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Why I Stopped Posting Pictures of my Top Surgery Results

On December 14th 2015, after many years of waiting, I had top surgery. Like many people in the years leading up to my surgery I scoured the internet for photos for people who had had surgery with my surgeon. Being in Canada and mostly only operating in one province I wasn’t surprised to not find a whole lot. 

I also looked for results from other people of colour, other South Asian people, and people with body types similar to mine. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much. I found that the spaces dedicated to surgery results weremainly dominated by white, slim, and muscular folks. 

I was frustrated because I knew that that my results would look drastically different than theirs. Despite my best efforts I found myself feeling frustrated with other POC. I knew that slim, muscular white people would be celebrated and get more traction than POC but there was so little out there. I didn’t need the posts or Youtube videos to be popular I just needed them to exist. I thought I understood why those results weren’t as out there, and partially I did, but now I really get it. 

When I first saw my post-op chest eight days after surgery I was elated. My partner took a couple pictures of that moment and I happily posted them on the internet (even if I felt a little self-conscious). In the days and weeks following my reveal I kept posting updated pictures though I was more and more hesitant to do so each time. Every time I did I got negative feedback about my results, weight,and body shape; reblogs, messages from anonymous people on Tumblr, and comments on Facebook posts (almost exclusively from other trans folks) left me feeling shitty about my body and results. 

Before those comments I felt good about my results and while I had issues with my hips and stomach and lack of muscles I was working to feel better about myself and my body.  So I stopped posting about my results. When one type of body is the only type celebrated in a community anyone who looks different is going to feel excluded and self-conscious - when they are then met with negative comments it’s no wonder they stop posting. It’s not a coincidence that it is hard to find top surgery results from non-thin, muscular, white people.

Does posting these pictures mean that I am over my body image problems: hell no. In fact, I have been feeling pretty self-conscious for the last little while (thanks grad school for meaning I’m too busy and poor to work out or always eat right) but I want to share my results. While I know that I’m not plus sized and don’t really consider myself fat (and benefit in society because of that) I’m also don’t super thin or cut. I want other people who look like me to know that there are other people like them in this community. I want to fight the dominance of white people in these spaces by being present. 

I know that I’m opening myself up to those comments again but I hope that people reading this will realize this it is not okay to make negative comments about others people bodies - even when those people aren’t super thin, muscular and white. 

I saw this piece of trash post on Facebook today. DO YOU KNOW WHEN HE MADE THE FIRST ONE? THE 90s! We didn’t have as much of a grasp on sexuality or gender in the 90s as we do now! Science is always changing and evolving, money had nothing to do with the change in information! And how dare they slander Bill Nye like that!

When I saw this post by Christian Today on Facebook, my first thought was “wow”

I can relate to this so much as a person who struggles with same-sex attraction (SSA) and used to be an LGBT activist.

Calling myself bisexual instead of just saying that I have SSA (on the rare occasion that I do talk about it) ties me to a movement in our society that is not of God. As a Christian, I should distance myself from that.

I no longer call myself bisexual because my temptations are not my identity. They do not define me. We are not defined by our sin. My identity is in Christ and I am a daughter of the King. When I use secular labels like that, I emphasize something that I should not be emphasizing. What I should be doing is pointing people to God and talking about the journey that I’ve made to following His will.

This is just something to think about.

Kei Kei and Lan Lan (Klance soulmate AU)

“Man, I can’t believe Dumbledore died.”

When those fateful words had appeared on his arm on his tenth birthday, Keith had been wary. He already had to live without a mother and father; who else would he end up losing? Who was Dumbledore? What was he to Keith, a distant relative he never heard of, a future friend?

It wasn’t until he was dragged by his cousin Shiro to babysit their neighbours’ daughter that he found out that Dumbledore was neither of those, but rather a fictional old man with magic powers. Pidge still claims to have never forgiven him for that ‘spoiler to end all spoilers’. Keith usually fires back by saying he can still hear his ears ringing from her toddler screeching that day.

