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BTS Reaction - Another Member Walking In On a Make-Out Session

Seokjin - Would be the embarrassed when he Jungkook walked in on the both of you in an intimate position. You were straddling his waist, your lips locked in sloppy kiss while Jin leaned against his bed’s headrest. As soon as he heard his door creek open, his eyes would fly open and his cheeks would flush at the sight of a shocked Kookie. Jin would be thankful you were still decent and that he hadn’t come in later.

“H-have you ever heard of a little think called knocking?”

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Yoongi - Would not care when Seokjin walked into their shared room and saw you sat on Yoongi’s lap trailing your lips down his exposed neck and torso. You wouldn’t notice Jin standing in the doorway frozen, however when Yoongi saw him he’d hardly react other than motioning with his head for him to get out, his eyes sharply squinted. When you felt Yoongi lose focus you’d ask what was wrong.

“It’s nothing…” he’d reassure your bringing your lips back to his own.

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Hoseok - Would be pushing you by your shoulders onto the mattress beneath you, his lips furious against yours. He would be positioned between your legs and Hoseok’s t-shirt would be long discarded on the floor when Taehyung would walk in asking to borrow his phone charger. You’d both screech and push away from each other, jumping from the sound of Taehyung’s voice. Hoseok would roll his eyes at Taehyung and quickly throw his changer at him and tell him to get out.

“Now where were we?” He’d ask as he’d resume his previously position.

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Namjoon - Being the dominant one in the relationship, Joon would be positioned over you, just like Hoseok, his full lips firmly sucking on the side of your neck. He’d already removed your top leaving you only wearing your bra. He’d quickly pull away after hearing a cough coming from he door and find Yoongi leaning against the threshold. Namjoon would throw his baggy T-shirt across your chest before staring down Yoongi.

“I’d prefer for you not to stand there and look at my half naked girlfriend.”

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Jimin - would be the type to blush when the leader would walk into his room. Jimin would be hovering over the top of you, his lips sucking the side of your neck, his hands resting underneath your top. When he heard the door creak open he’d push himself off you, try to fix his skewed shirt and with a brazen look, smile awkwardly at Namjoon. He’d try to act like nothing happened and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“U-uh did you need something? Huh? Nothing’s wrong…”

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Taehyung - would have already planned the night and how he wanted to spend it with you. He’d do the cliché of lighting candles around his bedroom and playing some obsolete music in the background. So when the moment came, you sitting in his lap, his long finger in your hair, and your lips locked in a passionate kiss. He would be rather annoyed when Jimin stumbles through his door wanting to borrow one of his ties. Taehyung, without breaking his lips from yours, would stare down Jimin and throw a pillow in Jimin’s direction. Jimin would let out a small yelp and exit the room.

“Just ignore it, babe.”

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Jungkook - would be too into leaving marks up your neck to notice the door opening and Hoseok walking in with his headphone’s on. You’d open your eyes and latch eyes with Hoseok, making you jump and push Jungkook away from the crook of your neck. Jungkook withdrew hesitatingly and would give you a questioning look. You’d nod over to a shocked Hoseok and Jungkook would follow your gaze, his cheeks on fire.

“Oh. Hoseok. Did you see everything…?”

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Happy Birthday Keith!

either Shiro makes an offhand comment about how it’s “Too bad Keith can’t be here on his birthday” or Lance already knows because of course he had to know every detail including date of birth of his rather cute rival

Lance of course hadn’t even been thinking what day it would be on earth until he walked back to his room and saw his dangling calendar, with each day red X’d off and noticed the date,

With the rest of the paladins, Allura and Coran all asleep, Lance grabs a sack of ‘supplies’ and sneaks out to Red, after a bit of fiddling around with Pidge’s tracker-that-he-can’t-pronounce-the-actual-name-of, he gets the Blade’s location,

Going unannounced to the BOM hideout was not a smart idea, he almost got killed 9 times over when he got there before he was actually recognized, despite the giant lion. But in the end he is welcomed in, he asks where Keith is, a random blades says they would call him, but Lance wants to surprise him

He goes to the training room where Keith had just finished a fight simulation, attention locked on shining his blade, when Lance sneaks up behind him, pulling a party hat made from tape and cardboard with a scraggly 'happy birthday’ on the front, just able to get it onto Keith’s head before a blade is against his throat.

Keith had spun around, pining him to the wall and ready for a surprise battle, but his eyes go wide in disbelief “Lance?”

Lance grins, not fazed by the lowering blade “Hey buddy”

He hugs Keith and lifts him the slightest bit off the ground before rushing to his bag, pulling out a container of some kind of sweet tasting food Hunk had made earlier and two spoons
Keith is still in shock, why is Lance here? did something happen? is everyone alright? he hasn’t even given half a thought to it being his birthday.

