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Darkest Desire ‘Made To Suffer’

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Chapter 15

Summary: You are saved in the woods by an old friend. Together you search for elderberries. When you return home something terrible happens. 

Word Count: 2,983

Note: Sorry but there is NO NEGAN in this chapter! Of course he will be back in the next chapter though!

WARNINGS: Intense beating, Threat of rape, A very sad and descriptive death of a character (I felt like I needed to include this just in case someone is uncomfortable)

HUGE THANK YOU as always to @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader! Also, thank you for calling me a monster! LOL!

The walker’s body went limp on top of you. You were too weak to push it off. You examined the arrow sticking out of the walker’s skull, and hoped that it wasn’t a Savior who had just caught you outside the gates. Finally, the pressure of the weight of the walker was relieved when it was pulled off you.

“Well shit, you ain’t being very careful, are ya?” Daryl lightly smiled at you and held out his hand.

You felt a sudden burst of energy and jumped up into his arms. He hugged you back tightly, and you could hear the sounds of more walkers approaching. Daryl took your hand, and you both started making your way around the stray walkers. You looked down at your clothes to see that you were covered in mud and guts.   

“C’mon, this way to get us back to Alexandria.” Daryl started to cut across an empty road.

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s’more doodles- on the nature of general potter, and speaking of general potter, he’s pretty tall, wouldn’t an older sunny be kinda tall too? i also think an old lammy would grow out her horns… bc her horns are really cool.

finally, i saw a PJ Berri bank on japanese yahoo auctions where the cog to remove coins was in his butt and my life has not known peace since 

i really hate how many hugely talented and charismatic groups go unnoticed. like i know they can’t logically all be popular, but i still hope during each comeback that this one will be the one that finally brings them success

Jealousy - Peter Pan AU

Warnings: Fluff, angry Pan, almost rape, Cliché af 

Summary: You and Peter had always had a connection. You both felt it when the Shadow dropped you on the island. You soon became his possession even tough you made him clear that you weren’t an object. Everything was fine until a new arrival came to the island. 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader 

Request:  Can you do an imagine where y/n is rejected by pan for the new girl and y/n is hurt so she run into the woods and pirates kidnapped her and pan is all angry and fluufff, please. Sorry if its too confusing:( - Anon 

Notes: Y/n = your name - y/e/c = your eye colour - y/h/c = your hair color

The sun blinded your eyes as you got out of your tent. It was going to be a great day. You made your way over to breakfast, greeted by several Lost Boys. As you sat down at your usual spot you looked over to Peter’s to find it empty. Which was strange, he would always be the first to sit at the table. You turned your head to Felix asking him where their leader was. He told you that he felt a new arrival at dawn and that he had not returned yet. You thought nothing of it and consumed your breakfast with the usual jokes at the table. 

As soon as you were finished you got up and started to do you work. You sharpened your knives, went on a lonely hunting trip and picked some berries on your way. Things you would normally do with Peter f he wasn’t busy with beating Lost Boys. This made you a little bit upset but you understood tough. Peter had an island to rule and this new Lost Boy was probably a hard nut to crack. 

You returned to camp and gave Alex the fox you shot. He took it with a big smile and he complimented you on always taking care of the food. You smiled and walked out of the kitchen, eating some berries. That’s when you saw her. 

Long curly dirty blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, a cute nose, naturally red lips. She was beautiful. She was talking with Peter, constantly giggling with what he was saying. He was looking down on het with a grin. He was looking at her with so much affection. He was looking at her how he used to look at you. 

You decided not to think about it too much, he was only being friendly to her, and you walked over the fire, sitting down on a log next to Felix. “Hi Felix.” you happily said. He didn’t respond. You looked over to where he was looking and your face dropped. He was looking at her. You looked at the other Lost Boys and noticed that they were also looking at her. It made your blood boil. 

“That’s it.” you said. You stood up and made your way into the forest. As you were walking away you could feel his eyes on you, he didn’t come after you tough. You scoffed and walked even further into the woods. After twenty minutes of walking you hear a sound in the bushes near you. “Peter?” No answer. “Guys this isn’t fun!” You looked around in search of one of the boys. 