In fact, many people were not happy upon seeing his soulmark for the first time, whenever the writing peeked out from under his sleeves or moments when he was shirtless, like changing from sweat soaked clothes after gym class. While no one had thrown a fit quite as dramatic as Pidge’s, he often received a gasp, or a glare, followed by a “Dammit, thanks for the spoiler, Keith.”

And for what? What did he do? It wasn’t his fault that those were his soulmate’s first words to him. What kind of imbecile would introduce themselves like that? Whenever he went down that particular path of thought, Keith then thought of all the people who had generic, polite words as soulmarks, such as “Hi”, “Nice to meet you”, or “Sorry, excuse me”. How all those people would spend many times a day feeling their heart skipping a beat at the thought of potentially meeting their soulmate. It could have been worse for him, he thought.

Though he was still probably going to kick his soulmate’s ass for all the grief he got throughout elementary, middle and high school.

Learning early on that his mark was a spoiler had also discouraged him from picking up the Harry Potter books, despite everyone else in his classes practically inhaling them during DEAR, or raving about the movies whenever they came out. Keith just had no interest in reading a story he already probably knew the ending too; heck, he probably even knew that Dumbledore guy would die before the author did!

“Um, first of all, did you just refer to J.K. Rowling, the pioneer for modern female fantasy writers, as 'the author’?” Pidge demanded when Keith had repeated this to her. He had been trying to come up with excuses not to go to see the latest movie, Half Blood something or other, with Pidge and her friends for her 16th birthday party. Shiro just looked on from behind the couch, shaking his head in exasperation. “Secondly,” she continued, pointing an accusing finger at Keith, “Of course she knew that Dumbledore was going to die, it’s calling planning, a concept an impulsive hothead like you knows nothing about.” Keith rolled his eyes. “I’m not even going to rant to you about how stupid it is that you haven’t even read any of the books, even though it’s the staple of childhood along with Lego and Saturday cartoons, and a prime example of expansive fantasy world building. Because honestly binging all the books a day before watching would just ruin the movie for you-” Didn’t that just count as a rant? “-and if you DID read the books you would know that the Half-Blood Prince is very important in your case.”

“And why is that, Miss Katie Holt?” Keith raised an eyebrow, smirking as Pidge became visibly ruffled at the mention of her 'lame girly real name’.

“Because, jackass-” - A distant yell of “Language!” from Shiro on the couch - “that’s the book in which Dumbledore dies.”


“So, genius,” Pidge huffed. “You might meet your soulmate if you go out to see it with us.”

Keith’s heart skipped a beat.

“C'mon Keith,” Shiro smiled up encouragingly at him. “It’s such a wonderful feeling, meeting your soulmate for the first time.” He looked down fondly at his engagement ring, probably thinking of his tan, blue-eyed girlfriend. “Take a chance. Tomorrow could be the day.”

Keith paused for a moment, taking his cousin’s words in. It would be so amazing to be part of the happiness that engulfed his aunt and uncle, Shiro and Allura…

“Alright, I’ll go,” he conceded. And then smirked. “Besides, could give me a chance to confront them about making me a walking spoiler.”

The next day comes and Keith is waiting outside the cinemas with one of Pidge’s friends, Hunk, while Pidge purchases the tickets and Shiro is finding a parking space. They had exchanged brief, but awkward pleasantries and gone through all the normal “How do you know Pidge? What school do you go to?”-type questions.

“So,” Keith began after a short silence. “We waiting on anyone else? I know Matt, Pidge’s brother couldn’t make it because of work.”

Hunk replied, “Well, my girlfriend Shay couldn’t make it, and Coran cancelled last minute, so… that just leaves Lance. He’s probably gonna be late as usual.”

“Oh.” He’d heard Pidge mention her buddy Lance from the AP Physics class she was taking (during Sophomore year, no less) and seen some of her pictures on Facebook that he was tagged in. That was all he knew about the boy. Keith swore he didn’t check out the other pictures of Lance on his profile, or his Instagram that he linked. He really didn’t.

“Yep, good ol’ reliable Lance.” Hunk laughed. “Love the guy but… I still can’t believe he hasn’t read any of the Harry Potter books.”

