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Forge a new path as Iden Versio, commander of Inferno Squad—an Imperial special forces unit equally lethal on the ground and in space. Encounter many of Star Wars ’ greatest characters in a story of revenge, betrayal, and redemption that spans 30 years.

something borrowed // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles lets Y/N borrow something of his & unexpectedly gains something in return

Requested: no, collab with @rememberstilinski

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: no


Clutching the plastic lunch tray she navigated her way through the crowded cafeteria and back to the lunch table. The stress from the first four periods of her day slowly melted away as she spotted her group of friends across the cafeteria, sitting at the same table they had since the start of their freshman year.

A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips as Lydia waved over to her. Picking up her pace, Y/N maneuvered her way through the crowds of people who were too engaged with their conversations with one another to pay any sort of attention to the small girl.

Then, a familiar boy caught her attention.

The sheriff’s son, Stiles Stilinski.

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ok but get this, Hamilton marching band au

 so long story short i saw this trumpet player dude who looked an awful lot like John Laurens/Anthony Ramos at band rehearsal today and this came to my head so have some headcanons

* Washington as the angry band director 

* Alex is a clarinet and a drum major

* TJeff is also a drum major

* and he plays trombone with Madison

* Laurens is a trumpet 

* Laf is a flute 

* Hercules is a Tuba bc LOUD

* King George is like, the choir director or something

* Eliza is an alto sax for sure 

*  Angelica and Peggy are flutes

* Aaron is also an alto 

* Baritone Theodosia???????

* Maria Reynolds could be a clarinet

* Samuel Seabury is probably that kid that isnt actually in band but hangs out with the band kids anyway

anywAY i love this idea

EDIT: seabury plays the kazoo

chaoticgamer8693  asked:

Why do you depict Chara as the villain here? In the game there is absolutely nothing to suggest that. Think about it. If they're really so bad then why did Chara reset the timeline so that you would be forced to go through again and most likely not kill everyone. Why would Sans be able to remember when Flowey can't and Flowey has the most determination seen in a monster. Oh wait, Chara warns him and communicates. They also do the dialogue. They translate froggits and make the thing easy.

Actually I think you may have missed a thing XD. It’s cool though. I shall explain best I can without giving away things-

This is actual Chara as depicted in this comic.

Chara doesn’t look a whole lot like this-

-red nightmare child, do they? However this  ^ 

Sure looks a whole lot like this kid we see here below. Like Frisk.

I have to be sorta vague for plot reason but just keep in mind in game Sans never sees Chara as we, the player, saw them. 

Better yet he never saw the player either, did he? >D

And where is he seeing this red kid?

In a nightmare.

But Chara, the leaf child with the locket, is nowhere near the villain of this story =U

Tour Surprises

Summary: You hadn’t seen Shawn in over 5 months and you couldn’t handle it, so Geoff helped plan the perfect surprise for Shawn.

Requested: Not really, but my groupchat girls wanted some fluff

Word count: 1.9k

Warnings: None, other than being disgustingly fluffy and sappy at one point.



You hadn’t heard from Shawn all morning and that was odd. He normally would send you a text when he woke up, but not today. You worried, did he know you were here. This was supposed to be a surprise that only you and Geoff had known about.

Fixing the zipper of your boots, you took in one last deep breath before you stood to look yourself over in the mirror. Your black lace buttoned shirt accentuated your curves in just the way he liked, your light washed jeans hugged your thighs, and your black thigh high boots fit your legs perfectly. Your hair looked perfect, considering it took you an hour to get all your products in your hair to get the natural curls to stay. Your makeup done, probably a little too heavily for the occasion, but you were so excited that you couldn’t help to just keep adding.

The walk out of the hotel and down to your awaiting car felt like forever. You were a complete ball of nerves and couldn’t wait for the moment you would see him again. It had been almost 5 months since you had seen Shawn in person and he had no idea you were here. The facetime calls and late night texts were never enough for you. You hated the idea of long distance, but you loved the idea of being with Shawn. You knew he was the love of your life and he always told you he loved you with all of his heart.

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i’m watching game grumps try to teach dan to play overwatch and dan seeing a soldier 76 player and asking arin in surprise if he’s “killed 76 people” reminds me of when i played pokemon go with me aunt and she exclaimed “see, i’m not the only adult playing this game! here’s someone who’s almost 50!” when she saw another player named something like rolf69

We Are Young: Chapter 4

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Hometown pride was just as big as school pride when it came to hockey games in Rifthold.

The stadium was packed with the people. The bleachers on both sides of the ice were full, and Aelin was sure the whole town showed up to watch the first game on the season.

And what a game it was.

