually say I love you. If he does it is extremely rare, but he does things that show his love for you instead. He does things such as giving you his coat, promoting you so you can be with him more often, and makes sure you are protected when you go on missions.

-Even though he doesn’t hold you often, he likes being held a lot. If you two are in bed and you are wrapped around him, he won’t make an attempt to move you. When you hug him, occasionally he will wrap his strong arms around you back. 

-He is very merciless when it comes to his strategies, so you will have to learn to be sympathetic towards him.

-Hux would try to be somewhat secretive of your relationship with him at first. As time progressed, you two started getting closer and he realized that you were the one, he would be okay with letting others know that you are his partner.

-He has a lot of work so getting time to spend with him is very difficult, so you would have to plan all of the days you would be together ahead of time. Also the overload of work causes him to take longer to realize how much he cares about you, because of how he usually has to make schedule rearrangements and was taught love was for the weak.

-Hux, when he realizes he has developed a crush on you, goes through your files to learn more about you so he can impress you.


-Hux is definitely is an inside person, due to the fact he works inside all the time, and absolutely HATES the cold (He wears a first order military jacket inside, when he goes out he wears a very large fur coat)

-He would keep everything you say to him very close, he likes to dwell on all of the things you have told him.

-He never breaks down, because he has been taught never to cry ever since he was young. If you ever need to cry though, he is always there for you to soothe your thoughts, support, and just to talk to you about it.

-HIM SOFTLY WHISPERING “I love you, I would give you the entire galaxy if I could, but all I can give you is my heart” I’M SCREAMING

-He will definitely bite your lip when passionately kissing; but usually he is really gentle with you, and usually kisses you just lightly gracing his lips over yours.

-Hux would be straightforward telling you the things he thinks about you, “You are simply ravishing my love, why do you worry about what others say about you? For they are just jealous of your beauty and elegance”.

-Hux smells really good, I mean really super duper good. You can only smell him when he is up close, but when you do he smells very masculine, like woods and musk. It’s a familiar scent, and when you smell it, you feel instantly at home.

My friend M is taking a Tumblr-cation but meanwhile she saw Rogue One and had THE MOST AMAZING THOUGHTS, which she sent me and said I was allowed to share with Tumblr:

Also while the movie as it stands is Completely Right, I’d be lying if I wasn’t interested in [stories where they interact with other characters]- everyone else seems to be honing in on “what would these guys be as heroes for the New Kids”, because it’s fashionable to deride Luke in particular and pedestal Han and Leia, so it works better with Rey-Finn-Poe, but like:

What if the smuggler, princess and farmboy had got to have these guys? And like all the different lines of connection that nobody expects?

Because like of course Jyn KNOWS Han Solo, she was a criminal, and Leia and Cassian were both hardcore bred in the bone Rebellion, and Luke and Bodhi are both wide-eyed Sincere pilots.

But I present for your consideration:

- Cassian and Han sharing “ … No wait WHAT THE FUCK?” Expressions as Luke and Jyn both charge off to do something daring, courageous, heroic and SO SO STUPID.

- Bodhi seeing Leia in the aftermath of trying to DEAL WITH that stupid smuggler, and making her [some kind of standard, civilized-world drink].

- Cassian seeing thru (what must Watsonianly be) Luke’s total denial and “No No I’m Totes Fine, No Trauma Here, No Problems Left Behind From Seeing My Parental Figures As Charred Corpses Or Watching My Displacement Uncle Get Cut Down By Vader I Am A Totally Together, With It And Stable Pilot, I’m Fine, How Are You?” Because buddy, has he been there it’s not like he is in any way shape or form unaware when we meet him that he is in fact already damaged goods and kid, kid no, kid you need to deal with that it’s okay to be really fucked up your aunt and uncle were blastered and left as char on their own doorstep, seriously. (And how many fewer stupid things Luke might’ve done later.)

- Jyn and Leia bonding over the boys’ club and the difficulty of fucking getting things done here and also for the love of god they love you guys but sometimes killing people is not the answer okay?

And that’s not even touching how the Force Husbands interacting with Luke period is gold. Like. There is no way in that universe Luke went to Dagobah alone. He came out of hyperspace only to have them (probably flown by Bodhi) come out of hyperspace right behind him, okay, and Yoda gets four visitors all at once.

Not to mention Chirrut’s utter gobsmacked envy re Luke getting to actually travel with Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his utter DESPAIR that Luke only vaguely knew who that was or why it was important.

(And like then there IS Jyn looking at Han and going “you don’t know it yet but you’re already not even close to who you were before you took up with these people and you are TOTALLY coming back” when he leaves; and there is Cassian and Leia and the entire arc of the history of the Rebellion stretching out behind them and him knowing what it is that yes her whole planet got blown up and that’s a big deal but also her dad is gone, her mom is gone, and the Empire did it and they did it to get to her. And Luke and Bodhi gleeing together delightedly and with their odd kind of innocence about comparative virtues of ships and their capacities and tricks and so on.) 

