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get to know me: favorite female charactersthe ghibli girls
 “Many of my movies have strong female leads – brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.” (– Hayao Miyazaki)

Why I Stopped Posting Pictures of my Top Surgery Results

On December 14th 2015, after many years of waiting, I had top surgery. Like many people in the years leading up to my surgery I scoured the internet for photos for people who had had surgery with my surgeon. Being in Canada and mostly only operating in one province I wasn’t surprised to not find a whole lot. 

I also looked for results from other people of colour, other South Asian people, and people with body types similar to mine. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much. I found that the spaces dedicated to surgery results weremainly dominated by white, slim, and muscular folks. 

I was frustrated because I knew that that my results would look drastically different than theirs. Despite my best efforts I found myself feeling frustrated with other POC. I knew that slim, muscular white people would be celebrated and get more traction than POC but there was so little out there. I didn’t need the posts or Youtube videos to be popular I just needed them to exist. I thought I understood why those results weren’t as out there, and partially I did, but now I really get it. 

When I first saw my post-op chest eight days after surgery I was elated. My partner took a couple pictures of that moment and I happily posted them on the internet (even if I felt a little self-conscious). In the days and weeks following my reveal I kept posting updated pictures though I was more and more hesitant to do so each time. Every time I did I got negative feedback about my results, weight,and body shape; reblogs, messages from anonymous people on Tumblr, and comments on Facebook posts (almost exclusively from other trans folks) left me feeling shitty about my body and results. 

Before those comments I felt good about my results and while I had issues with my hips and stomach and lack of muscles I was working to feel better about myself and my body.  So I stopped posting about my results. When one type of body is the only type celebrated in a community anyone who looks different is going to feel excluded and self-conscious - when they are then met with negative comments it’s no wonder they stop posting. It’s not a coincidence that it is hard to find top surgery results from non-thin, muscular, white people.

Does posting these pictures mean that I am over my body image problems: hell no. In fact, I have been feeling pretty self-conscious for the last little while (thanks grad school for meaning I’m too busy and poor to work out or always eat right) but I want to share my results. While I know that I’m not plus sized and don’t really consider myself fat (and benefit in society because of that) I’m also don’t super thin or cut. I want other people who look like me to know that there are other people like them in this community. I want to fight the dominance of white people in these spaces by being present. 

I know that I’m opening myself up to those comments again but I hope that people reading this will realize this it is not okay to make negative comments about others people bodies - even when those people aren’t super thin, muscular and white. 

Bergen County, New Jersey

Every once in a while, I discover an extraordinarily special place. And by special I mean hideous. Bergen County, New Jersey is that place. This will not be the first, nor the last time this county will show up on this blog, as its houses and I have a long working relationship ahead of us. 

So where to start? I used this house as an example in another post before (can’t remember which one) but I knew from the first time I saw it, that I needed to dive deeper. 

Man, where to start. First of all, the exterior of this house appears to be screaming in two different ways: either the two dormers, or the two “sidelight” windows are the eyes, with the door being the agape mouth. With the absurd windows on the front facade, the silly fake quoins, and the pseudo-Palladian elements scattered all over the place, I have a feeling this place is going to go down in McMansionHell history as a Certified Dank™ Legend.

This house (built in 1988 as we will all soon see) has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, and is currently retailing for almost 3.5 million dollars.  

By far, my favorite McMansions are the ones that are like time capsules. You open the obnoxiously large front door and step into the obnoxiously large entryway and are instantly transported into another era. 

In this case, that era is 1988. 

Front Entryway

My favorite part about the 80s was how they axed all of the environmental reforms made in the 70s while simultaneously obsessing over having as many house plants as possible. 

Living Room (1 of 2)

At least piano makers are thankful that their art is being funded by those who buy large instruments as symbols of wealth. 


Fake book subjects commonly include: 
- Business
- Law
- Classic Literature

Dining Room (1 of 2)

Seriously I don’t think you guys are prepared for what you’re about to see. 

This has to be one of the best worst vintage 80s rooms I’ve ever seen. 

Dining Room (2 of 2)

Those poor plants, working like slaves for the man. 

The Kitchen! 

Who thought that orange was a remotely good idea?? Spoilers: it was probs HGTV.