You quickly understood that you were in danger, you put your hand on your hidden dagger and waited till the enemy would come out. You walked further as if there was nothing going on. Suddenly two men grabbed you. You quickly drew your dagger and killed one of them. “We need help over here!” shouted the man that held your right arm. Two pirates appeared and tried to overmaster you. You knocked one out but eventually you got caught. They tied you arms and feet and carried you to their ships. 

You tried to escape but the ropes were too tight. “Let go of me!” The captain looked at you and laughed. “Oh but dear, we will let go of you if we are satisfied, you see we haven’t seen a living girl in months.” As soon as the words left his mouth the fear took over you and you started to scream. The captain looked at you with anger and knocked you out. 

You woke up, bounded to a bed. “Ah, our little lady is awake. Fun time.” The captain grins and his men laugh. You pulled at the ropes, but they wouldn’t budge. “Let me go!” “Shut up!” The captain stormed forward and gave you a hard slap on your cheek. You instantly felt the shape of his hand on your cheek. A single tear left your eye and all the men laughed at it. “He will find you! And he will kill you!” “You wish.” The captain climbed upon you and forced you into a kiss. “I would listen to the girl if I were you.” His voiced beamed trough the room. You looked at him and you felt scared. He looked as if he wanted to kill everything that was breathing.

The captain flew off your body and slammed into the wall. The other pirates drew their sword and got into a fighting stance. You watched as he quickly killed them all. He rushed over to you and freed you. You flew into his arms, sobbing. “Shh, it’s alright. I’m here now.” He hold you as long as you needed. “Thank you.” you quietly whispered. “I would always have your back.” “I thought you wouldn’t notice me being gone.” He pulled out of the embrace and looked at you. “What do you mean?” 

“You were so busy with the new girl and nobody noticed me leaving so I just gave up.” “I would never let you get hurt y/n. Of course I noticed that you were going into the woods but I just thought you were going to the lagune to take a bath. When you didn’t come back I send all the Lost Boys on a search party for you. I would never let anyone harm you, y/n. Never.” You looked at him with tears in your eyes. “Nobody could replace you, my queen.” He took your chin between his fingers and kissed you. “I love you Peter Pan.” “And I love my feisty Queen.” 


Hi Guys! So my exams are finally over,yay!

So,This fic is based on this post.It’s filled with fluff, angst and more fluff.Brace yourselves.

The people who asked to be tagged: @eliniei @sparkleywonderful @radicalmeghan

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Little Damon

Request: Hey! Can u do a Damon X reader where they a baby together and the baby its only months of being born and Damon is rlly cute with the baby , full fluff/smut *_* please?!? – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: none, yey. Except of extreme fluffiness!

Word Count: 2108

YAS for daddy!Damon, like I can’t. Btw, I wrote this while I was in Knott’s Berry Farm because I saw this cute tiny baby and I remembered this request, lol. 

Little Damon… Number Two?

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“Baby, you gotta stay strong, ‘kay? For me and for little one.” He said, holding your hand, reassuringly, and his other hand brushing your face off of your hair. You nodded, sweat slightly trickling down your forehead. Your stomach was about to pop, you were in pain and you were about to go into labor. You screamed as pain flashed through you, and you tightened your grip on Damon’s hand.

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anonymous asked:

Yeah I hate how RIB gave Amber a job and let her show her chops. Damn them.

And when was this? Because the Glee show that I saw was Rachel focused. A once, powerful ensemble show had turned into the Rachel Berry hour. If Ryan let Amber “show her chops” as you claim then there would have been an equal amount of solos, not just for Amber, but the other players as well. They would have written a story for her. Not just the ones that they start & then conveniently forget. 

So you are right. Damn them!

If Ryan had respect for her as a person, then Mercedes wouldn’t have been written like the stereotypical black female who is loud, with massive head movements and sass. Black women are much more than that. If RIB had respected her as a person, then there wouldn’t have been all of those script comments mistaking Unique for Mercedes. Even on Twitter people still confuse Alex for her and vice versa. RIB did all of that. As a black female myself, I was offended by that.

