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Just Another Dead Body

“Please! Please wait…Give me…give me two more days!” The elf fell onto the ground and pushed away, terrified for his life. He glanced behind his pursuer and he saw his dead companion, his face frozen in fear. “Please! Have mercy! I have heard of you. You are merciful! Please!”

“Yes I have my moments of kindness, but this, I’m afraid, friend, is not one of them.” Shiny black shoes marked the man’s steps. One, two, pushing through. “You see, I have to go back and report to him. What will I say? That I decided to give you a chance? I’m afraid I can’t do that.” One, two. 

“But, but I can get it! I can get his things! Please!” the elf choked on his tears and shook his head, crawling backwards toward a wall. “I’ll do anything…”

“You should have gotten his things before I came visiting you. At this point, it’s too late. But, I will be kind. I will give you two options. One, I take you back to the Kingdom and you give the Rat King the honor of destroying you, or two, you give me that honor. See, the only way out is death. At this point, not even the King wants you alive.”

“Give me a chance! Please, Flea!”

The undead man fixed his cuffs and pushed his rose-tinted glasses up his nose ridge. “I think we gave you plenty of chances. What will it be, Daniel?”

The elf sighed and shook his head, crying. “I didn’t want it to end like this…”

“I know, but you wanted to work for the Rat King. There are consequences when you don’t follow the rules.” The Flea walked toward the man and knelt in front of him. “You want me to do it, don’t you?” The elf nodded silently and closed his eyes. Placing his fingers on the man’s eyelids, he simply said, “Take a deep breath, and exhale, saying one wish you have left in your life.”

The trembling man took his breath and as he exhaled, he whispered something about being forgiven. As he whispered, the Flea filled him with arcane energy causing his body to implode. The man collapsed, blood trailing from his nose, ears, eyes and mouth. The Flea took his hands off his eyes and looked at his bloodied fingertips. Licking the blood off his fingers, he reached for his handkerchief and wiped his hands. The dead man lay at his feet. 

Carefully, the undead man placed the handkerchief away and checked his pocket watch. “Perfect timing.” He stepped over the body and continued on his way, whistling as he walked down the path. 

After all, he had a date with his goddess.

One of the sushi chefs and I were joking about the chef being late since he’s almost always late. So here comes chef rolling in half an hour late. I thought maybe he was just a little hungover than saw his face. Fucking dumbass crashed into a pole and got a dui. Spent the night in jail and was only able to make it to work today because his dad’s a lawyer. Now I’m worried I’m gonna have to start picking up some slack around the kitchen because he’s gonna have to take classes and shit plus he’s probably gonna start being late more frequently relying on uber and shit.

Leia: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


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while we are on the subject of spouse remember when Harry said to Louis face "you are getting married!!" and Louis was sort of completely lost for words? I loved that!

FOUND IT!! This moment, right? Because what even was that??
Like, why so certain Harry..? 😏


Viktor Nikiforov’s heart-shaped mouth is the reason I wake up every morning.

I mean, jesus, who does that? Does he even knows he does that? Is that a russian thing?


Jon Snow Meme: One Scene

Bran saw his father’s face change, saw the other men exchange glances. He loved Jon with all his heart at that moment. Even at seven, Bran understood what his brother had done. The count had come right only because Jon had omitted himself. He had included the girls, included even Rickon, the baby, but not the bastard who bore the surname Snow, the name that custom decreed be given to all those in the north unlucky enough to be born with no name of their own.


Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out


oh my god a bucky action figure he’s so beautif-



Headcanon that one day, after Christine has returned from Erik’s home and after she saw his face, Christine gets a small note from the opera ghost (who she now knows is actually plainly named Erik). It simply asks if she’ll visit with him that afternoon, and that they can go on a carriage ride or stay in and enjoy music together if she should like.

Of course she doesn’t exactly want to go, but when she spots a pair of sad eyes watching her above the stage she decides to accept his invitation.

And so Christine meets Erik that afternoon in her dressing room and he’s much more talkative and almost giddy acting. After 20 minutes in his home, with Erik talking a million miles per hour and switching between trying to entertain her and showing off different objects in his home, she finally asks him bluntly why he asked her to visit today.

And then Erik gets really quiet and shy, and he won’t look at her only at the ground. Christine is afraid she has somehow upset him with her question, but then she hears him mumble, “Today is my birthday.”

He just wanted to have someone to talk to on his birthday, and there’s no one else he would rather see than her.