Living Room (2 of 2)

Luckily for the homeowner, many elements from this room (the furniture and wall color) are coming back in style again, as dark green is all the rage this year apparently. 

Master Suite (Part 1)

Shocked that the drapes don’t have the same pattern as the wallpaper. 

Master Suite (Part 2)

P sure the hyper-femininity of the 80s and early 90s were what led to the creation of the ManCave during the dawn of the 21st century.

Master Bathroom

This bathroom almost looks like it came out of a Robert A.M. Stern coffee table book from the late 80s. Whoever did this interior was a licensed interior designer. I’m pretty sure those vanities are custom. 

On to the last room of our tour! (Somehow there weren’t pictures of the other 6 bedrooms or the other 5 baths…)

The Basement

Seriously the mirrored door is hella choice. 

Fortunately, our tour ends on a positive note this week, as the rear of this house actually makes some architectural sense:

Rear Exterior

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed that tour as much as I did. I love these time capsule houses - you can learn a lot from studying the design trends of the past; most notably, when they’re coming back. 

Stay tuned for this Sunday’s special post, McMansionHell from A to Z (Part Two) and, of course, next week’s dank McMansion!

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Copyright Disclaimer: All photographs in this post are from real estate aggregate and are used in this post for the purposes of education, satire, and parody, consistent with 17 USC §107.

anonymous asked:

I never knew how much I needed erica and morticia in my life until I saw your art

haha, Im so glad you like them!^^

(I wanted to post this along with other drawings but my tablet is currently not working at the moment)

Edit: I got a new tablet to draw on I decided to change the comic panel to a redraw of a clip from Rick and Morty Season 3.  :)

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Fuck BRE. I'm still fried from Olicity overload. Instead of tidbits all season we've been overdosed with it all IN ONE EP!! #deathtoolicityfandom >>---> I do have a question tho, and it's about that last scene. Felicity said she understood why Oliver lied about William, and I know it has to do with Helix, but how does she understand? Felicity didn't lie to Oliver. She trusted him. he doesn't trust her not with Helix and not with William. So still not comprehending that last scene totally

the olicity was so real, girl, so real and intense and amazing wow

(Before I even attempt to answer this, I have to link to this post and this post by @cogentranting that absolutely nailed my exact thoughts on what happened.)

This is such a layered question only because it’s a layered issue, one that’s been churning and boiling for years now. It’s something that was set in motion way before Olicity even got together, one that is reflected in both Oliver and Felicity as stand-alone characters.

When Felicity said she understood, it wasn’t about the actual decision that Oliver made. What she understood better after last night was Oliver himself.


She does know now, or at the very least she’s starting to, and it is just that understanding that let her see things oh so differently, that let her look back and see things from how Oliver’s POV. It has finally given her a level of understanding that she never, ever had before. 


(god his face, look at him, he’s so vulnerable, but he’s also so cleansed)

It isn’t as simple as trust by itself, that was what last night was about. The problem (and the one that got them to the point where Oliver didn’t tell Felicity about William) is that Oliver doesn’t trust himself, and that was the driving force behind so, so, so many of his past actions.

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Soulmates (Stenbrough)

This didn’t turn out how i wanted it, but i feel like i gotta post it so it’s out of my system!!

Summary: Bill and Stanley realise they’re soulmates

Words: 1,274

Please, please,, please request things!!! I need prompts desperately!! Go to my ask box and request stuff and i’ll love you forever!

ok enjoy, something better will be posted tomorrow (I think?)

Bill Denbrough always knew soulmates existed. He was raised to understand everything about the soulmate process. Everyone was. Everyone had a quote tattooed on their bodies, somewhere, that said something that their soulmate would one day say to them. Their soulmate had the response or beginning of the phrase. Once your the phrases were spoken, the tattoos disappeared. It was how you saw if someone had met their Everyone was on the lookout for their soulmates.

Except Bill. Bill didn’t care for the searching game. He had watched kids in his year go out of their damn minds, desperately searching for their soulmates. Bill decided to leave it up to fate. Fate had given him tattoo, fate could let him find it when the time was right.

Bill had watched Richie find his soulmate. He had watched Richie attempt to talk to girls constantly, to see if they were his soulmate. And he had watched Richie sulk for hours, and complain to Bill and Eddie and Stan, while they sat by the quarry. Richie had gone on complaining for a good ten minutes about how he would never find his soulmate.