Jyn and Luke and the sharing of suddenly having this total dedication to the Rebellion but being fundamentally outisders who sort of …jumped the local hierarchy and see things differently and sometimes that means they swallow their feet to the knees, and sometimes it means they’ve actually seen something the others don’t.

Anyway. THINGS.

i’m re-watching the force awakens right now for the first time since i saw it in theatres and i’m loving this shit just as much as the first time, if not more tbh.

the second poe dameron came on screen i got reminded of how fucking attractive he is

i still can’t take kylo ren seriously because for years i’ve seen him have sex with lena dunham on girls

seeing rey

seeing rey and finn together

when rey and finn run towards the millenium falcon

being reminded of how perfect lupita’s voice-work was 

seeing leia/carrie fisher

“keep it, it suits you”

when kylo ren was about to kill han solo

realizing i’m a fanboy and need to relax

Anon Requested
Finn X Reader fluff. (nonspecific plot)
Warnings: Pure Fluff.
Hi all! This one is short and sweet. Hope you like it! As always, feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!


Finn was 17 when he met you, his soon-to-be-wife in a matter of hours. Finn never really saw himself getting married until much later in life or not at all. He tried to keep up with and be like his older brothers. He saw the turmoil his brothers had gone through in their relationships, heartbreaks and marriages. He swore he would never put himself or a girl through that, as much as he wanted to be like John, Arthur or Tommy; he was going to be different in that aspect. At least, he thought he would.

Now, at 22, Finn took a swig from his glass of whiskey to calm his nerves. He knew you were in the other room, probably pacing or drinking just as he was. He wondered how your hair looked - if it was pinned up tightly or loosely braided like usual. He thought about the off-white dress you had tailored and how it looked against your soft complexion.

He was about to join his older siblings outside for a quick smoke until a small knock sounded on his door, making him pause.

“Finn?” Your voice rang in his ears.

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Hi!! I’ve recently saw, that people got quite excited about these ones, so I thought that I could bring to life a little etsy shop to have everything nice & clearly shown :) Here is the link, hope you like this stickers as much as my friends! xx CLICK or just simply write /shop/ShopBlueFoxx on etsy!

I just saw a YouTube ad where a woman was talking about moral ambiguity in Star Wars.
People are seeing that in this universe, good and evil aren’t cut and dried, that characters contradict themselves, moral codes aren’t always reliable, and different perspectives can be shaped by the experiences and influences people have.

And thing is, this ambiguity is intentional.

Finn thought he was fighting for the right cause before he watched his best friend die on the battlefield. And the one who killed him? Poe. A man who’s considered a hero killed the best friend of our protagonist. (Not that I really expect this to be something that gets talked about later.)

Leia thought she was protecting Ben by lying to him about Vader, and Luke thought he was helping Ben by training him as a Jedi. But they were wrong. Vader is part of Ben’s history, and the Dark is part of his identity. Speaking of Vader, Luke thinks of him as his father. Leia doesn’t. Even something as basic as a biological fact can be disputed or considered moot because of how the characters interpret good and bad for different situations, people, and ideals.

Which brings into question the idea of a Kylo Ren redemption. Is it possible? Absolutely. I won’t pretend any of the murders we saw were justified (although I could make an argument for Kylo Ren’s case in killing Han), but we don’t even fully understand his situation with Snoke and the First Order. He can’t go by Ben because of Snoke’s decree, and Snoke preferred the destruction of the Hosnian System and the Illenium System despite Kylo Ren not wanting any of that. Kylo Ren has never been in a situation anyone could consider ideal. His actions are horrible, but his motives could provide another layer to those actions and possibly even put them in a more sympathetic light.

I can honestly say that I think the people who see that potential the most are Reylo shippers. We for the most part hold that Kylo Ren might be acting out of anger, out of pain, out of trauma, and we see where someone who’s faced similar situations, such as Rey, might be able to sympathize with Kylo Ren, and they can give each other the support they need.

People see the moral ambiguity of Star Wars and are having full-on discussions about it. If antis are really expecting a cut-and-dried good destroys evil story, they really need to get on the same level as the rest of us.


