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☆️Aesthetic Meme☆ [6/7 AU]

Stucky Coffeeshop AU where Buck is a vet (obsessed with black coffee and his bike) that runs into Steve at Steve’s favorite coffee shop to sit and think and draw between his classes. Buck says he only keeps going back to the place because the coffee is good but we all know different.

Sakura: let me go!! I need to teach him a lesson, shannaroo!
Sasuke: alright that’s enough
Random guy: yeah you better run! Keep your women on a leash man!!
Sasuke( raising his eyebrow): you know I was trying to help you their, but now…You deserve it( releases the beast)
Sakura ( smiles with a murderous glint in her eyes): your dead ☠
Random guy: (excessively sweating)*gulps*…… Runs

Artist: 和っか‏ @wakkatootti

Permission ✔

scorbus or drastoria for @flurishandblotts

“A lifetime of troubles, but how could I not love you?”