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Why I Stopped Posting Pictures of my Top Surgery Results

On December 14th 2015, after many years of waiting, I had top surgery. Like many people in the years leading up to my surgery I scoured the internet for photos for people who had had surgery with my surgeon. Being in Canada and mostly only operating in one province I wasn’t surprised to not find a whole lot. 

I also looked for results from other people of colour, other South Asian people, and people with body types similar to mine. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much. I found that the spaces dedicated to surgery results weremainly dominated by white, slim, and muscular folks. 

I was frustrated because I knew that that my results would look drastically different than theirs. Despite my best efforts I found myself feeling frustrated with other POC. I knew that slim, muscular white people would be celebrated and get more traction than POC but there was so little out there. I didn’t need the posts or Youtube videos to be popular I just needed them to exist. I thought I understood why those results weren’t as out there, and partially I did, but now I really get it. 

When I first saw my post-op chest eight days after surgery I was elated. My partner took a couple pictures of that moment and I happily posted them on the internet (even if I felt a little self-conscious). In the days and weeks following my reveal I kept posting updated pictures though I was more and more hesitant to do so each time. Every time I did I got negative feedback about my results, weight,and body shape; reblogs, messages from anonymous people on Tumblr, and comments on Facebook posts (almost exclusively from other trans folks) left me feeling shitty about my body and results. 

Before those comments I felt good about my results and while I had issues with my hips and stomach and lack of muscles I was working to feel better about myself and my body.  So I stopped posting about my results. When one type of body is the only type celebrated in a community anyone who looks different is going to feel excluded and self-conscious - when they are then met with negative comments it’s no wonder they stop posting. It’s not a coincidence that it is hard to find top surgery results from non-thin, muscular, white people.

Does posting these pictures mean that I am over my body image problems: hell no. In fact, I have been feeling pretty self-conscious for the last little while (thanks grad school for meaning I’m too busy and poor to work out or always eat right) but I want to share my results. While I know that I’m not plus sized and don’t really consider myself fat (and benefit in society because of that) I’m also don’t super thin or cut. I want other people who look like me to know that there are other people like them in this community. I want to fight the dominance of white people in these spaces by being present. 

I know that I’m opening myself up to those comments again but I hope that people reading this will realize this it is not okay to make negative comments about others people bodies - even when those people aren’t super thin, muscular and white. 

City Living Skinnies Recoloured

i honestly just wanted some nice basic skinny jeans in some nice basic colours. but then i saw this post and knew i had to use those hilariously named shades - because they were beautiful. ‘bank butt’ might be my favourite. anyway

  • comes in a buttload of swatches, from here, and then some basic denims
  • properly colour tagged, but that’s all i did 
  • you need city living
  • dedicated to @cupidjuice bc this might be the sort of thing you like
  • sorry about the lazy preview

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geniewithwifi  asked:

Fuck BRE. I'm still fried from Olicity overload. Instead of tidbits all season we've been overdosed with it all IN ONE EP!! #deathtoolicityfandom >>---> I do have a question tho, and it's about that last scene. Felicity said she understood why Oliver lied about William, and I know it has to do with Helix, but how does she understand? Felicity didn't lie to Oliver. She trusted him. he doesn't trust her not with Helix and not with William. So still not comprehending that last scene totally

the olicity was so real, girl, so real and intense and amazing wow

(Before I even attempt to answer this, I have to link to this post and this post by @cogentranting that absolutely nailed my exact thoughts on what happened.)

This is such a layered question only because it’s a layered issue, one that’s been churning and boiling for years now. It’s something that was set in motion way before Olicity even got together, one that is reflected in both Oliver and Felicity as stand-alone characters.

When Felicity said she understood, it wasn’t about the actual decision that Oliver made. What she understood better after last night was Oliver himself.


She does know now, or at the very least she’s starting to, and it is just that understanding that let her see things oh so differently, that let her look back and see things from how Oliver’s POV. It has finally given her a level of understanding that she never, ever had before. 


(god his face, look at him, he’s so vulnerable, but he’s also so cleansed)

It isn’t as simple as trust by itself, that was what last night was about. The problem (and the one that got them to the point where Oliver didn’t tell Felicity about William) is that Oliver doesn’t trust himself, and that was the driving force behind so, so, so many of his past actions.

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get to know me: favorite female charactersthe ghibli girls
 “Many of my movies have strong female leads – brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.” (– Hayao Miyazaki)


i saw this post like five times on my dash a couple days ago and all i could think about was boyf riends

based on this post

That’s what adults do. We fuck up.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Genevieve
Word count : 1,460
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 6 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

Gen was drinking coffee, watching the boys eat their breakfast when her phone rang. “Hey Dani.” She smiled.