“Richie, shut up, you’re being ridiculous! You’re 15 for christ sake.” Eddie had snapped, glaring at Richie.

I’m being perfectly rational!” Richie had snapped back and both boys had stared at each other in shock.

“What just happened?” Stanley had whispered to Bill, his shoulder barely brushing off Bill’s, but it had jolted Bill’s attention to Stanley. Bill looked at Stanley, and then back at Eddie and Richie, who were now examining their wrists.

“It’s gone..” Eddie barely whispered, looking at Richie. Richie nodded, looking up from his own wrist. Finally, it clicked, and Bill realised what was happening.

“They’re s-soulmates..” Bill said quietly, still watching the boys in front of him. He heard Stanley let out a quiet woah, and Bill nodded in agreement. It was pretty amazing to watch.

That had been a year ago, when the boys were only 15. Richie and Eddie had been together ever since. Bill knew they had liked each other before they found out they were soulmates, though. They were always attached at the hip. But the tattoos sealed the deal. They were madly in love, no matter how much they teased each other.

Ben and Bev had found out they were soulmates when they were 14, although none of the losers had been around for that special moment. They were sweet together. Ben wrote Bev poems, and she wrote him piano pieces, which she played for him when they were alone. Bill had only heard a bit of one, but it was beautiful. He was happy for them. They deserved each other. They seemed to cherish every moment spent together.

Mike’s soulmate turned out to be a girl from his history class. She had long dark hair, and she wore bright colours a lot, which stood out against her dark skin. She was stunning. Her name was Karen. She adored Mike, and she thought the losers were the best group of people in the world. And they thought she was one of the best people in the world.

Bill still didn’t care about finding his soulmate though. Mostly because of Stanley. Stanley had been his best friend his entire life. And Bill had been crushing on him for a majority of that time. It wasn’t Bills fault, he couldn’t help it. Stanley was just so tall, and he smiled a lot around Bill. And he had so many interesting hobbies. And he was just so smart. And how could anyone forget his curls.

Bill was hopelessly in love with Stanley. But he couldn’t tell him. Stanley probably wasn’t his soulmate. Bill always thought about who Stanley’s soulmate might be. He pictured a tall, blonde girl. Someone who had a good personality, but not a loud personality. He pictured someone who you could hold a conversation with about everything, and anything.

Bill pictured someone perfect for Stanley. Not him. He wasn’t perfect for Stanley. He stuttered too much, and wasn’t all that interesting. Sure, he wrote sometimes, and liked to draw, but that wasn’t very interesting. Bill didn’t even know what he was going to do in the future. He was graduating in two years, yet he still had no idea what he would do after school.

Stanley’s dream girl probably knew what she was doing after she graduated, Bill thought to himself, bitterly, before turning his attention back to the group. They were supposed to be having a peaceful hangout day, but Bill kept getting distracted. He traced over his, small, ‘I can’t help it’ tattoo, which was etched into his skin, subconsciously.

Bev and Ben were splashing around in the water, laughing loudly. Richie and Eddie were lying on a towel, sunbathing, and listening to music on Eddie’s small portable radio. Mike and Karen had disappeared off for a walk a while ago, as well. So Bill sat on a large stone, beside Stanley, overlooking the quarry.

“You okay, Bill?” Stanley asked, quietly. Bill nodded slowly, not looking at Stanley. Instead he stared out at the quarry, watching as Bev and Ben splashed each other with water again. “You sure?” Stanley asked, again, raising an eyebrow at Bill.

“Just a l-lot on my m-mind, S-stan.” Bill said, quietly. Bill continued staring forward. If he looked at Stanley he would see that girl. That perfect girl, who Stanley would no doubt fall in love with. Bill couldn’t bare it. He hated the thought of Stanley loving someone who wasn’t him.

“Care to share?” Stanley questioned, all of his attention focused on Bill.

“I-it’s nothing worth w-w-worrying yourself over.” Bill said flatly, chewing on his lip, as he looked down slightly.

I can’t help it..” Stanley shrugged slightly, watching Bill. Bill rose his head, ever so slightly.

“You’re just too nice, Stanley.” Bill replied without thinking. Then he froze, and looked up at Stanley.  Stanley was staring back at him, eyes wide.