His mind is racing but none of the blades are in panic, Lance is still rummaging in his bag without hurry and he has absolutely no clue what to do when Lance tries handing him a spoon

“Well come on! we have to eat before you get your present~” Lance grins wider and pats the ground next to him for Keith to sit

hesitantly he gets on the floor next to Lance, taking the spoon from his outstretched hand as well. “What are you doing here? did something happen?”

“I’m here for your birthday, duh” Lance opens the container of food, setting it between them

Keith looks even more confused than before “What are you talking about?”

“Well,” Lance leans back on his hands, he needs a story quick “the rest of the team couldn’t make it, some mission, but they all said the wish you Happy Birthday when I got here”

Keith can’t believe it, they remembered his birthday? he didn’t even remember it, not that it mattered anyway. But to know that they cared…

Lance senses Keith’s problematic inner thoughts and takes his spoon “Alright, enough food goos, you have a present to open!”

knocked from his self loathing Keith tilts his head while Lance places a lumpy package tied in random galaxy newspaper onto his lap.

Rocking back and forth in excitement Lance looks like a kid on Christmas, and it isn’t even for him “Well come on Keith! open it up!”

He opens it slowly, much to Lance’s chagrin, he carefully unwrapped it instead of tearing into it like Lance had hoped, and was about to do himself if Keith didn’t get a little quicker.

inside is a medium sized, handmade plush stuffed hippo, soft purple fabric and big button eyes staring up at Keith who almost certainly had tears welling in his eyes when he realized this was the fabric he found Lance stitching up before, he had just assumed Lance was making another pair of Lion slippers

Keith looks up, Lance is smiling at him again, this time much softer

“Happy Birthday Buddy”

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one thing i've always wondered-- stevie talks about when she fell in love at first sight with joe walsh on the wild heart tour in 1983, she saw him across a room and sat on his lap. but it's just crazy to me that after having been a big star since 1976, dating his bandmate don henley on and off for two years, and going to a bunch parties-- she'd never met him before? it just doest make sense that she hadn't met all of the eagles at some point before 1983.

I don’t think she said she had never met him before just that when she saw him at that time she fell in love instantly, maybe I’m wrong but you’re right it doesn’t make much sense that she hadn’t met him before.

let me tell you something

watching the final window wave was both the most heartwarming and heartbreaking thing I’ve ever experienced.

(my pictures, use with credit please)

  • Ghosts and Guardians that are close to each other
    • Ghosts acting like mini-heaters and nuzzling their Guardian’s neck when it gets too cold
    • Ghosts playing hide-and-seek with their Guardians, hiding behind their marks, in their hoods, or in their coats
    • Ghosts massaging their Guardians after an especially harrowing mission by rolling around on their backs
    • Ghosts fiddling with their Guardian’s radar to redirect them towards interesting finds
      • Ghosts, during relatively peaceful missions, picking up small trinkets (tiny flowers, funny looking rocks, etc) for their Guardian
    • Ghosts resting on their Guardian’s head when they get tired
      • Ghosts resting on their Guardian’s head and getting swallowed up by their poofy hair
    • Ghosts playing pranks with their Guardians- giving them the wrong weapon in the Crucible, changing their armor, mimicking their voice, etc
    • Ghosts staying up late with their Guardians and acting like their flashlight
    • Ghosts insisting on taking snapshots of their Guardian’s best kills like a proud parent
    • Ghosts stargazing with their Guardians, pointing out the different constellations and stars, making up new ones
    • Ghosts and Guardians being each other’s best friends- never needing to look behind because they know that the other is always there
  • Alternatively, Ghosts and Guardians who have a strictly professional relationship
    • No deep talks, just business- Guardians protecting Ghosts, Ghosts powering Guardians
    • Both understand that trust can be had with superficial care, that not being close does not negate their importance to the other
    • And then something happens and they start developing a friendship because fuck yeah
  • And then Ghosts and Guardians that have no relationship
    • Ghosts having Guardians that abhor their duty
    • Ghosts being kept in the dark by their Guardian, being left behind, being given minimal care
    • Ghosts looking at other Guardians, wishing that they were matched with someone else, harboring resentment for their Guardian
    • Ghosts who eventually lose their Guardians, whether because they turned to the teachings of Darkness, or chose to take a permanent death
    • Ghosts wondering what they could have done differently- but feeling little sadness, for their Guardian was nothing but a stranger