Second period was coming to an end, and both the Rifthold Royals and Skull Bay Pirates had yet to score a goal. Dorian was definitely living up to his nickname this game. But the Pirates’ goalie seemed to be just as good.

The tension in the arena was thick. Everyone was waiting for someone to score that first goal. And it only grew thicker every time the puck got close to a net.

But though the scoring was lacking, the fights and penalties definitely weren’t.

If Aelin didn’t know any better, she’d think the only reason Fenrys, Aedion, and Lorcan were on the team in the first place was to pick fights. They spent more time throwing punches and sitting in the penalty box than they did actually playing the game.

“If he wanted to throw punches all day long,” Lysandra watched with narrowed eyes as the referee broke up another fight between Aedion and one of the Pirates players. “He should have just joined wrestling.”

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crit fail ear scritches

The party (a tiefling who’s unconscious and a tabaxi with narcolepsy) is on its way to safe haven, and I pose an important question about the knight who’s steering the horse the tabaxi is on.

Me: Does Tabbo (tabaxi) get ear scritches?

DM: I’ll roll for ear scritches.

DM: (Rolls a nat 1)

DM: He punches Tabbo in the face, I guess.

Me: I’m just picturing that he slips, punches Tabbo, and sees that he doesn’t wake up, so he just sits rigid and keeps going. Maybe looks around a little to make sure no one else saw.

My players saw that there was price and weight info given for a 10 foot pole in the Player’s Handbook and this encounter followed.

Wizard: What can I buy in this shop?

DM, as a shopkeeper: Various items. Everything from adventuring gear to farming tools. What are you looking for?

Wizard: Can I purchase a 10-ft pole?

Shopkeeper: Um… alright. One 10-ft pole coming right up.

Warlock: What do you need that for??

Wizard: It’s gonna be for Chad (human rogue). We won’t even have to fight the thugs.

Shopkeeper, incredibly dry: Would you like some manacles to go with that?

Warlock: I’ll take those!

Rogue: Are those for me too?

David Bowie came to my house to interview me for a job. At some point, we left to grab something to eat. As we were walking back with our pastel colored hot dogs, we noticed my town’s local hockey team tour bus was unlocked. We decided to loot the place even though the players were still inside it. None of the players saw us and thought ghosts were taking their stuff. We got back to my house and started talking about the band Queen for some reason. David Bowie then went into my room, took my leather jacket and left. I never found out if I got that job.


Ever since he saw the legendary player known as the “Little Giant” compete at the national volleyball finals, Shoyo Hinata has aimed to be the best volleyball player ever! He decides to join the team at the high school the Little Giant went to – and then surpass him. Who says you need to be tall to play volleyball when you can jump higher than anyone else? 

 aesthetics meme: Haikyuu!! requested by anon 

My Clark Kent (Liam Dunbar imagine)

NOTE: idk if this is good but yeah I hope you enjoy and would like some feedback :)

Originally posted by stydiaislove

Warnings: cuss words, Nolan and Gabe getting too out of hand when trying to get to Liam by using you. and i think that’s it

“Just be Clark Kent” Mason says trying, key word trying to encourage Liam from wolfing out in front of the whole school because of Gabe and Nolan. Liam sighs, “I don’t know if I can Mason”, “Liam, you can do this, we all believe in you!” I exclaim trying to encourage him more.

Corey comes running in, “Um guys, we may have a tiny problem”. Mason and I look at each other, “Okay, that’s fine if it’s just a tiny problem” Mason replied and Corey looked at me and back to Mason and back to me, “Nolan has the entire lacrosse team blocking all the entrances so Liam can’t get out”.

“Corey! That is not a tiny problem! That’s a huge problem!” I yell out, “I didn’t want to scare you guys with the information I was about to tell you!” Corey explains, “Better to tell us that instead of making us think everything is all good with a tiny problem that’s not so tiny” I state sassily while air quoting ‘tiny’ and 'problem’.

“Well what now?” Liam speaks up while looking at all three of us and suddenly Mason looks like a light bulb went off in his head. “Mason, why are you looking at me, don’t give me that look” Corey says backing up a little while I raise an eyebrow in question. “We can totally get past them, if, of course, Liam is invisible with Corey” Mason states almost with a tone as saying 'tada’ except not exaggerating it with jazz hands like you’d see people do in movies sometimes.

“You think this is gonna work?” Liam and I question Mason quietly while we look out the door making sure it’s clear. “(Y/N), Liam, I am positive” Liam and I looked at each other then Mason, “50/50” Mason answers again almost sure this time. Corey comes up and Liam puts his hand on Corey’s shoulder while Corey asks, “Ready?”. “Uh kinda, nothing else we can do” Liam states nervously and with that Corey camouflages along with Liam while Mason and I step out talking to them but making sure not to talk too loud by saying Liam and Corey.