So you are right. Damn them!

It is a shame that they never realized a bight, shiny jewel that they had in their crown. They didn’t appreciate what they had. RIB only saw Amber the way they saw Mercedes, the black curvy girl that can wail out that final glory note. It took her to put Glee in her rear view mirror for the world to see her as something different.

So you are right. Damn them!

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Under the Mistletoe - Choi Youngjae

A/N: Oh my god I had such bad writer’s block with this. It was rough fam. I hope it’s alright!! -Admin Grace

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1.3k

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Not Dead Yet (Part 2)

*So part one of this did decently I suppose so I decided to post a part two. Also if you wanted to read part one there is a link at the bottom. Comment and let me know what you think!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

“Neverland? Never heard of it.” I told this Peter Pan.

“Well I don’t blame you. Only a few people know about this place, fewer have seen it. If I were you I’d be thankful that you get to see it and live. The others will explain what goes on here, enjoy your stay.” he started to walk off before stopping and turning around, “What’s your name by the way?”

“Y/N” I answered, “When will I be going home?”

Him and the others chuckled around me. “Oh, pet, don’t you know? No one leaves Neverland, at least not without my permission.”

Pet? Who do you think you’re calling pet?” I picked up a stone and hurled it at him. He caught it in one hand and threw it back at me. I ducked just in time and it sailed over knocking another boy in the head.

“You are going to be fun.” he nodded to the tall boy, “Felix, get someone to show her around then come with me, I have something I need to talk to you about.”

“Got it.” Felix said, “Devin! You’re up.”

“Oh come on, why do I have to show the skirt around?” The boy that got hit with the rock groaned.

“Wait? That’s a girl?” Another boy said.

“Of course I’m a girl you ignoramus!” I spat at him, “Got a problem with it?”

“Aren’t girls supposed to be pretty or something?” he sneered.

I strolled up to him and smirked at how he only came up to my nose, “Aren’t boys supposed to be tall?”

“I wouldn’t be so high and mighty, princess.”

I scoffed and pushed past him, “I’ve met corpses more intimidating than you lot.”

“Where do you think you’re going, princess?” Devin shouted after me.

“Away from here.” I wandered from the camp and no one did anything to stop me.

Let’s take check of the last twelve hours. I had spent the evening digging a grave, followed music out into the forest late at night, woke up in a different realm entirely inhabited by boys, tried to assault some magic teenager with a rock, and antagonized some other boys. All in all it was an interesting break from routine. I mean I was away from the cemetery and Doctor Beadnell. Already things were looking up!

I ran a hand through my hair and came up with a handful of dirt. I ruffled my hair more and more dirt sprinkled out. Well maybe that explains why they didn’t recognize me as a girl. I was really dirty. There has to be a pond or something I can dip down in to wash away some of this grime.


“You sure about this?” Felix asked as Pan as they walked away from the group. “Bringing a girl here?”

“Neverland is for lost children.” Peter answered, “Not my fault she’s the first girl to show up.”

“You think she has what it take to run with the boys?”

Peter snorted, “Did you see her? I don’t think we need to worry about her keeping up with anyone.”

“Still. The boys are used to only having other boys on the island. What if her presence causes some riot?”

“Then they’re idiots. One girl is not going to plunge the island into the sea.” Peter rubbed at his temples, “Besides, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What were you going to talk to me about then?”

“Just some routine stuff. I think I’m getting closer to finding the boy I need.” Peter continued to lay out his plans, the fire from the new recruit still unknowingly tingling under his skin.


That was loads better. I crawled out of the pond I had found and put my clothes back on. I scrubbed them a little while I was bathing and hung them out to dry. With some semi clean clothes and a layer of dirt peeled from my skin I was feeling more human.

Now what was I going to do? I had nowhere to go. I certainly wasn’t going back to that camp. My stomach let out a low growl. Apparently I’m going to find some food.

I scavenged the jungle but this place seemed to reproduce no fruit trees or berry bushes I could find. After some more searching I eventually found a bush that looked like it had some berries on it. Hm…blue or red?