Bill looked down at his wrist, watching his tattoo fade away, slowly. He looked back at Stanley, who was still staring at him. Bill couldn’t read his expression, but he didn’t know if he wanted to. Bill’s face began to heat up, slowly. “A-are you o-okay, S-stan?” Bill asked, quietly.

Stanley didn’t say anything. He just leaned forward and captured Bill’s face, between his hands. And he kissed him. And it was gentle, and amazing. And honestly, Bill had no idea what he was doing. He didn’t know where to put his hands, or how to react. But he knew he was kissing back.

And then he realised, he was kissing Stanley Uris. A boy he had always liked, but never told. A boy who he was sure would end up with some perfect girl as his soulmate and start a perfect life with. But no. He wouldn’t. Because Bill was Stanley’s Soulmate, and now Bill would get to spend his life with Stanley.

Stanley pulled away slowly, still holding Bill’s face. And Bill stared at him, waiting for him to say something. A smile slowly spread over Stanley’s face, matching the one that spread over Bill’s face.

“Jesus, it’s about fucking time you gaylords realised you were soulmates.” Richie’s voice interrupted, causing Bill and Stan to look over. Richie was now sat up, beside Eddie, smirking at the two boys.

“Way to ruin a moment, Trashmouth.” Bill said, rolling his eyes, and looking back at Stanley. And Stanley just grinned, proud that Bill didn’t stutter, and proud that Bill was his soulmate.

Fox and the Hound

Prompt: Ok I never requested anything to another writer, so I feel like I should for the first time, hoping I’ll get one of your free slot ! Can I have a fluffy story with post-Azkaban Sirius ? Like the reunion between him and his s/o after 13 years apart because of damn Peter Pettigrew ? I need some Sirius Black love in my life, please ? :-). I think I saw you were writing for HP so hope I’m not mistaking…Anyway. Here. Love your work by the way :D.

Requested by: ellana-ravenwood

Fandom: Harry Potter

AN: I am so picky about Harry Potter fics, but this was so much fun to write.

When the news had reached you of his escape, you’d been more than a little flustered. Everyone knew about the two of you. And despite the years, and what he’d done, you’d never been able to shake what you’d felt for Sirius Orion Black.

You’d been the muggleborn Hufflepuff, and Lily Evan’s best friend. He was the pureblood Gryffindor. You were quiet. He was loud. You’d avoided him like the plague, and he hadn’t noticed you were alive. Until you had pulled his ass out of the fire. You’d redirected Severus Snape the night he’d lured him down to the whomping willow. You knew what the marauders were up to on those nights. You and Lily had snuck peeks more than once. You’d also handed him his ass.

You had gone on a ten minute tirade about responsibility, and kindness, and not stooping to his level. And when everything was said and done, as you stood there breathing heavily and red in the face, he had asked you out. The rest had been history.

The two of you had eloped shortly after Lily and James had gotten married. The four of you, Remus and Peter had been your own kind of family. Closer than blood. You’d been happy despite the war. You’d stayed in hiding in the muggle world, while Sirius undertook missions as an Auror. He’d come home every night tired, but with a smile on his face.

You never got to see Harry. Lily and James had gone into hiding right before he’d been born. But she had sent pictures and letters. It had done little to stave off the isolation you felt. But it was enough. Only Sirius knew where they were. He’s bring back stories of how big Harry had gotten, and his achievements. You longed to know your godson.

And then that night had happened. The aurors had stormed your home, and you’d been taken into custody. They had held you for three days until you’d been cleared. By that time Harry had disappeared, Sirius was in Azkaban, and you were two months pregnant.

Dumbledore had refused to tell you where the baby was. He’d insisted that Harry was safe and loved and that was all that mattered. You knew better. And with the magical courts not an option, you went to the muggle ones. You’d found him with Lily’s sister. Her family had been more than happy to hand him over, and you’d been more than willing to take him.

You had found a place in the muggle world, and with the Black family vaults at your disposal, you had nothing to worry about. You set your magic aside, and you raised your godson, and your son as muggle as possible. But fate was a strange thing, and when Harry’s Hogwarts letter came, you were tempted to burn it.

Pomona had been quick to show up. Your old head of house had been one of the few people you’d stayed in contact with. She had pleaded with you, until you knew you had no choice but to send Harry and then your son, Elijah, off to Hogwarts.