To others it may have seemed like Mason and I were talking to each other only, but in reality there were four of us walking and not two. Mason and I walked down the hall to the front and saw two lacrosse players, “Yeah, nope blocked” we said in unison as we turned around. We kept looking but to our luck all exits were blocked off and as we came around a corner we met up with no one other than Nolan and Gabe.

“Oh hey Mason, hey (Y/N)” Nolan speaks while Gabe stands there with a smirk on his face, boy I wish I could punch the smirk right off his face, I thought to myself. “Hey, Nolan and Gabe” I responded with a fake smile, “How are ya?” Mason questioned trying to act normal. “Meh, would be better if you told us where Liam is” Nolan stated. “Sorry boys but no can do because we actually don’t know where Liam is, haven’t seen him since like first period, so boo hoo” I reply without a care in the world how I answer to them.

Gabe violently yanks on my wrist with a harsh grip, “Better watch that tone of yours princess” Gabe sneers. “Let go of her Gabe, we aren’t here for her” Nolan demands while I yank my wrist away. “Nice talking to you two but we have to go” Mason informs the two while putting his arm around my shoulder. 

Before we walked away Nolan shoves his hand into his pocket and blows some type of dust behind us and Liam and Corey are out of camouflage. I quickly react and grab Liam’s wrist while Mason grabs Corey and we make a run for it but are stopped by two lacrosse players and as we kept turning the opposite direction there were more until we are finally face-to-face with Gabe and Nolan. 

“Get him” Nolan commands and Gabe and two others grab onto Liam while I keep my grip, “No, he’s staying with us” I state. Nolan looks at the lacrosse players and nods his head towards Mason, Corey, and I. They each grab Corey and Mason and Nolan stops the player coming towards me, “I got (Y/N)” and he quickly wraps his arm around me so I can’t get out while leading everyone to an empty room.  

As soon as we all entered the empty classroom Liam was shoved onto the ground by Gabe, Liam started to get up but Gabe swung and knocked him back down, “Come on Liam, we all know you can take us” Nolan taunts while shoving me into another lacrosse players arms. Mason is trying to get out of the grip of a player but can’t, “Stop!” Mason yells as he watches his best friend get hit over and over again.

Gabe kicks Liam and Nolan punched him in the nose, “The sun, the moon, the truth” Liam mumbles, “What are you saying?” Gabe questions while grabbing Liam by the collar of his shirt. “Leave him alone you assholes! Stop doing this to him!” I yell, Liam looks at me, “(Y/N) it’s okay” saying with a pained expression is what he responded back. “No it’s not” I reply back.

“Get off of him! You’re hurting him, just leave him alone!” I cry out, struggling to get out of the grip of a player. “Get your hands off of her!” Liam screams. “Oh, I think we just hit a nerve, what do you think Nolan?” Gabe smirks. “I think you’re right” Nolan then looks at me and tells the boy to bring me over and grabs a hold of me. “Don’t hurt her! She is just a person” Liam exclaims. 

 “We won’t hurt her, she’s too weak to be a supernatural anyway, so why not have fun?” Gabe butts in, I look at them confused and before I know it Gabe’s mouth is on mine, trying to piss Liam off since he knows there is no use in really hitting me because to him what’s the point in hitting a girl who isn’t supernatural. 

I hear Liam growling in the back and I quickly stomp on Gabe’s foot and he let’s go, “Ow! What the hell?!”. Oh god this is going to hurt so bad but fuck it, I think to myself before head butting my head against Gabe’s, he staggers back holding his head and quickly recovers before coming back and slapping me across the face with enough strength to make me turn my head to the other side. “I swear to god if you hit her again, I’m going to” Liam threatened but was cut off by Nolan who shoved me back into someone’s arms, “Or what? You’ll kill us? Can’t you see that’s what we want Liam” Nolan sneers. 

While all of this was happening and I was in a daze, Mason yells at the teacher to help and she walks away. Three minutes later Coach Finstock comes in telling everyone to get out and has Gabe and Nolan sent to the office. I quickly run to Liam to help him up and Mason helps. “You did it!” Mason cheers, “You didn’t wolf out, but I know you thought you deserved it because of Lori and Brett” Mason adds. 

Liam turns to me and puts his hand on my face, “Are you okay?” I nod, “It was a weak slap he threw anyway” I chuckle, “Question is, are you okay?” I say while examining his face, “Way better now knowing you’re okay, Clark Kent right?” Liam explains looking at Mason then me, “My Clark Kent” I state smiling while Liam smiles back leaning in and kissing me. “Okay lovebirds time to go come on, watching you guys makes us sick” Mason and Corey say in unison.