“Well that’s something him and this loser have in common then,” chimed in Pidge coming up behind them. Shiro had also made it in, and was buying enough popcorn and snacks for everyone.

Hunk looked at him in surprise. “Wait, really?”

Keith huffed. “It’s a… really long story.”

The gang walked into the cinema sans Shiro, the “responsible dad friend looking out for his tardy loser son” as stated by Pidge. Hunk and Keith sat on either side of Pidge, with the trio leaving two gaps next to Keith for Shiro and Lance. They munched on their popcorn and Twizzlers throughout the 20 minutes of ads, and it wasn’t until the giant gloomily-styled Warner Bros logo popped up that Shiro reappeared, with a Hispanic boy loudly complaining about how every bus driver on his street was “out to get him” and “was it really that hard to see his signalling”? Keith pinched his brows. He could already tell he was in for a long 3 hours.

“Hunk! My man!” Lance exclaimed, bending over Keith to greet his friend. His chest was directly in front of Keith’s nose. He was close enough that Keith could breathe in the heady scent of freshly laundered clothes and coconuts.

Did the theatre suddenly get warmer?

“And Pidgey, Pigeon, Pidgeotto, birthday girl-”

“Oh my God Lance, just sit down and shut up. The movie is starting.”

“But Pi-”

“Shut it.”

Lance shrugged, made a dramatic motion to zip his lips, and took his seat next to him. Keith’s cheeks warmed; he had expected to sit next to Shiro, not the boy he semi-stalked like a creep.

He felt a tap on his right shoulder, and turned to face Lance. The other boy smiled at him and offered the box of popcorn he held in his hand. Keith smiled back, cheeks warm, and took a handful of buttery goodness.

The movie passed by in the background for Keith as he continued to observe - observe, not ogle - his new companion, only glancing up whenever there was a sudden loud noise, or a particularly dramatic or funny moment in the movie. Lance, as it turned out, was a talker during movies, making snarky comments to no one in particular (“Really, Won-Won? That girl?”), asking Shiro what happened during parts of the movie he talked over, and having both very audible and physical reactions to the many twists and turns (Keith presumed, he wasn’t really paying attention) of the story. Pidge glared in annoyance at Lance’s raucous laughter, dramatic gasps, and the way he physically coiled up in secondhand embarrassment whenever one of the shitty romance subplots reared its ugly head. Keith also found it annoying. Mostly. A small part of him found it endearing too.

A swell of dramatic music indicated an approaching climax in the movie. Keith turned back to the screen just in time to see Dumbledore fall from the tower. 'Man, I can’t believe Dumbledore died!’; the words echoed in his head. Right now, or even in the past or sometime in the future his soulmate had probably keeled over in shock at watching the scene, or visualising it from the pages of a book. He on the other hand, didn’t really give a shit. But the thought of his soulmate, who was probably watching what he was at that very moment, feeling dejected, getting emotional over that scene… Keith felt an irrational urge to comfort that faceless, nameless person.

“Oh my god!” Lance gasped, hands flying to cover his mouth, nearly whacking both Keith and Shiro. “Oh my fucking god!”

Keith decided to divert more of his attention until the end of the movie. Besides, it seemed that the lovey-dovey crap was over, and he always appreciated some good fight scenes.

“I’m so shook,” Lance whispered in awe, during Dumbledore’s funeral scene. He turned to Keith. “Man, I can’t believe Dumbledore died!” he complained.

Keith froze, heart pounding furiously in his chest. A flood of emotions washed over him: relief at finally unmasking his soulmate, joy at discovering it was the cute boy with the bright smile that captured his attention, nervousness at the prospect of spending time with him…

Pure, salt-filled rage at the years of torment he had gotten from that spoiler.

“It’s you!” Keith shouted, pointing his finger at an alarmed Lance. “You’re the one!”

Lance’s eyes widened in surprised, and mouth fell open, forming a small 'o’. He then rolled up his sleeve to reveal his own mark, the heated exclamation that Keith had just uttered. “Well, that’s not how I expected this to go at all.”