“Hi Aunty Dani!” The boys yelled.

She could hear Danneel laughing. “Tell the boys I said hi.

“Aunty Dani says you better stop fooling around and eat your breakfast.”

Danneel laughed again. “Nice, Gen.

Gen smiled. “What’s up?”

Jared didn’t come home this weekend?”

Gen sighed. “No. I uh, I needed some time.” She wasn’t going to elaborate with the kids there, so she left it at that, knowing her friend would understand. “Why?”

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The Main Event

A Journeyman drabble of chapter 26

Harry didn’t have much experience planning dates. Up until this point he’d been more of a ‘charm a woman during pub night with the lads or on the rarer occasion when he was dragged to a club, go back to her place, have sex, say thanks, and leave’ kind of guy. There were never any expectations or disappointments for any party involved but he still felt pretty shitty afterward.

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Summary: Phil isn’t good with crowds and gets into a state of panic as he and Dan get caught up in one at a youtube event.

Genre: comfort, fluff

Warnings: crowds, panic attack, meanie security guy

Word count: 2000

A/N: This is a little short fluffy fic I wrote a while ago to keep you entertained whilst I try and write other things. I feel bad that its been nearly three weeks since I posted anything, but I’ve left school now so things should be better. Enjoy!

Dan’s POV:

I looked to both sides and saw that there wasn’t much choice other than pushing through the crowd before us. Phil visibly paled as he realised this, and moved a half step closer to me.

“We’re going to have to go through this,” I said to Phil, a grim expression on my face as I knew he wasn’t good with crowds, “Stay close by my side, and if you need to, then take my hand.”

“Okay,” Phil said, sounding rather nervous.

Making sure Phil was with me, I pushed forwards into the crowd. I went in front of him, thinking that it would be easier for him to follow through in my wake. I turned my head every few seconds to make sure that Phil was still close behind me.

We were doing quite well, or so I thought, until I turned and realised that Phil was slightly behind me, but now a couple of people to my left. It was only thanks to my obnoxious tallness that I could actually see him.

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More Than Jealousy • Tom Hiddleston

First imagine written for this blog. This one is kinda personal for me, so if it’s intense I apologize. Love you all !! 💕

Summary: you and Tom have been dating for three months and for some reason you still can’t stand the thought of him with his ex.


The sun shone brightly through the curtains as you and Tom lounged in bed together. Neither of you had to be anywhere that morning, so you decided to spend it together. Tom was preparing to leave back to London soon to visit family and you were planning on staying in America to spend some much needed time with your own family.

It was a pleasant morning filled with hugs and kisses and snuggles and even some other activities that made you blush just thinking about them. Then, however, one conversation turned everything around.

It had started when you received a message from your ex boyfriend that you and Tom laughed at. You always communicated the deep hatred you had for your ex, so Tom was never jealous. You, on the other hand, only ever heard Tom talk about his most recent ex, Taylor Swift, positively.

“I always see old pictures of Taylor and I. People continue to tag me in them on Instagram. I don’t mind it, really, it’s just weird seeing myself with her” as he mentioned her name, your fists clenched. You had only wanted one simple morning without her being brought up.

“Your relationship only lasted like three months,” you reminded him bitterly. He didn’t seem to notice your warning tone as he continued.

“Yeah, but they were significant months. We spent a lot of time together. I took her to Rome, she met my family..” he trailed off.

He hadn’t done either of those things with you yet. Even worse, you hit the third month mark with him last week.

You untangled yourself from him and sat up, scooting to the far side of the bed. You kept your back turned to him and desperately tried to hide your tears.

“Darling? Are you alright?” he asked curiously. “Did I say something?” you scoffed at how oblivious he was. Still, you didn’t utter a word.

Tom sat up and scooted next to you, resting his hand on your own. You could feel his pleading gaze boring into you. So, you decided to speak up.

“I’ve only ever been in love twice in my entire life,” you startled him with the forwardness of your confession. Despite that, he continued to listen intently. “The first time it was with a man who didn’t even know I existed”.

“He was the lead singer of one of my favorite bands. Post hardcore was the genre I’m pretty sure. Anyway, he was absolutely perfect, to me at least. Long, brown, curly hair, almond eyes, tanned skin. I owned every cd, ever t shirt, every poster because I was so dedicated to him. I hated the concert crowds, but I went anyway just to see him in person. He never looked my way, but just seeing him was breathtaking” you told him.

“What happened?” Tom hesitantly asked. You let the tears fall freely now, not holding them back as Tom rubbed your shoulder soothingly.