“Unless you want your tongue to swell up to the size of a banana I’d eat the red berries.” I looked up and saw Devin standing there watching me.

“Thanks” I muttered dropping the blue berries and picking a handful of red ones instead. “How long have you been following me?”

“Since the beginning. I got personal confirmation that you are indeed a girl when you took your little swim.” he smirked and I resisted the urge to whack him upside the head.

“Can I ask why you’re following me?” I snapped at him.

“I was told to show you around Neverland.”

“Yeah, you also complained that you had to. So what’s the real reason?” I stood up and got nose to nose with him.

He backed away. “You’re one of us now. Meaning that your home is back at that camp and you have the same duties as the rest of us.”

“I get it, you’re playing babysitter. Here to bring me back so I can get to work.” I rolled my eyes as I started to walk away again. “Not happening. I just got my freedom. I’m not going to become someone else’s slave just like that.”

“You’re not a slave, you’re a Lost Boy…or Lost Girl in your case. You have more downtime than you would know what to do with really.”

This gave me pause. Downtime? I rarely got downtime back at the funeral home. Any time I wasn’t digging or running errands I was eating, catching up on my sleep or practicing my reading and writing. The only time I ever got to do anything just because I enjoyed it was those rare winter days where there was too much snow to dig anything and it was too cold for even Doctor Beadnell to send me out in. I’d sit curled by the fire and read aloud with a warm cup of tea.

My father used to love it when I read to him. Especially when he got sick. He said hearing me tell stories was the highlight of his day.

Devin noticed me smiling and I quickly dropped it. “So that’s it? You want me to follow you back there just because you say I’ll have a lot of downtime?”

“No. I’m telling you to come back because it’s where you belong. You can handle yourself from what I saw earlier and the boys will get used to you eventually. Just don’t be the spoilt little princess we fear you are and everything will be fine.” he grinned at me.

“A spoiled princess?” I let out a laugh, “Do you see these hands? Do you see these muscles? Does this look like something some princess would have?”

He glanced at my calloused and scarred hands. “What were you doing before you came here?”

“I was a grave digger.” I shrugged, “Not the nicest job in the world but I got it done.”

“Come on,” he motioned for me to follow, “Let’s get you back to camp and get you some real food.”

“I can manage on my own, thank you very much.” I lifted my chin high but at that moment my growling stomach gave away my true thoughts. Dammit.

“Will you just follow? I don’t want to have to explain to Pan that I lost the new recruit in under an hour.” I gave in and followed him back to camp. He gave me a quick run down about the island and the type of children and teenagers that are brought here.

The boys gave me second looks when we reappeared in camp. Apparently without all the dirt and mess I was looking a lot more like my assigned gender.

“Here,” Devin tossed me an orange, “Eat up.”

“Thanks,” I peeled away the skin away and started eating the slices. I took this time to really check out the camp. What had to be about twenty or so boys, from what I could see, were milling about. Some were fighting, others were playing with knives, a group were gathered around in a circle laughing, and the rest were just sitting by themselves eating or staring off into the distance.

“So, what goes on here?” I asked.

“Whatever you want really. There are certain duties and practices we need to do but besides that you can just hang out and have fun.”

“Okay…” I bit into another orange slice. “Hey, what is with that Peter guy I met earlier?”

“Pan?” Devin’s eyes widened and my question caught the attention of some of the other boys, “Pan is our leader.”

“I got that much. Why have a leader in the first place though? I thought you had said that Neverland was a place for lost children, why would they need a leader?”

“A bunch of wild children running around an island without anyone to keep them in line? I may hate rules but I do recognize that without someone to keep order that the weaker minds would go feral on us and get themselves and others killed.” Devin explained and I froze midbite.

I swallowed what I had and started to look at the jerkish Lost Boy in a new light. “You’re not entirely hollow up there, are you?”

“I would hope not. Before Neverland my parents had me locked up with tutors all day long so I could become a royal diplomat when I grew up. Thankfully I was taken here before that ever happened.”