Inspired by that one tumblr post that went something like “soulmate au where your soulmate’s first words to you are “I can’t believe Dumbledore died”” (idk I saw it reposted on Facebook like the sad normie I am)

I saw some guys on Facebook bitching in the comments of the Wonder Woman trailer about the tagline “witness a power greater than man.” God, they’re such babies. And they say feminists are bad. First of all, Wonder Woman is a feminist icon, so any kind of feminist message should not be a surprise. Secondly, “man” can be used to mean “mankind” and she IS more powerful than any human. To expand on that point, don’t misogynistic nerd boys call women overly sensitive and say that “man” means “mankind?” Like I have seen a post about it. I mean guys will get mad about feminism being called FEMINism but not about MANkind so it’s hypocritical. They should listen to their own reasoning there. And that’s what the tagline means… she is more powerful than all of humanity… but it is also a girl power thing because HELLO IT’S WONDER WOMAN. Like I just don’t understand why they get so pissy.

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What's the white stuff vilde and chris had on their pizza?? and who's jamille??? Thanks Ingrid! 💗

It was sour cream dressing, made with sour cream, garlic, mayonnaise and different spices. Very usual pizza topping here in Norway! 

This is Jamilla Bikarim 

Last we heard she was engaged to Sanas brother (most likely Elias unless Sana has more brothers) she’s same age as Sana or the year above. She’s in a squad commonly referred to as the Hijab Police

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Writing Prompts for the Modern Age
  • dude… do you SEE THEM? Like, I know coffee shops are such a cliche place to find the one, and I’m not gay but… goddamn- I’m going to talk to them.
  • “He’s probably had sex with some kitchen appliance, I’m willing to bet. Good god, he’s so lonely.”
  • “You use emoji’s like a straight person.”
  • “I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye- and my first reaction was to punch it. I’m so sorry- are you okay?”
  • “I’d rather kill myself than commit suicide- wait- shit!”
  • “You can’t just… UNSEND a letter! And if that isn’t the biggest oversight of human civilization, I don’t know what is.”
  • “Chicken is disgusting, I’m a beef bitch.”
  • “I can’t believe I met you through a twitter/facebook/Tumblr/amino post that just read- in all caps: I ‘ M   G A Y   A N D   I   W A N T   A T T E N T I O N.”
  • “She finally dumped him- somebody get her a cake and a Slurpee, stat.”
  • “I identify as a slutty gay man. Because I am one.”
  • “I’m sech  tavvy.” “…wait.”
  • “Sometimes boobs need moral support too man.”
  • I broke my exes nose, you found out a year later- despite being the closest person to me- and bought me a key chain. Thanks!”
  • It’s 3 am and I’m currently googling how much you can shove up a human ass- and we’re awake playing an infuriating minigame to get 100 percent completion of our favorite game, and we’re eating croutons out of the bag with ranch dip and I think I love you?
  • You stole my notebook/sketchbook/laptop and started looking through it- and you started blushing madly when you found all my porn? You hand it back and tell me I have good taste- I didn’t know you were into that stuff too… okay…
  • “You know what we haven’t thought about in a while? Murderers.”
  • We made up a drinking game together called ‘kinks’ where people go around in a circle calling out kinks, and you take a shot if you’re into it- you are more hammered than anybody here- do you want a ride home?
  • Some dude came up to us at 5 am at a McDonalds, while we’re on our way to a convention out of town and asked you if you were sailor moon- I laughed so hard another hot cake killed itself by falling to the floor and everything is just so funny with you!
  • You can scratch your pubes, just don’t make it weird.
  • We’re picking out mystery box toys, and you say, “I’m telling you, I have lucky fingers!” “I’m sorry- what Leprechauns have you fingered recently? You just ruined the Lucky Charms man for me forever HOW DARE YOU.”
  • “Move your chicken wing out of the way, you chicken fried fuck.”
  • “Who’s your ABC OTP?” “I think the obvious answer is a lowercase L and O… but- I might be missing something here.”
  • “What if I was both near and far sighted?” “You’d be blind.”
  • Suddenly I’m telling you about the one thing that wasn’t really scary- but totally traumatised me as a child and I’m starting to get scared again- help me YOU ASKeD AND StArTeD ThIs!
  • I’m addicted to protein shakes, and you just got me a Costco sized crate of 400 as a gag gift- but I seriously WILL drink all of these before years end- fucking watch me.
  • “I officially hit my FUCK IT button, and I bit a bullet without thinking- and WOW THAT Worked out…. surprisingly well? Thanks for not wanting me dead!
Important things to keep in mind about the Ghost drama