And now here you were, right back at the place everything had started. You greeted the scarred man with a smile. Remus was quick to open his arms for a hug, and you took it gladly. His words were kind, “You did good Y/N.”

You take a seat, “I don’t know about that.”

He gives you another small smile, “You were only nineteen. And in the span of one night you lose your closest friends, your husband, and gain two children.”

You swallow thickly, “I did what had to be done Remus. Why did you call me? Are my boys?”

“Flourishing. Harry and Elijah both look just like their fathers.”

A small, sad smile takes over your lips, “They’re the best parts you know? Of Lily and James, and of me and Sirius.”

“What if I told you Sirius was innocent.”

Your head shoots up, “I’d tell you not to tease me Remus.” He simply hands over the map, and what you see there makes you burn with anger. You meet his eyes, “We need to go.”

He shakes his head, “I need to go. I need you to keep watch. If he tries to escape.”

You nod sharply, “I’ll catch the rat. Don’t worry.”

You watch from the trees. The first sight you’re met with is one of Harry and Elijah supporting Sirius. Your knees go weak at the sight. You have to force yourself to stay back. And when things go awry, you’re ready. You don’t worry about the children, Severus has them, and despite his history with your husband, the man owes you. One glance tells you he’s ready to pay.

You focus on Pettigrew. As he reaches for the wand you fire off a spell. You’re rusty, but your aim is still good. The wand flies out of his hand, and you petrify him. You turn to Severus, “Get them inside the castle now. Quickly Severus.”

You can see your sons’ stunned expressions. You quietly turn to the battle going on. Confident that Peter is down for the count, you let the change come quickly. It’s your first time on four paws in nearly thirteen years.

You’re smaller than Sirius, but faster. You scurry up his back and onto Moony’s face, chittering away as you go. There’s a sense of familiarity there, and slowly the wolf calms down.

When he retreats into the forest, you jump back onto Sirius’ back, and then to the ground. Your fox stares at his grimm, before you both turn back.

He stares at you, a small smile on his face. He breathes your name “Y/N.”

You feel the tears streak down your face, “I’m so sorry Sirius. I should have known, I should have known.”

You keep repeating the statement as he wraps his arms around you, “Shh, Oh my sweet  vixen. It’s not your fault, and it was my fault that they died. We changed secret keepers to Peter. I didn’t tell you in an effort to protect you. I’m so sorry.”

“You spent thirteen years in Azkaban. I didn’t even give you the benefit of the doubt!”

“You’d just lost everyone you cared for. You had a child to take care. Your husband had been convicted of murder and you were … you were pregnant. I could take care of myself. I’m fine. I swear.”

You take a shaky breath, “You’re not going back in there Sirius Black. I’m not letting it happen. Our sons need you. I need you.”

He wipes away your tears, “Do you still love this old hound dog Y/N?”

You nod, “With everything I have.”

He kisses you, “Then we’ll make up for lost time. I’ll get to know our sons. And we’ll protect them together from here on out.” You simply nod, and cling to him. Cherishing the strength and the warmth of his arms.

Last week, this 30-something dork walked into the construction supply store I work at. Khakis, sneakers, polo shirt, dadly as fuck. His family just moved into a new house and someone had already ran into one of the pillars at the end of their driveway. The poor guy had no clue how to fix it, so he was looking for advice.

He showed me a picture, and I recognized it as one of the houses on the street before mine, so I told him I knew where that was and what brick they used. He was really excited about meeting someone who lived nearby—the whole town is antisocial as hell, so actually meeting a neighbor is a big deal.

Now, when he came back that Friday to buy the brick and mortar he needed, I was at the post office. So fast forward to this afternoon to when he was picking up a couple extra brick to finish the job. I was writing up his ticket when he said, “I could’ve sworn I saw you drive by the other day.”

“Yeah, one of your 17 kids ran in front of my car. How did you get a horde that size?”

“Those aren’t all mine. They just accumulate on my lawn.”

And a few minutes later, he said, “see you around… the neighborhood, neighbor,” before flashing a toothy grin and a single finger gun as he walked out the door.

Cue the intense Joseph flashbacks.