“He started dating this girl. A model, of course. Orange hair, freckles, skinny and pale. She was a bitch. I even had a few arguments with her on my own Instagram because she would treat his fans like shit and then when we retaliated she would run back and tell him that we were bullying her” you laughed cruelly. “I fucking hated her, I still do. She ruined a large portion of my life” you took a moment to collect your thoughts and gather your breath.

“After three years of pining over him, I got sick of seeing all of the pictures that they would post together. It got to the point where every time I saw them together I would just cry because I knew he would never be with me if he had her. I got over it slowly and painfully” you finished your story with a shaking breath.

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea” Tom frowned. “You have me now, there’s no need to worry about that anymore” he attempted to cheer you up.

“That’s not true,” you sighed. “I find myself feeling the same way when I see pictures of you and Taylor. And when you talk about her it just makes me burn with jealousy. It isn’t even just jealousy, I’m afraid of losing you. You brought her to Rome, to meet your family! I haven’t even been able to come with you to a movie premier” you buried your head in your hands and cried quietly.

Tom’s heart broke upon hearing your true feelings. He immediately swept you into his arms and let you cry on his shoulder. He hummed gently to you and pressed kiss after kiss to the top of your head. When you had finally calmed down, he spoke to you.

“You will never lose me, (y/n). Not in a million years. I had a very public relationship with Taylor, she wasn’t easy to please. So, I brought her to those places. Please understand that you and you alone are the only woman in my life right now who makes me feel like I can truly be who I am. I’m so so sorry for being so inconsiderate of your feelings. I’m an ignorant bloke for hurting you and I’m terribly sorry, love” he spoke slowly, passionately.

That was one thing you loved about Tom. He was so pensive and he always knew what to say. Your watery eyes stared up at him with a small smile.

“Yeah, for a Cambridge graduate you were pretty oblivious” you giggled. Tom laughed along with you, glad to see you were done crying. You sniffled and wiped away the tears left on your cheeks before continuing. “But I should have told you sooner instead of letting it bother me for so long. Please just, when you’re around me, try not to bring your ex’s up. It only hurts me in the long run” you explained.

Tom cupped your face in his hands and pressed his lips to yours sweetly. His kiss was just as his voice had been moments before, slow and passionate.

“I know, darling, I know” he cooed. “From here on out, none of them exist. You are my present and hopefully my future, you are everything I need” he told you.

You hugged Tom tightly, glad to have gotten that all off your chest. You were ready to get back to cuddling, but Tom interrupted your thoughts with a question.

“Who was the other person you were in love with?” he asked sheepishly.

You were honestly surprised he’d even caught on to that. However, you knew he was a good listener. It didn’t surprise you too much.

You stifled a laugh and turned to him. “Oh, you know, just this insanely handsome, talented, intelligent actor. You probably know him” you said. Tom frowned.

“What’s his name?” he asked a little too quickly, his face turned pink once he’d realized how obvious he was being.

“Thomas William Hiddleston” you grinned, pulling him forward for another dizzying kiss…

‘The moment I saw those lyrics in your room, I knew I had to sing them for you. You’ve heard the song, now I need your answer. You’re so important to me.’

Kyohei Rikudoh - Scandal in the Spotlight

What a beautiful proposal!

(I’ve recently realised I have been posting otome fanarts now for over a year on here! Everyone has been super supportive and I have received some lovely comments! I’m sure I will think of a way to thank the fandom…)

Judy’s encounter with Finnick. What Happened?

After Judy has the epiphany about the nighthowler case on her farm, she drives back to Zootopia to look for Nick. Instead she finds Finnick. What happened during their conversation after he opened his van door?

*Quick note: I saw this head canon on a post once and decided to write my own version of it. It’s my first fanfic so yeah. idk whatever~*

**All rights are owned by Disney**

 Almost in a panic, Judy Hopps was frantically driving down the back streets of Downtown looking left and right for Nick. It had been hours since she arrived in Zootopia and looked in every place she could think of. She needed to find him, fast. She knew that she was taking a leap of faith looking for him knowing there was a 99% chance he wouldn’t forgive her, let alone help her with her new found discovery about the attacks, but she was willing to risk it. What she had done after the whole PR debacle all those months ago, had not only severed her developing friendship with Nick, but created fear and chaos in the city that rapidly worsened since she left. While she continued in her internal self loathing, her ears perk up and she comes to a sudden stop when she spots the back of a familiar red van parked in an ally way. She parks her family’s truck and jumps out of the passenger seat and slams the door. Judy hastily makes her way to Finnick’s van, hoping to find that Nick is with him. With her ears pressed to her back she knocks a few times praying someone, anyone, will open the door.