So I had some late night thoughts… and im itching to get it out.
Now let’s re-evaluate this lawsuit drama. Let’s take the lawsuit out of the equation and look at things more objectively.

Let me start off with throwing in my unpopular opinion (trust me, just read this post thoroughly):

I honestly don’t have the best impression of Alpha. I think he’s unprofessional and naive (his musical talent doesn’t apply here)

1) Ghost’s IG maintains a strict and specific format on each post revolving around the band’s activities. So what did Alpha do? He posted a photo of him getting his wisdom tooth removed by his wife on the band’s Instagram.
When I first saw Alpha’s photo, I honestly thought he meant to post it on his personal profile. But the caption intended it to be otherwise (it was signed off as Alpha)
Like how was this relevant to the band’s music? Were you just trying to show off your super hot wife?? ¿¿¿ I personally don’t get it. I got it now, he used his band’s exposure to promote his wife’s business. How professional 🙄

2) He took advantage of Ghost fans to hurt Papa and the new Ghouls by airing their personal private drama on his Facebook account. All it did was divide our community apart. A community that him and his band mates created. All I got from that fb post was how his drama serves more importance than the well being of his fans/community

3) Alpha’s whole new PRIEST project: The masked leader, the cult like image that shares similar qualities to Ghost. It’s a different genre for sure, but it doesn’t change the fact that it does share its similarities to the band. It screams passive aggression to me. 
I can’t help but to think that he’s petty how he’s not getting the recognition as he did in Ghost. And now he’s trying to gain sympathy from his Ghost fans in hopes that they’ll abandon Ghost and check out his new project instead (Which is working in very small numbers)
Now let’s take us back to a few months after the Ghouls were let go:
Maybe his past band mates felt used and now they’re finding an excuse to get their revenge on Papa for firing them.

*I believe that Ghost was intended to be a solo act from the very start. *

If you look at the band from a visual pov, Papa has always been the spokesperson/face of Ghost. You think of Ghost, you think of Papa first. 
I can see/interpret how the Ghouls’ presence were initially used to strengthen that cult-like image to band, which is fair and a smart business decision to attract an audience. It’s unique, it’s bold, it’s loud, and it’s a head-turner (Insert their red carpet Grammy videos)

Now somewhere along the way, the Ghouls started to catch the attention of the audience because of their strong stage/media presence (Think of it as Gru and his minions from Despicable Me. Gru might be the main character, but those cute ass minions caught the heart of many as well)
And maybe Papa wasn’t okay with that and it’s not what he wanted when he wanted to become a solo act.
Since The Ghouls agreed that he would be the band leader, Papa can do whatever he pleases with them.

So Papa, why not just hire random musicians/stand ins if you wanted to go solo in the first place?

1) Renting musicians aren’t cheap, especially if they charge x amount of personal rate/show. It’s better to start off with a bunch of close friends and settle in on an agreement than having to comply to a rented musician’s compensation . You’ll have to deal with more legal paperwork and later on someone will always want to demand more money or exposure.

#2) It takes money to make money. If you take a look at their costume designs and their set designs on stage, it takes up a lot of artistic design components. 
Costume designers/Set designers don’t come in cheap. At all. Now imagine having to pay for those bills when you’re a relatively small band? We’ve had 3 Papas with 4 different costumes and 2-3 Ghoul costume designs for each band member. That’s at least 6 different costume designs. Normally, rock bands just wear store bought clothing (most of them are normally sponsored by the brand) but since Ghost has such a strong/specific visual image that they can’t get away with your seasonal Halloween attire. It’s crucial for them to invest in more money into this area because that’s one of the main reasons why they got famous in the first place.