That’s what adults do. We fuck up.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Genevieve
Word count : 1,460
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 6 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

Gen was drinking coffee, watching the boys eat their breakfast when her phone rang. “Hey Dani.” She smiled.

“Hi Aunty Dani!” The boys yelled.

She could hear Danneel laughing. “Tell the boys I said hi.

“Aunty Dani says you better stop fooling around and eat your breakfast.”

Danneel laughed again. “Nice, Gen.

Gen smiled. “What’s up?”

Jared didn’t come home this weekend?”

Gen sighed. “No. I uh, I needed some time.” She wasn’t going to elaborate with the kids there, so she left it at that, knowing her friend would understand. “Why?”

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The Case for Jonsa: 7x04

For a lot of people, this episode was a heartbreaker. I saw the tears that were shed for our sinking ship and I knew I had to do another one of these posts because it’s the kind of post the realm needs. There’s still a good case to be made for Jonsa and I pledge to make it, every week, until we achieve that sweet sweet climax that is Endgame.

Here we go!

Once again, Jon is getting weirdly violent at the mention of Sansa’s name.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Obviously the reason he got aggressive with Theon was because of what he did to Rob. I agree that’s partially true but if you watch his reaction carefully you can see that when he first sees Theon it’s just pure shock. He can’t process the emotions. There’s so much anger he doesn’t even know what to be angry about. Then Theon says Sansa’s name and King Quivering Lips gets the exact same look in his eye that he had in the crypts. He lashes out physically, just as before. And while most people don’t think this is sex related, think again. Don’t forget about Theon’s role in her wedding night. There’s every indication to suggest that Sansa told Jon everything that happened to her, which mean the last two men Jon threatened to kill were a man who said he loved his sister and a man who participated in her rape. It just seems like the writers are trying to establish a link between Sansa’s sexual vulnerability and uncontrollable emotion that Jon can only express in a passionately physical way. The shouting matches in public, violent outbursts, and let’s not forget the hug-nuzzling from last season, all seem like they’re part of an effort to develop their relationship despite a lack of screen time.

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More Than Jealousy • Tom Hiddleston

First imagine written for this blog. This one is kinda personal for me, so if it’s intense I apologize. Love you all !! 💕

Summary: you and Tom have been dating for three months and for some reason you still can’t stand the thought of him with his ex.


The sun shone brightly through the curtains as you and Tom lounged in bed together. Neither of you had to be anywhere that morning, so you decided to spend it together. Tom was preparing to leave back to London soon to visit family and you were planning on staying in America to spend some much needed time with your own family.

It was a pleasant morning filled with hugs and kisses and snuggles and even some other activities that made you blush just thinking about them. Then, however, one conversation turned everything around.

It had started when you received a message from your ex boyfriend that you and Tom laughed at. You always communicated the deep hatred you had for your ex, so Tom was never jealous. You, on the other hand, only ever heard Tom talk about his most recent ex, Taylor Swift, positively.

“I always see old pictures of Taylor and I. People continue to tag me in them on Instagram. I don’t mind it, really, it’s just weird seeing myself with her” as he mentioned her name, your fists clenched. You had only wanted one simple morning without her being brought up.

“Your relationship only lasted like three months,” you reminded him bitterly. He didn’t seem to notice your warning tone as he continued.

“Yeah, but they were significant months. We spent a lot of time together. I took her to Rome, she met my family..” he trailed off.

He hadn’t done either of those things with you yet. Even worse, you hit the third month mark with him last week.

You untangled yourself from him and sat up, scooting to the far side of the bed. You kept your back turned to him and desperately tried to hide your tears.

“Darling? Are you alright?” he asked curiously. “Did I say something?” you scoffed at how oblivious he was. Still, you didn’t utter a word.

Tom sat up and scooted next to you, resting his hand on your own. You could feel his pleading gaze boring into you. So, you decided to speak up.

“I’ve only ever been in love twice in my entire life,” you startled him with the forwardness of your confession. Despite that, he continued to listen intently. “The first time it was with a man who didn’t even know I existed”.

“He was the lead singer of one of my favorite bands. Post hardcore was the genre I’m pretty sure. Anyway, he was absolutely perfect, to me at least. Long, brown, curly hair, almond eyes, tanned skin. I owned every cd, ever t shirt, every poster because I was so dedicated to him. I hated the concert crowds, but I went anyway just to see him in person. He never looked my way, but just seeing him was breathtaking” you told him.