“Seriously? I would have killed for something like that. Spending all day upturning earth was no picnic.”

Devin and I soon began comparing lives trying to distinguish who really had it worse off. His reasons for hating his life were understandable given the carefree and kind of snarky attitude he had but I blew past them with my years of orphaned servitude.

“Just admit it, no matter how many meals you were forced to skip to finish your lessons it does not match up to having to sleep in an empty grave.” Some of the other boys had come to listen in on Devin and I’s conversation and were laughing about the strange situations I had found myself in when I was younger.

“Why were you sleeping in an empty grave in the first place?” one of the other boys, I think his name was Nick, asked.

“I dug too deep and couldn’t get out so I just slept in there till the funeral the next morning and someone could help pull me out.” I told them.

“Looks like you’re fitting in quite well, pet.” Pan came back and grinned at the little group I had formed. “And to think Felix was worried.”

“Worried about what? That I would be a frilly pansy or something?” Something about this boy just aggravated me. He was severely smug in presence alone and it made my skin itch.

“Truthfully? Kinda.” he held out a hand, “Come talk to me for a second.”

“The boys already told me about what we’re supposed to do.” I answered, figuring that was what he wanted to tell me.

“That isn’t what I wanted to say. Now will ya follow, pet?” he’s calling me that just to annoy me now.

“My name is Y/N, y’know.” I glared at him.

“Your point?” he raised an eyebrow at me, “Aw, do you want me to apologize?”

“No. You don’t seem like the type. I would however prefer if you would not antagonize me just because I am the sole girl on this island. I couldn’t imagine you calling any of the boys that or did I misjudge something?”

Some of the boys snickered and there was a flash of anger in the head Lost Boy’s eyes. “Just get up.” he grabbed my arm and hauled me to my feet. I rolled my eyes but let him drag me away from the boys and out into the jungle.

We kept walking in silence and I started to wonder if he was just leading me out to some large cliff so he could push me over for disrespecting him in front of his friends. If that was the case I was going to make sure to take him with me on the way down.

“Here we are.” we stopped in front of a bramble of thorned vines.

“You dragged me out here to look at a plant?”

“No,” he cut off a small vine, “I dragged you out here to give you a warning, a warning I give all the new recruits.”

A drop of black sap oozed from a thorn on the vine and Pan caught it on his finger. “This plant is called dreamshade. A deadly poison that if cut into the bloodstream even slightly will kill you,” he got close tracing the dark fluid across my cheek, “slowly…painfully…and with only one cure.”

“If there’s a cure, why warn me about the poison?” I asked as I wiped away the trace of sap from my face.

“Because, the cure comes with a steep price.” he held the tip of a thorn close to my neck. “You take the cure, you can never leave the island. If you do, the cure will no longer work and you will die.”

“Wonderful. What’s that mean to me though?” I groaned as he finally stepped away from me.

“Motivation not to piss me or any of the others off.” he threw the cut vine over his shoulder. “Because if you do accidentally get cut with dreamshade and then do something stupid to warrant banishment from the island then you’re not gonna survive long, pet.”

I glared hard at him. “Oh apologies, Y/N.”

“Got it.” I turned around to head back to camp, “Thanks for the warning chief.”


Peter watched her walk away and disappear back into the thick of the jungle. She was something. Whether it was something good or bad he had yet to decide. He’d have to keep a closer eye on some of the more troublesome boys. While Y/N was quickly identifying as one of them that didn’t change the fact that she was indeed a girl.

An island full of hormonal boys with only one girl to impose any salacious thoughts on… it wasn’t a question of if one of them would crack. It was a matter of who would crack first and when. For now she was fine but there was a part of Peter that wished she hadn’t cleaned herself up. Without the grime hiding her she didn’t look nearly as boyish. In fact…she looked vaguely attra– “Oh sweet lord above.” he knocked his head purposefully against a tree angry with himself for letting his mind wander that far. “I am not even going to allow that thought to develop further.”

He wiped the remaining dreamshade on his finger against his pants and started back to camp. It was time for his favorite game…initiation.

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