So being in this type of band, it won’t have the greatest starting salary when you’re constantly paying off those bills. I won’t be surprised if they were still in debt within the first couple of years of touring.

At the end of the day, if this whole theory is true, then I get why they’re mad at Papa. I would get why Omega isn’t suing him because maybe he saw Papa’s true intentions and didn’t agree with it? And maybe he still wants Papa to come back to MCC if Ghost decides to disband after this feud, and not let a lawsuit cut ties on what’s left of their friendship?
(All of this is based off of my assumptions so don’t rely on me as a solid source.)

TBH I just want some objectivity brought into light because I’m seeing a lot of blinded/biased judgement. It really does hurt to see this community being divided by Alpha’s reckless Facebook post.
Veiled people, veiled people everywhere! The entire bus is full of them!
“Verschleierte, überall Verschleierte! Der ganze Bus ist voll”

A German Twitter user posted this photo of unoccupied bus seats in September 2016, when there were discussions to ban wearing clothes that veil the face in public.

In late July 2017, the photo reappeared in a private Norwegian right-wing Facebook group with the comment “What do people think of this?”, sparking a heated debate about Muslim immigration into Europe in general and Norway in particular. Some of the discussants found a whole bus full of people wearing burquas frightening.

The media attention was there, even the Washington Post reported on this discussion in an article.

It turned out that the original poster on Facebook wanted to play a practical joke and was shocked how many people were easily fooled into believing that they saw burquas when they in fact saw empty bus seats, demonstrating the degree of hysteria in the public discourse. He also said that he hoped the resulting media attention would help distinguish between legitimate criticism of the current immigration policy on the one hand, and hateful racism and xenophobia on the other hand.

One user commented that he passed the test since the first thing he saw was a bunch of Darth Vaders.


Official #BlackoutDay Masterpost (Created: March 29, 2015. Updated: March 6th, 2017)

Welcome to the official #BlackoutDay / #TheBlackout Masterpost.

This post was originally hosted on WhatWhitesWillNeverKnow and is now on @theblackoutofficial.

In this post you’ll find the history of the movement, including important changes to the team and format, and FAQ. 

 Let’s get started…

(Click on “Read More” to read the full post)

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I’m A Person

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: Jared can tell something is wrong, but rather than ask you himself, he resorts to the place where you tell all.

Word Count: 917

Warnings: privacy invasion, crying, mild depression, talk of mental health, minor argument

A/N: A little snippet of how my night went.

Masterlist – Tag List – Feedback fuels my writing

Jared came trudging in after spending literally all day filming. You hadn’t seen him since 6am. It was pushing 1:30 the next morning when his key pushed into the lock.

You were asleep, facing the wall opposite of the bedroom door. When Jared shed his clothes and climbed into bed, he realized you couldn’t have been out for very long. Your eyes were red and puffy, your pillow had wet splotches everywhere, and you were curled up in one of his long sleeve shirts. You’d been crying. But you looked like you were better, more at ease now, and you were able to fall asleep, so he didn’t want to wake you and get your emotions all wound up again.

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Just comment, post, tweet:

‪I vote #Minho or #ChoiMinho from Korea for #100MostHandsomeFaces2017 #TCCandler #SHINee


Sit yourselves the fuck down, everyone, because I wanna tell you a thing about some books.

A little while back a friend saw my Facebook post complaining about how I need more than just middle-aged white men being good at things to draw me into a fantasy world. He recommended this series to me.

So in the first book, the main character is a badass POC female whose mentor/boss is also a badass lady secure in the upper echelons of a very prestigious “law” firm. (In quotations because in this universe, the practice of law and the practice of magic are essentially the same thing, which, let me tell you, is one of the more fascinating magic systems I’ve ever encountered.) And yet, never once do I feel like this character is at all masculine. She’s a feminine character without her femininity being a drawback or a focus. She is a character, and a well-rounded one, and not simply a stand-in for what “should be” a male part and not badass for sex appeal. The storyline is amazing, a look at what happens to a theological society when their god dies and the subsequent murder investigation. I read it in about a day and a half.