Finnick, being a small mammal and living basically on the streets in his van, his most valued possession he might add, is always on alert with being a hustler and all. You never know who’s lurking around for god knows whatever reason. He can hold his own, but he always keeps a baseball bat handy. Just in case. He hears footsteps coming to his van. He definitely wasn’t expecting Nick since he wanted to take a “personal day” which he knew was code for sulking over that freakin’ bunny cop. Nick hardly talked about her, but when he did he’d get pretty depressed over it. Finnick was pretty sure he was in love with that bunny, with the way Nick would go on about her when he did talk about the situation between them…. He was suddenly brought back from his thoughts when a few solid knocks are heard rasping on one the back doors, his face turns into a snarl, which wasn’t that hard to achieve since that’s how he normally looks. He grabs his bat, and quickly opens the door shouting, “WHO IS IT?”

It never ceased to amaze her that a mammal much smaller than Judy herself could bellow out such a low monotone voice. It was almost comical. But his voice was so fierce and intimidating at that very moment that it startled her, especially with the sight of him holding a bat and an angry look on his face. Regardless, she quickly darted her eyes behind the small fox to see if Nick was inside and to her dismay there was no sign of him. The bunny went on in a desperate voice, “I need to find Nick, please.”

This surprised Finnick, as Judy was the last mammal he was expecting to see standing outside the back of his van. “How the hell did she find me and why was she looking for Nick?” he thought. She was clasping her hands together, pleading with those big violet eyes. With this, Finnick sighed and threw his bat down to his side in the van. He crossed his arms and gave Judy a bored looking smirk and simply asked with one word, “Why?”

“Finnick, please it’s important.” She said, “I have to find him, it’s an emergency. It has to do with the attacks here in Zootopia.”

Knowing what she was talking about his ears perked up slightly. The small fox was willing to tell her where Nick usually spent his free time and where she would most likely be able to find him, but not just yet. He wanted to give her a hard time, “You’ve got some nerve coming here, rabbit.”

Judy sighed, “Look, I know what I did was wrong and it was completely ignorant of me to label all predators as potentially dangerous. And the fact that I’m coming back three months later to find him and apologize only makes it even worse!” She continued, “I was a horrible friend and completely insensitive to how he might feel to all of it, but I need his help more than ever.”

Yeah it sure was a load of bull coming back three months late he thought. Finnick said, “Ok, fine I’ll tell you where he is, but you should know the crap I’ve had to deal with since you guys had that fight,” he went on, “After that stunt you pulled he was a fuckin’ mess. Especially since you never came to apologize. The shit I’ve had to deal with, with that kid.” Finnick said while shaking his disproportioned head and he continued, “He got real depressed and has been holding onto that freakin’ carrot pen. It’s even affecting our business.”

Judy was stunned. She knew she had really messed up, but not to the extent that Finnick had explained to her. Then she realized something he said to her in the middle of her thoughts. “Wait he kept my pen?”

Annoyed, Finnick replied, “Uhhh… yeah. He won’t throw that stupid thing away.”

That completely took her by surprise, and her heartbeat sped up a bit. She hadn’t even realized he left the station with her pen, or that she hadn’t even remembered about it till now. This gave her some hope. “Finnick, I’m so sorry that I put you and Nick through this. Especially Nick. But I really need to know where he is right now! I know why the attacks are happening and why predators are going savage, and I need to figure out how to stop it.” She quipped, “And like I said, I can’t do it without Nick.”

Defeated, Finnick finally felt bad enough for the bunny to give up his location. “Alright, There’s a bridge he hangs out by on the outskirts of the city. It’s near a large abandoned warehouse.” He said. He gave her the rest of the directions and with that Judy thanked Finnick and rushed back to the car and sped off to find him.

“That bunny is gonna be the death of him.” Finick said as he shut the van door behind him.

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Body Like A Backroad

Writer - Aingeal

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - Dean has been with the reader for a while now, and still as in love as ever. Watching her around the bunker, always gets his memories flowing.

Word Count - 694

Warnings - Singular mention of the boobz and of the thick hipz, Implied smut
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Based on Sam Hunt’s Body Like A Backroad & a little of Chase Rice’s What’s Your Name


- Dean’s POV -

Sitting at the table in the war room, I couldn’t help but watch Y/n as she wandered around the library. She looked as beautiful as ever… Had me having flashbacks to when I first met her.

The first time I saw her walk by me at the bar, I swear, I damn near fell off my chair.
I knew in that moment, that I needed to get to know her.
She wasn’t just another one night stand bar fling.
No, that girl was something else.