“What happened?” Tom hesitantly asked. You let the tears fall freely now, not holding them back as Tom rubbed your shoulder soothingly.

“He started dating this girl. A model, of course. Orange hair, freckles, skinny and pale. She was a bitch. I even had a few arguments with her on my own Instagram because she would treat his fans like shit and then when we retaliated she would run back and tell him that we were bullying her” you laughed cruelly. “I fucking hated her, I still do. She ruined a large portion of my life” you took a moment to collect your thoughts and gather your breath.

“After three years of pining over him, I got sick of seeing all of the pictures that they would post together. It got to the point where every time I saw them together I would just cry because I knew he would never be with me if he had her. I got over it slowly and painfully” you finished your story with a shaking breath.

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea” Tom frowned. “You have me now, there’s no need to worry about that anymore” he attempted to cheer you up.

“That’s not true,” you sighed. “I find myself feeling the same way when I see pictures of you and Taylor. And when you talk about her it just makes me burn with jealousy. It isn’t even just jealousy, I’m afraid of losing you. You brought her to Rome, to meet your family! I haven’t even been able to come with you to a movie premier” you buried your head in your hands and cried quietly.

Tom’s heart broke upon hearing your true feelings. He immediately swept you into his arms and let you cry on his shoulder. He hummed gently to you and pressed kiss after kiss to the top of your head. When you had finally calmed down, he spoke to you.

“You will never lose me, (y/n). Not in a million years. I had a very public relationship with Taylor, she wasn’t easy to please. So, I brought her to those places. Please understand that you and you alone are the only woman in my life right now who makes me feel like I can truly be who I am. I’m so so sorry for being so inconsiderate of your feelings. I’m an ignorant bloke for hurting you and I’m terribly sorry, love” he spoke slowly, passionately.

That was one thing you loved about Tom. He was so pensive and he always knew what to say. Your watery eyes stared up at him with a small smile.

“Yeah, for a Cambridge graduate you were pretty oblivious” you giggled. Tom laughed along with you, glad to see you were done crying. You sniffled and wiped away the tears left on your cheeks before continuing. “But I should have told you sooner instead of letting it bother me for so long. Please just, when you’re around me, try not to bring your ex’s up. It only hurts me in the long run” you explained.

Tom cupped your face in his hands and pressed his lips to yours sweetly. His kiss was just as his voice had been moments before, slow and passionate.

“I know, darling, I know” he cooed. “From here on out, none of them exist. You are my present and hopefully my future, you are everything I need” he told you.

You hugged Tom tightly, glad to have gotten that all off your chest. You were ready to get back to cuddling, but Tom interrupted your thoughts with a question.

“Who was the other person you were in love with?” he asked sheepishly.

You were honestly surprised he’d even caught on to that. However, you knew he was a good listener. It didn’t surprise you too much.

You stifled a laugh and turned to him. “Oh, you know, just this insanely handsome, talented, intelligent actor. You probably know him” you said. Tom frowned.

“What’s his name?” he asked a little too quickly, his face turned pink once he’d realized how obvious he was being.

“Thomas William Hiddleston” you grinned, pulling him forward for another dizzying kiss…


Jikook: Secret Agent Au!

We were the best in the agency, the best of the best and we knew it.

But when you died, that all fell apart, and I couldn’t find it in me to forgive myself for not getting to you in time, for not being there when you needed me…

It was two years later when I saw you. I couldn’t believe it, not when I had seen you die, right in front of me. But here you are, working under the enemy. 

I didn’t hate you. Not like I should’ve hated the enemy.

I don’t know how you’re still alive, but I’m not gonna give up trying to bring you back. Even if you don’t remember who I am or everything we’ve been through, I will bring you back to me.

Because I love you.

Let’s talk about Bev’s Dad.

No one ever talks about Bev’s dad. I’ve never seen a post about him. I really think this is an issue that needs to be brought up and not ignored. He literally abused her. In all ways emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually. It knew how scared she was of him so It turned itself into her dad. The Losers club saw that and knew she didn’t get along with him but didn’t know all the details. Bev was in a really fucked up situation. If you know someone or are in that situation, please seek help. I care about all of y’all