The second book  our main character is male, yes, but the culture this book focuses on is very heavily Aztec-influenced, so clearly this character is intended to be non-white. His best friend is an awesome lesbian. They’re middle management at a company that provides water for their desert city. You would think that would be boring, but it’s really not, because they’re harnessing the power of demigods to do so and everything goes wrong and there is questioning of moral and economical gray areas and the main character must decide between cultural heritage and modern values and neither choice is the right one and there’s a girl he’s chasing, but more as a metaphor (and I should note that only the book with the male main character really has a romance sideplot). This one was my least favorite of the three, but that’s like saying that Sam is my least favorite of Team Free Will – I still love it, just not quite as much as Dean and Cas.

In the third, which I just finished this morning despite a splitting sinus headache, we return to a female POC main character (this culture draws heavily on Pacific Islanders). Two female main characters, really; one is the 15-year-old homeless reluctant priestess of a dead goddess (which is a big deal) and the other, get ready for this, is a native islander transgender priestess who drew upon the power of idols to facilitate her own transition. And what is amazing is that her character is treated as a woman for the entire book. There are a few mentions of her history, and about how meeting people from some of the other cultures makes her uneasy because other cultures aren’t as accepting of the transition she’d made, but it’s neither used as a point of drama nor as an excuse for her to act like a masculine hero of a main character. She has a one-night stand with her ex-boyfriend at one point, kicks him out of her house when she’s done, and it is not painted as shameful or slutty, just gentle regret for having made a mistake. The moral theme of this book is largely an island slowly losing its heritage to tourism and modernization, and attempting to preserve that while still moving forward with the rest of the world.

The writing is amazing and gripping, with both description and prose equally readable. (I find that genre books largely do one or the other well; this one excels in both.) The character census is close to 50/50 in terms of men to women, with women actually tipping the scales. These books don’t so much pass the Bechdel test as blow it completely out of the water, and they aren’t artificial or saccharine in the way they do it. Romance is almost entirely absent and doesn’t solely drive the plot even when it is present. These characters feel like people who exist even after I close the book, going about their lives, and the universe itself is a fascinating blend of old gods and new magic and countries clashing over the differences.

Read these books. 

Help me out!

Hello internet! My dad is the pastor of our church. Our denomination is the Christian Chruch (Disciples of Christ) We are fairly progressive as far as Christian churches go. we are open and affirming to all sexualities, races, and genders. Here’s where I need your help: My dad was scrolling through either Facebook or Twitter (he can’t remember) and saw a post talking about how if the Manchester bombing had happened here in America, there would be families who in addition to greiving over the loss of their friends and family, would have to be paying ridiculously high hospital bills for ambulance rides and first aid, some of which didn’t help save their loved ones. My dad wants to use these points in a sermon somehow. but he cannot find the post again to quote it, or review exactly what the person said. I ask for your help finding this post. Idk if it was originally on here, Facebook, or Twitter, but I know if It was on one, it likely got blogged around the others. If you find this post, please, please send it to me.

Hey guys, I’m here just to clear up things from a past post. As Erica said, I am 210% sure that RnM coming back in July is a rumor some person started passing around. I saw this video being shared on my Facebook. Truth is this IS Adult Swim. It is not a troll account. BUT one thing a lot of people have missed is… the date. This announcement is from July 2, 2015. This is for Season 2. I will admit to being confused and startled when I first saw this on my feed but after browsing through the official Twitter and Facebook page of RnM, along with Justin Roiland’s and everyone else’s Twitter’s there is no way this is true. Nobody mentioned anything about Season 3 premiering.

Those articles are just assuming from a year old announcement. There is no way RnM is coming in July. I hope this clears things up.

*Mod PonyRick

You guys are free to keep hoping though. I’m just stating this to reassure. Also Erica replied to our last post.