also after the philly show tonight i just want to say a big fuck you to everyone who says “”harry isn’t doing enough” or “that isn’t activism” or claim that we’re praising him too much when it comes to harry holding up the pride flags at his shows, or the trans flags now as well (or any other flag he may choose to wave. i saw a few bi flags there tonight as well). never in my life have i been to a concert where i felt just so universally accepted by everyone there for being queer, both by harry and his band and also by all the fans. when the mini pride flags were being handed out for the project, everyone was so excited to take a flag and thought it was amazing. i saw huge genuine smiles break out on peoples faces. we were sitting on the streets with mini pride flags out all day and no one questioned it. everyone felt free to be open without a worry. do yall know how meaningful that is to me?? people on the street even smiled at it. i saw at least 6 pride flags, big ones, on the line and in the front of general admission. one girl had a pride flag with “treat people with kindness” on it and held it up for harry to see. i walked around with a mini pride flag hanging out of my pant pocket all day, walking up and down the town and i had no concern about it?? i wasn’t scared of what was going to happen, i felt empowered and like i could truly just exist unapologetically as a queer person that day. the event staff took pride flags as well and had them in their pockets. harry was so clearly moved by the fan project to hold up the mini pride flags during sign of the times - i saw him turn to adam beforehand and just whisper ‘wow’ when he noticed. my point is, harry has created the environment in which all of that can happen!! harry created this space where fans can truly just be themselves without a worry and that is so liberating to have?? it matters that he holds the pride flag up so proudly. it matters that he made it a point to bring a pride flag out after it had been wrongfully confiscated. people are getting arrested for daring to bring a pride flag to concerts in other countries right now. so don’t yall dare act like what harry has been doing isn’t important or isn’t a form of it’s own activism and it’s incredible. do you know how moved i was that just… no one cared about people being queer in that room?? everyone walked out of that concert with their flags held high instead of shoving them into their bags and hiding them bc they were afraid to be themselves outside of that room. i saw people empowered to just truly be themselves, maybe for the first time in their lives. i waved the flag out my window as we drove out and people who weren’t able to get a mini pride flag for the project were saddened when there weren’t anymore. yall gotta stop acting like this isn’t some of the most fucking important shit harry has done. creating that strong of a safe space for his fans is an incredible thing he’s done so when yall say “he’s not doing enough” where exactly is he not doing enough??? pull your head out of you ass.

i was about to make a post abt how fathering a moth last semester made me more empathetic towards caterpillars cuz i was walking about 100ft from one building to the next and saw six dead ones on the ground & got sad, but

then i found a very big alive one

so i scooped him up and now hes in a solo cup crunching some greens

im fuckin real determined to let caterpillars live to adulthood yall. do you guys know how fucked up their survival rate is in nature

im calling my mom to get her to bring me my butterfly habitat from home so i can house this small turd boy and maybe some other small turd boys i find. ill defend these weird wrinkly chodes w my life. they dont deserve the cruel fate mother nature hath wrought on their kind

Someone Else

“Honestly, Ginny, it’s not you-” Harry stopped in the middle of his explanation, realizing how stupid he would’ve sounded saying ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. Ginny narrowed her eyes at him, and Harry rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. He had known that breaking things off with Ginny would be awkward, but this was simply unbearable.

“Then what is it, Harry?” Ginny asked imploringly.

“It’s… I don’t really know how to explain,” Harry said truthfully. How was he supposed to explain that his once intense, romantic love for her had turned into a familial, brotherly love for seemingly no reason. The past few months had just been different. Instead of spending his free time with Ginny like he used to, Harry would now much rather spend that time in his dorm room, or flying, or hell, even studying.

“Is there someone else?” Ginny said calmly. She wasn’t upset; she knew Harry would break up with her from the moment she saw the rooming assignments.

“I- yes,” Harry said decidedly, even though it was a lie. Maybe it would be easier to pretend there was someone else. At least that way Ginny would get a reason. “I’m in love with someone else.”


“Draco Malfoy,” Harry answered automatically, and then bit his tongue. Draco Malfoy? Where had that come from? He wasn’t in love with Draco! It’s true that they had moved on from being enemies since they were assigned to be roommates at the beginning of the year, Harry would even say they were friends, but love? There was no way. Or was there? After all, Harry found comfort in his late night talks with Draco when neither of them could sleep, and he invited Draco to go flying with him nearly everyday, and he relished those evenings he and Draco spent holed up in the library, studying and researching ways to remove tattoos made of Dark Magic. So maybe Harry did love Draco, just a little bit. But that didn’t mean anything, because there was no evidence that Draco felt the same.

“I thought so,” Ginny replied, her voice cutting off Harry’s thoughts.

Harry’s brow furrowed in confusion. “What?”

Ginny shrugged. “You two are always together, and when you’re not, you’re talking about being with the other.”

“Sorry, you mean, both of us? You think Draco loves me back?” Harry couldn’t disguise the hope in his voice.

Ginny sighed. “It’s quite obvious.” Harry didn’t respond, just stared in stunned silence, so Ginny went on, “Did you know that Draco, Pansy, and Blaise have been taking lessons from Hermione and I on how to cast a Patronus? Yesterday, Draco was finally able to cast one. And his Patronus, Harry- it’s a stag.”

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Did you and Chris know each other before you worked on this project or did you just have [chemistry]? (x)