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@bookhobbit I saw your post about the use of formal/informal language in Lord of the Rings and while I didn’t want to derail the OP or make it too long with an addition, here’s something you might find interesting.

So, in the Appendixes (or were it separate letters? I need my copy…) Tolkien specifically instructs translators whose language distinguises between formal and informal pronouns on how to use them.

According to him, Hobbits in the Shire are supposed to basically all use informal pronouns, while Gondorians, being more formal in general, use formal ones - when appropriate.

Now, all this you probably knew, and now I’m getting to my point.

Thing is, the Hungarian translation goes directly against these instructions. It’s a very calculated move, made by a competent translator, and the reason is that formal pronouns in Hungarian just don’t sound suitably achaic.

In Hungarian, up untill the 16th-17th century only informal pronouns were used, so any text that incudes them sounds automatically way too modern for the quasi-Medieval stasis most of Middle Earth is in.

All of it, except for the Shire, which is more like pre-industrial, rural England somewhere in the late 18th, early 19th century, so it’s reasonable for characters to use formal pronouns.

In light of this it’s probably worth noting that Frodo, while he’s formal with people like Farmer Maggot, Mr. Butterbeer and the like, uses informal speech with Gandalf, and despite the class difference Sam also goes informal with Frodo.

Best Of

A/N: I knew what to the write the instant I saw this request. Anon, did you get this from the sentence starters I reblogged a few posts back? Anyways, messy-haired and sleep-eyed Lin is my favorite Lin (though I could do without the latter because c’mon, the poor guy does need sleep). As always, let me know what you think! PS: Do ya’lll get where the title comes from?

The sunlight peeking through your bedroom curtain made you stir. You opened one eye then the other, blinking slowly to adjust to the morning light. Yawning, you stretched your arms out, letting out a soft noise of surprise when you hit a hard lump.

“Ouch,” it said.

You whip to the side, startled, but then let out a giggle when you realize that it was only Lin. The two of you have only been dating for a few months and you were still getting used to sharing your bed with him.

You wriggle forward, tucking yourself against his side. “I’m sorry,” you apologize, resting your cheek against his shoulder.

He lets out a low laugh, lifting his arm so that he could pull you closer to him. “Good morning,” he greets, voice husky. He places a kiss on the crown of your head, and you close your eyes in delight from the rush of butterflies that you felt low in your belly.

He gives you a small squeeze before releasing you and sitting up, scratching his head drowsily. His hair was a fluffy mess, sticking up every which way, and his eyes were still puffy from sleep. The endearing sight brought a smile to your lips.

You watch as he reaches for his phone, alerts flooding his screen. You felt your heart drop, suddenly somber, as he started to mentally prepare himself for the day.

“Don’t look at me like that,” he groans, running a hand down his face when he notices you were silent.

“Like what?” you say innocently, blinking up at him.

“Like you want me to stay.”

“I’m not,” you argue.

“You are,” he replies, “You’re pouting, and you have that little line between your eyebrows. You’re giving me your puppy eyes.” He cups your face, thumbs brushing against your cheeks to soothe away your sadness.

“Fifteen more minutes,” you coo, tugging on his arm to urge him back to bed.

He laughs weakly. “How about ten?” he bargains, allowing you to yank him back to your side. He curls his arm around your waist and with a small jerk, pulls you against him. He presses a kiss against your neck, and you hear him let out a satisfied sigh.

The two of you bathe in the presence of each other, enjoying the warmth from both your bodies and the overwhelming feeling of love and safety that radiated from each other.

For the second time today, the sunlight awoke you. This time, you were alone, causing you to let out a wry smile.

A noise from your phone alerted you.

You see thousands of mentions on Twitter. Confused, you open the app, seeing that Lin mentioned you on one of his tweets.

He uploaded a picture of you, sleeping in bed, with the caption that read: ‘It was especially hard to leave  bed this morning.’

Your heart flutters. Lin was a blessing, and you couldn’t be any happier.

Barry when...

You’ve been dating for 2 years

If it had been up for him, Barry would have asked you to marry him the minute he saw you. Though he knew that freaked most women out, so he didn’t do that. Maybe if it had been someone else, he could have asked after a year, but Barry knew you needed to go slow (something he was OK with), but now he couldn’t wait any longer It had been 2 beautiful years, still – to be 100% sure, he needed to talk to Cisco first: your best friend from kindergarten. 

A/N: So because I have the rest of this week off, I thought to maybe post something every day? I’ll try to maybe make something else than Barry when…s and Grant Gustin interviews, but I can’t promise anything!