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I saw a post on Facebook about that Super Sons comic and they said something like "Robin and Superboy together for the first time!" and I have to say that I laughed for about 2 minutes, laughing out of anger.

How soon they forget

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So, fun fact. The "throw glitter at nazis" post between you and geekgirlsmash is now going semi-viral on facebook (over 22 thousand shares so far). I didn't even realize it at first, and then I saw your username and I was just "Hey! I recognize that tumblr!!" I just thought it was awesome that your counter-trolling is getting recognition and traction.

If anyone wants me to sign their computers, just mail them to me.

I saw this on facebook and wanted to post it here!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, all married, engaged or dating couples: Make this your status and answer honestly.❤

Who’s oldest? Him

Who was interested first? I think it was mutual

Married? Yes 💞

Same high school? No

Most sensitive? Me lol 😢

Worst temper? Him, though I admit I have my moments

More social? Depends on the situation 

Hardest working? Both

Most stubborn? Him, though he would disagree lol 😡 

More sarcastic? Depends on the situation 

Who makes the most mess? Probably equal

Wakes up first? Me 

Bigger Family? Him

What are your middle names? I’m Joseph, he’s Thomas

Whose siblings do you see the most? We’re both only children (unless yuo count Diana, who is a big sis to us both equally 😊)

Do you have any children together? Not biologically, but all our kids are ours, not just his or mine

Who cooks the most? Me

Where do you eat out most as a couple? The Italian place near my job (and if you count fast food, McDonald’s lol) but most often if we’re going to get food, it’s either pizza or Chinese delivery

Who has the craziest exes? LMAO I’m not touching that  😂 

Who cries more? Me…shut up lol  

Better singer? Him

Hogs the remote? We fight over it lol

Who hogs the bed? HIM.  Big time.  But I cuddle up to him, so it works out.

Where was your first date?  Will you guys judge me if I admit I asked him over to netflix and chill? 😉

Better driver? We fight over that too lmao

Better cook? Me

Spends the most? Him, but not just on himself 💗

Smarter? He sure thinks he is…  😂 

Most common sense? Probably about equal, but in different areas

Do you get flowers often? Nope… he could work on that, j/s

Who does laundry? Alfred

Who’s better with the computers? Him, I guess… but I’m better with social media 😜

Who drives when you are together? We take turns

Who picks where you go to dinner? Me usually

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Preferably neither! 😉 

Who eats more sweets? Me!

How long have you been together? 7 years, married for (almost) 5! 


So today I have come across the same problem twice…. Where people have been disrespecting the creators/illustrators of fandoms. (WARNING: There may be a spoiler or two)

First: Tokyo Ghoul
So yesterday I heard that a new manga chapter came out where it had sexual content of Kaneki and Touka… today on Facebook I saw a post that said people were telling one of the illustrators to kill themselves because they hated or were angry about the new chapter….

Second: Voltron Legendary Defender
As I was scrolling through Amino just a few moments ago, I saw a post about Studio Mir accidentally leaking photos that they weren’t supposed to. This one disrespectful bitch (excuse my language) had apparently got a hold of these pictures and had refused to delete them from her profile unless Klance was made canon. Which also could lead to people losing their jobs (since they work alongside Dreamworks) and if the situation had gotten worse (which I’m not sure if there’s still a possibility of it getting worse) then Voltron could’ve gotten cancelled (from what I hear). Luckily this bitch’s profile got deleted from twitter, idk about tumblr tho.

Honestly, why do people do these things??? It’s not their stories so they shouldn’t be trying to add to or rewrite it! If it’s what the creators want then let them do it and if you disapprove of what they want for the characters then too bad deal with it!!! You want the story to go differently then make a damn fanfiction! Don’t harass the creators! Also if you’re putting people’s jobs on the line for a ship, then damn you’re really not a fan of the actual show, manga, etc. Because if they lose their jobs then instead of getting your ship canon, you’re just going to lose the show and end up ruining it for lots of other people! Seriously some of you need to learn some respect!