#their acting completely slays me here #I might be dead #Sharon and Nico completely brought these two to life not only as individual characters but the love they have for each other as well #you can see the moments where this is breaking their hearts you can just see it in their faces #I don’t think Rae ever saw Finn as her savior and I don’t think Finn thought he could ever be that for her because he knows she’s a lot stronger than she thinks #the moment where she says if things go wrong in Bristol that she’ll have to figure it out herself you can see how proud he is to hear her say that #he knows for the time being that he’s losing her but I think we all know he’s rooting for her 


The first 600 words of the Finnrey fanfic I’m working on. See it as some kind of teaser. It’s a modern soulmates AU, where people are born with their soulmates’ first words to them marked on their skin. The fic is currently 4K words long and still going strong, and I’m going to post it sometimes during next week so enjoy this in the meantime ! (also don’t worry it gets better for Finn)

For a long time, Finn thought he would grow up to become a thief.

Maybe growing up in an abusive orphanage, mistreated by adults who only saw him as a number, and ostracized by his peers who considered him weak, helped enforce the idea that his future would be bleak and hopeless enough for him to turn to a life of petty crime. But what convinced him of the certainty of his fate was the sentence written across his hipbone, a messy handwriting spelling the words “What’s your hurry, thief ?”.

He was five at the time and, having just learned how to read, he was very excited to finally be able to decipher his soulmate’s first words to him. There were a lot of stories about soulmates, about the romantic words etched on people’s skin, and Finn, who was never given any love or affection, was eager to read the sweet sentence destined to him. But when he read the words, slowly spelling the syllables aloud to better understand them, his heart shattered. His soulmate’s first words weren’t loving or sweet or even funny. They were disdainful - just like every other person he had ever known in his short life - and they were calling him “thief”.

Finn cried every night for weeks, muffling his sobs into his thin pillow by fear of Mrs Phasma punishing him for making too much noise at night. But eventually, he decided that even though no one would ever love him, at least he could keep being himself and keep doing the few things he enjoyed. He kept reading and learning, stoically ignoring the other kids calling him “nerd” and “suck-up” and far less pleasant names. He kept helping Slip every time the latter broke something, or wet his bed (the trick was to change the sheets before any adult noticed, or Slip would be punished and publicly humiliated). He kept acing all the exams at school, becoming a straight-A student and making the other kids resent him even more.

Years passed and he kept becoming better, Mrs Phasma even telling him he “had potential” - the only compliment he ever heard her utter. The First Order Orphanage had a partnership with a company called Empire, which had agreed to give a job to the most promising kid of the orphanage each year. At the end of his senior year, Finn was offered the job and took it : it was a low-paid, dull, dreadful job with awful colleagues and even more awful bosses, but what else was he going to do ? He would have liked to go to college (his grades were good enough to get into an excellent one) but he had no money or resources, no friends, and had been clearly told by Mr Hux that if he dared to reject the offer he would be thrown on the street (”What could you even do besides this job ?” Hux had sneered. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a low-life like you. Far better than you deserve, if you want my opinion”).

So here Finn is, at 23, working for a terrible company who makes money by ruining people’s lives, stuck in a routine that is starting to make him lose his mind. He hates his life, and pointedly ignores the words still written on his hipbone - he isn’t a thief per se, but the Empire is and since he works for them, what does that make him ? However, he keeps hoping that one day, a stroke of luck will give him the opportunity to change his life.

To be continued…

Prompt #4 - Finn Bálor

Request: hey! it’s me again :) prompt #4 with Finn? I ADORED your last one. tysm <333 - @vintage0rton

Prompt #4: I want you forever

A/N: thank you so much! <33

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All he did was stare at you with content written all over his face. You slowly turned the page of the book you were devouring yourself in, all of your thoughts concentrating solely on the words in front of your eyes. With each sound you made, each breath you took, Finn was mesmerized by you as a person. 

Love was a thing he never thought he’d truly experience with someone. Finn knew without a doubt that you were his soulmate; his other half. Without you, there was no him. Anyone who knew him could tell you that when they see Finn, they immediately thought of you. When they saw you, Finn came to their mind shortly after.

Just being together for a year and a half now was enough to assure Finn that you were what he wanted for his future. He couldn’t even recall the countless times he had envisioned you in a white wedding dress, slowly making your way down the aisle towards him to take his last name. Then he would move to starting a family. It fascinated him to just even imagine you and him bringing a child into the world together.

Smiling to himself, he watched you turn yet another page. You hadn’t noticed him staring at you for the last few minutes. Finn continued to look, his mind racing. He loved you with every fiber in his body. He sometimes thought maybe he had reach the maximum amount of love to feel, but you would do something that would make the meter burst.

His heart was racing when he caught you pushing a loose strand of hair behind your ear. No makeup on, sweats, and one of his t-shirts which were bigger on you was what you had wore. And yet you still managed to be the most gorgeous woman to ever step foot in his presence. He thought you were most beautiful on lazy days like this when you weren’t working.

Finn was attracted to you in so many ways. The way you walked, the way you talked, all the way to how your eyes crinkled when you laughed. He had you in his sights. No other woman could take your place. You were his go-to, his supporter, his rock, his lover, and most of all, his life. Everything he had, he shared with you.

By now, you felt his eyes seeping into you. You slowly eased your eyes off of the page to stare at your boyfriend who was smiling like a fool. You couldn’t help but giggle. “Finn, are you alright?” You asked, placing your bookmark onto your page. He nodded his head and uncrossed his leg, taking his hand to wave you over. 

You rolled your eyes playfully and stood up, quickly making your way over to him. Finn pulled you onto him, your legs draping over his. You leaned back against his chest, yours and his eyes meeting. 

“I want you forever.” Finn mumbled, bringing his lips forward to press against your jawline. You fell into the warmth of his lips, your arms wrapping around his neck. He brought his lips up to press against your cheek, slowly maneuvering over to your lips. You took one of your hands and placed it on the base of his neck and tilted his head to the side to give you more. Finn’s arms wrapped around your waist as he guided you closer to him.

“Forever is a long time, Devitt.” You breathed once you two stopped the kiss. You pressed your forehead against his, staring deeply into the oceanic eyes that belong to him. He nodded, not even contemplating anything else.

“It is a long time… But it would be worth it to spend it with you. That’s why I’m going to.” Finn answered you, grinning widely. You let out a chuckle, your fingertips curling around a strand of his hair. 

“How did I get so lucky?” You whispered, gently brushing your nose against his.

“It’s not you.. It’s me that got lucky, (Y/N).” Finn admitted, love clearly in his eyes. His admiration for you was undeniable.

You blushed at his words, your heart swelling with the warmth that came from within. Finn had a way with his words and you absolutely adored this man with everything you had.


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Fandoms: The 100 (TV)
Rating: T/M/Explicit
Pairing: Bellarke
Categories: F/M
Word count: 1,439
Additional tags: Smut, My First Smut, PWP, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Sexual Content, bondage, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Orgasm Delay, a little bit of dirty talk

Summary: Bellamy saw them, Finn asking Clarke if they wanted to team up to hunt, Clarke saying yes. He noticed the way spacewalker looked at her when she was focused, the way he touched her waist when he thought he found some tracks. She never stopped him once, even though she knew Bellamy was right there. She wanted him to feel jealous, and it worked. 

She was going to pay.

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We did it Buddy

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Pairing: Poe x Reader, BB8 x Reader, BB8 x Finn

Warnings: none

Prompt: a one-shot where Poe is always trying to talk with the reader but BB-8 never lets him because the droid quite likes the reader too? then maybe poe gets fed up with BB-8 interrupting? and

Poe x female reader where Finn and BB-8 are tired of watching the two pine over each other and get them to confess their feelings?

A/N: Thought I might kill two birds with one stone. Doesn’t fit them exactly but I had fun none the less. Enjoy

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Poe walked precariously through the base searching for Y/N not taking much notice for those around him. He quickly bumped into someone.

“Hey watch it,” the person said not all that pleased having just been body slammed by Poe, this was until they saw who had just bumped into them “Poe?” Finn said questioning if he was seeing straight.

“Finn buddy, I’m so sorry,” Poe said grabbing Finn’s shoulder and squeezing it.

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Bellarke: I’ll Give It To You (Rated M)

I couldn’t just do this angsty drabble with this title and not take advantage of the double entendre. Enjoy ;)

Bellamy closed the gate after everyone was inside and looked around, but he didn’t see her. He had been waiting to talk to Clarke about what happened back at Mount Weather, but all during the walk back to the Ark she busied herself. Breaking the news to the delinquents about what had happened while they were gone, about Finn, then she was checking on Raven and her mother and walking away whenever he caught her eye. 

He thought he saw her hug Monty by the main door, so he jogged over before she could slip away again. “Clarke, wait.” She didn’t turn around, instead she headed straight for her room. His hand stopped the door right before it could close in his face. “Clarke, can we talk?”

“Sure, Bellamy.” She said with clear hesitation, not bothering to look his way, and he watched as she moved about the room, opening drawers and taking a backpack out from her closet. Clothes, then knives…

“What are you doing,” and it’s a statement, not a question, because he knew exactly what she was doing, and he wasn’t going to let her do it. 

“I can’t stay here.” She replied, trying her best to sound emotionless. Bellamy came in and closed the door behind him. “Clarke, no-” She faced him, finally, and he saw the pain in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Bellamy, but I can’t stay here and see their faces every day, it’s just going to remind me of what I did to get them here.” 

“What we did, Clarke. You don’t have to do this alone.” She considered his words, but could only shake her head with doubt and walk into the bathroom to continue gathering supplies. As she got her toothbrush out of the medicine cabinet, Bellamy started unpacking her things. He was already done with her clothes when she came back out and noticed. “Hey! What are you-” her response was cut off when he cupped her cheeks and kissed her.

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